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Santa Fe Tequila Co

901 W 10th Ave # 1b
Denver, CO 80204
(303) 534-7900
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I first visited this past weekend. I've been hearing more and more about people having great evenings there ? and not just on First Fridays, or shouldering up to the bar to - bu...


I tried this place because of the glowing reviews here. I can only fathom to guess most of the reviewers are tequila connoisseurs rather than people who actually know good food. ...

Nice neighborhood oasis 11/15/2008

SumDude Provided by Partner
Happy hour is the time to go. The bar is a great place to unwind and the servers are very knowledgable. Service however can be spotty and the kitchen is slow (unless you know somebody). The queso is very good and the margs are made the right way - without drowning in triple sec and simple syrups. The overall atmosphere of this place is what keeps me coming back. more

Food has caught up to bar and ambience 11/10/2008

WallyRo Provided by Partner
I first visited this past weekend. I've been hearing more and more about people having great evenings there ? and not just on First Fridays, or shouldering up to the bar to - but for a quality dining experience. I have one friend in particular (from New Mexico) who has been regarding this place as very high quality ? not overly cheesing dishes or skimping on fresh guac or salsa and really seasoning the meats ? among his criteria. And so I went there on Saturday night with a couple friends from out of town. It wasn?t a packed night, so we sat at the bar for a few drinks and received quite the lesson on Tequilas. We were pleased that the bartender was steering us towards value and not just pitching us on high priced flights. It is a personal pet peeve when bartenders seem to know less than the patrons, and Tequila is such an unknown spirit to me, that the learning was almost as enjoyable as the tasting. Pasole and tortilla soups were outstanding ? though I would?ve liked a little more chicken/pork in the pasole, but I?m an extreme carnivore and maybe others prefer more corn. We also shared the Carne Asada, Rosaleas and enchiladas ? all were terrific. The green chili cheeseburger was ok from a ?unique? perspective, but there are certainly better burgers in town from actual burger joints ? but it certainly wasn?t a waste of money. The sopapilla dessert was great, but if you can't make that, then you shouldn't be a Mexican restaurant. Tip to management ? I looked at your menu online before going and that?s when I was intrigued by the bger, but the picture you have has sliced greenhouse or unripened tomatoes. I think you can get a better picture in there to do the plate more justice. Overall, if you like Mexican but don?t like the stomach bombs served up at places that are more ?Americanized Mexican? this place offers a refreshing change of menu, atmosphere and of course ? tequila. You?re now officially established in my Denver restaurant rotation. more

Unbelievable 11/6/2008

Franceman Provided by Partner
This place was unbelievable. We went on a 1st Friday, and it was Jam packed - the wait for a table was over an hour. Somehow, we managed to get 2 seats at the bar and got a couple drinks - which were delicious. The bartenders were moving so fast I could barely see them, but at the same time were personable and extremely friendly. Every single one of them had a huge smile on their faces and were all having a good time. We stayed for another round of drinks and had dinner at the bar, the whole time extremely impressed with how well the tenders were working as a team and handling the tremendous amount of work they had. I would definitely go again and recommend them to others. They were extremely busy, but very responsive and definitely fun. more

