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115 Blanchard Street
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 965-8478
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I've been coming to this place for five years. Anyone who knows See Sound, knows that you're guaranteed friendly service and a packed atmosphere on any given night. Its a Seattl...


Just went there to see King Britt on Feb. 23. First, we purchased tickets (WHAT!) on clubzone as we really wanted to see King. We paid $12 plus fees for a total of $27 for two t...

2 friends were roofied 12/21/2010

Two of my girlfriends got roofied here last weekend!!! They got drinks at the back bar and recall nothing after. Once we were able to get them safely to the car, a member from our party went back in to talk to the staff about it. She was told that it's not uncommon for that to happen at this particular place and they were not surprised!!!! Please be very careful if you're a girl hanging out here!!!!!! I'd recommend going elsewhere. more

Yep, it's cool 12/8/2010

This is a great place to go, we met up with a few other couples there the other night and had a blast. Great service, was too crowded, and drinks were stiff. /thumbsup more

Been coming here for 5 years! 5/10/2010

I've been coming to this place for five years. Anyone who knows See Sound, knows that you're guaranteed friendly service and a packed atmosphere on any given night. Its a Seattle nightlife staple, and completely unique. The great thing about See Sound is, you can either dress to the nines or show up in ripped jeans and sandals. It's a great fusion of unpretentious mixed with a swanky atmosphere. The drinks are totally affordable. Beers are 4 bucks, and cocktails range from 6 to 10 bucks. As far as cover goes, if you really have a problem with it, show up before 10 and its free! That's pretty affordable right?! ;) The cozy dancefloor nestled intimately around the DJ booth makes for a really unique experience musically. Being that many high end international DJ's come through, there's the opportunity to get really close to the performer which is extremely exciting! Everyone is smiling, the sound system is great, and the screens throughout the club projecting visuals really add to the experience! I see a lot of comments on here comparing See Sound Lounge to an LA club, and anyone that makes a comment like that is obviously NOT up to date with the LA club scene. Lol. See Sound doesn't try to be Hollywood, nor is it. It's a warm, fun, yet classy and swank environment that you can't find anywhere else in Seattle. I LOVE clubbing and have done my fair share around the world. From Miami to Ibiza to Paris, See Sound is right up there! It's great! Highly recommended! Don't believe the negativity, come in and see for yourself!! <3 erica (see sound lounge enthusiast) Pros: excellent music, great ambience, nice staff, VIP service Cons: closes at 2am! :P thanks WA state! more

I LOVE this place! 5/6/2010

Did I really find a bar this cool in Seattle? I've been all over the west coast this past year and have yet to find anything as nice as See Sound. I thought I was in Miami. My Friends were here from New York and were amazed that such a big DJ (Classix from LA) was playing this little club and shocked at how inexpensive drinks and cover were as well (compared to NYC I guess) My favorite was the salt water aquariums in the deep room. The puffer fish followed my finger around for awhile while he smiled away at me lol. I'm definitely having my birthday party in their deep room this fall. Security, my own bartender and DJ and helium balloons everywhere. BIG Thumbs up See Sound!! My new favorite hangout! I'll see you there for Salsa as well on Sunday. Pros: Amazing European vibe and music and gorgeous crowd Cons: Stops serving at 2am more

I love the nightlife... 4/29/2010

Hey DJ Kevin, if you went in on a Wednesday it was top 40?s, if you went in on a Thursday it was Mash-Ups, Friday Deep House, Saturday Electro or Sunday Salsa. See DJ Kevin, no trance. (BTW, playing records in your bedroom doesn?t make you an actual DJ) And DJ Kevin if you played out at clubs you?d also realize that the ?whopping? cover charge PAYS THE DJS. Now I can understand you feeling uncomfortable in a place that has outgoing, fun-loving, forward thinking, beautiful people in it. It?s not your scene. But to say that ALL the 1,000?s of people that come to SEE sound (not sea, it?s conveniently spelled correctly at the top of the page) were ?posers?, is just mean and inaccurate. We?ve been around for 6 years now and I think our crowds are some of the most fantastic people I?ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Sure there are a few jerks, what place doesn?t have those people (you know the ones who seem to like to slam anyplace they feel uncomfortable in) but for the most part we throw a great party and the people who come with open minds and hearts make it even better. Now, if I were to go to a Heavy Metal club and write on CitySearch that I didn?t like the loud music and all the people were too pierced, wouldn?t it sound a little ridiculous? Yes, we are trendy, yes we are a bit pricey, yes we have beautiful people, yes when you come inside it seems that you?ve traveled to a big city. What so wrong with all that? See Sound hopefully won?t be going anywhere, anytime soon. There are people that have been supporting it for 6 years, voting it best bar, meeting boyfriends, girlfriends, wifes or husbands, we even have a few babies who have been born as a result of relationships formed at See Sound Lounge. With all that, I can?t help but be proud of it. A cool, trendy, upscale bar where beautiful people hang out. Sounds great to me! xo, the proprietors Pros: The people, music & ambiance more

