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Sammy's Restaurant - 27 Reviews - 157 Chrystie St, New York, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 673-0330

Sammy's Restaurant

157 Chrystie St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 673-0330
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Dined at Sammy's last night. Food is great, the entertainment was hilarious. Don't remember the last time I enjoyed food so much and I would definitely go back again.


I came here with a large group (about 15 people). The food was OK, but certainly not extraordinary. The waitstaff was fantastic, however. And the entertainment superb. I am still ...

Best Louis Armstrong Impression Ever!!! 5/1/2012

From the First time i was introduced to Sammy's, I thought by the look of the place that my friend was out of her mind. The place looked like an outdated basement. She told me to trust her and to give it a chance. As the night began, we were served with amazing food and vodka which eased my mood. I started feeling a bit more relaxed and enjoying myself once the musician started playing and entertaining us. He was hilarious and very talented. If I would have not seen his face, I would have thought Louis Armstrong was on the stage singing. Overall, I ended up having a great time and recommended the place to friends. ""Never judge a book by its cover"" more

Drink the vodka as fast as you can. 1/8/2012

It would have been easier if Sammy himself came to my house and kicked me in the face ten times while I wiped my you know what and then flushed a fist full of 20 dollar bills. To be fair however, the place was packed. more

Food is great and very entertaining 5/14/2011

Dined at Sammy's last night. Food is great, the entertainment was hilarious. Don't remember the last time I enjoyed food so much and I would definitely go back again. more

Great Eastern European Jewish non-deli food 3/3/2010

Great food just like my Jewish mother used to make. Everything I have tried here and I just checked the menu and have sampled everything over the years is great!! The bad reviews cannot be from Jews from an Eastern European origin. Israeli or Sephardic Jews may not appreciate the food. This is Jewish Ashkenazi cooking from Poland, Roumania, Russia, Ukraine, etc. It is not very spicy except for lots of garlic. I try to visit Sammy's every time I am in Manhattan. Pros: Roumanian Tenderloin Steak Cons: Music is too loud more


By all that is good and holy, this is without question AWFUL. Maybe it's because I'm not Jewish and I don't ""get it"", but bad food is bad food. A group of eight of us spent $165 PER PERSON for family style crap (chicken fat in chopped liver after the waiter duped the women into putting it on their bread). The highlights: the bread was edible and the Kettle One helped me not throw up from the smells. The waiter wasn't a complete tool. The homeless guy outside who loiters by the ATM (smooth move, Sammy's, you keep an ATM nearby for those of us not expecting to be prison-raped by the over-inflated prices) asking for money was entertaining. A once in a lifetime experience....hopefully I don't get re-incarnated and forced to return there. Isn't there a half-star option? No? F you too, Citysearch!!! Pros: Good bread Cons: gang raped by the bill, food quality horrific more

Phenominal 10/5/2009

It was my brothers birthday. There were about 20 of us. We all had a blast. The people, the music, the energy... superb. I haven't had this much fun in a long time. If you're looking for a place where you can be yourself then this is the place for you. Great food, great service, great everything. more

It's about the culture...not the cholesterol 9/15/2009

Anything but trendy or stylish, the atmosphere is created by the clients themselves, with, of course, the aid of the mucsic/musician(s). It's all schmaltz! You don't have to be Pros: Great Romanian-Jewish food, vibrant atmosphere and music Cons: a mean tab is hustled up here...bring some money more

What a Dump!!!!!!!!!(Worst Restaurant in NYC) 4/23/2009

I went to Sammy's Restaurant a few weeks ago for dinner with a group of 10 people. It was the worst restaurant I have ever been to. I'd rather eat at Taco Bell with dead animals in my food. The service was awful, the food was awful and the entertainment was the worst of all. It's better watching a Hobo crossing the street. The atmosphere was terrible, for a second when I walked in I thought it was a subway, but then I saw them serving food. It was an embarrassment taking group of friends there. Then when I looked at the Bill, I almost died. Over 750 dollars for eating nonsense. They should be paying me. What is this? If you dare to take someone to this Restaurant I recommend bringing a throwup bag and extra food because you'll get hungry after not eating the atrocious food. Also they have Alka Seltzer waiting on the Table for you there so they pretty much expected you to have a stomach ache. Don?t get me started with the Bathrooms; I'd rather make a dudi in my pants; its worse then a gas station or a train. Sammy's Restaurant was an awful experience and good luck if you plan on dining there. I thought I was being Punk'd by MTV. Pros: Their are non. Cons: Everything. more

