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Salon Del Sol

10101 Midlothian Tpke
Richmond, VA 23235
(804) 323-9767
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I came to this website to leave a positive review because I am fairly new in town and I know how hard it is to find a good place so I am leaving it help others. I have been a cus...


I've had my hair cut at Salon del Sol twice. The haircuts/styles were fine both times--nothing spectacular, but good for the price. On my first visit around this time last year th...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/20/2012

I am newer to the Richmond area and decided to try out Salon Del Sol since I've heard good things. The salon I used to go to where I used to live was an Aveda salon, so I was looking for that. When I called to set up an appointment, the front desk receptionist was very informative and asked great questions so that I would be down for exactly what I wanted. She also told me that there are 4 different level stylists and explained the differences. I settled with a ""senior"" level stylist and I was very, very pleased with the service as well as the price! I think this is the best cut I have ever had! I had called around to other Aveda salons in Richmond and when I asked the price they were telling me $95 for JUST the cut! That's a bit crazy to me...for my cut(which like I stated I LOVE!) and my color, as well as a blowdry and was $120 I believe! That's awesome when other salons wanted me to pay $95 for JUST the blow color...nothing but taking some scissors to my head! more

Not a Good Experience--TWICE! 4/28/2010

Went to the Midlothian Salon Del Sol twice for color and was sorely disappointed both times. The first time I actually went back and politely let them know I wasn't satisfied; in their defense they did try to rectify the problem and did not charge me for the fix. That's fine and I was willing to try them again (same stylist) we all know, sometimes it takes a few tries to get into a groove with a new hairdresser. When I went back 6 weeks later for another color however the results were bad AGAIN. Both times were from one of their ""master"" stylists. I got a base color and some highlights--a process I've been doing for nearly 20 years now and this was one of the most amateurish jobs I've ever had, cartoonish and streaky--it was terrible. I went out the next day to a different salon to have it fixed and they did a lovely job. I will NOT go back to Salon del your money and go elsewhere. It was also a bit annoying the way they hawk the products--it was uncomfortable. Pros: Nice Atmosphere Cons: Not Worth the Cost more

Fair at best 12/13/2008

I've had my hair cut at Salon del Sol twice. The haircuts/styles were fine both times--nothing spectacular, but good for the price. On my first visit around this time last year they had scheduled my appointment for only 30 minutes...even my stylist thought that was weird. The cut was fine, but I left the salon with geled/scrunched hair due to lack of time (obviously, I would have preferred to have it dried). I let it go, figuring it was just a weird mix-up in their scheduling--plus the stylist had been professional and friendly. more

BEST Salon around!!!! 11/5/2008

I came to this website to leave a positive review because I am fairly new in town and I know how hard it is to find a good place so I am leaving it help others. I have been a customer of Salon Del Sol for a short period of time. I read some of the other reviews I am QUITE surprised to hear that anything could be negative about Salon Del Sol. I go to the Clover Hill location and usually use see VICKI or HOPE because they are the two master stylist that I was told that work there. I like the last person that left a review am from Manhattan as well and I expect a certain level being a business professional. Every time I have been to either stylist I have been MORE than pleased. Vicki is fun loving caring and just nice to look at {especially nice looking for her age}. Hope steals my interest in her love for her work. The time and I assume the money she has spent to go all of the places she tells me about. I lived in Manhattan for god sake and she has taken more classes in Manhattan then the guys that did my hair in Manhattan. The front desk does seem to have a big turn over, but much to be expected for that type of job. It is very clean and well decorated. As for the last couple of negative reviews it seems like you are very hard to please people. The last review that says VICKI was bad, you have been to 4 places already well do the math, maybe you are just unpleasable. As for the others that said HOPE was not up to par, I feel the same. You obviously have low self estem and think that hair is going to make everything better. Its just hair for gods sake. I think you all should review SHRINKS! Salon Del Sol is a professional, friendly, clean and educated facility. You cant go wrong here! Pros: EVERYTHING Cons: parking more

Bad hair Cut 11/3/2008

Beltbuckle, you seem to know the stylists by name and their personality, therefore you either work there or have a personal interest it the business. Those of us who have gone there and paid top dollar for a bad hair cut have the right to post a negative opinion. Pros: Clean more