Good food...Excellent Service!!! 10/17/2008

Littletonfoodie Provided by Partner
I had heard mixed reviews about the Denver location and was curious to see how the new store in Littleton fared. I have been in three times so far; once at lunch and twice at dinner. The first night I came in I was promptly seated by a waiter. He introduced himself as Jimmy and asked if we had been here before. He gave us a quick tour (very beautiful decor) and then seated us in the dining room. He told us about the specials and his favorites and assured us that we were in for a great experience. We started with two of the house margaritas and they were very good. Jimmy reccomended the Aguacate which was very simple but full of flavor. For our entrees my husband had the Carne Asada and I had the Chile rellenos. We also substituted the pinto beans for calaba...something..sorry forgot what they were called but it was basically roasted squash, corn, and chiles in a sauce that was incredible. When we were done Jimmy reccomended the Soapapilla and let us know that they put a spin on the classic and that he would buy it for us if we didn't love it....he was right...It was by far the best dessert I have ever had at a Mexican restaurant. I have to say that this was probably the best "first impression" we have every had at any restaurant. My husband and I have dined all over the world and have spent a few years in New Mexico. I can honestly say that this is a jewel of a restaurant and the staff actually cares and is attentive. The service was better than that of any 5 star establishment that we have visited without the stuffiness. The room was gorgeous and the food was very decent. The other two times we ate there we had similar experiences and we will be back often!! Pros: The good food and GREAT SERVICE...Jimmy was a delight! Cons: I wish they were open for lunch on the weekends! more

Avoid this restaurant at all costs 9/5/2008

girlmex123 Provided by Partner
A group of six of us decided to end our art walk along Santa Fe on "First Friday" last night with a trip to the much praised Santa Fe Tequila Company. We were told our table would take 15-45 minutes to become available, so we had a seat in the bar at a cocktail table. After asking 3 people if they were our server, our server finally appeared to bus our filthy table. About 10 minutes later, we had our first round of drinks. The food runner, Billy, promptly brought out our appetizers, including a fantastic queso dip!! He was very attentive, polite, and eager to refill drinks and bring napkins. He was the highlight of our expensive evening. About an hour or so later, we decided to check with the hostess to see if our table was ready, because the restaurant does not have a paging system for waiting guests. She said she had been "looking for us." Sounds like an effective system for a busy restaurant! Another ten minutes pass. My husband asks the women seated at the table next to us if they have a waiter, as we have not yet seen one. Enter Adam. Ah, Adam. He is abrupt, abrasive, rude, condescending, and has much better things to do then wait on a group of six former food service workers. Big mistake. My husband orders a combo and offers to pay extra to substitute a chili relleno for an enchilada. He said he "wasn't sure if the kitchen would do it, " but would check. About an hour later (no joke!!) we had our food, fresh out from under the heat-lamp. Food was crusty, brown, and old-looking. No one enjoyed their meals. When Adam presented my husband with his chili relleno, he said "we don't do substitutions. If you don't believe me, I'll bring you the menu and you can read it for yourself." He never came back. We spoke with the manager on the way out, who was concerned, and offered to buy us some margaritas. At that point, we just wanted to leave the Santa Fe Tequila Company, and will never, ever be back. Pros: Queso, good chips Cons: Service, front-of the house system more

Rude servers, incredibly slow service, mediocre food 9/5/2008

androsia1744 Provided by Partner
I was appalled at our experience at this restaurant. The sign saying "now open" invited us in, but we will certainly never be back. I waited, standing at the bar, for at least 15 minutes before a bar back took my order finally. Throughout, the two bartenders did not so much as look at me. We then put our name in for a table and the friendly hostess told us we'd be seated right away. 45 minutes later, after discussing whether we could actually walk to Santa Fe, NM and eat more quickly, we were seated. It took an additional 10 minutes to get a server, then 10 more to get our drinks. Our food arrived literally one hour later (we timed it). We spent the meal deciding whether to speak to the manager or not, but decided not to further ruin our evening with a confrontation or awkward experience. The management of this place should be embarrassed. A haughty attitude might be overlooked in other cities, but in Denver people won't stand for it. They need to get their act together if they want to stay "now open". Pros: I know not to return Cons: Slow, Rude, Overpriced, Mediocre food more

Best Mexican Food in town. 8/9/2008

bootess Provided by Partner
Wow. I have been in search for great Mexcan food during our 8 years of living in Denver. Finally I've found it. My husband and I have enjoyed the freshly made food and top shelf drinks so much, we've gone 3 times in one week! Guess you can't get too much of a good thing. Enjoy! Pros: Freshly prepared flavorful food & great drink options Cons: none more