Don't understand why this place get 4 stars on this site. 2/9/2009

I have been to Sammy's last Saturday with 5 friends and among them a Romania friend. more

Some will get it, some won't (don't bring the latter) 1/27/2009

Last Saturday, went to Sammy's with 30 close friends for a fantastic birthday party. The aftermath: this was one of the best nights many people ever had going out in NY (and a very rough Sunday). The secret: great atmosphere, a dozen bottles of vodka, dancing and non-uptight friends. I'm sure there are nights that the crowd doesn't vibe this place but we were into it full-force like the year was 5999. If you have ever had eastern european food, you will get the cuisine. Form that perspective, the food was terrific. Everyone loved it and and lots of folks even sampled the more exotic stuff. The steak was spectacular. On the other hand, if you're from fly-over country, and Outback is the fanciest restaurant in your town, this steak is not for you. I was p*ssed they took some of the steak away while we were dancing around the place to Fiddler on the Roof or something like that. The prices: we got the prefix menu which came out to around $60. This is fantastic for the amount and variety of food they kept bringing us, especially by NY standards. The alchohol probably came out to about $40 per person. Considering what drinks cost in NY and how much we drank, we were thrilled with this as well. Add tax and a very well deserved tip and the bill came to around $130 per person. We'll worth a night of eating, drinking, and dancing. Bottom Line: Come with a big group, relax, get drunk, get up and dance. Pros: Food, Music, Service Cons: Just because I'm drunk, don't mean I don't want a doggie bag more

A bit underwhelmed 12/8/2008

I came here with a large group (about 15 people). The food was OK, but certainly not extraordinary. The waitstaff was fantastic, however. And the entertainment superb. I am still not convinced that it was worth all the money we paid ($30 plus for a bowl of soup and potato latkes--this included a $4 service charge and automatic 20% gratuity). We could have gone to chinatown and had REALLY good food for a fraction of the cost. In any case, certainly a tourist spot, if you like to hang out in rooms that remind you of Grandma's basement. Pros: Wonderful, singing waitresses and great singer Cons: very expensive, not extraordinary more

Outback's is better than this place! 11/22/2008

Was at Sammy's last night for a friends birthday & I don't know what he was thinking when he chose this place. When I arrived & saw the outside I wanted to turn around and go home. The waiter was an annoying, condescending man, only three different brands of beer (WTF!?) and the food was embarassingly average at best. The steak, which is what I was looking forward too, was flank & will not give your average Mexican restaurant owner any sleepness nights. Bland & rubbery, sorry to say. The other food, from the chicken to the stuffed cabbage was forgettable as well. What was not forgettable, however, was the price- we went family style, and it ended up being 130$ per person, and there were ten of us!! CHUTZPAH!!! Take it from me, if you want a REAL steak joint, Peter Luger's, Old Homestead, and Keen's are the way to go here. They are pricey, but you do get what you pay for, unlike Sammy's. Cons: food, service, price more

Rude host, sub-par food, entertaining atmosphere 5/14/2008

We've been to Sammy's before with large groups because of the highly entertaining atmosphere; it certainly is not the food that has kept us coming back. I made a reservation earlier in the week, and when half of the large party canceled the day of, I tried to call numerous times in the morning and early afternoon and was unsuccessful, as they do not have a voice mail system. Upon finally getting a hold of someone at 5pm, I was berated for canceling last minute and then hung up on. Not exactly incentive to try to reschedule. We will find a place with better food, better value and better trained hosting staff. Pros: Fun atmosphere Cons: rude host, expensive, food not great more

