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Scheer Photography

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Muskego, WI 53150
(262) 971-0996
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My name is Gary Scheer, I just wanted everyone to know that I have received many calls regarding Scheer Photography because of my business name, Scheer's Photography. I have been...


We did not get our album and pictures until 10 months after the wedding. Scheer Photography never returned phone calls, and there were important pictures that were missing. Severa...

the absolute worst photography EVER!!! 10/4/2009

If I had the choice, I wouldn't even give Scheer Photography one star. I guess I can say at least the photographer showed up... to say the least, he was sweaty, nasty, impersonal, and dressed NOT to impress. He had his shirt unbuttoned like three buttons. My wedding was in July 2004 and the only thing that makes me write a review now is because I've been in and have gone to many weddings since and it pisses me off so much that I chose Scheer Photography. Out of about 300 photos they took, I like maybe 5 of them. Thank God for friends and family who took a lot of pictures or I wouldn't have any more to enjoy. I am embarrased and extremely disappointed when I get asked about my wedding photos. I wrote them a letter later that year and I have not heard from them. They are horrible and it looks like I am not the only one that thinks so. STAY AWAY FROM THEM! Best wishes to finding a great photographer! Pros: nothing Cons: everything! more

Rated high so everyone will read this. 1/6/2009

My name is Gary Scheer, I just wanted everyone to know that I have received many calls regarding Scheer Photography because of my business name, Scheer's Photography. I have been in business for over 28 years in Waupun, WI and is in no way affiliated with Scheer Photography or Brian Scheer in Muskego, WI. I have received calls from very upset brides, grooms, parents and collection agencies looking for Brian Scheer, and I am very sympathetic to your situation. However, I want to make sure that everyone that people who may come across this web site do not confuse my business with the one you're talking about. I felt it necessary that I put in my comments to protect the good name of my business that I have worked very hard for many years to build. A business like Scheer Photography doesn't help my business or other photographers in good standing with the public. more

DON""T USE SCHEER PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!!!!! 11/25/2008

Brian Scheer is nothing more than a donkey. Our wedding was May 2007 and we have nothing to show for it other than our proofs. I have never heard so many excuses come out of a person in my life. He was no good from the start. He would NEVER return phone calls and the only way I could ever get any answers out of him was to stop by his office and surprise him. All his numbers have been disconnected and he removed his email address from his web page. The ONLY semi-good thing about Scheer was that he sent someone else to take our pictures. I regret ever walking into his office and writing him a check. The good reviews listed are either from people he knows or from people who don't know any better. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! I certainly hope someone finds where he is and how to get ahold of him. Pros: Are you kidding? Cons: Scheer himself is a con. more

Con 10/18/2008

Brain Scheer scammed us. We located him as a wedding photographer through 102.9 the Hog Lukemia radiothon. We thought we were doing a good deed and getting a wedding photgrapher. Instead he closed up shop and we did not get our wedding album or our rights to the pictures like we paid for. He was a pain to deal with from day one. He never returned calls and always seemed to have an excuse. We were lucky enough to at least get our proofs but never got the album. We are currently trying to find him now. Pros: none Cons: Everything more

The Search for Brian Scheer 9/17/2008

Brian Scheer is a scam artist. We are currently looking for him. He took our money and ran. Please email me at tonycorrao@att. net with any info. We will be filing small claims against him on 09/26/2008 if he has not contacted us in response to our certified letters. Pros: There are none Cons: He is one. more

Scheer Photography Victims Unite! 9/2/2008

This company ripped us off. Never received our wedding album. We are now traying to track this guy down. I see that there are a lot of people in the same boat. There are strength in numbers! Let's share info. Visit the Scheer Photography Victims blog at Blogspot. Just search Scheer Photography or email me. Pros: None. Zero. Zip. Cons: Paid, but wedding album not delivered. Phones disconnected. more

