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Salon Juno

600 5TH Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 223-1204
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Salon Juno - Seattle, WA
Salon Juno - Seattle, WA
Salon Juno - Seattle, WA
Salon Juno - Seattle, WA
Salon Juno - Seattle, WA
Salon Juno - Seattle, WA


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I just had my first Japanese straightening treatment with Juno, and I couldn't be more impressed! He was very knowledgeable and had just been to Japan to learn the latest techniq...


Mary So was hands down the best/busiest stylist and Juino was a great guy. Always friendly. Too bad that it's been sold. I've been by a couple of times around 12 noon and it's no...

Fantastic Service 7/27/2010

He makes sure you are more than satisfied with results. Pros: Juno is very kind, thorough and charges a fair price. more

Ask for Juno!! 4/27/2010

I just had my first Japanese straightening treatment with Juno, and I couldn't be more impressed! He was very knowledgeable and had just been to Japan to learn the latest techniques that would allow the hair to be straight, but still have some volume. He was very accommodating, and even came in on a Sunday (when the salon was closed) to do my treatment. In addition, Juno understood that, as a college student, I couldn't afford a ridiculously expensive straightening, so he didn't charge me an arm and a leg! Plus, he said I could come in in 3 months and do a touch up on the grow out for a great price too!! All in all, a fantastic experience! Pros: Awesome Japanese Magic Straight Cons: None! more

Amazing cuts by Euri!!! 11/12/2009

I'm pretty picky about my hair and Euri totally understood! She asked questions about what I wanted and was very nice to chat with! I was also given tea while I was waiting. The best part about my cut was when it started to grow out it still looked great. I'm definitely going back and have recommended her to all my friends. If you want a great cut and a friendly stylist see Euri! Pros: Best cut I've had in a long time! :) Cons: Little spendy, totally worth it though! more

Yuko! 7/26/2009

Over the last 2 years I went to Yuko at least 5times I would say. She did my haircut, perm, and highlights. I almost did hair extensions with her but she said it would damage my hair and did not recommend me doing it, shows that she truly cares for her customer :) my friends liked the highlights on my hair and I kept getting feedback on it. The haircut was always good: just enough layering and bangs are always at the right length; stylists I go to now don't layer my hair the way I'd like them to :( I was gone from Seattle for the last 6 months and when I came back, the stylists at Salon Juno told me over the phone that Yuko doesn't work there anymore! And they don't know where she went. I went to another salon instead. If anyone knows where Yuko works now please message me :) thanks! Pros: having a good haircut Cons: Yuko does not work here anymore?! more

Mary is an excellent and friendly hairstylist 5/19/2009

Oh...I finally had my Jspsnese Thermal Straightening done by Mary. She did an excellent job. I love my hair do much. I came from another country and had been searching online for a great hairstylist who could do Japanese Thermal Straightening. In fact I found a few popular salon in Seattle and Bellevue who could do it for me. I just have a feel that they might not meet my requirement and of course they are far too expensive as compared to where I cone from. I have been doing Japanese Thermal Straightening since this had started in Japan. Therefore I am very fussy in looking for a hairstylist who did my hair. It could be fated that I have to meet up with Mary. I saw her contacts online and just called her for an appointment. She is the one I am looking for. I was so happy that I have finally got my stylist whom I can trusted in doing my hair. For those people who gives bad comments and remarks on Mary are all due to jealousy. I don't see anything wrong with Mary. She is friendly, responsible and patient. Stylist who is not responsible might turn your hair upside down. I think this is very important. I oils definitely go back to Mary and she is highly recommended. more

Mary So is excellent! 5/16/2009

I went to Mary for a haircut when I was visiting Seattle in early May. I did some research on local hair salons in Seattle before I flew from Minnesota to Seattle. I was very concerned about Mary's skills because of some bad reviews about her leaving Juno. But I still wanted to give it a try because she still has so many excellent reviews. And I am glad that I made the decision to go to Mary. She's dedicated to her job and is absolutely good at haircut. I am very happy with my hairstyle. She did an excellent job in cutting good layered haircut. I am very picky when it comes to haircut and have been looking for good hair stylists. I’ll definitely go to Mary again next time when I visit Seattle. more