Another overrated restaurant on CitySearch 8/1/2008

szucsmel Provided by Partner
We arrived at the Santa Fe Tequila Company just after work on a First Friday...thinking it would be a great place to stop before we enjoyed the Arts Walk. We also expected a wait because it was First Friday - however, we expected that because this restaurant had experienced almost a year of First Fridays already, they would be equipped to handle a larger crowd. We were wrong. After checking in with the hostess, we were told there would be a 30 minute wait. No big deal. We ordered a couple drinks from the bar and mingled. An hour later, we checked back with the hostess and was told it would only be a few minutes longer. A group of 4 got up from the bar because their table was ready and gave us their chairs. Ordered another couple drinks - the bartender puts her hair in a pony tail, wipes the corners of her mouth with her fingers and THEN puts an orange wedge in my sangria. I'm disgusted. Another 30 minutes passes - it's now been 1.5 hours since we've arrived and we notice that at any given moment in the restaurant there are 3 - 4 tables open. We inquire again and are told that it would be only another few minutes. We give them another 20 minutes. We then realize that the group of 4 who had given us their chairs at the bar had already been seated at a table for 50 minutes and had not received their food yet! We decide to's already been almost 2 hours since we arrived, we were starving and had missed half of the Art Walk. We are frustrated. We would have went somewhere else if we would have been told it was going to be a longer wait. We ask for a manager, the hostess tells us the manager is unavailable. She gives us a promotional card for a discount on an appetizer the next time we come in - a card that is also given out by my Human Resources Department at work! Will not use the coupon, will not return, will never recommend. Pros: Good tequila selection Cons: Mismanaged front of the house more

Tasteless and overpriced Gringo Mex. 7/26/2008

harusami Provided by Partner
I tried this place because of the glowing reviews here. I can only fathom to guess most of the reviewers are tequila connoisseurs rather than people who actually know good food. This was one of the worst meals I've experienced, despite the assurance of the perky "valley girl" waitress who gushed that we were going to have an awesome meal. The Aguacate, was simply a bland, deep-fried avocado served with a dried up slice of lime and some dried, chopped onions, tomatoes and peppers...not exactly my idea of pico de gallo, the advertised aioli was nowhere to be found. The Camarone Fritos announced their presence before they reached the table...the deep fried shrimp smelled...bad. The heavy sopapilla batter and two sauces couldn't disguise the mealy, smelly shrimp obviously past their prime. My companion's Carne Adobada Burrito wasn't bad, but nothing to write home about. The Carne Asada was actually ok, but salty, and served with nothing more than the a pile of shredded iceberg lettuce and the faux pico de gallo, bland guacamole, thin, tasteless tortillas and the side of bland beans. This is definitely gringo New Mexican food, tasteless and overpriced. The bathrooms were beautiful, a great place to relieve oneself of the effects of bad shrimp. I'll continue to dream of the wonderful food in Taos, the Mexican food in this city really bites in a bad way. Pros: Nice decor and restrooms. Cons: The food. more

Best New Place in Town!! 5/27/2008

052575lilly Provided by Partner
This new, hot, and trendy spot is off the beaten path but is a place you do not want to miss. It has a trendy and sophisticated ambiance with beautiful decor. The food and service have been consistently excellent. We crave the menu and experience this restaurant at least a few times a week. It is time that Denver incorporates some unique food and flavors. You will not find any thing on the menu that you have experienced before. The margaritas are the best in town...Cheers and I hope that you will have the opportunity to experience this truly unique venue...Enjoy!!! more

Just Visiting - Great Restaurant!!! 5/18/2008

jmford9 Provided by Partner
On a recent trip to Denver I went with a group to the Santa Fe Tequila Company and was blown away in every respect! Wonderful decor, great waitstaff, tasty margaritas (and shots!) and absolutely delicious carne asada! Living in San Francisco, I get to eat a lot of good and authentic Mexican food; little did I know that Denver had a restaurant that could top any of my previous favorite Mexican spots! I will definitely be back on any trip I make to Denver, and really hope the Santa Fe team expands to San Francisco sometime soon! I highly recommend the Santa Fe Tequilla Company for all occasions, from business dinner to casual drinks. Enoy! Pros: Staff, ambiance, margaritas more