Scheer Madness 7/16/2008

Going with Scheer photography has been the biggest headache and disappointment regarding our wedding. We got married Sept 2007 and yet to recieve anything that was promised to us except for our proofs. We like many others paid in full so that money is long gone along with the services we requested. From the beginning it was very hard to get an actual person when you called. Half the time you couldn't get through cause his mailbox was full. When I did leave a message it took days or even weeks to return it. When I would get a call back it was always an excuse and he talked a mile a minute so you couldn't get a word in edge wise. I called last week only to discover the phone has been disconnected and he has vanished from the office. We were referred by family and friends so we didn't think twice to research him. That was a big mistake. I told our family and friends not to worry about video taping since we were having it professionally done...yet another mistake. I'm sure we will never see that video. I don't know how this man or his wife live with themselves?! Brian is nothing but a scam artist. He tells you what you want to hear and never delievers a product. Save your money and time! more

Scheer HORROR, not Scheer Bliss 6/19/2008

This is by far a nightmare for my wife and I. We had Scheer Photography do our wedding photos last year, and we haven't received our album or photos yet. I cannot begin to tell you the number of phone calls made to this business, but none have been returned, and his numbers have been disconnected now. His business is no longer located where it is registered, just a vacant building now. He has made off with our money and our photos, and we have none of them to remind us of our precious day. In the beginning, he would return perhaps 1 in 10 calls, but always had a different excuse why things weren't on time. First, he missed our engagement sitting because his son had soccer, then he didn't return calls because his son was sick, then it was he was sick, then it was he was partially blind from an eye infection, then it was another thing after another, including that he is doing all photography for the Milwaukee Bucks. The excuses could go on but they nauseate me thinking of them all. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, waste your time or your money on this company, they will take your for everything, and not deliver on anything promised to you in your contract. Friends of ours who used different photographers received all their items, such as album, pages, matting, photos, proofs, within a month of their wedding day. Brian told us it would take 12 - 16 weeks...understandable, with over 500 photos....but it has been over 9 months, and still nothing! So much for being rated the #1 photographer in the Milwaukee area, per Brian Scheer, or so he told us. We are out our money and memories we paid for. What a drunken snake. I don't know how he sleeps at night knowing all the hearaches he has caused people, and from the reviews, there are QUITE a number. Wish we would have known of this site before we signed with him. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT USE THIS BUSINESS, NOTHING BUT TROUBLE, HEADACHES, AND LOST HARD EARNED MONEY.....WHAT A SCHEER HORROR! Cons: Liar and Cheat more

Worst wedding experice EVER!!!!!!! 6/14/2008

Please stay away from him! We have been married for a year and have yet to recive our wedding album, or any of the other pictures we have ordered. There are maybe twenty pictures if that, out of six hundred or more that turned out ok, We will never have our wedding day back agian and it was captured were horrible!. The pictures look like some drunk took some of them and the others you can barley see our faces! We paid for the biggest package and got riped off the pictures where horrible! I cryed! i was crushed, to make matters worse its been a year and all we have our proofs! Nothing else! he wont return our calls and his voce box is full! So hes nothing but a good sales man who took our money! He dosent care about his costumers! On our wedding day he was acting more like a guest than a professional! Please save your self the hurt!!!!! Pros: Nothing!!!!! Cons: Nothing!!!!! more

Worse than the Worst! 6/13/2008

I can't emphasize it any more than that! my wife and i got married back in march of 2007, and we had met with Brian from scheer. Our first impression was a good one, but like so many other people he had deceived us! he swore that HE'D be the photographer, he wasn't. since our wedding over 15 months ago, we are yet to recieve our pictures. I could go on and on about all the negatives about this business, but there are so many other reviews that already made my point. we heard the negatives and still gave him a try. DON""T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE! Scheer Photography is a JOKE!!! Pros: the woman that did take our pictures took good pictures Cons: the turn around time is non existant! more


