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Seoul Restaurant - 22 Reviews - 6400 S First St, Austin, TX - Korean & Vietnamese Restaurants Reviews - Phone (512) 326-5807

Seoul Restaurant

6400 S First St
Austin, TX 78745
(512) 326-5807
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So my sister was visiting austin and she LOVES sushi. I on the other hand had never had it. When she found this place I was a little weary bc of the location, BUT once we arrived ...


I had heard of this place a time or two before and was warned about the adult humor however there was nothing humorous about it. The first few minutes were ok but the same things ...

Entertaining sushi experience!!! 3/24/2009

DK's sushi restaurant is a fun, gut-busting experience. Monday nights are sushi karaoke and it is a great time. Several of the reviews on here say that DK is vulgar and that the service is slow, both true statements. BUT, as long as you go in not expecting that you are going to get in, eat and get out in 30 minutes, the slow service isn't bad. My water glass was refilled anytime it was close to empty and we always had our drink orders taken and served to us in a timely manner. Yes, the sushi does take a while to get out, but on karaoke night, you want to be there for the show. DK comes out like a stand up comedian and he had my brother and I laughing our butts off! He teases everyone and yes if you walk near him he'll sm@ck you in the butt (men, don't think that it's only the ladies that get harassed, DK'll get you too!) This is not meant to be a family atmosphere on Monday nights, though on other nights, I've been there and families are there enjoying the food. DK drinks saki bombs with everyone brave enough to sing karaoke. He even warns the crowd at the beginning if you don't like what I'm about to do, leave now. My brother came in from out of town and says he'll want to go back everytime he comes back to Austin. If you're looking for an entertaining Monday night, I highly recommend DK's Pros: DK's entertaining attitude Cons: slow service more

DK's is Great! 2/9/2009

Well, I've never been to DK's on a karaoke night, so I can't comment on that. However, I have been there several times with close friends, and enjoyed the experience immensely. In fact, it was the first place I ever tried sushi, and since then, I haven't had sushi that is better. I found the staff to be very courteous, the food arrived in a timely manner, and the one time it didn't, the chef offered us free edamame while we waited. The place is quiet and intimate on a non-karaoke night. You can choose to take your shoes off and sit in traditional style in a screened room on the floor, with a pit under the table to put your feet, so it's very comfortable, or you can sit at a regular table or booth, or at the sushi bar. We've never been overcharged on our bill, and as I said, the sushi is excellent ! We ordered numerous varieties, and each one was a treat. I am particularly fond of the dragon rolls, and one other that I can't name here because I tried and I got censored! LOL! It starts with Mexican. If you want to know the other word that goes with it, well, I guess you'll just have to go and look at the menu! They are the best, in my opinion! They also have a delicious plum wine, and the green tea ice cream is a nice way to end the meal. I'd go back again anytime! And I might even check out the karaoke sometime. Pros: Sushi, atmosphere, seating more

Worst restaurant experience ever... 2/3/2009

I had heard of this place a time or two before and was warned about the adult humor however there was nothing humorous about it. The first few minutes were ok but the same things were said over and over again, the gig got old FAST! Adding to the spewing of the mouth the owner smacked/grabbed every girl that happened to walk by. By the end of the night he was feeling every part of any woman he could get his hands on hands, even went as far as unsnapping some girl's bra and then somehow managing to rip it off of her through one of her sleeves. Oh and if that wasn't bad enough...he called guys up to do shots out of each of the bra cups. Are you freaking kidding me?!? \r \r Adding to the poor entertainment, we waited over an hour for our food to come. The sushi didn't even live up to it's raves of it supposedly being one of the top 5 sushi places in Austin. And when we were ready to get the hell out of there, it took us asking 3 times and 30 minutes later to get our bill and another 30 minutes for them to figure out and run our bill....Looking at our bank accounts today, 3 of us were overcharged what our receipts even said! \r \r I'm not one to be easily offended or am even the faint of heart, it wasn't even the fact that he was offensive, it was the fact that nothing was even humorous. It was just downright vile! You can't even touch girls/guys like that in a strip club without getting kicked out the way that this guy was groping girls in front of everyone without their consent and we were in A RESTAURANT!!!!! more

