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Sea Life Park Hawaii - 16 Reviews - 1600 Kapiolani Blvd Ste 1630, Honolulu, HI - Boat & Yacht Charters Reviews - Phone (808) 973-9800
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Sea Life Park Hawaii

1600 Kapiolani Blvd Ste 1630
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 973-9800
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Sea Life Park, is better than most animal water parks. At Sea Life, there are scheduled dolphins, and Sea Lion interactments. For the dolphin swim, you must be 13 or o...


Great for the little keiki (children). They have a huge salt water tank, turtle ponds, sea lions, false killer whales and penguins. It’s a mini Sea World in Honolulu. Hint: tak...

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Cute little sea life park - dolphins are the best 8/30/2006

Sea Life Park is a little expensive for a park you can see all of in about 20 minutes, but you cannot beat the scenery and atmosphere. They have huge turtles and sting rays up close (snuba options) and some well-trained dolphins to enjoy. You can swim with them, which I did and it was fun although I wished I do more with them than just a couple things (kisses, riding their bellies). I did enjoy learning how to make them jump. more

Dolphin Swim! 1/9/2006

Sea Life Park, is better than most animal water parks. At Sea Life, there are scheduled dolphins, and Sea Lion interactments. For the dolphin swim, you must be 13 or over, however, families with younger children are permitted to attend a special dolphin swim designed specifically for kids. For the Sea-Lions, you only have to be eight. Unlike at other places, you do not need special membership, for these extreme activities, therefore all tourists are welcome. Also, the interactments & swims, are available all year round. This really is a thrilling once-in a- lifetime treat. You will be allowed to; get in the water with, pet, kiss, and possibly feed these animals. Your groups session, will be video-taped and have many photos taken, so you can remember your experience forever. The whole family, will love swimming with dolphins and/or sea-lions. So call now to reserve a spot in an interaction! more

A must have experience for tourist 12/31/2005

Sea Life Park is a fun and exciting place to visit and spend your day with friends and family. The kids love looking at all of our underwater friends and the performances that the seals and dolphins have to offer. You will be amazed at the things that they are capable of. It is good wholesome fun and you should go visit if you haven't yet. more

Loved the dolphins 12/29/2005

We took our kids to Sea Life park and it was just like a mini Seaworld. We walked around and enjoyed looking through the glass at the huge tanks we saw turtles and all sorts of fish, sea horses, eels, sea urchins, and more. Our favorite part of the day was the actualy penguin and dolphin shows. We also sat towards front center and enjoyed getting wet. It was a very hot day which it usually is in Hawaii so sunscreen is a must. We did find it pricey and there was not much to see once you go through it all and most likely, we will not go back again unless to bring tourist. more

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Dolphin Experience 10/14/2005

Sea life park is located on the east side of Oahu. At Sea life park, you will have fun and great experience with dolphin. This place is good for wild experience as well as good for family fun. If you like the movie "50 first date", you might want to visit this place. more

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It has good shows 9/21/2005

The shows are good,but after going once you've basically seen it all so any annual pass is basically useless. Compared to the big name SeaWorlds this place looks very dingy and not that great. However, if you like sea animals you might also appreciate this place. Look on their website and that basically explains it all. more

Nice Dolphin Shows 9/9/2005

If you want to be entertained then this is the place to come to. This park is not as large as the Seaworld parks on the mainland but it is very nice and entertaining for the family. I really like looking at the sea creatures in the large aquarium when you first enter the park. One of my favorite shows is the dolphin and penguin show at the dolphin aquarium. more

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A mini sea world right here in Honolulu 8/21/2005

Great for the little keiki (children). They have a huge salt water tank, turtle ponds, sea lions, false killer whales and penguins. It’s a mini Sea World in Honolulu. Hint: take plenty of sun screen, a hat and lots of bottled water. Sitting out in the open sun can get very hot. more

