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S & S Exotic Animals Inc

1711 Connorvale Rd
Houston, TX 77039
(281) 590-0426
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I see a lot of bad reviews here and I just want to state first and foremost that I am not affiliated with this company nor do I know any of the owners or employees personally. In ...


We bought a baby turtle back in February 2012 from a company called Turtle Source in Florida. The ads on Kingsnake must have been switched around because when it got time to order...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/1/2013

I bought a hedgehog from them two weeks ago and I am proud to say she is the picture of perfect health. I took her to the vet the day after I bought her, her only problem she had was mites. I am very pleased with what I bought from this pet store, my opinion is this with any animal you get from any kind of pet store or breeder, just take it to the vet to make sure everything is all right. She did catch a cold a few days after I bought her, but that was my bad not theirs. more

Paid 590.00 for a great deal on a anery 11/17/2012

Paid 590.00 for a great deal on a anery motley boa... But come to find out the boa came with a bigger price.. No wonder the motley went from 600 to 500 so fast it's sick.. I'm in the U.S ARMY and To see how people act when you call them to tell them the boa is sick and what can they do to help ( hope they never need help from my unit I would laugh at them ) the owner told me well there's nothing we can do she is 2 years old and its my problem now.. Hahaha stupid people I will be in TX at FT. HOOD and ill be stoping over there to get my money back.. And to show them what I think about ripping people off of there hard earned money.. Support your troops and stay away from this place!!! I will be posting ( support your troops and stay away from s&s exotics ) all over the Internet more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/24/2012

This place seems cool because they have so many animals but they are known for having parasites that spread from animal to animal. Me and my friend went to the place to check it out and she ended up buying a hedgehog who seemed perfectly fine. and now (2 days later) hes very sick and she is taking care of it how shes supposed to. There were roaches crawling up the walls and it smelt horrible and the customer service sucked. more


We bought a baby turtle back in February 2012 from a company called Turtle Source in Florida. The ads on Kingsnake must have been switched around because when it got time to order, the Paypal address was for S and S Exotics. We received the turtle with an S&S invoice. The turtle NEVER ate anything we offered it. We are experienced herp people (40 years+) so we definitely know how to keep animals. The turtle DIED and my phone calls started. To this date we have sent over 20 emails and made close to 25 phone calls. They (employees) always claim they NEVER sent a turtle to Maryland and that the ""owner"" was looking into the problem. Our DEAD turtle is STILL listed for sale on their website! After studying their policy, I found they offer no guarantees or returns whatsoever. We have yet to speak to any ""owner"" and as a matter of fact, have never received any response at all. So now we are left $200 in the negative and a DEAD turtle in the freezer. After reading the other reviews, I think this company should be reported to Animal Cruelty and the Board of Health. It makes me sick to know companies like this exist. It is obvious that NO ONE there knows anything about animals at ALL!!!!! Maybe they should just go for the GUSTO and add tainted hamburgers and flat Cokes to their stores offering. Even better yet,,,,,offer psychiatric counseling to the overwrought customers who end up with sick, dying animals...... BUYER BEWARE************BUYER BEWARE*********** Buy your animals from a reputable breeder,,,,,,like ME!!!! more

Gorgeous & Healthy Animals! 2/16/2012

I see a lot of bad reviews here and I just want to state first and foremost that I am not affiliated with this company nor do I know any of the owners or employees personally. In fact I live on the opposite side of the country. I purchased several sugar gliders from this company. Large though this company is the owner contacted me personally (in response to an inquiring email I sent to the company) to answer my questions! I was supremely impressed with the personal and quick response I received. More than that I called and emailed multiple times before I finalized any decisions. I received prompt personal attention. And it was courteous and friendly attention as well. I also got good prices for the animals I purchased. Very good prices!! When I went to pick up my animals from the cargo section of the airport I was extremely apprehensive about the physical and emotional state of these animals. What if they were sick? Dead even? I was nervous. All three of my gliders were in perfect health. They have good body weights, glossy and soft coats, bright eyes and perky ears. They were mildly cranky from traveling for so long, but they allowed me to pet and handle them right away. I also want to mention that they were packaged very comfortably. They had clean and soft quality fleece sleeping pouches (2 of them). They had clean bedding and a large bowl full of a staple dry glider pellet and a large bowl full of fresh cut apples. It was more food than 10 gliders could eat! They would not starve on their trip and the company clearly cared more for the gliders' safety and comfort than they were about saving themselves a bit of money by providing a tiny bit of food. To the person who insisted they were ""forced"" to purchase glider pellets and supplies of S&S's making I find that hard to believe. I did not order food nor was I asked to. However my gliders DID come with a large bag of food! S&S provided me with more than enough of their pellet to safely and slowly transition my joeys onto their new diet! Also I am extremely impressed with the quality of the pellet food I received. My other gliders have always refused pellets and when I offered them a few of S&S's brand they gobbled it up like I was offering treats! I can't say about reptiles or amphibians but I can say that it is very possible that extreme animal rights groups are unfairly bashing this company (as they do all pet sellers, breeders, brokers, owners and lovers!) Some people would put the welfare of animals before people and don't care what lies they spread! Also I believe that it is very possible that people could be incorrectly following instructions for their particular pet. It seems as if many people want to treat their pet store as some sort of free animal husbandry guide and veterinarian. The employees are not veterinarians. If your animal is sick seek care! Exotics are not always known by vets and an exotic-specific vet should be found BEFORE you bring a new animal home! It is also possible that the occasional animal simply can't take the stress of the transition, or had an underlying genetic defect or illness that was made apparent or life-threatening by the stress of moving homes. That can't be the fault of S&S unless they were intentionally practicing inbreeding! (Which I doubt because no one likes to be sued) I hope this has helped. And I'm very very far from inexperienced and under-educated. more

