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Schreiber Clinic - 14 Reviews - 8200 East Belleview Ave, #326C, Englewood, CO - Doctors Reviews - Phone (303) 321-1095
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Schreiber Clinic

8200 East Belleview Ave, #326C
Englewood, CO 80111
(303) 321-1095
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Brilliant Doctor! I have been going to Dr Schreiber for 20 years and I would never go anywhere else. He may not be as warm and fuzzy as some of the previous posters wanted, but h...


The worst experience I ever had with any doctor ! please dont bother !

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/22/2013

Dr. Schreiber is the absolute BEST doctor in Denver. HANDS DOWN. I guarantee whatever your ailment may be, in his hands you will be cured. He is clearly VERY smart, and cares about making sure you are improving. I'm not sure how anyone could not like this doctor. I think some people are looking for a snuggle buddy and not a serious doctor. If you want help from the smartest man in Denver, then go to Dr. Schreiber. more

Brilliant Doctor! I have been going to 3/12/2012

Brilliant Doctor! I have been going to Dr Schreiber for 20 years and I would never go anywhere else. He may not be as warm and fuzzy as some of the previous posters wanted, but he is undeniably brilliant. If you are looking for a Dr to diagnose your illness and make you better, this is your Doctor. If you need a specialist he will move heaven and earth to get you in to the one for you. He has saved my life on at least one occasion. My whole family goes to him and we all agree there is not a more caring, capable Doctor. more

If you're looking for someone to get the job done 5/12/2011

I feel I owe it to Dr Schreiber to write this review (sorry it's taken so long!). I first came to him with a bad fever, swollen everything, sore throat, and the list went on. I had recently graduated college and was on a new insurance plan with my new employer, and he was the closest to my job at the time in the Tech Center. I was so desperate, I didn't care to read up about him at all. I was impressed with how easy it was to get an appointment, how quickly he was able to meet with me when I got there, and that I actually got to sit in HIS office to talk to him (not just the examination room). When examining me, it was short but sweet. Within a couple minutes he was doing some blood work on me to figure out what was wrong, and to make sure it wasn't anything too serious. As soon as he had the results, he called me personally to tell me I had mono, and told me everything I needed to know. A week or so later, my symptoms had gotten 3 or 4 times worse. I called him up, and as easy as the first time, I was able to get in that day. He looked around, took my temperature, and told me not to worry and gave me the appropriate medication to help reduce symptoms, but nothing unnecessary. I happened to luck out picking Dr Schreiber because he happens to specialize in gastroenterology. I had been having bad IBS-like symptoms for about 6 years prior to meeting Dr Schreiber. Again, I was able to easily setup an appointment with him. He took time to carefully read all of my records from previous doctors (I had gone to gastroenterologists before who redundantly re-did many tests I had already done because they either didn't read my records, or wanted to make a few extra bucks. Dr Schreiber instead told me flat out that he would have to take a look (the last test that I was dreading), or I could continue my current regiment of medications that weren't really working. After a few months, I came back to him and agreed to go through with it. The procedure went very smoothly, and I was feeling completely normal that night. He called me personally to tell me the results. He was able to identify that the issue was not something very serious, putting my mind at ease, and suggested an over-the-counter medication that I hadn't paid any attention to previously since my other doctors were prescribing stronger medications (that were bogging me down mentally)... And it worked! I'm now feeling better than I ever have in my entire life, and I have Dr Schreiber to thank. I haven't seen him since, but not because I don't want to, I've just been healthy again. I want to add that even the little things he would do made a world of difference. I remember when he was taking my blood, I had mentioned that sometimes I get a little light-headed. He distracted me as he was doing this by asking about my job, and making small talk. Since he's not the type to pamper, it was a bit surprising, but meant a lot. Another thing is when I went in for my first gastro appointment, the receptionist remembered me and asked if I was feeling okay, and that Dr Schreiber was really concerned about me. Just knowing he had said that shows how much he does care, even if he's not straight forward about it sometimes. Then when I went back he asked me how I was doing. He had only seen me once, like 2 months before that, and still remembered it well. Please go see him if you are sick. No need to see him if there's nothing wrong with you, because as others have mentioned, he won't pamper you. But he'll recognize when something is going on and will help you out. And if you have gastro problems, definitely go see him immediately to cut through all the nonsense other doctors will make you go through. more

Arrogant, rude and unprofessional ! 4/20/2011

The worst experience I ever had with any doctor ! please dont bother ! more

No care at all ! 4/8/2011

He spent less that 5 minutes with me (as a new patient )I tried to describe my pain to him and he kept interrupting me the whole time! He didn't let me talk at all; he was rushing and never asked me any questions regarding my pain! He didn't care and he was very rude...I wouldn't recommend him to anyone! more

One of the best doctors in Denver 8/26/2010

Dr. Schreiber has handled my health issues with Crohn's Disease better than I could have ever asked for. He has always been there when I needed him and truly cares about his patients. He will insure that you get the proper attention whenever you need it. I orginally saw him on a Friday. I got an appt with him the same day and I called him at noon. I was admitted to the hospital and he followed up with me throughout the weekend including even stopping in at times to see how I was doing. If you want a doctor that knows what he is doing and cares about his patients then this doctor is the man for you. more

Dr. Allen Schreiber is great! 1/27/2010

Dr. Schreiber is a very personable doctor in my opinion. He takes the time to introduce himself and shake your hand. I even got to meet with him in his office, which is a nice personal touch that I like and reminds me of the old times when you actually went to the doctors personal office. And to boot it was clean and orderly, unlike some physicians offices. All in all I had a great experience with him and his staff. I was even able to get in on a same day (new patient) appointment which was refreshing to not have to wait for a year to see a doctor! Thanks Dr. Schreiber! :) Pros: Great listener and very attentive. more

