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Hey jilldianne - I have a recommendation for you: don't be planning any trips to the Hinterland any time soon -perhaps not in your lifetime. Because Schnitzelhaus Owner-Chef Mike...



bleck 9/10/2008

awful! more

NOT KID FRIENDLY Families stay away you will thank me. 5/7/2008

I have lived about eight years of my life in Germany and have eaten real German food in actual Germany. I love the country and it's people my wife is even of German descent. The owner of this restaurant is a poor example of the true German hospitality. Since I have been back in America I have eaten at only two German restaurants. The first restaurant was Bauern-Stube in Orlando. The owner was incredibly nice and friendly she even gave my four children toys and sang to my son. My impression of the schnitzelhaus in Tampa is not so good. I ordered the Jagerschnitzel for my entree. My opinion is that it was ok the real German schnitzel in Germany was better. I found the spaetzle to be very salty and my drink was a club soda apple juice mix that after 10 minutes began to taste like watered down apple juice. The waitress was a very friendly young girl, but the food came very slow especially considering that the restaurant was occupied by only my family and two other gentlemen. My son is 10 months old and like any 10 month old he makes a mess. Mostly chunks of bread and French fries nothing that would stain the floor. After finishing our meal I gathered my family up and moved them into our van. Cost was about $70.00 including 15% tip. I normally give more if I think the service is worth it, but the speed of service really bothered me. Now I eat out ALOT spending thousands of dollars a year at various restaurants. I have been to upscale restaurants before. There was nothing especially upscale about this restaurant in my opinion, but the owner gave me the impression that he was some sort of Culinary God sent from on high to let us mere mortals taste the nectar of the gods. After getting into my vehicle this guy took it upon himself to walk OUTSIDE of the restaurant WALK UP TO MY PERSONAL VEHICLE and begin YELLING IN MY FACE with my four children in the car in earshot range. I will not bring myself down to his level of ignorance and I ignored him. He claims my child left a horrible mess and my tip was too small. He claimed I left a $5 tip when in fact I had left a 15% tip of $58.45 which was $8.77. Pretty generous for the poor service I had received. In all the hundreds of restaurants I have been to this has NEVER happened. After my experience I believe every single one of these negative reviews I have read online about this restaurant. I am also willing to bet those who had a positive experience at this restaurant had no children with them. In short owner is a lunatic that gets set off by children acting like children...keep away from him and his restaurant. Upon leaving the restaurant my wife told me what happened when she first walked in the restaurant with my 3 daughters while I was getting my 10 month old son out of the van. My daughters began looking at some Hummel figures protected by a square glass box that looked like it could take a beating. The owner growled at my children for getting to close to the Hummel figures. Now keep in mind the figures are at eye level to CHILDREN NOT ADULTS. I had to break my back to bend over and look at them. This threw me over the edge that someone would be so horrible to my family and I. I will NEVER go to this restaurant again and I plan to inform as many people as possible about the horrible jail camp service I received. Even if there is non staining food on the floor it does not cost anything more to pick it up. I spent four years in the Army and cleaned up many messes that were several times worse then bread and French fries on the floor and I did it for not one penny more then what I was already being paid. Owner is an *** hole. more

Schnitzlejunk, Flea Market Food 5/5/2008

Picture your grandparents house in 1950 with cheap decor. Besides the horrid location and run down building, the food was totally overcooked and salty. We read the obviously fake reviews saying how wonderfull this place is. Those people must be from mars. The owner sat us in am empty restaurant NEXT TO THE BATHROOM DOOR, which his wife walked out of and asked us what drinks we wanted. He got so offended we wanted to move tables literally more than 2 feet away from the bathroom. So we ordered the nuremburg and she ordered a salad and soup. The food came out cold, salty, and bland. The chef is a total joke along with this restaurant. Do not believe the fake reviews, save yourself time and never ever go to this flea market restaurant. more

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not good quality 10/7/2006

My family lived in Germany and I have been wanting some German food without having to cook different dishes for each of us. We decided Oktoberfest was a must. We made reservations, which was pretty crazy since the restaurant was half empty. We ordered the Yeagerschnitzel and the Zeigeunerschnitzel, both with pork. The potato soup we were served was in cups, approximately less than half full, and not very warm. The salad was from a bag, with their house dressing, no added touches. When we recieved the meals, I was disappointed. My yeigerschnitzel looked as if it had Campbells soup on top of it with extra sliced mushrooms. The pork was fine, the sauce was very thick and made the meat very soggy quickly. My husbands Zegoinerschnizel had a sauce that made me laugh almost instantly. It was a red sauce with peppers and for some reason, it had cut up pieces of baby corn, like in the the chinese restaurant. I just couldn't decide if they had a chinese cook making the sauce in the back and I just had to keep from laughing. I kept calling it pepper pork, german style. They brought the apple streudel, which was part of dinner, but I couldn't understand how 1 simple scoop of ice cream could be half way melted from the time they scooped it, until the time they got it to my table. The pastry shell on the streudel was passable, but not flaky, as I should know since my aunt is a pastry chef in Germany. I am glad we didn't invite our friends as was the original plan, as this would be a disgrace to our family's homeland. People who don't know proper German food may feel that this food is acceptable, but people who have spent time living there and have developed a palate for it would not care for this mediocre restaurant. more

CRABBY MIKE RULES!!! 9/22/2006

Hey jilldianne - I have a recommendation for you: don't be planning any trips to the Hinterland any time soon -perhaps not in your lifetime. Because Schnitzelhaus Owner-Chef Mike is a German - Bavarian, actually - and he behaves as MOST folks there do. Especially restaurant owners who don't like it when 4 year old kids pull on curtains in front of parent who think they are angels. Now, to the matter at hand. The Schnitzelhaus is the consummate German restaurant. The food IS as authentic as the Chef's accent; it's a bit rustic; it can be a bit loud when there's live music (It's called FUN, Jilldianne!!!!); and Owner-Chef MIKE has a disposition that only ADDS to the flavor of the place! (My wife and I refer to the Schnitzelhaus - affectionately - as "Crabby Mike's"...) Start with either the Potato or Goulash Soup [HOT], then order the Jagerschnitzel (pork, chicken or veal) as your entree. Do NOT forget to share an order of potato pancakes. If there are four of you (or more) get an order of the original bratwurst to share as well. And have some REAL German draft beer. You CANNOT eat German food without beer. Jilldianne, next time you dine, take hubby and angelcakes to Panera. You'll probably find more in common with the customers there. We won't miss you at Crabby Mike's!!! Mark from Tampa more

We will not go back. 10/30/2005

The first time we visited this restaurant we were shocked when the owner literally screamed at a customer who made a joke he did not appreciate. We have visited with a large group of friends every October for 6 years...tonight was our last visit. With several kids in the group, it was very noisy and active at our table in an otherwise fairly empty restaurant. The children were playing and dancing to the music and having a great time. Unfortunately, my 2-year-old pulled on the curtain which infuriated the owner. When I apologized, sincerely apologized, I was humiliated by the owner getting in my face and screaming at me about my "wild animal" in front of the entire restaurant. Of course, I take responsibility for my child and his actions, but the complete and utter disrespect for my apology and the embarrassment he caused me in front of the entire restaurant was unacceptable. When my husband told him that we would not return because he was so incredibly rude, the man again went on a tirade, this time with my 4-year-old sitting in my husband's lap. My son spent the 45-minute ride home talking about the angry, scary, bad man. My family, nor our friends who were with us, will not return to this restaurant. If you're looking for good German food, this might be the place for you. If you're looking for a family-friendly, or just plain friendly, restaurant--I would not recommend this to anyone. more
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