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Santa Maria Beauty College

1778 S Broadway
Santa Maria, CA 93454
(805) 928-1848
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Santa Maria Beauty College - Santa Maria, CA


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I currentley attend and know MANY people whom have attended, graduated and became licsensed through this college. To ALL who read these reviews, PLEASE remember, there are ALWAYS...


I take my Mother in when she asks to have me make an appointment for her. It is always the same thing, a regular perm. It takes awhile so I'd leave and come back in a couple of ...

Don't let attitude spoil the bargain. 10/30/2011

I went in for a scalp massage and deep conditioning treatment. This month's special with a shampoo and blow dry was ten bucks! I had a rough week and it sounded good. It was relaxing and my hair is soft and shiny. I saw a similiar ad for the same service at a high end salon for sixty bucks with coupon. Ask for Sammy. She gave a great massage and was very friendly and professional. I would have given 5 stars but It's obvious that not all the students have the same good attitude. Several scowling faces trudging around or sitting with their feet up make you feel uncomfortable. Stacy seemed to be one of the worst at customer skills but very good at leaning on the counter looking bored. There are a handful of cheerful professional students who will do a great job at a great price though so don't pass this up because of bad attitudes. Ask for Sammy or someone who is smiling! more

Happy Customer 8/11/2011

I brought my two teenage kids (girl and boy) to the beauty college yesterday and today. They were both very happy with their haircuts. I thought the students took their time to make sure that they did a good job. I did not witness any of the students or instructors being unprofessional in any way as some of the others have written in past reviews. Maybe they got some new instructors, maybe not, but I felt my experience was good here and you can't beat the price. I don't know how many times I have overpaid for a haircut that wasn't even as good as the ones my kids received the SMBC. For all you skeptics out there, give it a chance, you might be surprised. more

Not Unbelievable 3/3/2011

I take my Mother in when she asks to have me make an appointment for her. It is always the same thing, a regular perm. It takes awhile so I'd leave and come back in a couple of hours+. During times that I need to wait for her I sit in the front near the snack machines and read a book. All the while sitting there I can hear the girls at the counter (and students visiting the counter) make snide remarks about other students attending there and of the customers. Sitting out of sight and around the corner from them they're not aware that someone is listening. What I hear are the meanest and rudest of things. I'd say this has happened 6-8 times over a two year period. I am 50 years old and as a man I don't curse anywhere as crude as some of these young ladies do. We will continue to go there because it's a money thing for us but as far as liking it - it gives me a sour view of our youths. As for me, I don't go there for haircuts anymore. Three different times (trips) they had to cut my hair closer to hide errors that were made - each of the students each told me they were close to graduating. more

Don't be a snob 2/8/2011

I went to the school with hesitation due to the reviews I had read throughout the web, but a friend of mine convinced me to try it anyway. Boy I am glad I did! Now let me start off by saying if you are going for the ambiance and luxury then you will be greatly disappointed. This is a school not a Spa, at a spa you will pay for the ""spa"". I have been 4 times now (mani, pedi, full highlights, cut, full dye, and facial) and not once have I been disappointed. I also bring my 8 yr old daughter with me and have gotten her a mani, pedi wash trim and style, the students there treat her just as well as they treat me. But let me please ask, you know your children, mine can hang with the big boys, she does not run around and get into everything, she likes to sit back and be one of the girls, this is not a day care so don't treat it as one, for the sake of everyone! Needless to say I don't care about the water cooler gossip or the disposition of the instructors (which I have never experienced myself) I have always walked out feeling great, I can actually say the last time I went for a full set of high-low lights it was the best job I have ever received. Description of myself: I always question who is writing reviews(BTW this is my first ever) so let me describe myself, I am 32 with two children (8 & 12) I am married. my hair is below my bra strap. I have always been one of those girls who has invested a lot into taking care of myself. I am no stranger to cosmetic enhancements or high end spa retreats. I have lived all of the world/US and have experienced many different salons. Like I mentioned in the before I was hesitate to go and again let me also emphasize this is not a spa, it's not even a super cuts (ambiance wise) but it does have some hard working students that are eager to learn and do the best job they can, and I have experienced that every single time. Not to mention you can not beat the price, even with a $30 tip it's still way cheeper then I have ever paid. My advice it try it yourself, don't be a snob and judge a book by it's cover. Good luck in your search hope this helped. Oh one last thing, this is a school, it will not be fast, prepare accordingly do not go in and expect highlights to take the normal 2 1/2 hrs (students..learning) takes time, make a day of it like I do then you do not feel rushed or stressed to get out of the chair and rush the poor student through the process...just a suggestion :) more

