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Second on Second Karaoke Bar / Lounge - 47 Reviews - 27 2nd Ave, New York, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 473-2922

Second on Second Karaoke Bar / Lounge

27 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003
(212) 473-2922
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Second on Second Karaoke Bar / Lounge - New York, NY


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A group of friends and I went to this bar together on a Sunday night. It was really crowded, which would have been alright but the people there were loud, too rowdy, and out of c...


We go to sing karaoke at this place all the time and it's a lot of girlfriend will go in wearing jeans a tshirt and flip flops or dressed nicely, they dont care. but we ...

Horrible Karoke Girl, Great Atmospere 5/20/2012

THE KARAOKE WOMAN WAS SOOOOOOO RUDE. She seemed to get annoyed that I could not hear her and even put her hand in my face. Had she noticed, I tried to tell her my hearing is not good but she was just to stank to even let me get a word in. . She was actually very rude from the start and I tried to still be nice figuring maybe it was a long day for her and she was just tired (which as a paying customer is not my job) My friends and I ended waiting for over an hour for a song that we had put in as she catered to many of her friends and staff, which I found odd that while my friend was waiting for her drink (for half an hour) the hostess was singing. Though I would not allow her to ruin my night she still was absolutely horrible. I find it disturbing that I am reading reviews where she is being described as rude and yet she still works there. If she is that miserable at her job, maybe its time for her to find a new one. And not to pull out the race card, but I saw how she was talking to other non minority clientele and it was very different and more polite then when she spoke to me (half black) more

Awful. Will never go again 3/14/2010

We have been at Second on Second many times and every time we've been there within the past year, it gets worse and worse. We were there with a party of 15 and ready to spend upwards of $1,000 staying there all night. Final straw; none of us will ever go back. We left after about 2 hours passed of seeing the very unfriendly karaoke girl/dj only play her friends songs. Our group put in over 15 songs at around the same time and only one of us got to sing,,, after waiting another hour and no one else got to sing we bailed. this is the way it has been the last 3 or 4 times we've been there. The person in charge of the karaoke only lets their friends sing. And they have the nerve to charge you a dollar for it. To make it worse, I asked the hostess if I could talk to the bar manager and she said we could take a card and talk to him tomorrow; that he wasn't there. When we were all leaving, the bouncer told me the OWNER of the bar was actually standing right next to me when I asked my question. Bad business. Bottom line: frustrating for karaoke. the waitresses and bouncers were very friendly and efficient. there are other karaoke places in NYC with a lot more to offer and this place lost 15 repeat customers. more

Great Atmosphere, Horrible Service 1/7/2010

I recently decided to check out Second on Second Karaoke Bar to scout for a place to hold our corporate party. When I got there, it looked like the perfect place. It was spacious, chill, menu and drinks looked great, the hosting singer was sweet and accommodating. I sat at the bar anticipating to like this place, but the bartender ruined it. She was a very pretty girl with a russian accent, but she was less than charming. I couldn't get her attention away from her phone or her asian boyfriend she was with behind the bar. It was completely unprofessional. As I was trying to wave her down for a drink, she left the bar and I saw her smoking outside. When she decided to come back in I was finally able to wave her down for a drink. There were only a few people at the bar, but I soon realized that I was the only one who was giving her money for a drink, yet I was the only one she seemed to ignore. When I was finally able to get a drink from her, she was cold, rude, wouldn't look me in the eye and made me feel like I was an inconvenience to be sitting in her bar. I decided to leave early and take my business with me. I would have loved to have had our corporate event here, it was the perfect place. However, I can't take the risk of having my colleagues abused the way I was at this bar. Pros: Great Karaoke selection, beautiful space, sweet host Cons: bartender more

