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SEVEN, Seattle - 340 Reviews - 600 Pine St Ste 245, Seattle, WA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (206) 903-1777

SEVEN, Seattle

600 Pine St Ste 245 (at Sixth Avenue)
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 903-1777
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SEVEN, Seattle - Seattle, WA
SEVEN, Seattle - Seattle, WA


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Do you want a great haircut?--One that makes you look fabulous, feel great, and brings tons of compliments? Then visit Cher at Seven. Easily, the best haircut I've had in years,...


The last time I looked, "hairdresser" was not a profession which required a doctorate degree. So how and why does this Salon believe that thier exorbitant fees are somehow justif...

A Fool & His Money 4/3/2011

The last time I looked, "hairdresser" was not a profession which required a doctorate degree. So how and why does this Salon believe that thier exorbitant fees are somehow justified? I received a nice cut and color, nothing extraordinary -- unlike the $275.00 price tag. Save your money and make your car payment instead. more

Impressive Atmosphere 3/22/2011

A friend of mine suggested that I try Seven and now I understand why. My stylist was professional and positive. The place has the feel of a night club due to the atmosphere and the music they play. While is was a little more expensive than I'm use to it was well worth it. more

Great Atmosphere 2/16/2011

I can't say enough about SEVEN I love the atmosphere and the professionalism. Even though it may have the look for a younger crowd I feel comfortable. My stylist even spent the time to show me how to style my new look. more

Seven, Great place! 8/13/2010

Seven is a great salon! Faith was my stylist who listened and gave good advice. The stylist looks at your face to determine what might look good on you/or not A little expensive but you get what you pay for. Faith will do my foils too! more

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Cool place 7/10/2010

I like this place :) more

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Great haircut! 6/6/2009

I went to seven and got a cut with Jennifer, It was amazing! I am sensitive about my hair because it's so fine. She gave me a thurough consultation and told me her expert opinion. I was a little hesitant at first (she explained shorter hair looks fuller) but agreed to take a chance. It turned out to be the best cut i have ever had. more

The Tracy Cure! 3/6/2009

The best hair stylist on the planet, Tracy Spurrell, works magic at the Seven Salon in Bell Square. I originally meet Tracy at a salon in Seattle, when she moved to the Eastside I followed her there, ... and Bellevue is no easy commute for me. She consistently turns a little into a lot (I have very short hair.) She understands my personality, what I want to present, gives excellent suggestions and always provides her honest opinion when something just won't work. She is weel-known for the quality of her work: Should I ever have to start trimming my budget, a haircut from Tracy will be the last thing to go. I am her client for life. more

Just great. Cher is a must. 5/15/2008

You must go see Cher at Seven. Such a pleasure to work with- professional but really funny and warm...within ten minutes of my first visit she had the shape of my face, the texture of my hair, even my difficult cowlick figured out. The salon itself is sumptuous, free coffee/chocolate etc, but my men's haircut was only $85. Definitely a good price for how amazing the service was. more

help ! 10/30/2007

hi everyone, I had my hair cut and highlighted at seven and now that the roots are out, I'm going crazy not knowing whether I should go back to seven or...find another salon. (I had a very very bad experience with seven.) I had my hair cut with Michael ( he was very nice ) but my color was done by Amy and she was awful ! myhair is brown and she gave me orangish highlights....., so now im thinking maybe if Michael does the color too, then it might turn out nice! help me ....does anyone know if Michael is good in hair color? more

Type the title here for your review of Seven 10/2/2007

I had a student approach me on the street for a basic trim, and I was ecstatic. It was a little nervewrecking at first because several students and a teacher was analyzing my every facial feature, hair type and skin tone. In the end, Patrice did an excellent job, and was very nice to talk to. It gave me much more knowledge about how I view people and their facial features. Now, I even part my hair on the opposite direction and it makes a huge difference. Great Hair 101 for me. more

Disappointed with the experience 9/21/2007

I was so excited to have my hair done at Seven in Seattle. The attraction, for me, was that they cut your hair to fit your face/bone structure. Sounded great. My stylist was new to Seven. I did not enjoy my experience there. First I was kept waiting for over 30 minutes. Received two complimentary bottles of water and two chocolates and two apologies during my long wait. The stylist did not communicate well. She did not explain much at all. I decided to trust her skills and see what a "haircut designed to go with my face shape" would look like. She did the cut and turned me over to an apprentice while my hair was still wet. The apprentice was far more charming & communicative. She styled my hair. It took about 20 minutes, several potions, blow dryer, round brushes, etc. to get to the finale. So I'm thinking to myself; like I have a professional stylist at home to do this for me every day? The haircut required straight hair. I do not have straight hair. I walked out of Seven unhappy, knowing I could never replicate this hairdo. Today I received a call from Seven saying the stylist no longer works there. Yay. Maybe I'll give them a second chance! more