Not the best school. 9/21/2010

I attended this Beauty college about 2 years ago and I am still finding problems with the education I received. I have noticed that many of the people who have rated this school have mentioned the teachers. While I was enrolled at the school we went through 3 teachers. One was fired for sleeping with the secretary and 3 female students. The other 2 were fired for various reasons and conflicts with the owner and clients, not to mention the lack of experience that both had. I don't believe that being a licensed cosmetologist for 1 year each gives you enough knowledge of the industry, certainty not enough to teach others how to succeed in it. Their are 3 teachers that have been their for many years, Richard is the freshman teacher who does come off a bit stand offish when you meet him but he knows what he's talking about. Kim is the main teacher and she needs to treat not only the students with respect and kindness but the clients deserve to receive the same and I'm certain that she will receive the same from others. Sandy is the owner and she is loud and outspoken and desperately needs to find the right balance between keeping her school clean and clients and students happy and excited for the industry ahead. I attended the beauty school 2 years ago and am finding it extremely difficult to find my way in the industry. I feel as if I did not receive enough education to prepare me for it. The school needs to lower it's enrollment numbers and add several better educated teachers to their team. I believe that if they did these things to better the education of the students then they could become a great school in time, more

$$$$???? 8/17/2010

How much is it to attend anyway? more

There are ALWAYS two sides to every sotory 7/14/2010

I currentley attend and know MANY people whom have attended, graduated and became licsensed through this college. To ALL who read these reviews, PLEASE remember, there are ALWAYS two sides to every story!! Unfortunatley, there are MANY people that enroll in this program because Welfare is telling them to go to school or get a job. Going to Beauty school seems like an easy way out. This brings in some not so desirable individuals. People whom are disrespectful to instructors, lazy, and self centered. Students who discuss openly about going out to parties with boyfriends and ""making out"" with another man at the same party without their boyfriend knowing. Comming to class hungover and voimiting not able to participate in class assignments, discussing how they enjoy their hair pulled by their boyfriends. Students whom make mountains out of mole hills looking for pity and a reason to spend MORE tax $$ on sueing people for no GOOD reason. This school has been in business for MANY years, producing, successfull,and talented hairstylists!!!! If your SERIOUS about a carreer in cosmetology and not just looking for ""easy ride"", than this is the place to do it!! Follow the rules, be respectful and self disciplined and you WILL get the same in return and a GREAT start in the cosmetology field. Pros: EXCELLENT State Board testing preparation Cons: students whom are looking for a ""free, easy ride"" more


Wow, first of all before anyone enrolls at this College they should read all reviews and put in effort to research this GOD AWFUL ESTABLISHMENT so called Beauty College. Every negative review wrote is TRUE. Curse words are normal at this so called ""College"". I have written to the Better Business Bureau, The State Board of Cosmetology, KEYT NEWS ROOM, and Plan to SUE this school for HARASSMENT on every level. If I worked for this place I would get out now before your slapped with a civil suit amongst others! Wow sexually explicit coversations and relationships between instructors and students, and LACK of knowledge, LACK of good standing morals, and LACK of professionalism! I am also contacting the CITY oF Santa Maria Attorney as well as City Officials. This is not a LEGAL LAW Abiding school and they will pay! I pray for anyone that has attended this school that they do not give up, do not get discouraged what goes on at this Business is wrong and will be shut down! Allan Hancock Director & Dean will also have full length detailed reports of all the Horrible conditions students have had to face. GOD BLESS the righteous! Pros: NOTHING IS GOOD HERE Cons: RICHARD CALIGURI & KIM & SANDY more