Wanna be club sucked ass! 2/26/2010

A friendly get together at a different location later moved to the Sea Sound Lounge so we tagged along. After paying a whopping $30 cover for me and my girlfriend (really? $15 a piece? REALLY?) we went in hoping for the best. I expected the drink prices to be high as this is the trendy spot to hang but the $15 cover really caught me off guard. It was packed and the service was fine but the people looked like they all just walked in from Newport Beach. My girlfriend - who just recently moved here from So Cal - thought the same thing...So many posers both men and women...vibe was wrong and the music was incredibly horrible. The trance crap that was played has a following I guess but it's truly uninspired and takes very little talent to mix. (yes I am a dj) People don't even know what they were dancing to....LOL The quicker this place goes away, the better. A wanna be LA nightclub that has no redeeming value whatsoever unless you are looking to stand next to an attractive person. That's really all I can say about it...I'll take a crappy dive bar that plays good music any day. Avoid at all costs! Pros: Hmmm...are there any? Cons: Too many to mention more

Great place to throw a party! 12/8/2009

I have thrown my holiday party here for two years in a row. The venue is perfect for what I'm looking for. The back room, Deep, has a private bar, plenty of sitting room, and nice decor. Originally, Deep was booked for the date I wanted it. I gave Rumi and Erica my name and phone number and they called me as soon as the date freed up. Everything worked out perfectly for my event and the guests had a fabulous time. I hope to be back next year for my holiday party! Pros: Nice decor, clean, spacious more

trendy and hot place - gourmet experince + great music 9/22/2009

with the addition of a wonderful celebrated chef Robin to the team the entire dining experience has transformed into a truly gourmet experience. the food is exquisite and delicious. now it's my preferred place for dining with the additon of great musical entertainment. highly recommend to all trendy crowd, foodies and winos :) as well as music lovers (the place features a steady stream of famous DJs from all over the word) Pros: gourmet experince + great music more

Awesome Food 9/8/2009

Great food which surprised me for a lounge. They have a new celebrity chef who is currently competing on Next Top Chef, she has my vote! A really nice creative atmosphere, a smart place. I have no hesitation on recommending it, it offers a refreshing, stylish, bright feeling atmosphere. Amazing creative music and visuals. Entertaining and stimulating atmosphere, kudos to the master minds behind this place, you win my respect for something new and refreshing!! Thanks for bringing a little LA and NY to our humble Seattle. Pros: Creative atmosphere more

I had a great time there and will be back 3/25/2009

Friendly environment. I came to Seattle for a weekend. I took visits to half dozens of club here. This club indeed drew my attention. The crowds are good looking (similar to the ones in Manhattan Beach and Beverly hill in LA). The dance floor is kind of small but the people there are friendly (good quality and smiling all the times). I am not a fan of house music. But the DJ was really good that night... I am the world traveler (been six continents except Antarctica:). It is not the best club in the world, but this club indeed has its quality and is a good place to hang out in Seattle. Pros: good atmosphere. Friendly crowds Cons: music is great though I prefer top 40 hip pop more

Great Music!! 9/22/2008

I have had some amazing nights dancing to the music at See Sound, and I would go back any weekend. It's great! I was also there for the King Britt show and I agree that the people who don't go for the music are's pretty obvious who those people are. I will also agree that the drink prices can be outrageous! I guess that comes with a swanky nightclub like See Sound, but it's sort of disappointing. If you plan on going, get there early so you don't have to stand in line. You can always get a stamp and come back in if you get bored waiting for the DJs. Pros: Great music, cool ambience Cons: Pricey drinks, pretentious crowd more

