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I've purchased items for over 20 years from most of the Gun and Ammo store operating in Central NJ. Sportsman is the place I the place I return t over and over again. They're abou...


Although this store carries some of the odd things that you may not find in other sporting goods stores it is not the place to go for your basic needs. As far as buying your basi...

Do Not Transfer A Gun Here 3/13/2015

I just wrote a review but after reading many others I felt compelled to write another. I transferred a .22 rifle to this establishment a while back and just like other reviewers I called when I saw that it had been delivered and signed for. When I called to verify I was told it had not been received yet. Not believing them I drove to the store and there it sat on the shelf with a price tag on it ready to be sold to anyone. When questioned they acted like it was no big deal. AMAZING! Super Storm Sandy should have taken them down for good. Recently I went in to order a specific gun and was very careful to furnish the right information, he swore I had the wrong #'s and tried (unsuccessfully) to make me feel retarded. That is until he realized my #'s were correct and that he was the mistaken one. It is totally people like this that give NJ the bad name it gets. He is very strange and does give off a negative and awkwardly uncomfortable feeling. I have never seen so many poor reviews, must be accurate. STAY AWAY! I wish he would post all his reviews on his front door for all to see. more

Arrogant and Pompous. Clueless and Unhelpful. 3/13/2015

It never fails to amaze me when business owners don't "get It'. I understand most customer service is out the window these days, but this owner takes the cake. It makes me laugh because the store itself is "campy" at best. On several visits to the store the greeting never changed. I felt more like I was doing the selling. Very short and flippant answers to ALL my questions. surprising, seeing that I was spending in the thousands. Like the crumudgened old man that would tell you to get off his property when retrieving your kick ball as a kid. Mad at the world. Everyone else's fault. In short, Do Not Give Him Your Business. There are many other knowledgeable firearms stores that will work for and earn your business. more

New gun owner 8/5/2013

I walked into this store not knowing much about firearms. I was sent there by an old friend. Being I'm new to the area and this store is a short walk from my house I gave it a try. What I can say is the owner and salesperson were very helpful. The salesperson Dave ate a cold pizza cause he was helping me, I told him to go eat and I would wait and he said it was ok and continued to help me. I asked every question I could think of and he answered all of them. The owner waited on the phone for 30min to do a quick background check. They both helped with the paper work. They let me hold every gun I wanted to see without the moans that come with a confused customer. Not sure how their prices are compared to other stores so I have no opinion on that. As far as customer services is concerned I was delighted. They have a large selection to choose from. I will be going back in 30 days to purchase another firearm. Btw, my g.f was with me asking her own questions and they answered all of hers as well. more

Excellent ! 3/31/2013

I've purchased items for over 20 years from most of the Gun and Ammo store operating in Central NJ. Sportsman is the place I the place I return t over and over again. They're about the best around! Anyone complaining about price hasn't shopped around. They easily beat any chain store or other like store in the area. If you're talking about used firearms the price is obviously depending on the age and use. I can tell you they were above and beyond helpful with my 2 recent purchases. To the critique in one of the 1 star reviews, obviously the person is not knowledgeble of NJ gun laws. Your claim that the store didn't supply you with the 20 round magazines the manfacturer said comes with the firearm is because they're (20 rd mags) ILLEGAL in NJ. Learn what you're talking about before you try to post a fake negative review. As for me I'm a bit territorial. I'd like to tell everyone how great this place is for all your shooter needs butI really want to keep it quie and to myself so I can benefit from their low prices and skilled service. more