Starter Kit for Santa Maria Beauty College!!!!!! I 1/27/2010

If you are attending Santa Maria Beauty College DO NOT PAY FOR YOUR KIT through the school!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper. I'm telling you it's the exact same kit down to the bag. The school will charge you almost 700 bucks for this. This site won't allow links but if you google. Cosmetology Kit Sally's. the exact same kit you need for the Santa Maria and San Luis Beauty school will come up for 124.00 It's the Marianna kit. Do yourself a favor it you enroll and buy your own kit. more

SMBC 12/12/2009


Supervisor Kim 10/28/2009

My Mom visited the beauty school of Santa Maria today Oct. 28th,2009! She recieved a haircut and perm! For one thing she is 74 years old and on oxygen, this appoitment srated at 11:05 A.M. and ended at 4:10P.m. Long enough for the process! When my Mom asked the stylist to please hurry because she was supposed to do a breathing treatment around 2:00-2:30, the stylist went to get "" The Awful KIM< so called supervisor!"" She came over and yelled at my mom that ""THIS IS A SCHOOL SO IT TAKES TIME"" she was so rude I almost got out of my chair and bitch slapped her! She could have been nicer about it! I will never go there again! If that's the way they treat the public than they shouldn't be in business! The stylists "" Katie, Veronica and Dianna were nice! But KIM needs to go! Pros: Poor Customer Service! Cons: Needs to learn Customer service BIG TIME! more

and i was just looking for the number 10/13/2009

After reading these reviews I'm no longer interested in this school! To think I stumbled across them by accident! more

Santa maria Beauty College 10/7/2009

I attended and graduated the Santa Maria Beauty College. It was a ten month program and it was a very rough ten months. Not all the students are serious about the cosmetology business and the teachers don't seem to be either. I'm not one to talk negatively but if someone is wanting to dedicate the next ten months to this school I believe they should go in with a heads up on what to truly expect. When I attended it was rough learning due to rumors of one of the instructors sleeping with many students and the secretary, for a while it was just talk but when it was proved to be true it made things much more difficult. The next instructor to be hired on was very nice, but she had less than a years experience. And previous instructors were fired for sexual relations with students and a bank robber. I believe that if they truly cared for our education they would screen instructors to make sure they are honest educated people file papers correctly, focus on treating students, costumers and each other better and the fix health violations of the building and less on income they would be an okay school. Much better than what they are currently known for. Many many clients complain about the buildings health violations more so than any other issue stated. It has many down falls, but this school does have the best freshman teacher on the central coast and it is very affordable. Unfortunately the problems stated above are very true. Think about this school and research before you make the commitment. It ends up being a lot longer than you think. Pros: cheap affordable school Cons: not the best more

Do not go to there for a haircut! 9/26/2009

Went in for a regular men's haircut, got out with a shaved head. They took a big chunck of hair out by mistake and ended up having to shave down to the skin. Never going back there again. Cons: Customers are guinea pigs. more

I wouldn't wish this school on my enemies! 12/30/2008

Please note, that everyone has mentioned the unprofessionalism, uruly, and childish behavior of the type of students that attend this school. As far as I know Kim has been working there for quite some time. She comes off as ""burned out"" and not really caring. I have heard her curse like a sailor before. This in my opinion is very unprofessional. Not very lady like either. Pros: Cheap. Cons: Staff and students. more