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Boy am I eating crow 5/27/2007

EDIT - June 17, 2007 Although I am leaving the original post below, I would like to add these comments regarding my latest hair adventure. With every intention of finding a new salon, I just couldn't muster the courage to do so a week before a trip I am taking, so back to Seven I went. I related my woes to my stylist, Michael, and he listened intently. We had a nice talk and with much sincerity, he convinced me that he is aware of how important it is to keep clients happy, as well as looking good, and will do what it takes to make that happen. I left on a positive note and will be seeing him again in the future, albeit at the Bellevue location. Michael is not only the best hair stylist I've ever had, he is courteous and honest and the owners of this business should be VERY glad they have him in their corner. ________________________ I'm sorry to have to say I'm logging on to relate the worst customer service experience I've had in a long time. I've been a customer at Seven Salon for a little over a year now and in the past have written glowing reviews of the salon as well as my stylist, Michael. Although I am still very happy with the hair services I have received to date, I am more than disappointed in the customer service I've been given. I have had scheduling problems and miscommunications for the past several months with this salon, as well as my stylist, and in each instance, I have been received with the insinuation that it's my problem to deal with. The receptionists are rude and unhelpful. Ben at the downtown location, acts more than put out when asked any questions and has each time I've dealt with him. I'm not sure if the staff at Seven Salon is too busy trying to peddle their new product line to pay attention to their actual customers but the service here is getting worse by the minute. My hair has never looked better, but unfortunately, it looks like I'll be spending the rest of the day trying to find a new salon and stylist. more

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Thumbs down indeed! 5/23/2007

I love to research, and when it comes to my hair, I can become obsessive about reading reviews before trying it out. After reading so many great things about Seven, I decided to try it out. After two color & cuts, I definitely wish I could give a better review. First of all, I hate to admit when my research does not match the anticipated result. (This explains why I tried both salons before coming to my unfortunate conclusion). More importantly, if I'm going to spend a fortune, I expect a result that is exceptional. Both the Bellevue and Seattle salons are attractive and trendy, and both stylists were nice, but is that what is going to convince you to spend $100-200 more for the same item at a slightly less posh (yet amazing) salon? I think not, but you may feel differently. Details, you ask? My hair can range between straight, naturally curly and just plain frizzy. I give them kudos for cutting my hair to accommodate this (ie. not cutting too short and therefore avoiding the springy over-curled bits), but am disappointed with the color. Yes, the color! (This is supposed to be their selling point). I've had other stylists pick amazing colors that complimented me before, but both times at Seven, the stylists chose hues that were too blonde for my complexion and this just washed me right out. I'm a brunette so this was a bit surprising. It instantly aged me, and I'm only in my mid-twenties. If you want to check out this salon, cross your fingers and bring a fat wallet. You may have a great experience like many of the other reviewers, but if it were me, try something else and use the savings to buy yourself something special! more

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David at Seven in Bellevue 3/29/2007

David has been styling hair for many, many years. I was referred to him by a guy friend who is VERY picky about his look. I've followed David around ever since. Not too excited about the $100 each time for a cut, but he's so good that I make the sacrifice of skipping a couple happy hours during hair month. It all washes out (pun not intended). :o) And the DJ isn't too loud- but I have only gone during the day. I'd forego all the whooha of a DJ, and the bazillion assistants they have running around, and the latte bar, for lower cost cuts! You do pay more for the "experience". more

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Seven rates a 10! 1/11/2007

I don't enjoy getting my hair cut and have been looking for a new hair dresser for sometime now. A friend recommended Seven and I decided to give it a try. Having been to Seven and Riley twice now, I couldn't be happier. Riley is great, the salon is very nice and my hair cut was great from day one until I went back about 7 weeks later. I have heard that the Bellevue store with the DJ is pretty loud and I hope Seattle doesn't follow suit. more

a new women 11/25/2006

Whenever I go and get my hair cut I usually take a magazine clip of what I want my new haircut to look like. Well my friend went to seven and said that they will look at your face and cut your hair for what looks good on you. So I went and it was the best learning experience for me. She took the time to ask me how I normally do my hair and then took a few minutes to look at my face. She then explained how she was going to cut my hair and why it looks good on me. I was blown away!! While she was cutting my hair she was telling me what she was doing and little tricks so when I got home I could do it myself. I LOVE my new hair cut! Masae is the most sweetest person. I have never met a more nice, friendly caring hairdresser before! Thanks Masae more