My kids love it so I go... 8/20/2005

I agree with a lot of the other reviewers that this is expensive for only a half a day's worth of entertainment (that's about how long it lasts) -- and that's with the military/kama'aina discount. But my kids like it and I enjoy seeing their faces light up when they see their favorite sea creatures. I think the shows could be better but I always enjoy the dolphin/penguin show, and the kids love sitting in the front and getting wet. I also like the huge tank near the entrance. It's no Sea World but it isn't bad either. more

For kids and tourits 8/20/2005

Sea Life Park is kind of like a Hawaii’s mini version of Sea world. They have shows with dolphins, penguins, and seals where they jump up and do flips. I’ve been there a few times many years ago and found it some what entertaining at the time. If I went back today I probably wouldn’t find it all that great. The park’s main appeal is toward children and tourists. more

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Gotta see it at least once 8/19/2005

Many Hawaii residents tend to shy away from "visitor attractions," as they are usually 1) expensive and 2) novel only the first time you see it. Sea Life Park is one of them. No elementary school experience in Hawaii is complete without the inevitable visit to Sea Life Park. Sadly, the most surprising thing about visiting the park as an adult is how little it changed since those field trips. Still, it's worth at least one visit, especially if you're escorting visitors to the island. The choreographed shows are fun and you'll learn a lot about the fragile ocean world surrounding our islands. more

Expensive, kids still enjoy it 8/17/2005

Parking: lots to be had! Wow, as another review mentioned the admission was a bit high for my budget, but once you make the drive its tough to turn back. The giant tank you walk around will have the kids wooing, the short shows are entertaining, but nothing like what you'd see at Sea World. Once again, the kids love just about anything with animals in it, but this one, I only recommend if you have nothing else to do. more

Sea Life Park 8/16/2005

I just went to visit once, to take my children. I was shocked in how much it was for the admission. I was even more surprised when I finished viewing was over much sooner than I expected. My children were very amused with the performances. I think that it was worth going once. more

Sea Life Park 8/10/2005

I went to Sea Life Park expecting it to be similar to Sea World on the mainland, only obviously smaller. I was really disappointed. I expected more, enough to fill a full day. I didn't feel that the price I paid was worth what I received in return. Sea Life Park is worth it to go to once, just because there is nothing like it on Oahu. You can see a sea lion show that is very catered to little kids. They have a big aquarium, however it wasn't easy to really view because the tunnel was overwhelmed with little kids from different preschools. The dolphin show was just okay and once again catered to kids, with the show consisting more of the actors at the park and not of the animals. This would be a good activity for preschool-aged kids, not really for older kids or adults. One thing that excited me was the idea of swimming with dolphins or stingrays. But everything like this costs extra and to be honest, I didn't want to spend the money because it didn't look very clean. On a whole I was simply disappointed with the quality of Sea Life Park. It was just okay. more

for the kiddies; good variety; must visit at least once 8/4/2005

This is a fun place for the kiddies, most of whom will oooh and ahhhh over the adorable sea animals and the tricks they can do. The park has a pretty decent number and variety of sea animals, including whalphins and Hawaiian monk seals and penguins. The dolphins, specifically, put on great shows with their enthusiastic trainers, and the shows are amusing and entertaining to an extent. However, you don’t get too much information about these sea animals, which was somewhat disappointing. Also, the park just doesn’t have enough variety to bring you back for more visits, also you should definitely visit it at least once. more

Don't waste your money- wait til next year 7/9/2005

Sea Life Park is just coming out of bankruptcy and has a new owner. They are re-doing the whole park & it is in much need of updating. I have lived in Honolulu for 20 years & have seen very little changes in the attractions/ shows at the park. We have a 4 yr old who even gets board. Her favorite part of the park is now the jungle gym. We have an annual pass because is was so cheep for locals. I was there mid June & they were taking apart a main attraction. The plan is to fix up the whole park with new attractions. If I were visiting Hawaii I would not spend my money at Sea Life Park unless I was planning a trip in 2006. more
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