Your being to critical 12/17/2012

I have been dealing with these guys for years. The very first time I walked into the store, They ask...What do you need? Period. This is not tiffany's folks. When they ask you what you want or need they mean it! The guy with his permit got mad and said they ripped him off. I doubt it but do your research before you buy anything. Come on. This is a FIREARM Store they have a very high moral value and will talk to you all day if need be. I walked in not spoting my ussual itire looking likr a cop and I said can i see that socom 16? Sure, he made sure it was safe and not loaded and handed it to me. Some store won't even let you touch one without a permit, DL, and 6 more forms of ID. Go to Dicks or one of those places. S.S. as far as I'm concerned has a 100% buy and walk policy. The guys are OK,,Talk to JOE! more

not all bad 8/21/2012

Its true its a colorful setting. Years ago i was easily pushed out of the store by the staff all from asking questions. Now that i am educated and know what i need i have no issue with these guys. Alsk the best and cheapest spot for 7.62x54r. While they are rough around the edges i can see if from a day in day out what would i need for x questions. If you do your homework before hand they are very receptive and insightful. more


I went there several times and was greeted with "what do you want" every time. Even when I had my paperwork in hand and was ready to buy a pistol, even after buying said pistol and hundreds of dollars worth of their overpriced ammo. don't think that paying cash will get you a better deal. IT WON"T! maybe $50-60 off their overpriced guns. I paid $10 more for my magazines that i bought there than anywhere else. I recently purchased a pistol and it was missing TWO additional magazines and when I went there to tell them about it, the owner said, "I know that's all you're getting, 1 magazine regardless of what the manual states." he claimed that the distributer took out the 20 round mags(3) and put in 1 ten round mag in the gun. wtf I paid out the nose for this pistol and had I purchased it anywhere else it would have all three mags. I'll never spend another cent there ever!!!!!! more

psuedo-arrogant dopey gun nuts 6/20/2012

I walked into this place and was immediately and gruffly asked "What do you need?" As if my very presence posed an imposition to them. I quickly replied "What do I need?! a million dollars." He comes back again, even more annoyed at this point, with "What do you need?! Now I've been a cop for 15 years and have dealt with "I'm-friends-with-&-protected-by-the-local-cops-so-I-can-be-an-asshole-to-whomever-I choose." retards many times prior to this idiot. So then I went at him with, "How about a little politeness?" He comes at me yet again with "What do you need?"so, this point, I decided to embarrass him and I announced out loud so every one in the store could hear, "You know what, pal? You don't need my business. Go fuck yourself." While shopping out in the suburbs does have its perks, but when dealing with people that "think" they're "in" with local law enforcement it, most always ends with them being set straight. more

How does this place stay in business? 6/5/2012

Being new to the area I thought I would stop in and check out their selection and prices. Inside reminded me of some of the old gun shops in Arizona,cluttered and dusty but not without it's charm,selection was decent but the prices was about 15 to 20 % higher than average and the service was non existent to the point that I was ignored even after I asked if someone could help me with some ammo prices. Finally an older gentleman mumbled something about a firearms ID and hoped I was not wasting his time. I just walked out,wondering how does a place like this still stay in business in this day and age? more

great service and helpful 3/4/2012

I brought a browing A bolt in for service. Very friendly and knowlegable. Had it back to me within a week, fixed no probs. Called when the work was done. I also needed torx screws for a scope mount. I asked for help the day I went to pick up my rifle. There were several people in the store but the the guy helping me took the time to help me out. Pulled out a bunch of boxes of screws and helped me look for a match. Would go back anytime I have aproblem with a firearm or even just a question. more

Snobbish, not customer friendly 11/21/2011

I went to grab a Pennsylvania hunting license along with a few related items. Walk in, all eyes on my son & myself as if we were aliens. Bunch of local yuck yucks hanging around BSing with 2 guys behind counter. When their important conversations were over they finally turned to the customer, me. Prices very high also. Won't go back, live local but would rather travel to Bordentown, Harry's & / or Sportsman Center actually want my business. more