finally writing a review after many long months of being unhappy. no, angry! too angry to write. the guidelines about how to write a review couldn't be more understated. ""lazy service"" doesn't begin to describe the lack of customer care we got at scheer photography! when we first talked to brian he sounded like an arrogant ""excretory opening"" but his work was OK & we thought we could deal w/ his big head for the sake of decent pictures @ cheap price. Wrong! HUGE mistake! Guess you really do get what you pay for & now we can't relive our wedding. hes just a cheesy wedding photographer. on our wedding day, he acted like the day was about him not about us. HE CAME ON TO A BRIDESMAID ALL NIGHT! our parents were furious. after the wedding it only got worse. calls were never returned (who lets their work voice mail stay full for days at a time without checking it?!) & he said all those things the other reviews have said: different SOB STORY every time we talked to him, no returned pictures, you don't get what you pay for, & excuse after excuse for everything!! blaming others for your professional problems, talking about your lousy personal life (the reason for the persistent flirting?) & making your clients feel guilty about asking for their own PAID FOR product was NOT how i learned to manage a business at marquette, call me old-school. brian talks about all the experience he has and how he has the biggest volume in the area but he certainly doesn't have any of the skills to back it up! what a joke. he's taking advantage of people. our dealings w/ this man have been RIDICULOUS! There are enough respectable photographers in the area PLEASE don't consider scheer photography as an option for what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life! it's not worth the stress!! from what ive heard from people in waukesha, who knows if he'll even show up sober! look it up! then hire someone else. i wish i had known all this months ago. maybe he should go sell timeshares. Pros: i guess he's a good salesman Cons: you have to have a huge amount of patience and spare time to deal with this man! more


I dont understand how Sheer Photography is still in business????? If I would've known about these websites before I got married i would have never chosen Scheer to do our wedding photos! We received our proofs, but it has been over a year now and we still have not received our album or any of the photos we ordered. Brian has promised me my photos on specific dates now at least 5 times. then i get my hopes up and never get my product. the couple of good reviews you'll find on here about Brian are somebody he knows, they have to be, because who in their right mind would have anything good to say about this man and his horrible company? Brain asked me a long time ago to go on the internet and write good reviews about him. thank god i never wasted my time doing that! Just same yourself all the stress and just choose a different photographer! Pros: nothing Cons: horrible custumer service!!don't receive product!! have to pay in full before you get product!!!!! more

worst ever, terrible, don't hold your breath 5/12/2008

Wow, I wish I would've seen these reviews before I ordered pictures from this guy. I took my daughter to her first basketball game at the Bradley center in February and a guy took our picture and gave us a card with a web address to order prints if we wanted. I wish I could rewind back to February when I was ordering my prints, so I could kick myself. I didn't spend a lot on the prints like some of the wedding pictures listed here, but, I am a customer. I paid, they took my money and here it is 3 months later and still no pictures. They did return a phone call back in March, but none since. Many times when I tried to call, I couldn't even leave a message because the mailbox was full.....probably with complaints. I have sent many e-mails and called at least 3 times a day for the last week and a half, trying to fill up the mailbox, still no answer back. I wonder why the Bucks organization deal with a business like this?? Pros: picture online to see promptly Cons: terrible follow thru, does not return calls/e-mails more

Horrible Experience 4/14/2008

We were recommended to Scheer Photography by friends for our wedding and at first it seemed like a good idea. How wrong we were!!!! First, we had to pay the full amount for our package up front and when we tried calling the studio to ask questions, our phone calls went unreturned. Less than a week before the wedding, a random photographer called and said they were going to photograph our wedding when the owner, Brian Scheer, promised to do it. It has now been a year since our wedding and we still only have a portion of our album and pictures!!! We were promised the album and pictures 8-12 weeks after we placed our order. After not hearing anything for 16 weeks we began calling Brian, having to wait another 3 weeks before our calls were even returned. We were then told 2 more weeks; it ended up being 4, and we still don't have our entire album! Brian has been very unprofessional, promising deadlines he was unable to meet and having a different excuse and sob story for every time we questioned him. This has been a very stressful experience and is the only thing we wish we could have done different on our wedding day! The one ""star"" in our rating was for our actual wedding day photographer. It's too bad we couldn't relive the day with our album in hand on our First Anniversary. Our advice to you is to read the reviews and STAY AWAY from SCHEER PHOTOGRAPHY!! They have horrible customer service and are dishonest and unprofessional!!!!! Cons: poor customer service, over promised and under delivered on all services more


