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Security Service Federal Credit Union (30 Locations In San Antonio And Colorado) - 10 Reviews - 16211 La Cantera Parkway, San Antonio, TX - Electrical Equip & Supls Reviews - Phone (800) 527-7328

Security Service Federal Credit Union (30 Locations In San Antonio And Colorado)

16211 La Cantera Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78256
(800) 527-7328
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I was so sad to see the reviews of SSFCU on this sight. Unfortunately these kind of reviews always get the people who are upset and just want to vent to someone. This is understan...


SSFCU is fine company unless you get behind on payments. I have an auto loan that I cosigned with my daughter and she fell behind on her payments. The car was repossessed and she ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/14/2013

This is one of the hardest banks for a working individual to use. I just want my additional funds sent with my monthly payment to be applied to the principal. That CANNOT be done. They ""borrow"" (without my permission) the additional amount and decrease the next payment by that amount. So, they use that money for a month free of charge. This may individually not equal a lot but how many time a month based on how many people do this and it equals a lot of money. Now, I have to drive in to a branch and make this happen or write a note explaining what I want and mail it in but I CANNOT use the Internet! In NO way does banking here make me better off then banking with SSFCU's competitor. Had I known that SSFCU could not keep up with the banking needs of the 21st century customers, I would have never banked here! Internet banking is where it's at and coupled with CUSTOMER SERVICE is an organization I want to have on my side...sorry SSFCU you're not there yet. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/28/2012

Unbelievable. A wallet was turned into our Police Department and we were unable to find any contact numbers for the owner. A call was placed to the 1-800 number on the back of the debit card. Our request that Security Service contact the individual and inform him that his wallet had been turned in was not granted. They don't provide that service to their members. The wallet also had original SS cards. But we would have been able to cancel his card for him. Anyone who banks here needs to drop these losers! more

don't miss payments 2/18/2012

SSFCU is fine company unless you get behind on payments. I have an auto loan that I cosigned with my daughter and she fell behind on her payments. The car was repossessed and she trying to get it back. They sent me certified letter about the repossession but waited almost a week to mail it. Every time we try to find out what it will take to get it back, we get a different dollar amount. Different day, different person, different amount. I do not know how they figure it out and I don't think they do either.They seem to be very confused. I do not what other loan companies charge to get a repossessed car back but ssfcu charged us $450. I'm sure the towing company did not anywhere close to this amount. She made a cash payment one time and did not get a receipt for it so it was never posted to her account. This is the most disorganized loan company I have ever dealt with. If you are considering a loan from this company, do yourself a favor and continue looking for another company. I truly believe that this company prides themselves on taking advantage of people who fall on hard times. more

Best decision I have made banking 2/16/2012

I was so sad to see the reviews of SSFCU on this sight. Unfortunately these kind of reviews always get the people who are upset and just want to vent to someone. This is understandable, but just look at how many reviews are on here, im guessing there is a alot more happy members than non happy. I am here to tell you that I have been banking, leasing and enjoying SSFCU for the last 6 years. I can honestly say that i have never been displeased with their ""service"". Employees are great listeners, they are intelligent and a pleasure to see when i walk into my local branch. There are many skilled people who give you lots of options to meet your needs, whether its a loan or deposit account. I love the commercials SSFCU are doing right now, they really do tell the story. SERVICE is everything with these guys and its been a pleasure being a member. more

SSFCU IH 10 West @ De Zavala San Antonio 1/1/2012

I've been a member for many years, and don't plan to leave, but wanted to share a little information with other members whom may read this...\r Twice a month I move money from one bank to another... and have been doing so for more that a year...\r An incident occurred in the drive thru with a teller who informed me I was $100.00 short of the $700.00+ cash dollars I sent through the drive thru chute, I then entered the lobby to straighten things out ( i was told that the money was placed in a money counter not manually counted , and that this type loss never happens, as the machine is correct and the teller had never had any problems (After around 2 hours of sitting in the lobby while cash was counted, car was searched as well as my purse - my idea - ,and the money counter was opened and counted, I was told that this type of incident never happens and that there were no overages. It was only after I threatened to call the police, more that once, that the $100.00 was reimbursed to my account, which I appreciate. Again I was told that my money was placed in a money counter and that it was accurate, and that this type of thing never happens, making me feel odd and inconvenienced , I now enter the lobby to make any deposits to my account because I don't feel at ease depositing monies through the drive thru. \r The other day, same location, I entered the bank lobby with my deposit (cash) and counted it out for the teller and he gathered it all together and stuffed it into a money counting machine next to him, without manually counting the $700.00. I then asked him, ""Shouldn't you count the cash?"" His response was... the machine was accurate. I told him about my incident and he just looked at me and told me to have a nice day.\r This bothered me, so I called and asked to speak to a manager, who was at lunch, so I lamented my concerns to the person who answered the phone. She was very nice and listened to me, apologized and then told me that the tellers are trained to just insert the uncounted cash into the counter without first a manuel count of the cash. She told me that she used to be a teller and that this is the way they are trained. Later a man identifying himself as the bank manager confirmed this to me explaining in a brainwashed sort of way that the bank feels like their technology is sufficient enough and fullproof to accurately count cash without manually counting before cash in put into the counter. I disagreed with him explaining that this is most definitely ""not"" a proper way to do business in my opinion, because it allows room for error. He again recited his carefully worded speech, and proceeded to tell me that other members had voiced similar concerns and that he suggested to them as well as me to ask the teller to count the cash before inserting it in the machine. I advised him that I thought that was poor customer service to expect a ""customer"" to ""ask"" a teller to manually count a deposit. He was totally brainwashed, again reciting his speech. How sad... \r So, for all you members who think your money is being counted by a person, living and breathing, guess what, it's not, at least not at this location. \r I wonder if this has happened to anyone else.\r \r The ironic thing is, the television is full of advertising commercials stressing the customer ""service"" that ssfcu provides to it's they really provide ""good"" customer service. SSFCU practice what you preach!!!! Signed, Unhappy Member!! more