Scam Sushi 2/3/2009

This place is vulgar! over priced and a SCAM!!! The MC is a dirty perverted man who spanks woman as they pass by and harrases them while they try to kareoke. While they have not dressed woman on the kareoke screen. The food was not that great and over riced and the next day we all noticed how they charged our credit cards a different amount than what we had signed for about $15-$40 dollars over!!!! We do not plan to ever go back again! This place was the worst! Cons: everything about this place is bad more

foul mouthed doesn't begin to describe 1/5/2009

My husband and I love sushi and heard this was an unusual and fun place to go. Our sushi was decent. It was nowhere near the best we've had (Maiko, Mikado, and Uchi leave this place in the dust for not much more money). But we were seated quickly and the service was kind. We were looking forward to a fun night.\r \r Then the proprietor and MC of the karaoke portion of the evening came in. Within his 5 to 10 minute monologue, I heard the foulest, crassest and most demeaning language I have heard in many years. It was as if he had distilled american pie, porky's revenge, and the worst kind of boy's locker room talk into a revolting and vile mishmash. I couldn't believe any woman (or man for that matter) stayed for the verbal sexual abuse that was spewing from this man's mouth. I felt like I needed a shower after leaving dk sushi. Utterly disgusting.\r \r We paid our bill as soon as we could get our waitress' attention and left immediately. We will never ever be going back. I noticed another review by a woman who was groped and had her dress pulled up by this man. After the things we heard tonight, this doesn't surprise me in the least. I hope I can spare you a similar experience. more

Women Beware of Monday's at DK's 10/1/2008

If you're a woman and plan on attending the Monday night show, don't go in a dress, or look attractive for that matter. There's soft dornography playing on the karaoke screen, dk uses highly graphic language and you will get groped. I was wearing a dress that night (my second visit, first was two years ago and the scene hadn't yet ""evolved"") and dk pulled it up when I was singing with a group. I wasn't wearing anything underneath. My friends and everyone there saw everything. I was mortified. I think singing karaoke is fun, I think colorful language is fun but I certainly expect not to be accosted while I'm least not without my permission. I tried to be a good sport about it, but I definitely felt humiliated and disrespected. It's not the same if you're male. Women beware. more

Ignore the location! Eat Sushi Here! 7/1/2007

So my sister was visiting austin and she LOVES sushi. I on the other hand had never had it. When she found this place I was a little weary bc of the location, BUT once we arrived we noticed the place was full of normal looking people, not just the owners family. A man, probably the owner, rushed up to us with a smile and sat us promptly, even though the place was packed. My sister ordered her favorites, as well as things I might like. She's a seasoned sushi eater and thought it was great, I had never had it and also loved it. Our waitress was super nice and fast with drinks and appetizers. The restaurant is cool b/c you can sit at tables or on the floor traditional style. DK's will be my new sushi place. Pros: food, service, price Cons: location, parking more

pure sushi and authentic korean, no attitude 1/29/2007

i love dk's sushi. and i don't even like sushi. but my boyfriend is hopelessly addicted and i have visited dk's on many occassions. i usually order the cooked korean dishes (chicken bul go ki is my fave) which i must admit are incredible and offered with a smorgasboard of condiments. the sushi i have tasted is always fresh, clean and delicately presented. our friends are so enamored with the volcano roll that one had a birthday cake made from it. the staff is on point, masters of their craft even on busy nights. weekday lunch is relaxed and affordable, a chill and delicious alternative to your regular mid-day meal. evenings are fun and intimate, and monday nights are off the hook. this is a great place to bring parties and family (maybe leave the kids at home on monday nights), which is fitting since its a family-run restaurant. long live the sushi pimp! Pros: food, laughs, sake, service Cons: nah more

A real Austinish Sushi Bar! 11/23/2006

As a big fan of sushi, DKs is one of my favorite places to go to for some. Sure... the sushi is good and the rest of the menu items are on the same level, but the best time to come is when DK himself is in the mix. Beware, coming here for karaoke with DK can get very crowded, but if you can get in, then be prepared for an awesome and crazy night. After singing a song and DK gongs you, you have to drink a Sake Bomb with him. And man... after awhile you realize that DK can really hold his own. I definitely think you should come check out this little ""hidden"" gem here in Austin at least once! Pros: BONG! Sake Bomb! more