Great Dining Experience 5/18/2008

rcomerfo Provided by Partner
Our experience started with the Silver Coin margarita which was great and went uphill from there. The guacamole was light and incredibly flavorful. The ancho chile barbeque ribs are to-die for. The restaurant itself has a great atmosphere, the staff are knowledgeable, courteous and approachable. The food, hospitality and great service left a warm and memorable impression. We will be back! Pros: parking, food, great happy hour more

Best margaritas in Denver!! 5/16/2008

FancyFoodie Provided by Partner
Besides the incredible Silver Coin Margarita which is hands-down the best in Denver, and that says alot, I couldn't get enough of the chips and home-made guacamole. The carne asada was darn authentic and equally delicious. The service was excellent, the staff very friendly and the owner even took time out to come over and welcome us personally. I would highly recommend SFTC to anyone looking for a tasty, fun night out in Denver. more

A great night on the town! 5/16/2008

lamarsherlock25 Provided by Partner
My wife and I, along with and another couple, recently visited the Santa Fe Tequila Company for dinner and our entire experience was terrific. The staff was top-notch, from the welcoming hostesses to the knowledgeable, smoothly efficient servers. The food was delivered at a careful pace and we never felt rushed or pressured to leave. This service was a perfect match for the vibe of the restaurant, which is tuned to hip, good-time Denver set. And our entire party was certainly having a great time after a round of tasty, perfectly balanced margaritas and a thoughtfully prepared meal. I plan to return soon and highly recommend the Santa Fe Tequila Company to anyone looking for a great night out! more

Mexican Food lover Weighs In 5/14/2008

RickRealsen Provided by Partner
There is nothing like the N Mexico "Big Jim" Green Chile. The flavor of N Mexican Green or Red Chile sauces are truly out of this world. The combination of flavor & heat defines the word "perfect" for Mexican food lovers like me. Santa Fe Tequila Company rises to top my list of favorites. There is a vast expanse separating S. Fe Tequila Co. from 99% of the rest of the Mexican restaurants I've experienced in CO. I am grateful that I no longer have to make the road trip to Santa Fe or Buena Vista (Casa Del Sol, another favorite restaurant) to have an awesome N Mexican style dining experience. I am more impressed with what happens in the kitchen than the ambiance of the neighborhood or the bathroom. The meals and sauces are authentic & delicious. The Margaritas are great. I have enjoyed everything I've ordered so far. I am very blue collar when it comes to what I order. That said, I had no problem locating old favorites like Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas, Red & Green (Christmas Style) beef & Chicken Enchiladas, Carne Adovada, or Chile Rellenos. If this restaurant were open for breakfast I would order the enchiladas with a fresh egg on top. My wife and I love the fresh squash, corn & avocado side dish & the posole. I praise Santa Fe Tequila Company for daring to open an authentic N Mexico style restaurant & bring back the chiles & spices that define N Mexican food. There are hundreds of places to get a mediocre Mexican meal. Santa Fe Tequila Company is for the true connoisseur. Some may not yet appreciate Gourmet New Mexican Food. So they should give this restaurant a try. My only recommendation is to turn up the heat & chiles even more. I would also recommend a "shredded beef? option for the enchiladas. Since not everyone is a N Mexico Chile lover yet, perhaps they could offer Mild, Medium, and HOT options on the menu. Then folks could titrate up as they desire.. For me, the hotter & the more N Mexican Chiles the better. NewMexicanFoodLover Pros: The restaurant captures the flavor & ambiance of N Mexico Santa Fe style dining Cons: Can't think of any more