Very professional staff 9/10/2008

I am also attending SMBC and do not agree with ""notateacher""s review. It only proves the mentallity of some of the students. Immature, self centered and lazy. Anytime you put 60 to 80 people (mostly female) together for 8hrs.a day 5 days a week you are bound to have SOME drama. The problem is with the students, they don't want/can't think for themselves. They are rude and disrespectfull to the instructors, talk about them behind their backs and then expect them to bend the rules for them. If you are serious about a carreer in Cosmetology, SMBC can and will help you. Most of the students are there for a free ride. They are always looking for new ways to ""buck"" the rules and get over on the instructors.The staff is VERY professional and knowledgable. They don't have ALL the answers to ALL the questions that arise but are more than happy and willing to help you find it. Kim, the supervisor is an awesome instuctor. I have learned a great deal from her. She is fair, compassionate and understanding. She must enforce rules so unfortunatley gets a bad rap. Usually from the students that are not serious about their education. I am close to graduating and in the 9 mos I have been there, have NEVER EVER heard her talk about her personal problems or speak badly about a client. The only time I ever heard her talk about a personal situation was when her wallet was stolen out of her purse from her office. Who can blame her for talking to the student body about it.? The only time she talks about a client, it is in an educational manner. Isn't that why we take clients to learn from them? The students at SMBC cause the drama and the staff, especially Kim, do their BEST to handle it. Most of the students have no conception of professionalism or integrity. Therefore, have no business posting a review such as ""notateacher""s. SMBC is a GREAT school to get prepared for your state board exam.Check out their pass rate! You get out what you put in. 0=0 Pros: easy to understand, clear state board procedures Cons: to many students that are not serious. have no parental upbringing and enjoy their own drama more

Great Local School for Serious Professionals 9/9/2008

Great School - I attended Santa Maria Beauty College several years ago and now have my own salon. The school teaches students how to pass the State Board and the basics they need to start a career. I remember being frustrated because they did not offer advanced courses in colour. Haircolour is my passion so I was upset. Looking back, I got the perfect foundation from the college and I was smart enough to stay away from most of the drama. Our industry needs more passionate, professional people to lead us into the future. Clients and co-workers do not want to deal with ""drama"". Pros: Program is 3 to 10 mo more

Let's jut pretend we're professional here, just for a minute. 6/29/2008

I am currently a student of the Santa Maria Beauty College. I am extremely displeased with the student behavior and the instructors' lack of knowledge and professionalism. I have seen first-hand students who have not understood certain concepts the first time around get yelled at being told things like, ""Forget it,"" ""It's not important,"" and the occasional ""F--k you, stay out of my drama"" when the teachers would bring their personal lives to class. The first poster was correct in that if you go into SMBC for any kind of service, you will have sh-t talked about you either the second you leave, or the second the student is out of your earshot (but not necessarily the earshot of other customers). The tuition isn't terrible but the education is. If an individual is serious about getting far in the hair industry, the Santa Maria Beauty College is NOT the place to be. This course is fine if you are pleased with working for Fantasic Sam's until/ while you attend a more professional school. If you are considering attending this school, visit it first and speak with the students before you hand any money over. What you find may not surprise you. Pros: Cheapest cosmetology license in town. Cons: Worst cosmetolgy license in town. more

Santa Maria Beauty college 7/18/2007

I would like to disaggree with ""CANDYVENOMS"" unthruthfull comment regarding Santa Maria Beauty college. It sounds like you may be a disgruntled ex-student. Maybe you were kicked out for unprofessionalism, or not following the school rules, or something of that nature. Things that the staff will not tolerate!!!..My experience at the beauty college have always been wonderful!!.Students and staff are always very professional, kind and helpful. I have been going there for years and will continue to do so. I highly reccomend any one to visit the Santa Maria Beauty college either to have hair, nails, make-up, whatever beauty services you need. more

Lousy and Unprofessional School. 6/29/2007

I attended this school for a week! The other students were obnoxious, rude, and consistently used foul language including the teachers and staff. Whenever clients would leave, the students and staff would talk really bad about them. They would talk about how ""nasty, and disgusting"" the clients feet were. They'd talk bad about all elderly people that came in just because they were elderly. Very unprofessional in my opinion. more
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