Just Pure Awful! 8/9/2009

A friend wanted to celebrate part of his birthday weekend at Second on Second based on his experience there years ago in hopes of eating some decent finger foods, having a few drinks and singing karaoke. We had a reservation for 8:30pm five of us decided to sing one song each and pass the rest of the time eating and enjoying each other's company. The karaoke host (Michelle or Melissa) seemed to be more interested in taking the mic for her own performances (as she may have been rejected by American Idol) and allow her friends to sing as many songs as they wanted despite the list of people, like my group, who had been waiting for a turn. When asked why it was taking so long for her to call any of my friends up to sing and more importantly, why at least five participants, who came well after we did were called up to sing more than once, she provided a lame excuse of there being special occasions for some of those participants and she was trying to accommodate them. Moreover, when we explained that we had been waiting since 8:30pm and it was already 11:00pm, she said she would try to help us out and we would have to wait for five more people to perform. We were paying for a $300 table and everyone who walked in off the street performed before us, needless to say we were all minorities! Just an awful experience and I would suggest that people think twice before going to this place and go to the Fat Black Pussycat or the Village Underground, they treat their customers, of all creeds, with respect and they have great food and drinks! Pros: Nothing At All, Smells, Terrible Waitstaff Cons: Slow Service, Rude Staff Members, Over & Under Cooked Food more

ALOT OF FUN!!! 5/28/2009

A group of friends and I went to this bar together on a Sunday night. It was really crowded, which would have been alright but the people there were loud, too rowdy, and out of control. I had this drunk girl spill my drink and then fall down. The bouncer just sat there while the workers cleaned it up and didn't do anything to make the environment safe. I really felt like I needed a shield the whole time. The workers were really friendly and capable. I especially liked the DJ. She was really involved with the people up there. I even paid her to sing with me. Never had so much fun in a karaoke bar before. I just wish it wasn't so out of control with alcoholics. Pros: The sound system and workers Cons: Loud obnoxious customers more

Amazing Karaoke Experience.... 3/7/2009

Bacherlorette party Fun ! ! We had a bachelorette party here the other night here and the we had a blast. Pros: Food and drinks , Nice clean karaoke rooms , Price is affordable Cons: a wait for a song in the main floor when it gets crowded could be a bit longer than expected more

DON""T GO! HORRIBLE!!!! This place smells like urine, the equipment doesn't work, and the staff is rude. 3/4/2009

A group of us rented a small room for a friend's birthday. It smelled like urine and mildew. The microphones barely worked. And the food was soggy and stale. I'm not expecting fine cuisine at a karaoke joint, but this stuff was a joke. We tried to just move past it, it was our friend's birthday. We actually proceeded to spend $600 in three hours (when we were only required to spend $60 an hour). And this was on a dead Wednesday night. NO ONE WAS THERE! And as soon as the bill came, the waitress shut down the music and sent a bouncer to stand there and push us out as if we were overstaying our welcome. He was so incredibly rude, barely letting us gather our stuff to get out of the room. We weren't even allowed to gather the money for the bill in the room. No one was singing, and no one was waiting for the room, but we were just shoved out like animals. They were so rude in getting us to leave, it practically ruined the night. There were ten of us, and we had planned to just move into the main area where there was NO ONE and continue our night there. But after their really shocking treatment we just left and took our money elsewhere. We go karaoking a lot, and this place by far was THE WORST!!!!!! Pros: nothing Cons: rooms stink, food is awful, service is rude, and bouncers on a power trip more

Diva DJ spoils fun 12/21/2008

What can I say! We would have had a great night, the crowd in the bar were fun and friendly - not too busy so you could get up for a couple of songs, drinks reasonably priced. Pros: fun crown, drinks not too pricey Cons: Diva DJ more

great fun but the bouncers and their 10/29/2008

We go to sing karaoke at this place all the time and it's a lot of girlfriend will go in wearing jeans a tshirt and flip flops or dressed nicely, they dont care. but we went with one other girl and three guys once and they wouldn't let us in cause of their ""Dress code"" no beach wear...that's what they said! that's fine with me if you have a dress code for a...karaoke bar?? but don't let it slide when it's a bunch of cute girls and then discriminate against my boys who were visiting and were excited to go to karaoke.... it's not a 5 star place it's karaoke . there should be no dress code and if there is one, it should be applied to all. Pros: good song list, fun crowd Cons: stupid bouncers who take their job too seriously, ""Dress code"" more