Will never seek their services again 12/27/2011

I paid my car loan off and they lost the title. I asked for a supervisor and she had more excuses than answers. She had poor customer service skills and it was evident she felt she had better things to do. I was told the car was titled in 3 different states, and the last answer I received was that they are unsure if they ever held the title. The only thing they are willing to do now is give me a release of lien, and it will be my responsibility to get a new title. This was my first experience banking with them, and it will be my last. Take my advice; there are many financial institutions out there, do not use this one. more

no card 4/10/2011

Its been four months and I have yet to get my replacement debit credit card, Reason was unknown. I have no overdraft fees and nothing that could affect the process of getting an new c/d card. plus, paying atm fees when no ssfc banks or shared banks near is ridiculous. I called 5 times asking why I never got my new card and each time was 'it was never processed.' Even when I talked with a representative AND supervisors, they assured me that they ordered me a new card, the process was sent through, and in 7-10 days I'd get my new card. It never came. they didn't know why it happened and ordered the replacement card and confirmed that it went through and was sent out. after the forth time of 'ordering' my card, I got an odd feeling and decided to call the bank and ask about my new card. It was never ordered. Again the the representative did the same routine till I asked to talk to the supervisor. 'well, the system tends to not process the card orders."" 5 times now I said. This is pathetic. I closed my accounts and went with frost. more

Worst Credit Union Experience Ever 1/24/2011

I have never been treated so badly as a customer...Just be aware that they require a $1000 deductible minimum and don't let you, the customer, know until after you've signed for the car loan. Never again will I use this credit union...terrible customer service by a Veronica, senior representative??? Unless you're in dire need, run away as fast as you can.... more

My good friend 10/20/2010

I have been a member for over 30 years. I have never had any problems. I have used several types of accounts, financed loans, kept savings and CDs there. The interest rates on CDs have saved my life this past few years! more

Horrible experiences at SSFCU 6/12/2010

I got Three NSF fees from one overdraft! Absolutly absurd. Oh and they told me that their system is no capable of reporting correctly online....are you kidding me? Account closed. Cons: absolute ripoff! more

Banking? Fine. Do NOT finance. 6/24/2009

Security Service Credit Union in San Antonio was financing our vehicle for us for five years before we had any problems. Our payment record with them was great – they even gave us the option of skipping payments for a couple of Christmas’s. I think that we had one late payment because I forgot to mail it in our entire history with them! The office was great and the staff was as well.\r \r Last summer, my husband made a giant mistake with SSCU. He decided to pay off the remaining $3,000, or so, on our vehicle. \r \r However, my husband went to pick up the title of the vehicle before he left (about two days before his solo drive) and was told that he could not have it until we paid off the other loan on our account! What account? Out of all of our statements over the years, NOT ONE reflected anything other than the car and our $5 savings account with them. He was told that a loan company (for about $4,000) sold our account to them a couple of years ago because our credit out was going up and they felt us high risk. I found out that this is completely legal. He was shocked and could not understand what was going on. The staff became very rude to him and couldn’t grasp why he did not accept this. He did not yell at anyone – he just left. He didn’t know what to do. This type of money, even more so at the time, is an incredible amount to us!\r \r When he called back, the manager told him that they were coming to take the vehicle for compensation of the debt in my husband’s refusal to pay and his “storming out.” I guess that’s what his panicking was named. We were no longer valued customers because we paid off our loan. The manager would not work out a payment plan with him either. The biggest problem was that I had driven myself and young daughter up to Michigan in that vehicle already! My husband didn’t know what to do and told them that the car was already gone.\r \r He continued to call, and they continued to refuse to work with him. None of our circumstances mattered to them (death, leaving military, cross-country move) – only my husband’s reaction of shock did, and he was treated like a piece of garbage after five years of loyalty.\r \r A week after my grandmother’s passing, a truck showed up at my parent’s house and impounded the vehicle. The impound guy felt so bad for us that he didn’t even charge us all of the fees. We had to actually go with our permanent bank, USAA, to take out another loan to pay for the impound AND for the loan.\r \r I understand the legality behind the loan selling. I don’t understand how it is ethical for SSCU to never have disclosed the “hidden” loan in any way. If we would have known it was there, we would have never had any problems making payments. I just always was under the impression that it was an achievement to be able to pay off a large debt, and to go out of your way to do so!\r \r All I do know is that I would never recommend SSCU to anyone for any type of financing. If I was to go somewhere, decide on a purchase, and see that upon closing that they financed with SSCU, I would leave the purchase despite any way that I would pay. Maybe their regular banking is great, but this was an absolute nightmare in unethical treatment. \r \r \r Pros: Nice buildings, great staff when you are a valued banker Cons: Hides bought loans from loyal members for years more

not so good 10/14/2008

bad apples avoid like the pleuge first time user great i found it any one else out there that feels the same please e-mail me Pros: thumbs down Cons: thumbs down more
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