DO NOT BUY HERE 1/13/2012

I'm an amateur frog keeper, having only owned around 10 species (tree frogs, toads, walking frogs, and water frogs) over the last 5 years. I found S&S earlier in 2011, and made several trips to their store (a 45 minute drive) to make sure their stock was always healthy and well cared for. I was satisfied with all of my VISITS, but after my first purchase, I will never buy from them again. I spent almost $400 on 6 frogs, lighting for my new vivarium, and a waterfall by ZooMed. I was given mediocre service by the man named Robert - he showed me a few frogs (all of which he dropped over 4 feet), gave me some advice, and then rang up my purchases. While he was calculating my total, he kept dealing with other customers, sorting out his lunch with another co-worker, and ignoring my questions. Why pay attention to me now that he'd made the sale? But the trouble didn't end there. LESS THAN 24 HOURS LATER, one of the frogs dropped dead. I called to ask what the policy was and I was told to just suck it up and deal with the loss of a $50 dollar frog I'd had less than a day. I left my name and number, and was told I would receive a call after their ""bosses"" were consulted. I got the call from Robert himself - he told me I probably stressed the frog out by putting it in a large tank (I told him BEFORE selecting the frogs I'd be putting them in a 60 gal, and he said ""Oh, they'll be so spoiled!""). When I reminded him he dropped the frog, he said he didn't sell me the one that fell. After arguing for about five minutes, he told me there was nothing he WOULD do, and he was sorry to lose my business. What he doesn't know, is that a friend of mine has a small entrepreneurship of her own. She builds, stocks, and sells frog/lizard/snake tanks, and I am now part of that business. S&S was going to be our main source of livestock. But, thanks to their $50 tantrum, we (nor any of our customers) will ever set foot in that shack ever again. :D more

Liars; bad information 9/26/2011

I go into this store whenever I'm in town mainly to look. I had been on a waiting list to get rats from a REPUTABLE breeder in Austin and wasn't planning on coming home with anything. Unfortunately, I got suckered into holding their last rat - a double rex boy - and took him home to save him the fate of becoming a feeder. Since rats are social animals, I asked them when they'd be getting in more males. Two people assured me they'd be getting in dumbo rex males no later than that Wednesday. I searched for male rats needing homes, had no luck, so I called back on Wed to see what they got in. Nothing. They told me to call back Thursday, so I did. Same thing. I called back on Friday and talked to a VERY rude woman who told me they weren't getting any rats except feeders in at all anymore and that I'd been given incorrect information. Uh, excuse me, by this time I'd talked to at least 4 people who had told me they were expecting to get dumbo rex males that week. I ended up speaking to the manager who was of no additional help and couldn't verify when they'd be getting any in - if they did at all. So I was stuck with a single rat and ended up having to go to Petsmart to get him a buddy since the rescues only had females and the breeder hadn't even bred for her litter yet. Very bad customer service, rude staff, and horrible conditions. more

Horrible, DO NOT BUY 6/28/2011

HORRIBLE STORE. Do not get a pet from these people, do not support them. I got my sweet sugar glider baby girl from there and that was my first and LAST time doing business with them. Those poor animals. The pellet diet that they say to use for the gliders is very disappointing. When I got her I was told to give her the pellets, apples, and yogurt. What a sad so-called diet for a glider!! Though I went along with it while there, thankfully I knew better from my studies and encounters than to actually let her stay on something like that. Secondly, sweltering heat. Yes, that could be acceptable for the gliders and the reptiles, but that's what heat lamps are for. As for the other poor animals... Horrible. The ferrets were sprawled out rapidly breathing and looked so pitiful. I wanted to save every single one of them. Especially the chinchillas. Chinchillas are NOT to be kept in heat over 75 degrees, and that store was much over that. They are very temperature sensitive animals and overheating is a big cause of their death. Just please take my advice and do not buy from these people, do not support their wrong ways. more