Sing Sang and Sing!!!!! 7/24/2008

Love it! Loved it! The food was great! the sound system was wonderful....great selection of songs.....the service was very friendly and quite attractive! The only thing that lessened my experience was this guy who I think works there, he is an heavy set asian guy . His energy seemed to bring the bar down....but in all, I loved the experience and the crowd and intend to come back.. I love to sing and hooray for Second on Second!!!!!! more

drunken mahem 7/24/2008

Went out the other night with a group of friends. I had never been to a karaoke bar before. I didn't think I would like it(it seems more of a female oriented environment), however I actually enjoyed myself. We went on a Friday night, it was so crowded I had to wedge myself between strangers shoulders to get anywhere. That was kind of annoying, but we ended up sitting in the table section where there is alot more room. At first, it was a little daunting. Everyone seemed to be obliterated and enjoying their drunken states, but my friends and I had yet to catch up. After a few drinks, I was amazed at how much fun it turned out to be. The waitress we had was gorgeous and quick with our drinks and food. She was pleasant, especially considering what she had to put up with, having to deal with alot of drunk people. But she seemed used to it, she was swerving in and out of the crowd with no fear. The music was a little loud, but your ears adjust. The food was actually EXCELLENT(another pleasant suprise). The ambiance was inviting. And I have to say, after a few drinks I was singing along with the songs and making an idiot out of myself and I didn't care. I intend to come back to this bar in the future and I will make sure to bring my friends with me. We all loved it. more

Would have been good enough if not for that one nasty waitstaff 7/12/2008

This was my first time here or to any karaoke bar so not sure if this is how they all are...bouncer checking for ID at the door lacked personality (but guess they have to be like that), bouncer inside was nice enough, hostess was nice I think her name was Shawnia and bartender Elvis was nice...Went there for a birthday party for a friend and she rented a room for $60 an hour for like 4 hours...Wait staff were nice when they came to the room for orders, don't remember the waitress's names though, we had like 2 of them...Some kinks when using the machine but staff was helpful...At the end of our night there we had an Asian waitress (long hair, no personality at all, well unless nasty attitude counts, if you care about customer service and need to bring clients or picky friends, I would strongly suggest not going to this place all because of this one person). She gave attitude (major attitude) when we said the volume on the karaoke wasn't working. In my opinion if you work in customer service you should be at least pleasant especially if your customers are being nice to you, she totally spoiled the birthday girls mood with her attitude. 15 minutes before time was up the Asian lady came back in and told us that we needed to order our last drinks because time was almost up. Then after coming back with the last of the drinks said the song that was currently playing would be our last then we would need to leave. Instead of being pleasant and telling us thanks for coming but sorry our time is up, she came in with such a sour face saying time is up after the song, then proceeded to come in and clean up, you would think for a bill that's almost $500 you would get a thank you please come again. Hopefully someone will tell her that she doesn't need to be such a ""meany"" to the customers. I would have but my friend was already too annoyed I didn?t want to add to her mood. Pros: Fun atmosphere Cons: Not so nice service more

worst karaoke bar in NY 6/8/2008

We had a themed birthday party and rented a private room. People dressed to the theme, and they gave us a hard time about getting in because someone had on a tank top. There's a dress code, they said. I understand a place of business has policies, but the reason for the policies is often forgotten and the employees stubbornly adhere to them. It was frustrating, Pros: no pros Cons: very poor customer service, too many rules, lame crowd, inadequate song selection more

hated it. it was dumb as hell. 5/16/2008

what the hell. worst place ever. there were way to many freakin rules. there was a hieght check at the door. you had to be a certain hieght to get it. what the hell. if your name was kelley. just forget it. they basically already want you out i that s your name. oh and by the way........ when all you havre on your karaoke list is don't go chasing water falls you know your in the wrong place. retarded. good luck if your goin on your birthday. Cons: to many to name more