Don't Like Getting my Hair Cut, but I lOVE Seven! 11/17/2006

I hate getting my hair cut. Or shall I say, I used to hate it. It seemed the stylist never did what I wanted, just what they thought was best. Either that or they would style my hair in a way that I would never be able to reproduce at home. That all changed when I started going to see Masae at Seven. She listens to what I want, looks at my face to see what would look best, and even takes into account my lifestyle and what I would realistically do with the cut at home. I have had THE BEST cuts since going to her, I even have people stop me on the street to compliment my hair! She know I never blowdry my hair, and she cuts it accordingly to make it look good. I started going to Seven because it was conveniently located next to my work. Now that I work in Ballard, I still go to Seven because I love what Masae does for my hairs. more

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Not just a salon, but an experience 10/27/2006

I've known Shelli Martin for years and once I started working downtown, I decided to start letting her cut my hair. That's how I got my introduction to 7 which is apparently one of the hottest salons in town. I find this both intriguing and intimidating. It has a very different atmosphere than other salons. It is very busy, with about 10-15 stylists working at any given moment. It also plays very loud music, but in my opinion it is good music so that is a plus. Their philosophy is to give you a cut that works with your face. I was actually told not to bring pictures, because they want to give me a cut that looks good on me, not on someone else. Shelli has always taken the time to chat with me not only about what I want my hair to look like, but what will work best with my features and lifestyle. And that is not just a special bonus to knowing her personally...I've seen her give the same treatment to many other customers. Shelli has many years of experience and has studied in style-meccas like Paris. She helps me to be fashionable and current but in a way that works for me. I'm super-confident in both her judgment and skills. She changed the side I part my hair on, gave me bangs and showed me how to get my hair to have a great wave on its own. So I definitely recommend 7 and especially Shelli Martin if you are in the market for a big change and want someone you can trust. 7 is very expensive (about $95 after tip), so I have to limit my visits, but it has always been worth the splurge. more

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Seven -- all hype and not that hip 10/18/2006

I went to Seven after my boyfriend got a recommendation from someone about the place -- I was very excited about getting a professional haircut after a long time -- I have been cutting my own hair for several years. I walked in and was immediately shocked by the loud music, and bustle of the place -- I had heard that they have a DJ on site who mixes music while you are getting your hair cut, and thought that might be nice, but it was nothing but loud. I could tell it was a "see-and-be-seen" atmosphere, and everyone there was in high heels and skimpy outfits -- I wouldn't have minded all of that had there been more to the experience... I didn't exactly feel taken care of -- the high standards of customer service I expected were a little lacking, especially from the girls at the Front Desk. I work as a receptionist and administrative assistant, so perhaps I am especially critical of people who do my job in other businesses, but I thought they were cold and unwelcoming. If anything, I felt more like a sheep being herded along through the process than a well-taken care of customer. My stylist was nice, but seemed preoccupied the entire time she was cutting my hair -- perhaps it was the hoity-toity women and men who kept rushing by, or the loud music, or the fact that she seemed more concerned about a fashion show she was styling for than actually paying attention to me. The cut looked nice at first, but then she proceeded to blow-dry my nicely curly hair straight into this bouffant style instead of styling it to look natural. Seeing as Seven's whole schpeil includes cutting and coloring to compliment your skin tone and the shape of your face, I was stunned that she decided to style my hair so unnaturally. I could have spoken up, but I decided to let her do what she thought was best, since she was the professional. After watching a few other people as they got their hair cut and colored, I noticed that the "blow-dry straight and pooffy" hairstyle seems to be Seven's bent. If you like that kind of hair style, you might like Seven -- if you can get past the assembly-line feel of the whole set-up. Sure, they give you a latte or mocha (which is mediocre at best) and they have music and lights, but I personally felt more like I was on a techno-styled conveyor belt than being given any kind of customer service. It was only when I handed the coupon I had been given by the owner of Seven Salons, Roger, that the girl behind the Front Desk gave me any kind of personable response -- and then it was, "OOOHHH, did you like your cut? Was everything ok?" -- I want good customer service without having to be a celebrity, a rich chic who has perfectly manicured nails or some other kind of fabulous person they deem worthy of good service -- which is no offense to those who fall into the above categories, I was just expecting something more amazing than I received. Give me a break -- I'm sorry Seven, but I'm not coming back. The experience is definitely not worth the cost in my opinion. -- I know there are quite a few good reviews on here for Seven, and I sincerely hope that everyone continues to have such good experiences, but maybe I'm not the only one who feels the way I do? more
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