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Saddlebrook Mobile Home Park - 4 Reviews - 8401 E Saddlebrook Dr, N. Charleston, SC - Mobile Homes & Trailer Parks Reviews - Phone (843) 552-6194

Saddlebrook Mobile Home Park

8401 E Saddlebrook Dr
N. Charleston, SC 29420
(843) 552-6194
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All reviews seem negative


I have lived here for 6+ years now, and it's not quite as bad as KJones, but they are right on some ponts. It's definately not as perfect as CJ claims (I'll bet that it's an empl...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/24/2012

i lived in saddlebrook for 4 years. if you knew what was good for u, dont move in this place. there lot rent is 383.00. it will continue to increase e years. very year. my home was broken into 3 times and my husband was robbed at gun point while my kids were outside playing. the homes look terrible and the streets are full of pot holes. not to mention, the staff arent pretty nice for instance there is this one ghetto black lady that is very rude that answers the phone in the office. me and her has gotten into it a couple of times. its not worth moving into this community wasting your time and money. i have seen 6 people working here to leave this place in 4 years. there lot rent plus rent payment totals $800.00 or more. i would rather get financed to move into a new home. more

Don't Move Here!!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS! 10/25/2011

We have had two big issues, with this being the worst. We suspected mold in our hallway bathroom for a little while, due to the fact everyone in our family has been pretty much non stop sick. Not to mention the way the wall looked. We noticed the toilet in that bathroom was leaking pretty bad on 05OCT11 so we shut off the water. We reported it and placed a maintenance request on 06OCT11 around 9:15am. After a week had passed, I went in to check on the mold test. I was told they should be at my house within two days, they didn't show. So I waited till 20OCT11, and went and spoke with the Office manager about the mold, he setup for them to come in on 21OCT11. The first maintenance man, looks and pushed on the wall, and said it wasn't mold, then later the second maintenance man came in, and also said it wasn't mold. I continued to question it, and he said ""If it were mold, you would know it. It would be black, or pink would be showing through"". So I left it alone, and after they left. My husband and I ran to Lowe's to pick up an at home mold test, and I pushed in the wallpaper, and sure enough there was mold! It had traveled onto the wall to the laundry room, it was under the tiles beneath the toilet. The office was already closed, so I cut off a piece and placed it in a zip lock bag. On 22OCT11, I took that into the office, placed it on her desk, and said if that isn't mold then what is?? She told me she was going to call the Office Manager, and get back with me. She later calls and leaves a message, stating the maintenance seen signs of mold. So I called her back, and she said that I was told to stay out of that bathroom. Which I told her on the phone, and through email that statement was not true. Anyways, to kinda cut it short. They tried to play me as a fool, and short cut the job, but not having professionals deal with it, instead of them replacing the drywall and calling it good. Only, I am very smart, and well educated. I also have friends in high places, which advised to me to get a certified letter out to them ASAP, and I wrote that up on 23OCT11, and mailed it out around 9:35am on 24OCT11. Then went by the office on my way home to notify them of the letter, and to make them aware I was having a mold specialist come out at 11am, before maintenance starts the repairs to gather samples, and them again after maintenance has finished. Well Later on 24OCT11, we were notified a professional mold company would be at our home around 2-3pm. (which is kinda funny, because that was not their original plan at all). My professional company had came in at 11am and did sampling and moisture tests, as well as taken pictures. Theirs came in looked, said it is mold, and told maintenance to remove the toilet and pull two of the tiles in the bathroom. They did that, then came back on 25OCT11 to start sanitizing and using the dehumidifier, well after all this I went to the office, cause they really shouldn't have had us living here knowing there is mold, and we got the report from our mold professional, and it shows 3 types of toxic molds, one of which being black mold(has potential to kill). All 3 are either Class A or Class B, which are worst kinds. I addressed that this isn't safe, and he should have offered us somewhere else to stay, and his response is nothing useful. So needless to say, we are stuck here in a toxic environment with mold spores floating around in our air! When I was talking to him about all of this he asked me what I wanted out of this, and I told him I really just want out of my lease, and he said he will see what he can do, and will contact me before closing. We ended up going to the office 15 mins before closing, and my husband went in, and he said we can move out on the 31st, but there keep our deposit. So, your going to punish me for your mess and mistakes. Not only by keeping my deposit, but putting my family through all this stress, health issues, due to toxic mold. more

Not what its cut out to be 1/1/2011

I have lived here for well over 10 years now and I have seen this place go WAY down hill at a rapid pace. When Tamsburg owned it, this place was the place to park your mobile home. Rent was fair and things got fixed and delt with. Flooding has been an issue for years now, and yes, ARC has made some changes to try and fix that. As stated from another tenant, pools were close damn near all season. Tennis courts unable to be used, roads with pot holes NEVER being fixed properly, they cant seem to get a hold on securing the community because they ""RENT"" to anyone. This place was ment to be own to live here NO RENTALS PERMITTED! That is what screwed this place up to no end. Lot rent just went up to $368 a month and the fences came down, the one thing that kept people from cutting through yards and steeling everyones stuff. Now that this has happened, I have people cutting through my yard and once a week my shed opens on its own, Im sure from some dipstick theif wanting to go through my stuff. I am currently looking for a new place to move our home to. I do not feel safe or even welcome in this community anymore. SO MANY MANAGERS HAVE COME AN GONE! They can not keep the same staff here at all. The turn over rate here is unreal. Think twice before moving here. Great schools, great shopping, Reminds me of Wilmore achres or Summercreek. They need to clean it up and MAYBE they can keep raising the rent. All I can say, is Im out of here soon. more

Not quite overrated...but... 11/5/2010

I have lived here for 6+ years now, and it's not quite as bad as KJones, but they are right on some ponts. It's definately not as perfect as CJ claims (I'll bet that it's an employee, they're the only one's that give a perfect 5 star rating - nothing in life is absolutely perfect). \r \r Both pools were closed this past summer, and they do raise your rent on a more than regular basis. The tennis court is never functional (no net), and teenagers take over the playgrounds, so the smaller kids can't play. \r \r The streets flood REALLY bad after rains storms, and they don't have to be hard rain storms. The entrances get extremely pot-holed and bad, and everytime I turn around, there is a new manager. North Charleston Police are always around, but that's not necessary a bad thing. Some of the time, they're just patrolling - just really wish they'd get the speeders - this isn't a nascar track, people!\r \r Saddlebrook is fairly quiet and are in a really good school district. For the price, it's decent - but they do have a ton of rules, more than your typical apartment community. more


Lot rent here is nearly $350 and what do we get for $350, let's see lots of noise, breakins, trafficking, no pools (although there are 2), but yet every year the rent on this place goes up. The yards look terrible, the trailers look terrible, now they are renting to whomever. People are abandoning their trailers to get out of here, other are desperately trying to find other places to live. There have been 9 managers in the past 5 years. There is nothing really good I can say about this place anymore. Pros: IF YOU ARE HISPANIC YOU HAVE IT MADE Cons: THEY DO NOT LIVE UP TO WHAT THEY PROMISE more
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