No Food Credit Thu- Sat 5/9/2008

I havben't been there yet but just a head's up if you are trying to choose a spot. Many places w/ private Karaoke rooms will let you offset your bill by buying an equivalen amount in food and drink. Your room actually becomes free pretty quickly. more

A great night out..... 2/2/2008

This actually was our second choice on where to go the other night. But we were happy we made it. We arrived around 9:00 and were able to sit at the ""small"" bar. It was about 3/4 full at that time and seemed like we were in store for a great nite. The 2 bartenders were very attentive and fast w/ drinks. And also very attractive if I might say...As far as the Karaoke, it was great. The place is knid of loud so sometimes it was hard to hear the singers from where we were but that was ok. The VJ moved along very quickly and there was very little down time in between singers. Yeah you had to pay a buck for every song you handed in, but whats a couple of bucks to get you up there to strut your stuff..The crowd was 21- 30ish, the bathrooms were clean, the lite food menu was sufficient, drinks were on cheaper side. Overall a great nite out. Nothing really negative to report. Take some friends and check it out. more

Awesome private karaoke rooms! Great waitress service! 12/27/2007

I just had my birthday party here & it was the BEST party ever. I rented room #1; it was very spacious and comfortable. There were about 14 of us and we had plenty of room to move around. The karaoke computer worked fine and the list of songs is extensive. However, I will say that they need to update and get more current songs. Pros: great atmosphere, spacious rooms, attentive waitress service, good value Cons: the karaoke song list needs to be updated. more

Good karaoke, but bad service 11/27/2007

I reserved a room here for my birthday three weeks ahead of time, had it not been for me checking in a week later I wouldn't have been informed that NO ONE had written my reservation down. I reserved the 2nd largest room for 20 people that held about 15 able bodied 20-somethings. I had to stand and some of my guests had to rotate out of the room to get space. The choice of songs were great and everyone had a good time, but our waitress was horrible. She took orders without writing them down and then came back twenty minutes later asking people to repeat themselves with a pad and pencil in hand. The waitstaff came up to me fifteen minutes before my time was up to ask for any last orders and then seemed to be lording over me until it was five minutes before I had to leave. I wish that they had planned better in between parties rather than schedule them back-to-back. Pros: Good karaoke list with Johnny Cash & Radiohead available Cons: Bad service and overpriced drinks more

Cheap Heads Bar 11/17/2007

This bar sounds like a good time and should be yet do not get a private room. The waitresses are pieces of sh**t. The minute literally the minute maybe even the second that the clock strikes that the time is up....the time is up. Maybe it was before the time is up. Basically this place is horrible... the service is horrible and i do not recommend it. Pros: good singing Cons: horrible service more

A dollar per song to sing? LOL!! 10/16/2007

Yes, the sound and song selection is pretty good and so are the drinks. But why oh why is there a need to charge the customer $1.00 per song to sing in the main area? Pros: good sound, friendly KJ Cons: PAY TO SING?? more
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  • Second On Second features private karaoke rooms available for reservation. Live OPEN MiC with DJ in the main area starting @ 7pm. We have a full thai fusion menu and bar. Please call or email us for reservations. 212-473-2922 or Mondays 10-11PM, $5 OPEN BAR all well drinks. *Early Bird Room Special; $30 per person,2 hours unlimited karaoke room, open bar - beer, wine, sake, appetizers,**Sun-Wed only bet 6-8pm. pls call for advance reservation

    *Happy Hour every day from til 8, $2 off on DRINKS - $3 beers

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    The bar fills a quarter of the room, the remainder is filled with mostly booth seating. Patrons twist in their seats to see singers belt out ""Sweet Caroline"" and ""Sweet Child...

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