Great Place to Buy Animals 2/14/2011

I've bought lots of animals here. All of the animals I've gotten were perfect. The employees were very helpful and informative. I don't think anyone can guarantee animals for a long time. If you listen to what they tell you, there shouldn't any problems. more

DONT GO HERE 2/10/2011

I have bought 2 ball pythons in the last year and both of them have died. The female I bought in Jan of 2010 and she never ate, we had to force feed her pinkies every time. We even took her back to the store for them to look at her and they told me she was fine that she wasnt eating because it was cold outside. We bought a male a few months after we bought the female and he was sick to. He ate just fine but he had a breathing problem. So we decided to take them both to the vet. It turned out the female had a respritory infection and a parasite, and he had a respritory problem as well. They both got treated but it was to late for her, she died from the parasite. Now the male has just died...we havent even had him a year yet. His repritory problem never went away we just tamed it but it came back 10 times worse. I took him back to the vet to get more shots but again it was to late....i watched both of my pets die. He chocked to death after his lungs filled up with fluid. 600 bucks later from vet bills and medicine i now have 2 pets that died very painfully. I did everything my vet told me to, they had a 125 gallon tank, UVA and UVB lights, the temperature on the warm in was 97, the temp on the cooler end stayed above 87 because of the medicine they took. They had everything!!! And i was told these snakes were healthy, that nothing was wrong with them...if thats the case why did 2 snakes that usually live a very long time....die in less than a year and why did they die in such a painful way?? DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! more

Would Not Shop There Again 1/9/2011

About five years ago, I got my first two rats from S&S, and should of never done that. more

Best Pet Shop in Houston 11/21/2010

Neither one of the owner's names are CJ. I'm not sure if the last person was there or not. Makes me wonder. more



Great place to shop 5/8/2010

S & S carries lots of animals that you would not find any place else. I bought turtles and tortoise and lots of birds and pole cats and hamster, short tale opossumes from them and never has any problems. I though every penny is well spend. The staff is very helpful and owners are always friendly. I don't know too many store that you walk in they called you by first name. No problems with store and am looking forward to purchase more stuff from them. Pros: Lots of exoctic animals Cons: Not enough money to buy more


HORRIBLE PLACE!!!!! There should be an option to give 0 stars! We bought two ""dumbo"" (we soon realized they were not) rats from them 6 weeks ago. We were told they were 15 weeks old (they were closer to 6 weeks).Within a few days, both were sneezing. I called them and was told that it was normal and they were just adjusting to their new home. A few days later, I took them to my vet because they were still sneezing occasionally. They were both diagnosed with Mycoplasma infections and one had a brewing case of pneumonia. We left with a nebulizer and three different kinds of antibiotics. I was not initally upset with the pet store...I have done my homework and realize that mycoplasma exists in most pet rats and some rats wind up showing symptoms and getting sick and some don't. I figured it was bad luck. The more research I did, the more I realized how wrong I was. In the pet store, the rats were housed in a small glass cage, mixed sexes and in pine bedding. If you have rats or have learned the hard way like me, you know that pine or cedar bedding is BAD for rats. It can cause respiratory irritation and bring on flare ups of Myco. At any rate, we began treating both rats...nebulizing them for 20 minutes twice a day and giving oral antibiotics twice daily. After a few more days, I realized that they both had these tiny brown specs of dirt in their fur. NOT DIRT...LICE. We were back at the vet, picking up even more medication to treat the lice. Since lice are species-specific (rat lice only like rats, people lice only like people), the only place they could have come from was the pet store. So let's get to the point. Three weeks after my purchase, one rat had died, and I had spent over $600.00 in vet bills for her treatment. Last night, the second one died. She had begun to show signs of SDA (sialodacryoadentitis). Her eyes were bulging out, she had porphyrin drainage from her eyes and nose, a swollen neck, difficulty walking, etc. Unfortunately, this is a virus. No treatment is available and most healthy rats will kick it in about 7-10 days. My rats from S and S were not healthy. Combined with the current myco infection it was deadly. I hold this pet store 100% responsible for the expensive emotional roller coaster ride that my 9 year old daughter endured. They lied to us about the age of the rats and the breed and sold me product that was unhealthy for them. I received no help from them when I called, but was assured that all the other rats there were happy and healthy and that they had not had any other complaints from customers. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE. IT SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN. P.S. Anyone who keeps a lion and tiger in a concrete, small enclosure has got a screw loose. Shame on me for missing that red flag. Pros: It's a great place to see sick, mistreated animals. Cons: You will get ripped off. more
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