Worst Shop ever!! 9/13/2011

Let me start by saying I'm a former Marine and Police officer so I'm not a noob when it comes to firearms. I moved back to NJ filled out my permit paper work and was waiting on 3 pistol permits so I decided to start shopping being SS is in my town I walked in and was greeted nice enough nut there is an odd feeling int the store almost as if you don't belong if you're not a regular. I inquired about an M4 style rifle and asked if a compensator could be attached ( as I understand as long as it doesn't hide flash comPensators such SS battlecomp are 100% legal). Well you'd think I just asked for a scud missle they way I was ridiculed and talked down to. Instead of hearing what I had to say he just went on to the next customer. The prices are outrageous the store is small the owner is an unfriendly jerk. Save time, Money,and aggravation and go elsewhere! Even though this place is 10 minutes from my house I'll travel to firearms guild, bullethole or sportsman center. That's how bad Sayreville sportsman is. more

Uncomfortable feeleing 9/13/2011

I live in town and belive in giving local businesses my money. I have been in the store several times and it is like a hang out for friends that work there. They make you feel stupid if you ask questions about equipment and merchandise. I travel to Effingers where they treat you like a customer. A very clickish store I don't know how they are stil open. Everyone in town I speak with feels the same way. Very Sad operation more

No help at all. 8/3/2011

Small and dusty,prices are outrageous when even priced and unless you are a resident, no or even worse unreliable service. Best suited to the avid hunter with disposable income,time,patients and a keen bullshit indicator. Good luck. more

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Look Like You Know 7/10/2011

Strolled into there for the first time April,'11 and took a look around first at the fishing gear then the clothing accessories. There was about 3 adults (one with a tween son) customers asking for items. One guy looked like maybe a retired/off duty cop. Ten minutes later i walk over to the gun case and put my big chain of keys on their counter and crouched down to get a looksee. When the customer was done ( i never looked at the clerks to WAIT for their MAY I HELP YOU) i scrutinized attentively at the detail of the WHATEVER pistol i was admiring, then gave my best slow southern drawl accent (I'm from South Crackalackee) asking about the best firing range in the area. He gave me some brochures and we talked about skeet shooting, hours open, long range 110 yard facilities. If you're a dummy about guns sit down first at home and read for 30 minutes about types of ammo and types of guns. Then they might not treat you like a foreigner. Plus with my MARINE CORPS key chain on their counter may have helped a little... more

Totally clueless 6/30/2011

The guy I talked to at this place had absolutely no clue when it came to firearms or NJ law. I've never heard so much totally incorrect information from a gun store employee in my life. NJ residents have a hard enough time with the gun laws here as it is without people at gun stores making up their own laws. Not to mention he was ranting and had an unfriendly demeanor. Its unbelievable that someone so uneducated in NJ firearm laws and guns in general works at a gun store. Their prices are ridiculous too, take your business elsewhere. They have a somewhat decent selection of cleaning products, and some overpriced small parts, but I'd rather pay shipping and handling then have to deal with the fudds at this store again. more

Arrogance! 1/22/2011

Right as you walk in you feel unwelcome as if you don’t belong there. Good luck trying to see and hold a gun. It’s like you’re unworthy to hold one of their guns. My suggestion is GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!! Harry’s army navy or the Sportsman center. more

Good Old Boys 1/14/2011

I went there and placed an order and they never called me when it came in. I called and they said it is here. I went and they didn't have it. It appears that they are very clickish and take care of their own. Outsiders not welcome. The guy sitting in the corner is creepy and makes you nervous!!! more

Guns 5/25/2010

I have bought 2 rifles and 2 hand guns from them and they were great. They also donate to Women’s Day at the Range. Nice selection of guns and they are knowledgeable about them all. They even have Black Powder stuff. I am an NRA instructor and have never had any of my students have issues with them, its all been positive feedback. Chet more

A liar and dishonest 10/24/2009

Had a gun shipped overnight from Cabela's and owner signed for it. When I called he said it didn't come. I told him I was looking at tracking and he signed for it, he said he didn't care what tracking showed he didn't have it. Had to do a back-charge with credit card. Nothing in this world is worse than a LIAR!! Take you business elsewhere! more
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