Music, yeah! People, yuck! 2/28/2008

Just went there to see King Britt on Feb. 23. First, we purchased tickets (WHAT!) on clubzone as we really wanted to see King. We paid $12 plus fees for a total of $27 for two tickets. When we got at the door, the girls in front of us got in for $8. When questioned the door girl, she just looked blankly at us and gave us an unintelligible answer to why we paid $12 and if we could get a refund of the at least $4 extra we paid. We've been here a couple of times before, and we really are not impressed with the trendy people or the attempt at an LA vibe. The best clubs in LA are hardly like this (we lived in LA for 10 years). The drink prices are also trying to be LA. The people who you could tell were not there for the music were yuck. Only a handful of the crowd really understood the artistry of King Britt. I appreciated the fans that did. We'll be back in a few weeks for Marques, but now we know better to: 1. Don't buy tickets 2. Don't expect much from the crowd Pros: Great Guest DJ's Cons: People, small dance floor, selling tickets! more

Worst Service Ever 1/26/2008

I agree with a previous post. The last couple times we went there and tried to order food (they advertise they have it) they said they didn't have anything and we chose to come here when there are so many great places in the city. The final straw was when a group of us came here recently and sat at a table in an empty lounge for twenty minutes as no one even came near us (there were a few people at the bar who left soon after we arrived.) Finally, we went to the bar and stood there for 5 min while the bartender clearly ignored us and finally said it'd be a minute (he wasn't doing anything.) We didn't want to continue to be treated so rudely and left. We have been to numerous lounges all over the city and have never encountered this type of horrible service. Very unprofessional. Too rude/pretentious for such a small bar especially when there are so many nicer bars in the city. Never returning again and I've never said that about any place. more

Ruined my New Years Eve 1/8/2008

We bought tickets for their NYE party in advance, for $30 each ($40 at the door). When we arrived, the bouncer had let too many people in and couldn't let us in, and was telling people it was now $80 at the door. I can understand it's against the fire code, but it's still their fault for letting too many people in. I could have stood a wait for a few minutes, but people kept leaving and we weren't getting in. He did let in a few women with minimal clothing, though. Finally after arguing and asking for a manager and a refund, he let us in because we were starting to make a lot of noise and get a lot of support from people in line BEHIND us. This was finally at 30 minutes until midnight. Once inside, I paid $3 for a coat check where the girl simply dropped my jacket on the floor into some unknown liquor that was all over it when I left. The floors were slippery and covered in liquor and glass. It was like being in a giant white cave. The bar looked cool, but I've seen better. The crowd was filled with snotty little divas who thought that they were the queen of the party. In the hour that we stayed, I saw at least 2 fist fights, and 1.5 cat fights. I don't know if this is the normal crowd, or just the consequence of it being NYE and everyone thinking they're entitled to act like jerks. Either way, I was not impressed by the social scene. NYE or not, I'm never heading back here. Cons: Service, diva crowd more

Best place to come if you don't want a Seattle club 11/28/2007

This is definitely not the place to come if you prefer the typical Seattle club scene (noc noc, Contour, etc.). But if you aren't part of the "Seattle Freeze" you won't be disappointed. The DJs are the best in town, the interior is clean and mod, the bartenders efficient, the drinks strong, and the patrons and beautiful and friendly. The energy of the crowd here is unlike any other club in the city: welcoming, open, and friendly (as long as you check your attitude at the door). Be social, be respectful, and bring your friends! Pros: Breaks the Seattle mold; where the pretty people go to party Cons: Small -- it can be hard to move around sometimes more

Best music and people 10/31/2007

The minute you walk through the doors your mood will change to utter comfort. We came here from a review we read and it was spot on. The people, the music, and the colors are amazing. If your single and are looking for some beautiful people or taking one out out this is where its at. Good drinks and an awesome atmosphere make this my top pick of any club on west side. High recommended. Pros: The music, the people the staff...all fabulous Cons: Its hard to walk by the bar back and forth but who cares that means you get to meet everyone! more

What a moron! 10/14/2007

I hate seeing bad reviews and not being able to tell who wrote them. I go to this place all the time and I would bet the last "moron" is an uptight, judgemental idiot who'd rather hang out in the usual Seattle top 40 scene. If you want a place to talk go to a restaurant, not a nightclub! See Sound plays music, loud dance music and I love it! The drinks are strong and served by hot bartenders and the people who work there are super nice unless you are a drunk a-hole. I love this place and so do the all the people who go every weekend. If you haven't been, check it out and make your own decision. If you are uptight, you'll hate it, if you like a good party you will love it...simple as that! Pros: Fun every weekend! Cons: Line to get in if you get there too late. more