Great place for a party 5/5/2008

I went here for a Bachelor Party, and not being from New York I wasn't really sure what to expect. I have to say when I walked in the door I was really put off. The place is fairly messy and really cramped, plus they have alka seltzer to give out instead of mints which is a kind of creepy statement to see before you eat. I endep up loving the place because Don Love, Brother and Sister Love were great entertainers. They kept the night fun, the food was very heavily seasoned but overall really good. The steak was tender and smothered in Garlic, the potato pancakes were crispy, the pickled vegetable were excellent. The stuffed cabbage was outstanding, plus the family style meal is all you can eat for $60 which is not bad in NYC. Pros: DON LOVE! more

Great Atmosphere, but HORRIBLE FOOD 4/6/2008

Celebrated a friend's birthday there. The music is super fun, the guy on the microphone really keeps the mood upbeat and everyone ends up dancing around the restaurant after a couple of bottles of vodka. However the food was inedible. We had chopped liver (wouldn't give it to my dog). It smelled gross and tasted even worse. The veal dumplings which are fried breaded pieces of minced veal were ok. The salad was just iceberg lettuce a few cucumbers and i found one tiny piece of red pepper. Very low budget and swimming in dressing. Make sure you get the dressing on the side. For the main course I had the small steak which tasted so awful I couldn't even swallow one piece of it. It is difficult to describe how you can make a steak taste so bad. I think they marinate it or put some sauce on it that is just FOUL. I did not get the garlic on top so they must use so much of it so it masks the awful taste of the meat. I offered it to a few other people at our table and they all agreed it was terrible. Let's not forget that the bottles of seltzer on the tables are dirty on the inside and outside. Pros: The music is fun Cons: the food is terrible more

Lower East Side as you expect it 5/7/2007

Great chopped liver. Pitcher of schmaltz and pitcher of seltzer on every table. All of the steaks are big skirt steaks with plenty of garlic. All cuts can easily be shared between 2 or three people. A side of grilled onions and potato pancakes would be good. Stick with beer, the wine is marginal and overpriced. The vodka was just OK. If you insist on buying a bottle of vodka insist that the bottle is opened at the table. Pros: Great chopped liver Cons: Could be cleaner. more

Fun Place, Great Steaks, Super Unique, make time for the gym the day after 4/27/2007

This place is prob. the most unique restaurant in NYC. The food is delicious. A large steak is roughly the size of lawn chair .. and the whole act is great (depending on you taste/sense of humor). The keyboard singer can be a little loud, and I think they water down their vodka (we drank 2 bottles b/t 5 people and were still able to walk away from the table). But all in all, I HAVE to go here at least once a year no matter what. Really unique dining experience Pros: the food, the act Cons: little loud, watered down vodka more

A year's worth of cholesterol, and worth it 3/29/2007

Schmaltz on the table, rib steaks so big the bones poke the folks at the next table, and your Uncle Sol's basement rec room for decor. What's not to love? This Southwesterner is addicted. Pros: food, prices Cons: health more

For a foodie, nothing beats Sammy's 12/17/2006

Pros: Everything, just go Cons: If you dont like laughter, if your snooby, hate artery clogging food and have zero taste for a good time, then sammys is not for you more

Pleasantly Surprised! 7/6/2004

Knowing what you are getting into helps add to the curiosity....but overall I was happy with the steak, potatoe pancakes and frozen vodka! Our server was amazing. It reminds be of a Jewish Mangia e Bevi.. Overall I thought it was fun! The vodka however adds up so lay low on the frozen bottle. Go with an open mind, although I could not eat the liver with fat oil! Yuck Pros: Great Steak Cons: , Location more
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  • Every night's a bar mitzvah at this Lower East Side landmark, where the combination of frozen vodka bottles, immense garlicky skirt steaks, the strains of a Casio keyboard playing ""New York New...

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