I give Mary a 10 + stars!!!! 4/5/2009

I had Mary So cut and straightened my hair for almost three years now and she's also our family hair stylist. I really value her opinion when it comes to picking out hair styles because she will tell you if a certain style will work out or not. I naturally have puffy, frizzy, and curly hair so I decided to do the Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening. She did an AMAZING job, leaving my hair smooth and shiny!!! At first I was scared to try her out coz I was afraid that she'll ruin my hair but it turns out, she really did an EXCELLENT job. I couldn't ask for more. She gave me a smooth, shiny, silky straight hair that I've always wanted. I really love it!! She's dedicated to her work and fun to be with. Where ever Mary go, I will follow her! Even if she moves to another state!! Even though she's not working in Salon Juno anymore, you can still get a hold of her by calling her on this # (206) 579-3218. Pros: EXCELLENT Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening. Cons: NONE! more


ohh it's a bad person who wrote any bad think to mary like ate while she do her job and what ever, acctually she is a great hair styliest that i had ever met, long time a go i got my perm and is awesome i like what she did to my hair, and than after 3 weeks i came to do my hair color, she did like what i want it, wow i can'i imagine how perfect she did, and for the people made a bad review to mary i think they only jealous with mary, and for everybody who saw the bad review of mary all the bad think of mary it's not true, you should try mary frist before you said it, i don't understand why people wrote bad review to mary, so stupid that person, and i think 5 STAR for salon juno is her, if there 10 star for salon juno is for MARY SO, thanks Mary what you did to my hair GO MARY..... ; ) more

great place to get a salon cut 3/30/2009

uhh i don't get all the reviews on here praising mary? i've been going to salon juno for a few years and mary was pretty decent, but there are and were other stylists at the salon who were just as good as mary, if not better. i guess she is more insistent on getting her clients to post online reviews or something. just look at all the reviews advertising her phone number... but anyway. on my most recent trip to the salon i got my hair cut by one of the new stylists. unfortunately i forgot to get her name. however, she gave me an awesome haircut, with good even layers. she was also pretty friendly and we had a nice enough chat in the 50 min or so that it took for my hair to get cut. then i went to the uwajimaya food court to get some noodles, but that's another story. Pros: Example: best croissants in town Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

overpriced crappy haircut 3/28/2009

wow i went to juno after reading some reviews, i wanted to see how and expensive haircut would be like but i must say i am really disappointed... the lady cut my hair for like 45 minutes which was a long time and i thought it would mean my hair would look great but even as she tried to style it to cover the mistakes i guess it simply looked cheap and no offense... with her 'talent' i could just go to SUPERCUTS, i mean if you are going to spend 45 minutes on someones hair and you cant make it look nice you seriously shouldnt try to charge them $50 for a haircut! i was shocked when i heard the price like ""are you serious"" you know you messed up and you are trying to charge me $50?! i had A LOT of hair! there was no reason to mess up so badly, when i went home to check in the mirror i noticed the layers werent even the whole hair looked chopped up! what in the world was the stylist doing for 45 minutes?! wow I cannot believe the people the owner hires ... i wont be going back... PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY! Pros: no offense but at least the place looked nice and clean Cons: too pricey, supercuts quality more

Followed online advice, asked for Michelle 3/25/2009

I was originally booked for 10:30, and Michelle called me the day before letting me know that she had been double booked. I re-booked for 11:15am, with the condition that I get out by 12 to get to a meeting with a friend. I came in 10 minutes late and waited a few minutes until Michelle (at least I think it was her, she never introduced herself) greeted me with, ""I thought you weren't coming. You sad you had to be leave at 12:00"". I told her that I could stay until 12:15-12:30. I thought nothing of it, and sat down for a haircut. My hair was a blunt, slightly below shoulder-length cut. I didn't have anything specific in mind besides layers starting at my chin and ending at shoulder length, as well as bangs that were just below my eyes. I also wanted a cut that would make my hair look less flat. She cut for about 15 minutes, then blowdried my hair, put product into it, and then trimmed for another 20 minutes. At this point, I was happy with my cut since it looked good after the blowdrying job. However, when I got home, took a shower, and let it dry naturally to see the actual shape of my hair, my right side had almost no layers on it and my left side had quite a bit of layers. My friends have told me that my hair looks almost exactly the same, except one side of my hair looks thinner than the other. Note: I understand that she has a schedule to keep and that I was 10 minutes late, but she still had 30-40 minutes to basically trim by already-shoulder-length-hair into layers and make it even. Second, I am a new customer to her version of Salon Juno (sans Juno and Mary) and she knew it. Third, I tipped her $20 because I planned on coming back frequently since I expected her to be as good as Juno, who had cut my hair expertly about a year back. The ""greeting"" was rude, the cut was horrible, and the price is not worth the investment. Maybe this was just an instance of bad luck but every aspect that should be good was bad. I am an unhappy customer. Pros: Short wait, willing to work with late customer Cons: Haircut was uneven, disorganized scheduling more

