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Schick Shadel Hospital - 5 Reviews - 12101 Ambaum Blvd SW, Seattle, WA - Addiction Services (Other Than Substance Abuse) Reviews - Phone (206) 244-8100

Schick Shadel Hospital

12101 Ambaum Blvd SW
Seattle, WA 98146
(206) 244-8100
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Schick Shadel Hospital - Seattle, WA
Schick Shadel Hospital - Seattle, WA
Schick Shadel Hospital - Seattle, WA
Schick Shadel Hospital - Seattle, WA
Schick Shadel Hospital - Seattle, WA


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Embrace It! It's been 7 years since my graduation from Schick-Shadel Hospital. Still just the smell of any booze makes me ill. I remember the day I left SSH. My aversion level wa...


This review is my opinion only based on my experience with Schick Shadel alcohol treatment only. I may be off on some of my recollections. I admitted myself to Schick Shadel appr...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/19/2014

NEVER CALL THEM. It's like they use a call center to scrape up business\r \r I had gone through a tough time. I heard the ads and called. Then they kept calling and calling back trying to close that sale. They went form nice and helpful on the first call to pushy when they called back. If they were as good as advertised, then they should not need to call me to fill their hospital. That is a very bad omen and I refused to go there.\r \r I blocked their number. So they are leaving messages I never get. I hope they waste their time and lose a commission. I got the help elsewhere. When I was ready. I'm better. No thanks to Schick reminding me of my personal battle over and over. more

WOW!! 2/5/2012

Embrace It! It's been 7 years since my graduation from Schick-Shadel Hospital. Still just the smell of any booze makes me ill. I remember the day I left SSH. My aversion level was so sensitive beer commercials were unbearable! I don't go to AA, or any other type of ""groups"". I just enjoy life without alcohol. YOU WILL SUCCEED. When you go in for treatment; embrace it. Don't B.S., don't expect a vacation, or expect some 28 days type setting. Go in there and do what you need to do to get sober/clean! I guarentee you'll come out a HAPPIER you!! more

Schick Shadel - My opinion and Recollections 12/29/2010

This review is my opinion only based on my experience with Schick Shadel alcohol treatment only. I may be off on some of my recollections. I admitted myself to Schick Shadel approximately 4 years ago. I was sold on the fact that Schick Shadel was a ten day program plus two one day follow ups. I was also told that the stay would cost approximately 10 to 12 thousand dollars. What I was not told was that if there is any detox time that this time and cost would be added to my stay. Therefore I had a twelve day stay. It appeared to me that most people spent some time in detox. This of course was an additional charge not covered by the quote. The two follow ups were also not covered in the original quote. As with a hospital you were also billed by the doctors who ""treated you."" Adversion just that ...every other day or so you are given a shot and made to drink your favorite alcoholic beverage. This causes you to throw is progressive, hence the first treatment may be 4 upchucks and the last treatment may be 18 to 20 if my memory serves me well. Not a great experience. It is my theory though that if you have a significant drinking problem that upchucking is no hinderance to your addiction and may effect some greater then others and is not a cure all. After you are given each individual treatment you are given time in your room to reflect and visited by a nurse who gives you a ""Duffy"" a concoction causing one last upchuck. On alternate days you are taken to a room given a shot and ""put under"" then asked questions and given some sort of suggestive therapy. You have no recollection of this treatment although you are given somewhat of a transcript when you check out. You are not allowed to eat prior to these treatments. Hopefully you can make lunch. The food was adequate. In the evening you attend lectures and recorded programs. Many times I experienced the same lecture and or recorded program the second time. These after dinner programs did not seem to have a consistant theme and I felt the time could have been used better. The cost of the program to me was significantly more then I was quoted. My insurance did not cover near the total. This to the point where I could not attend the two follow ups for purely financial reasons. You are encouraged to make a follow up plan. You are give some alternatives, most included some sort of group interaction other then AA despite their advertisments to the contrary. I have recommended Schick to others who have attended different programs.. Unfortunately the one that needed it most was told by his insurance company that coverage was denied. Schick is good about calling you for a report. They called it seems to me up to two years after my stay to see how I was doing. I of course told them fine. I hope this is not where they get their touted ""success record"" from as most alumi are going to say all is well. Finally, I was advised by several people at the facility that Pat O'Day owns a percentage of Schick Shadel, I know his son was working there I think in the sales department. I believe that in all fairness Mr. O'Day should disclose this fact, if accurate, during his ongoing commercials. I only know of two people who have attended this program both have lapsed. If you are addicted I think you should try anything necessary to become well. I also believe that you should go into any facility with all the facts. These are my opinions and recollections of my stay at Schick Shadel Hospital. I was prompted to write this review due to the ongoing commercials which tout this program. I recently heard a famous football and golf announcer tout the program. I also heard this person tout the Betty Ford Center (which is a significantly different program) on national radio, both were the best. Whatever works I guess. Ask the questions before you go. But go somewhere. These are my opinions and recollections only. more

