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Seattle Print Shop - Seattle, WA
Seattle Print Shop - Seattle, WA
Seattle Print Shop - Seattle, WA


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Pro results and the best prices i found online.


It's always a little risky to try a new printing service, but in this case, the price was right. Unfortunately, the risk did not pay off as it should have. I will not be likely t...

Great Quality & Price A+ 5/18/2011

Pro results and the best prices i found online. more

Thank You- I Love the shirts. 2/28/2011

Very good. Quick and easy. Very fast delivery. I plan on ordering again soon. more

Good band shirts 11/18/2010

I would say that the Customer service (I think it was Ray) was very helpful and the delivery was right on time. the screen printing looks very good on our original logo. Very fast and friendly service. I love the website, it's very good to see the different shirts and colors available. I would order from you again. more

smooth and fast 11/17/2010

It was an excellent quality t-shirt and the whole transaction was very smooth and fast. It was so much better than I expected. I will definitely be ordering more. I like that i can order just 1 t-shirt at a time. more

Fast & Easy !! 11/16/2010

I received my order in less than two weeks, and it looks the great! The design is placed how I wanted and it was probably the easiest i ever shopped for. I highly recommend SPS. Nice quality shirt and a well-printed design. Is it possible to order 3 more FFCTshirts--one large and two medium. They are very popular. How soon? If possible?? more

The kids and adults love the shirts 11/16/2010

The service is amazing. The job was done faster than the original time estimate, and the tshirts turned our great! When they had a question about the order, they personally called and confirmed the changes with me. Great experience! The kids and adults love the shirts. They are comfortable and didn't shrink when washed and dried! Great product! Excellent communication, very helpful, fast shipping resulting in a fantastic product! - Very pleased! more

The Sweatshirts Rock!!!! 11/16/2010

I loved my experience and am thankful there is a site like this that is so easy to use. I have been wanting to design sweatshirts or hats or shirts or something for my Dad, myself, and my best friend for a long time, but no where has been easy to use. more


I have wrote a negative review of this merchant. Now I continue to recieve harrassing and threatening e-mails from them. Surely this forum is for pointing out the pro's and con's of dealing with businesses. As far as I'm concerned this kind of harrassment is both unprofessional at the very least.Either someone who doesn't work at Seattle Print Shop is sending me e-mails that are making the merchant angry-or the business simply has no problem harrasing a person who comments critical of them. The latest e-mail this merchant sent reads: "You think this is a joke? This will cost you at least 6k to put a lawyer on retainer." The e-mal then goes on to write an outline (several paragraphs) of something that appears to be an outline of what constitutes libel and slander. It is unsourced and uncited. For any background on this merchant and his continued harrassment please see my earlier posts, which I have reprinted here; "Sent Me Harrassing E-mails" I wrote a negative review of this business (see below: "Inappropriately rude and inappropriate customer service" Today I recieved this e-mail. "Nice personal attack on City Search, You can remove my name today or be served with superior court papers. My lawyer has all your info". Incredible! They didn't only provide me with bad customer service. They are now sending me harassing e-mails!. This is the worst I've ever been treated by any business I've dealt with....and I'm even a previous customer of these guys. Their prices may be good but in my opinion this is not a business that deserves anyone conscientious person's patronage. My original E-mail in it's substantive form I can no longer find the edited version at CitySearch, but I stand by every word I have written and published. It read: "I tried to order online but. I couldn't find a way to check to see if my design was the right size and placed correctly before paying. I called, left a message and e-mailed them. Several days later I got an e-mail that didn't address my question. I phoned them again. They got back to me promptly. I described my question to 'Greg'. He was evasive with me about how I could figure out if my order was correct before paying. He wouldn't answer me directly and I felt he wasn't being straightforward. Without provoking him, he got combative. I was professional but not impolite with him and told him I didn't want to do business with them if he was going to be that way. It was going to spend about $1200. and I expected to be sure I was paying for. He sent me a short rude e-mail after I got off the phone. I shouldn't have responded but I did. I explained-again, in a professional way, that I expected to be able to see online that the placement and size of my design was correct before paying. In a professional tone I said that I expected better customer service, my concerns were legitimate and could have been addressed in a more business-like manner. Greg sent me another e-mail...Here it is; "You were rude and not on point. Its that easy, Yes we could have kissed your ass and made sure you were 100% satisfied but we don deal with rude snappy people, good luck to you" Is this just 'sour grapes' on my part? I’ve been doing business transactions for 30 years. I know how to conduct myself, I speak plainly and expect concerns to be addressed. I assume Greg meant what he wasn’t interested in making sure customers are 100% satisfied. Maybe he has enough customers that he feels justified in treating customers this way because there is always another behind them". more

Very professional 11/15/2010

Very professional, excellent customer service, great experience from beginning to end. Would definitely recommend SPS to anyone who has need for custom screen printing more

DO IT!!! 11/11/2010

DO IT!!! You will get just what you wanted and it will look even BETTER than you imagined. Everyone in IGCA Rescue in Texas who has failed in fostering (falling in love with and adopting our fosters), has LOVED the pics of my prototype!! Thank you SO much!!! I WILL be back to order about 100 of another design that we can sell at events like NTIF : ) more

The Best Shop 11/10/2010

Very professional and thourough. I will order from sps in the future, for my next team purchase actually. The order arrived EARLY with everything else just as ordered (sizes, printing, material). The expeditious processing and early delivery was a very pleasant surprise. Thanks Again Sand Hill Co. more