Really disappointed 9/17/2008

I had my hair cut a few times here, each time by Hope. I found that her cuts and her personality run hot and cold. Sometimes she is upbeat and friendly, other times sullen. The last two haircuts were so bland that I went home and cut in my own texture and restyled it. Okay, everybody has a bad day so one bland haircut will grow out and I can restyle it. The next time I asked her for something new. The newness was the same cut, only two inches shorter and bangs that didn't fit my face. I don't feel I should have to recut and restyle my hair and put up with a grumpy person, especially after paying the price I paid. I won't be going back. Pros: Pretty salon, front desk staff friendly Cons: Highly over-priced more

Haven't had a bad experience in 7 years . . . 8/1/2008

I'm not one to comment on these types of boards (I don't even leave feedback on ebay); however, I feel compelled to support my Salon Del Sol stylist, Tiffany Perrin. I recently tried to book an appt. with Tiffany, only to find out that she was out with a broken foot. When asked if I wanted to see someone else, the answer was a resounding ""NO!"" I've been seeing Tiffany every 4-6 weeks for the past 7 years (I even followed her from another salon) - there's no way I would let anyone else touch my hair. I'm sure all of the other stylists are wonderful, but it is rare to be so completely satisfied with your hair cut/color/style every time you leave the salon. Tiffany has always understood and executed exactly what I have asked for. She even came up with something great when I didn't know what I wanted. Tiffany has been a part of every special occasion in my life - from prom ""updos"" to extensions for my wedding. I'm one to reinvent myself often, and Tiffany has always seemed to enjoy the challenges I've put to her. Plus, I get complemented a lot by complete strangers - that's when you know you must really look good : ) Tiffany is always completely professional, but she's also very personable and pretty hilarious - this girl can tell a story! Going to the salon is a lot of fun for me. Like I said, I never comment on these types of things, but thought this might be a good way to show how appreciative I am of Tiffany and everything she's done for my self esteem over the years. Pros: Aveda salon, atmosphere, skill level and professionalism of stylists, great spa services, etc. Cons: Receptionists often don't seem to know what they are doing. They are the only part of the salon experience that is negative. more

Don't go to this Salon 7/22/2008

I began going to this location when my current stylist moved to Hawaii. I reviewed the stylists online & choose Hope Hall for his replacement. I booked my appt w/her for either a highlight (H/L) or color (I would discuss that w/her later) but requested 1.5-2 hrs for this appt When I met w/Hope she said they only booked a 1/2hr & when I told her what I requested for the appt she said ""Well you should have known what you wanted"". Isn't that the idea of meeting for the first time w/the stylist to discuss that? I thought she was rather rude but bit my tongue cuz I needed by roots done badly. She only could do a mini H/L at that time & we discussed what we would do at the next appt which I needed a full H/L by then & booked a full H/L. When I arrived at my next appt she informed me once again that not enough time was booked. ???? What the !!! I'm a pretty tolerant person so I let that go once again but was fuming inside. We again discussed my next appt & decided upon a color correction (C/C) which she told me I needed 3hrs. When I arrived for my C/C I was told I wasn't scheduled AT ALL!! I had my card proving it, took off work for it yet again a screw up, had to re-schedule & would have to take off work again. This time I voiced my displeasure strongely yet calmly. By now I was wondering if this is on purpose. Hope did acknowledge she was there when I made the appt when the recept spoke to her & the manager about it yet neither one came out to apologize. I thought ""Don't they care about the client""? Now remember Hope told me I need 3hrs for a C/C so I called earlier in the week of my appt to check to make sure I was scheduled & asked how long was the appt & was told 1hr15mins. I later remembered the 3hr deal & that I told that to the recept when I rescheduled. I called back & questioned the time & was told by the manager that Hope said it was enough time. I just knew when I arrived for the C/C that I'd be told there wasn't enough time. Day of the appt I canceled. Pros: Clean & smells good Cons: They don't care about the client more