Horrible experience!!! 12/22/2009

Let me start by saying that I found many negative reviews on this guy before I ever went to see him, but I chose to give it a chance based on his credentials; however, this was a horrible waste of my time. This guy did not care about me one bit. He would not even allow me to finish a sentence and would completely ignore me when I tried to explain my symptoms. In the end he could not help at all because he had no idea what my problems were, he never took the time to listen. I was rudely interrupted by his phone calls that he would abruptly answer while I was talking and he would never apologize for. I was told he would call me with results, only to never hear from him. I cannot stress enough how bad this experience was. Pros: Easy to get an appointment Cons: disrespectful, poor bedside manner more

Absolutely The Best Doctor in the World !!! 12/10/2009

Listen People . This guy has saved my life Twice !!! Once when Absolutely No One Else Could Figure out what was wrong with me as I lay Dying in the Hospital !!! No Joke !!! ""Doc"" may be a little on the abrupt side , but Who cares when you are getting the Problem Solved ??? This Guy is the best . I will stake my Life on it . THS Pros: Always gets the Problem Solved !!! Cons: None !!! more

Good Friend and Great Doctor 4/24/2008

I have been seeing Allen Schreiber since I moved to Colorado in 1991--17 years. He has always been available and he and his staff always fit me in somehow. I think probably because I don't call that often so when I do they know it's necessary. When he is not sure what is wrong with me, he either sends me to a specialist or does tests. He has never failed me. He is blunt and a little distracted, but so is every other doctor I've seen. They don't have a lot of time to shoot the breeze. However, he has listened to me cry and whine for almost 15 or 20 minutes on at least one occasion. He always remembers who I am when I come in and calls me by my first name. I like the informality of having him say, ""Hi Pat. Come on back. I'll meet you in my office in a couple of minutes."" He always follows up by calling me personally with test results and has even called to see how I was doing after seeing him (including on Saturdays and Sundays). He has, as far as I can remember, always found out my problem or ailment. He always tries to give me samples of prescriptions when available. On one occasion I did not like the specialist he referred me to and he took over the case himself so that I would be ""happy"" with my treatment. Dr. Schreiber is not a psychologist or psychiatrist. He is a medical doctor. I have been very happy with Dr. Schreiber, but I know that everyone has their own likes and dislikes. I don't think he is comfortable discussing really personal issues--although he has been very considerate and comforting with me. If you want to talk, see a psychologist. If you want medical help, see Doc. Pros: Valet parking, always gets me in, always helps me Cons: None worth mentioning. more

distracted doctor-go somewhere else 8/9/2007

I just moved here from Chicago and went to see Allen Schreiber (before I saw these reviews on City Search!) The waiting room was deserted so I don't think he was terribly busy, but he seemed really distracted when he was seeing me. He spent about one minute with me and gave me a Z pack without checking my temperature or looking at my throat or anything. I had much more attentive doctors in Chicago and will keep looking for one in Denver. Pros: virtually no wait Cons: nobody else was there! doctor distracted and inattentive more

Worst doctor around! 6/1/2007

I don't see how we can even be talking about the same doctor! I saw Dr. Schreiber for several years, and every time I asked him about my arthritis, he just told me to take some advil. It didn't help that whenever I saw him, he was always distracted and in a hurry. He was in and out of the exam room so quick he never even bothered to sit down. I finally got fed up and went to see another doctor, who actually LISTENED to what I had to say. She asked me some questions (like whether my hands hurt in the morning), ran some lab tests and promptly diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis. I am doing much better now on medications. Basically, I don't see how any doctor can figure out what's wrong if they don't bother to listen to you. Maybe Dr. Schreiber is OK if your colon falls out (I can't say that's ever happened to me) but if you actually have a real medical problem you'd be better off with pretty much any other doctor in Denver. I certainly am! Cons: rude and hurried, doesn't listen more

Best Doctor in the State 5/14/2007

Dr. Schreiber is the best Doctor I have seen. He saved my life in two different emergency situations and was always there for me and my family (working with my family is no easy task). It is true that Dr. Schreiber is blunt and to the point but he is incredibly intelligent and was always right even when other Doctors had different opinions. I am not a rockstar or sports personality. I am a truck driver that received the best care you could ever get. I will recommend him to anyone. Pros: Very smart Cons: Very busy more

The best MD! 4/18/2007

I don't know who this guy is talking about. Dr. Schreiber has been my doctor for over 10 years, and I have never had a bad experience. He is the best! He is not the kind of doctor to sit and coddle people, but if you are really sick there is NOONE better. He is kind , and extremely intelligent. He has taken very good care of me, and my father. If there is nothing wrong with you, he probably had very sick people to see that day. He is not a boutique doctor. He gets things done. If you are just going in for some hand-holding, he is not the one. But if there is something wrong with you ,he will do everything in his power to fix it. He is very good. Who does this rockiefan think he is? He must not have any illness, and just wants to be pampered! If you are sick, go see Allen Schreiber! Pros: Very good doctor Cons: doesn't treat kids more

Allen Schrieber didn't listen or care 4/6/2007

I heard Allen Schrieber worked with the Rockies so I thought he must be a good doctor. Boy was that a mistake. Or maybe you just have to be a professional baseball player for him to give a flip. I waited an hour for him to spend a whole FOUR MINUTES with me. He didn't listen to me or even examine me, he just told me I was fine. Then I get a bill from my insurance for a physical! I won't ever go see him again. He totally blew me off. Pros: valet parking Cons: doctor didn't spend any time with me more
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