Cool Shirts 11/9/2010

I'm extremely impressed with your work. I wasn't sure where to go for shirts and ended up searching the internet. I stumbled across your site and was drawn in by the look. I decided to buy from them because the website was so interactive and easy to use. I purchased the shirts for a fundraiser. I assure you, I will come back again and again. more

Extremely Pleased 11/9/2010

This order went as smooth as I could have hoped for. I was extremely pleased to get a phone call with confirmation of the order, as well as specific questions to ensure accuracy on their part. I will most definitely be ordering t-shirts from SPS again! A very pleasant experience. We changed the design after ordering and everyone worked with us to create an entirely new t-shirt. Once again, thanks! more

Good product, awful customer service, no communication 11/9/2010

It's always a little risky to try a new printing service, but in this case, the price was right. Unfortunately, the risk did not pay off as it should have. I will not be likely to work with Seattle Print Shop again for t-shirts. I needed about 50 t-shirts of various sizes, with front and back one-color printing. I prepared the art myself in high-res vector format EPS files, to keep it as simple as possible. And I needed the shirts for an event in just under two weeks. THE GOOD: I did get the shirts, and they were of good quality. Apart from a little color variance on the XXL's, they were exactly what I wanted and so far everyone here at work is pleased with them. We should be able to use them in the future. Unfortunately, we were not able to use them for the event we had intended them for, which leads me to... THE BAD: When you order t-shirts from Seattle Print Shop, there is a field to specify the date you would like to have them ready by. I assumed that this would be result in a contact letting me know if it was possible within the requested date or not. Silly me! Once payment had been confirmed, I sent an email asking if my due date was any problem, with no response. After a few days, I sent another email explaining the situation and asking for a response. I got a single line back telling me my shirts would be ready in two weeks. I immediately asked if there could be any exceptions, and got no response again. I tried calling the phone number on the website and left a voicemail, which was never returned. Our event came and went without t-shirts for it, and then it was two weeks after I had ordered the shirts. Still no t-shirts, and no word from Seattle Print Shop. Another one-sentence email told they were "in production now" and would be done by the next week. Next week comes and goes, still no shirts, still no contact. The next week I phoned again and left another voicemail, also never returned. I sent another email, and was told the next day that I "should have got them last week." Four days later, I'm told there was a major press malfunction and they would be running again on Monday, when my shirts would be printed. And they didn't think to tell me about it? I finally received the shirts a week later, over a month after I ordered them, over two weeks later than I was told they would be ready. I almost did not get them at all, as they were packed in a box labeled "Robert" (NOT my name, as I'm sure they knew by then) and got sent to several other people in the company before luck brought them to me. To be fair, they are nice shirts, and they were cheap. I'm glad we finally got them, and didn't have to pay too much for them. If you're looking to get quality shirts printed cheaply and have NO DEADLINE to work against and you don't mind not talking to anyone during the process, you may find working with Seattle Print Shop less frustrating than I did. However, since part of my job depends on producing things like this on time for specific events and expectations, I will not be able to work with Seattle Print Shop again. Communication isn't everyone's thing. Customer service isn't everyone's thing. Working to a deadline isn't everyone's thing. I get that. But I get paid to adhere to the standards of communicating clearly, working with my customers, and meeting my deadlines. I simply can't afford to work with a vendor who doesn't meet this level of service. My job isn't worth it. If you need someone who will communicate, someone who will work with you, and someone who meets expected deadlines, stay away from Seattle Print Shop. You may have to pay a little more, but the peace of mind is worth it. more

Fast & Cheap 9/19/2010

Thanks for the 2 extra free shirts more

AAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++ 9/19/2010

What a wonderful experience! My sisters and I had just 24 t-shirts made for an event we are going to. When the logo on the back would not work, SPS not only suggested alternatives, but re-drew what we had done so that it would work. They gave excellent advice on color choices that would be better, and went above and beyond to ensure that our t-shirts, even though a small order, were perfect and that we were pleased. We will never order from anywhere else again! more

Outstanding customer service! 9/17/2010

Outstanding customer service! I really appreciated what seemed like personal attention when checking if the final product was exactly what I wanted. My fellow church member's group plans to order their own for the Youth group. more

3rd Order, Thanks 9/14/2010

The quality of the product is great, this is 3rd shipment I've done with ordering different design and types of shirts and once again am totally pleased with the outcome. The shirts were delivered to my hotel out of state and where there when I arrived. Perfect service! more

Awesome T-Shirts 9/14/2010

Great service including phone contact and re sizing our image to be adequate for quality printing. Because we uploaded an image from google images the original print needed to be resized. They helped with this. We then received a call that the image would cost more than the quote because of the colors in it. They worked with us to redraw and come up with something in our price range. I really appreciated that. The t shirts came quicker than I would have thought and look great! more

Website is untruthful, e-mail seemed sketchy. 9/4/2010

I can't comment on the shirts as I was not able to place an order. I wanted to create some shirts for my game store. Small runs of 15 or 20. The website showed 12 as the minimum. I contacted the company asking if I could swing by and see a print sample and how I could specify ink coloring, since there was no spot on the order form to do so. I received a response from an AOL address. After checking my calendar to make sure it wasn't 1998, I read the rest of the e-mail. The mail was terse and stated that they did not keep customer prints on hand (I didn't ask for customer prints) and that they were more of a 'wholesale' company, implying that my order was below the bar, despite stating on their site that they would do runs of 12. Pros: Responded quickly. Cons: No samples available, apparently not in Seattle per other comments, non-company e-mail address, no time for smaller jobs. more
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