Any good review of this hole is a put on. Avoid the hell out of this place. 10/7/2007

There might be a worse lounge somewhere on this planet. I've just never seen one. The drinks were revolting. The food? I was told the menu was "limited" tonight. There were 3 items, all microwaved garbage. The music was loud enough so that people 2 feet apart had to yell. It's so dark you need a flashlight to find your way to the bathroom. I guess that's so you can't tell your hookup is a moron until you get outside. It was lit like a cave and staffed by knuckle-dragging slackers. My wife added that the reviews commenting on the "hot bartenders" are obviously posted by above mentioned posers running this sham. Check the reviews. Notice that if its got five stars, it's got the same stupid comments of how it's so trendy, has such beautiful people and that it compares to the best clubs around the world? The other reviews have individual descriptions of what an awful time was had with consistent descriptions of lousy service, overpriced bad drinks and mediocre food. The back room away from the loud and lame music was roped off at 9pm. I asked the moron that appeared to be a manager to open it up so people from our large private party could actually talk to each other. He said the patrons couldn't be trusted not to steal valuables unless it was staffed and he only had one bartender working. Apparently, he was too busy sitting at the end of the bar doing nothing to help out. Like I said, there may be a worse lounge somewhere. I've just never seen one. Pros: None Cons: Not enough room for them all. Read the review. more

delicious atmosphere 9/4/2007

When i first walked into the 'hidden club' it was like finding a hidden gem in my favorite part of town. This place has a party every night with delicious food and cute bartenders.. The bartenders always had a great recommendation for drinks and food (my fav is the raspberry mojito and the ginger beef skewers. Yum!!) The 80s night is great fun to party with my friends, and I heard they are starting a 90s night on sundays in september. i definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a chill place.... and cute patrons and staff.... Pros: hot bartenders Cons: parking more

False Advertising/Horrible service 8/13/2007

I went to the See sound to catch Lady Miss Kier and was told by flyers/websites/bartenders that you had to buy tickets ahead of time, arrived before 10 pm and found out that if you get there before 10 it's free. I spent $50 for my friends and I to enjoy our night and found out it's a scam. I talked to 5 different people who had no idea when I asked about ticket sales and if I could get my money back. Finally I was directed to a manager who said she was sorry and gave me my money back ( Thanks for that) The Bartenders largely ignored most people trying to order drinks, I waited 20 minutes trying to order a gin and tonic. Atmosphere to uptight and hipster for me/ service was bad/ tried to scam people for money....avoid this place! more
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Owner Message

  • See Sound Lounge in Belltown is hosting Seattle's most forward thinking International DJs. Our club offers 2 Rooms of clubbing to House, Electro, Top 40, Mashups and classic Party Jams. Tables with bottle service can be reserved providing your party with a dedicated server . On-site catering is available for Bachelorette parties, birthdays, and corporate groups.

    Table Service packages are reasonably priced and include expedited entry, your own server, your choice of champagne or vodka & mixers, Fiji waters and chocolates. Please inquire for availability.


  • The Scene
    The airy room with its unadorned white walls keeps the focus on the main attraction: the people. But the pretty crowd isn't the only amusement: The loud house grooves and ambient films projected behind the DJ are equally absorbing. Large sliding front windows let in the mild night air during the warmer months, keeping the space comfortable for the massive mingle.

    The Draw

    Although most customers come for the ambience and the cocktails, scenesters can actually get a decent bite around the scattered sleek couches and tables. Strong choices include meaty crab cakes, excellent hummus, spicy almonds and beef salad. Drinks lean toward very sweet concoctions like a Velvet Hammer, which combines peach schnapps, Absolut Mandrin and Jagermeister, but all are expertly prepared with top-shelf spirits. There's also a decent selection of beers, wines, champagne and coffee.

  • 12/14/2004 Provided by Citysearch

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    Open Wed-Sun 7pm-2am Happy Hour Wed-Sun 7pm-9pm
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    Master Card, American Express, Visa
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    Downtown, Belltown