Best Place to Get Your Life and Your Families Lives Back 12/30/2009

I have an older brother that is 15 years older than me. There were many times I did not want to even call him my brother, so many times that I wished I could look to him for guidance or just even be proud of him. But I couldn't because he had a serious alcohol problem. He finally decided that he need help with his alcohol problem. So he checked himself into Schick Shadel in Jan. 09 and 10 days later you could just tell he was a differant man. I was speechless and believe me I am never speechless. It's been almost 1 year to date and he has not had a drop of alcohol. When we have family get togethers now he brings coffee instead of his usuall beer. I have my big brother back and now I can say that I truly look up to him and am proud to have him as my big bro!! You may think that Schick's moto can't be true, but it is, I've experienced the blessing that Schick Shadel Hospital is!! In Just Ten Days they gave my brother and my family our lives back. Thank you Schick!!! Pros: Wonderful & Caring Staff and Terrific Patients Cons: Can't think of any more

Scared for my life 12/19/2009

It realy does seem to be working. It works much in the same way that the violence aversion in A Clockwork Orange worked. It's basically the same thing but with more vomit. I have built up a stong aversion to alcohol and wil probably never be able to drink again. Which is what I signed up for. The ungodly vomiting and loose stool (like water) caused by the treatments is in fact violent! The main thing I want to say here is that the nursing staff is unbelievably flippant and severly unorganized. it seems as though they never know whats going on with any patient at any time. and will fight tooth and nail with you about anything even when they are obviousely mistaken. It also seems as though they could care less about that. Be carefull. they wil give you your meds and then come back in a bit to give you your meds again then they will give you no meds and claim you already took them when you certainly have not and refuse to give them to you, and say that you are ""drug seeking"" - For Blood Pressure pills???? -C'mon !!!! If you need to see the doctor you can ask several nurses and aides and be assured you are on the list and check the list the next day and NOPE! If you had blood comming out of your eyes they would assure you that there is no need to be seen. Pros: It seems to be working Cons: Scared for my life more

Not for the weak of heart but when I was truly ready to quit, they saved my life. 11/16/2008

I checked in on a Saturday night after work and was given a room and told what I could keep and what had to be locked up. After that I was left alone for the night without any guidance of what to expect. Honestly I was a little scared. But once things got started my fear subsided . The staff was very friendly and helpful. With the exeption of one or two, the councelors were great. Most of them were extremely well spoken and knowledgable and showed a genuine sincerity for what they did and the others walked around sprouting sound bits like ""once your a pickle you can never be a cucumber"" and expecting people to think they were profound. All said and done I won't go into details about the program other than to say it works. I've never been one for the 12 step program (my deepest respect for those who work it and have been successful with it) I have tried AA and other 12 step treatment centers both on my own and by the divine hand of the legal system and it didn't work for me. Schick Shadel worked and I believe it worked for many others as well. I have 2 other friends that I knew before ever hearing about Schick that went there and they have been sober and happy for over 2 years now without any urges. And myself, I have been free of cravings for close to a year without the closest hint of a desire to drink. I am very thankful for their program and staff and look forward to never having to spend another night there. They saved my life and family. sincerely, a friend of Pat O Pros: It works Cons: Needs work on giving orientation in a timely manner more
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