Great sushi and Korean Food 4/5/2006

We love DK's. The food and service are amazing. My girlfriend and I moved from Southern California, its nice to feel at home in south Austin. He would do great on the west coast. Altough he is located in a strip mall the inside of this little sushi bar is authentic and awesome. more

See you on Monday! 11/21/2005

My first experience at DK's sushi and karoake night was one of the best I can remember. I've traveled all over the world.. a lot of sushi and a lot of karoake, but none more fun and well-serviced as DK's. For Children on Monday's...definitely not, but for adults who need to let go of their day and sit back with good food, good service and funny entertainment, there's NO where else to be on Monday nights. Pros: service, food, entertainment Cons: parking more

I love this sushi bar 3/25/2005

This is the best sushi bar in town. The girls and I love D.K's 69er Roll,Mexican Orgasm, and Jalapeno Roll. Everyone shoud at least go there once, if you are not a chicken. 1 2 3 sake bomb! oh baby Pros: unique sushi, inexpensive, family own Cons: south austin more

Best Sushi Place in Town 3/10/2005

While the outside of DK's is nondescript, the inside is all that matters. The food is wonderful, the service is always tops and DK is the master of what he does. Monday's are great fun and after having been away from Austin for a couple of years I'm really glad to be back. None of the other Sushi places can compare to the quality of sushi that is prepared here or the price for what you get (best bargain around) and even more so they just don't offer the entertainment or ambience you can find at DK's. Whether you're going with a group or just a romantic dinner for two, DK and his staff will give you what you're looking for all in this non-descript sushi bar. Definitely give it a try - no matter what, if it's on the menu that DK does it better than anyone else! Pros: food, service, ambience more

Diamond in the Rough 2/23/2005

What a great little sushi bar! You might be skeptical of the place by the neighborhood, but close your eyes till you're inside! Has a wonderful little bar and a cute floor seating area for a friends night out or a romantic dinner for two. Beautiful presentation of sushi and delicious to eat. Serves was very helpful and accommodating. Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff, Intimiate Atmosphere Cons: Neighborhood more

Love DK's 7/14/2004

I have been going to Dk's restaurant for over four years now and I love it. The sushi is wonderful and Dk's personality always makes the experience memorable. The staff is great....always willing to take care of their customers. As for the negative response...lady get a life. more

cant stay away 2/4/2004

I just read a horrible review from someone who couldnt stand Monday nights. If you couldnt have fun on a Monday, we dont want you there anyway. Went for my 1st time 3 months ago, have been EVERY monday since. Great food, friendly staff and entertainment value is unparallel. DK is the sushi PIMP and if he offends you, stay home and watch Touched by an Angel! more

Sushi Pimp is the Bomb! 123 Sake Bomb!!! 2/4/2004

Went to DK's on a Monday night for a first date, and it was so much fun! The food is great, the service is absolutely wonderful, and the atmosphere is so much fun. Mondays get crazy, so if you are faint at heart, Mondays arent for you... save room for the crazy people and go another night. Dk makes Monday nights Fun! The food and atmosphere are wonderful every other night of the week as well, Im sure. Pros: Fresh food, Great fun, Great service more

Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!! 2/12/2003

It's one of the best places I've tried sushi. The staff is great and the place is small but very nice... honestly, the sushi is great!... try the ""Dynamite""... ! Pros: Clean, Inexpensive Cons: Location more

Disco Sushi Rocks 2/11/2003

D.K.'s Sushi is a treat to South Austin. Don't be fooled by the strip-center appearance, D.K.'s Sushi is a diamond in the rough. Monday nights are a riot with D.K. hosting halarious adult-themed stand-up and karoke, so leave the kids at home after 7:00. The sushi is always super fresh and the miso soup is delicious. Don't waste your time or money at any of those other high-end joints, go visit D.K. for the best sushi in town. more

Hard to find, but worth it 7/30/2002

There really isn't a good outside sign, and the outside appearance can put you off, but once inside it has a nice ambience and good sushi at a reasonable price more
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