I have had nothing but a TERRIBLE experience with Brian Scheer! I had booked a package for my wedding and paid the full amount in advance. During the months before my wedding the package price went up and when I didn't want to spend the extra money, I had to go down to the package below mine and basically eat the $500.00 for the ""package"" I had paid for. It's been 6 weeks since my wedding and though my pictures are online, I haven't seen them yet because NOBODY will call me back to even give me the password. I have left several messages and have not gotten a response. I also have not been notified that my wedding cd (which is all I get for $1000) is available. I hope that nobody has to ever go through anything like I've gone through with them. They have terrible customer service and have made an experience that should be my most memorable one, a nightmare! Cons: Zero customer service! more

AVOID Brian Scheer Photography 1/15/2008

The Wisconsin (company who rates businesses) rates him as an UNSATISFACTORY BUSINESS. 23 complaints filed in the last 36 months. On 4 complaints he did not even bother to respond to them. Cons: He's a scumbag more

Inflexible, do not use 1/4/2008

I paid the deposit for my upcoming wedding photo package. We had our engagement photo taken, 3 minutes total was spent. The wedding plans then fell apart 14 months ahead of the weekend we had agreed to. After several months spent trying to contact the owner about a refund of the deposit because they had 14 months to try and find someone to book that weekend I was finally told to contact them a month before the original date and if they had booked that weekend my deposit would be refunded. 10 months later when I called them back to find out about the refund I was told that they could not find my contract and therefore could not refund my money. So for 3 minutes of work they got to keep my 750$ deposit and also earned the additional business from that weekend. more

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! 11/7/2007

I so glad that my friend recommended her wedding photographer for mine. She was very pleased with her service and I had to check out Scheer Photography and I am so glad that I did. My wedding pictures are AWESOME, they are exactly what I wanted. Brian Scheer (our photography) remembered all of the things I wanted and all of the types of photos I wanted. Our wedding pictures are a piece of art.....I love them!!!! He got the right moments at the right time. He was sooooooooo easy to work with and he had such a fun attitude. My wedding party had so much fun taking pictures, it was a blast!! I highly recommend Scheer photography, you won't be disappointed Pros: Great quality, tons of pictures Cons: He books up fast!! Get him if you can. more

Buyer Beware 10/3/2007

We did not get our album and pictures until 10 months after the wedding. Scheer Photography never returned phone calls, and there were important pictures that were missing. Several requests for pictures were ignored by Brian Scheer, we were flat out lied to about several things. They were completely unprofessional, slow, and we didn't have anything to show until months after the deadlines given. Talking with Scheer Photography is like pulling teeth (if you can even get anyone to answer the phone or call back). You must fight for every little thing you paid for. We made the mistake of paying everything up front. If you already booked Scheer, the best advice is to withhold payment until ALL goods and services are received. We had to file a Better Business Brueau claim to get what we paid for. Stay away if you can! Cons: Unprofessional, slow, dishonest, lazy, irresponsible more

I highly recommend Scheer Photography 8/1/2007

My husband and I were married on June 9th, 2007 and we choose Scheer Photography on July 17, 2006 and paid in full the same day. Our photographer called us a week before the wedding. He stressed how important it was to submit to him a list of wedding pictures I would like to have, in an effort to provide my husband and I 100% satisfaction. Our wedding included 132 guests, two Horse and Carriages, a pet and guests inside and out (out-door wedding) and our photographer did not miss a shot!! He was patient and very polite with all of our guests and the wedding party! I picked up our pictures today, which were ready a week ago and my husband and I are very happy and satisfied with the beautiful work Scheer Photography had done! They even stayed open for me until I could arrive to pick up our pictures too! If you call, be patient, they called me back! Pros: Almost 600 pictures! Listen to the photographer, they know what they are doing! more
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