Extremely disappointing 7/18/2008

I have been to Salon del Sol on Hull Street and have been pleased, so this review references a particular stylist at Midlothian & Hull St. I chose to try Hope Hall based on the fact that she is a Master Stylist and has trained under Nick Arrojo from What Not To Wear. I've seen the miraculous transformations that Nick has performed so I thought Hope would be a good choice. I took several photos of myself with hairstyles that I found to be rather dull and boring and several images of styles I found that I really liked. She looked at all the photos and images and told me they were the same cut, but that I was not achieving that look because I do not style with a blowdryer and brush. I told her that I've had issues with coordinating the two, but was open to learning any techniques she could share, but that no one had really bothered to take the time in the past. I showed her the look I was trying to achieve and what I came out with was entirely different. We started with the length, she said she would start from that and work her way up. I said cut off about 3inches and she cut off at least 5 or 6. My hair was below my shoulder blades and when I walked out of there it was barely below my shoulders. The style had none of the volume that was seen in any of the photos nor did it bare any resemblance to any of them. It actually reminded me of Carol Brady's shag in the Brady Bunch. Despite volumizing products and the blowdry with round brush styling, a mere 2 hours later my hair was completely flat and devoid of style. My bangs were just hanging down limp. I decided to try and save it with my curling iron, which was not easy due to all the new layers cut in. I styled it as best I could to make it look like anything close to what I could be seen in public with. Almost 7 hours later, including 90 minutes of blueberry picking in 100 degree heat, my hair looks like it did after I styled it. I am praying that it grows fast, but I will not have Hope touch my hair again. Pros: Al the make-up artist, beautiful building, staff looks professional Cons: Parking lot difficult to access, stylists chairs too close - no privacy, over-priced for quality of cuts more

good service 6/12/2008

I tried this place out for a drastic hair cut, I had about 6 inches cut and bangs carved out. The woman who cut my hair was a ""Junior"", that is like the 2nd level of exerience. They have 4 levels and the prices vary according to those levels. Junior costs about $35 for a cut. My hair dresser was wonderfully attentive, careful, conscientious, and very nice. I felt comfortable that she would do a good job and she seemed to focus on what she was doing, down to the last hair. She did exactly what I asked her to. Her name was Liss. Pros: Ambience, quality service Cons: location is a little out of the way more

Best All Around Salon 5/25/2008

I have been a customer of the Salon Del Sol at Short Pump Town Center since it opened and have found the staff always courteous and professional. I love the Aveda products and use both the face and hair product lines. But best of all, I get the best facials in town! more

Michelle B 5/22/2008

I moved to Richmond 2 years ago from Atlanta where I had a wonderful Aveda Salon I used. When moving to Richmond I also lokked for an Aveda Salon and found Salon del Sol at Short Pump Mall, Eddie Lewis started cutting and coloring my hair from day one. He is the most professional stylist I have ever been to.A true master cutter. I value ever suggestion he makes and he values mine. I get compliments regularly on my hair. Pros: Professional friendly staff more

Wonderful Experience 5/18/2008

I have been going to Salon Del Sol for 5 years now. I have visited both the Southside and Short Pump locations. I was willing to drive from the West End to Midlothian DURING RUSH HOUR (making a 15 minutes trip 45 minutes) to visit the spa. Once my stylist moved to Short Pump I was able to visit even more because of the now convenient location. My hair stylist is the best I have ever had. I feel pampered there even if I am just getting a regular haircut and nothing expensive. The staff is very courteous and thoughtful. I always feel taken care of. If have used the massage and waxing services as well. Each has been fantastic. You will not be disappointed. Salon Del Sol has done a good job of fitting a small space with amazing services at Short Pump. They carry a large selection of products and work with you if you ever need anything they do not have that day. Definately worth giving them a try. Pros: You leave there feeling wonderful and isn't that enough! Cons: Short Pump is a smaller location and does not offer all of the services every day as the other locations do. more

Bad service, management, cut 5/10/2006

Salon Del Merde would be a better name; no normal people need go in!This salon has bad management, bad operators and bad price/value. This not a good place for service, courtesy or modern styles! Find any other salon before coming here... Cons: bad location, bad parking, bad service more

Love this spa! 3/23/2006

I have had two haircuts there and have loved both. the second person I went to was by far the best stylist who has cut my hair in a very long time. Her name is Rhonda and I highly recommend her! Also, if you want an incredible facial- they are the best! I loved the 90 minute! Pros: attmoshere, product selection, entire experinece more
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