Sad to hear it's been sold- Mary was the best 3/23/2009

Mary So was hands down the best/busiest stylist and Juino was a great guy. Always friendly. Too bad that it's been sold. I've been by a couple of times around 12 noon and it's not open. Bummer more

Salon Juno has new owner 3/19/2009

What made it unique or special?I went to Salon Juno recently and learned that the owner, Juno had sold the business, and both Juno and Mary had left. My friends, co-workers and I who work in International DIstrict always have our hair cut by them. Fortunately, when I went there, one of the hairstylists is nice enough to give us Mary's contact information, you can reach her at (206) 579-3218.\r \r We learned that Mary is in process of starting her own salon, we will continue to post here so her loyal customers can find her. As soon as she has her Salon set up, we will no longer post here. Stay tune, the truth always speaks for itself, if the owner at Salon Juno continues to slander Mary, it simply shows the owner is threatened and have no integrity! Pros: Juno and Mary are no longer there Cons: The new owner cuts her stylists' commission rates more

Salon Juno - Yuko 3/18/2009

I used to get my hair cut and services from Mary, since she has left the salon. First, I was hesitant to get my haircut from Yuko. But, I went ahead and try Yuko for the first time. She had done an excellent job for my hair. Also she has great personality with courtsey to accommodate me. I was not feeling well but she encourage me and cheer me up too. Hooray for her. \r \r Mary gave me a quick and careless haircut, but, Yuko takes her time and carefully styling my hair just the way I like it. Therefore, I highly recommend Yuko at Salon Juno. \r \r Scratching my head, I don't understand why Mary has so many reviews when she is no longer working at Salon Juno. May be all the good reviews are written by herself??????? I wonder why???????????????? Pros: The best hair stylists in town...Yuko more

Mary So - Awesome with Magic Perm 3/15/2009

I used to go to Salon Juno to get my hair styled by Mary So. She is *hands-down* the best hair stylist I’ve had. As others have mentioned, she really listens and delivers great results! Mary did a fantastic job doing a Japanese Thermal Straight Perm on my thick and curly hair. I wouldn’t have any other hair stylist straighten my hair.\r \r I highly recommend Mary, especially for those seeking to get a Japanese Thermal Straight Perm (Magic Perm.) You can reach Mary at 206-579-3218.\r Pros: - more

Slander!! - Mary So did a great job on my hair 3/13/2009

I am shocked to read the previous 2 reviews. Apparently a few individuals with questionable motives are writing terrible reviews.\r \r I have never been a client of Salon Juno but had been looking online to find a salon that could do the Japanese Thermal Straight Perm (aka Magic Perm). I had the procedure done in Hawaii and my hair looked fantastic. Thus I was trying to find where I could have it done here.\r \r After researching online and calling salons, I was surprised to find how expensive it was in the NW. Anywhere between $300-$700! I had it done for $175 and I have long, thick hair.\r So I happened to see the Salon Juno site and read all the reviews back to 4+ years ago. Mary So's name kept popping up. But when I read that the owner had changed in January and that Mary quit due to contractual conflict (the new owner wanted the stylists to sign a no compete contract as well as reduce their commissions.....this may have changed because she can't afford to lose all her stylists).\r \r I found out that Mary was working out of her home (she has her basement set up like a full salon) and that you only pay for her services. For $300 she cut, styled and straightened my hair. My hair was a few inches from my waist, so I thought that was a great deal. In this economy, saving money and getting great service is a huge plus.\r If you want to call her and check her out for yourself, she is at 206-579-3218.\r \r A note...if people are going to take the time to write such spurious reviews, you gotta wonder...shouldn't the business be focusing on the positives and what they have to offer instead of focusing on an employee who is no longer there....unless of course they feel threatened that good service and low prices might take business away? Pros: Prices are great, flexible hours Cons: None really more