Strongly Recommend 5/14/2008

jsnix Provided by Partner
The food and service are exceptional, as is the decor. My wife and I go there to unwind with a Marg and chips and guacamole. The entrees are also excellent, the carne asada in particular. I strongly recommend you give Santa Fe Tequila Company a try. more

yummy in my tummy! 5/14/2008

mybily Provided by Partner
my family loves the santa fe tequila company. we have been eating there since the very begining and it keeps getting better and better! it's the perfect place for a family and at the same time its the perfect place for entertaining a group of friends out for the evening! we have even help a private party or two in the back room and the food, service and surrounds are top notch! its a wonderful casual southwestern evening...and i havent even mentioned the food! from the hot home made chips (not to worry if you finish a basket, they keep bringing more) to the fire roasted salsa and to-die for homemade guacamole...its hard not to fill up on just that! my favorite main dish is the carne asada...flavorful, juicy slices of steak! the ribs....the meat falls off the bone and melts into your mouth! i have tried many dishes and i am yet to be disappointed! as for the name it, they make it and you will love it! everything is delicious! i highly recommend the santa fe tequila company for anyone looking for a great casual southwestern dining experience with family or friends! more

Inexplicable Reviewing, Re: This Tequila is tough to swallow 5/13/2008

absolutev Provided by Partner
Lori Midson is absolutely correct in her recent review about the Santa Fe Tequila Company as she raves about the decor. As for the rest of her critique, it is very hard to swallow. Either she has been taking medication that alters ones taste buds, or she has come to appreciate and expect all the other rubbish that is out there. Walking into this incredible space transports one from Denver to a New Mexico oasis. Offering 60 plus tequilas, which are complemented by a drink menu with over 24 unique and brilliant concoctions, it is hard to believe that one would choose to harp on a house margarita. Made with Sauza Gold, simple syrup and lime that has been freshly squeezed in front of your eyes, one can hardly draw any recollection to ?dishwashing detergent.? If Gold is not your fancy, how about some silver? The Santa Fe Tequila Company Silver Coin margarita is made with SilverCoin Tequila that is distilled in Santa Fe. So why bother with worrying about Albuquerque?s sparkling wine, Gruet, when one can sip on this crisp, refreshing drink, which is clearly Santa Fe?and tequila. Apart from the bar, the restaurant boasts Santa Fe-ean cuisine, which is not Mexican, Tex-Mex (currently accepted as Mexican), or some fusion. Instead, the Tequila Company takes a more homemade and simple approach because well, it is. In response to her timing, perhaps she should also try the late night atmosphere, when the DJ booth comes alive with fresh local Denver talent, spinning to a welcoming crowd. I would bet my margarita that the Santa Fe Tequila Company is the one spot to look out for in Denver. Just a stone?s throw from downtown, it is one place that this ?LoDo guru? will splurge on cab fare for, even though there is ample free parking. So I dare you to try this new restaurant on Santa Fe that earned its spot by fully exhibiting what this district boasts: art! (Lori Midson's review apeared in the Rocky Mountain News on May 8, 2008) Pros: Atmosphere, Location more

Great atmosphere 5/12/2008

Lollydoc Provided by Partner
I've been here with people from work, my husband, and neighborhood friends. This place was perfect for all three situations. There's a fun bar atmosphere on one side, and the restaurant side felt cozy and intimate. Their margaritas are delicious, as are their mojitos. I love the guacamole, and always end up eating way too much of it. My favorite menu items are the Navajo Taco, Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas, and the Ancho Chile Barbecue Ribs. And if you're a tequila connoisseur, their list is huge! more

Great looking restaurant but the food can't live up to the "Santa Fe" name. 3/12/2008

DenverDiner5281 Provided by Partner
The wait staff did not know what a Sopapilla was. The chile BBQ sauce was very bland and ribs were cold. There was no side dish for the enchilada plate for the enormous price they were charging. Cons: food more
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