Mary So? Are you kidding me? the 5 star is for Salon Juno NOT her. 3/5/2009

WOW there are a lot of reviews for MARY SO. I really don't know what people are saying when they say Mary So is the best. If she were, obviously she would STILL BE WORKING at Juno, a well renown hair salon. She MESSED UP my little sisters hair when doing the Magic Straight perm. This lady had NO IDEA what she was doing. She over charges (people, do your research on how much a haircut and magic straight SHOULD cost and how it's SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE before talking about how ""great"" stylists like Mary So is). Juno had to come over and FIX all her mistakes. One time, I watched her eating food out of one hand while combing one of her customer's hair. Moreover, she was holding scissors at the same time in the hand with the comb and her customer actually had to DODGE because she almost poked their face! She cuts off WAY too much, and she is not gentle with her customers. She's just trying to get her job done so she can OVERCHARGE you on the worst haircut ever! Juno was way too nice to keep her around for as long as he did, and now that he's retired, Mary is out of the job. No one is crazy enough to hire someone unskilled and unprofessional such as her. Anyone who knows style and cares about their image KNOWS not to sit in her chair. My friends and little sister still talk about their bad experience at Salon Juno, and Juno doesn't deserve that kind of trash talk. Now that Mary is gone, I'm POSITIVE Juno's reputation will be better! \r Highly Recommended: Michelle. i gave Juno another chance after the HORRIFYING experience with Mary and came to find that SHE'S THE ONLY BAD AT HAIR. \r Juno sure knows how to pick their stylists, MICHELLE WAS AWESOME. She knows what she's doing, CARES as much as you about your looks, and makes you feel comfortable. \r Mary was just a charity case, I don't know what Juno was thinking when he hired her. Pros: MARY IS GONE, but Michelle is still there! :D Cons: JUNO IS GONE :( He will be missed more

I highly recommend Michelle in JUNO Salon for your hairstylist!!!! 2/15/2009

I hated my hair. Every morning, I had to wrestle with my hair trying to get it straight. After drying, it was always out of control. I looked like a cavewoman. Most of the time, I had put it in ponytail. Even then, the ponytail was not straight. I was really tired of it. I wished there was a way to fix my hair so I didn?t have to deal with it every morning. I was talking to one of my friends. She told me about ?Magic Hair Straight.? I learned more about it online and looked for the best hair salons in Seattle. I found JUNO salon in Uwjimaya. I called and made an appointment. Michelle was very professional and really friendly. When she was straitening, she explained everything that she was doing. Once it was done, I felt really happy about my hair. Now, I don?t have to waste my time doing my hair every morning. I feel like a hair model. Thanks Michelle!!! more

MICHELLE is awesome!!! 2/4/2009

Being new to Downtown Seattle, I was nervous about having to find a new stylist that could accomodate my ever-changing hairstyles. After browsing about town, I stopped by Uwajimaya to pick up a couple of things- it was then I noticed the sign for ""Juno Salon,"" and I decided to give it a shot. \r \r After a warm reception, I was directed to the stylist, Michelle. I was not sure about what to do with my outgrown and very awkward-looking graduated bob, so she gave me several suggestions as to which directions we could go with my cut. She also gave very deliberate advice as to which looks would and wouldn't look right against my face shape. Michelle worked very efficiently, and made sure every cut, snip, and angle was precise. She also made sure to check in with me every once in a while to make sure that I liked what she was doing. In the end, I came out with a fresh, trendy, fabulous cut! \r \r Thanks Michelle!!! Pros: Friendly & knowledgable staff, free parking validation w/ services, fair prices more

very good experience 2/2/2009

In response to the last review, I?ve been to Salon Juno since the change of ownership and the customer service and haircut is just as good as it?s ever been. The stylist was pleasant and gave good conversation and the cut was awesome. I highly recommend Salon Juno. more
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Salon Juno is a leader in the latest Asian hairstyle trends.

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  • Located in the International District of Seattle (in the Uwajimaya building), Salon Juno specializes in the latest Asian hairstyle trends. We help you determine your ideal style and provide a variety of services to help you look your best. Japanese Straightening and Chemical Relaxing, Styling Waves, Weaving, Frosting, Lowlights Haircuts, Hair Extensions, Coloring, Color Correction, Double Processing and Foil Highlights. And once we've accomplished your perfect hairstyle, Salon Juno offers top name products for your new look.

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