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3009 W End Ave
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 321-1350
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The food and service is always great! Go on Sundays for 1/2 off bottle of wine and get the red curry!!!! :) :)


My husband and I love trying new restaurants and sampling the best of what Nashville has to offer. I have to agree with the other postings that Rumba has some excellent drinks an...

nasty and uncool 4/8/2012

want to go to the most overrated pretentious and nastiest place in nashville? then rumba is your destination the add claims you might get to drink with the owners in the private bar in back---oh right. what a joke. what a group of self proclaimed cool people. in reality, their ""coolness"" is the veil they use to keep from seeing their hollow arrogance watch the servers not wash their hands but stop to kneed the bread you will soon eat? really ?? taste good?? i hope so --- go ahead and get on the antibiotics or you will wake up with the biggest and longest case of diarrhea you ever had. is that cool? i would call it more like flames.... more

Worst Food I have ever had in Nashville 4/18/2011

I have lived here 4 years.. and I will say that this was the worst food me and my husband have ever ate. The shrimp temp. roll was cold and not fresh, the lettuce was limp, the shrimp came out of a can. My husband just threw up his meal. He had one of the oven roasted pizzas, that was so bad. So bad. It was soggy, and the pizza was TINY! I had the Ahi sandwich with fries. It was a big chunk of fish that was bright pink and cold inside, the bun was doughy and disgusting. The fries were limp and gross. I can not believe I had to pay for that. I do not recommend this place to anyone, and will be spreading the word on how awful the food was. Service was good, server was kind. But that was it. I also think I am about to throw up. It was that bad. more

Great Food 11/30/2010

Awesome food - great chef. A little pricey. more

don't be a sucker 10/30/2010

Don't get suckered at Rumba. The ""friendly staff"" are ready to milk you for tips. But jealous management will cut your throat. Claims to be ""the coolest"" are not consistent with the treatment of patrons. And the food is maggot friendly. Don't waste you time or your money. more

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! 8/11/2010

The food and service is always great! Go on Sundays for 1/2 off bottle of wine and get the red curry!!!! :) :) more

Meet for cocktails, go elsewhere for food 8/4/2010

We arrived to a not full restaurant but were seated in the front bar area where the tables/chairs feel like you are sitting in an elementary art class. Bit disappointed. Perhaps if I would have worn a dress with cowboy boots, we would have been seated in the dining room?\r \r Drinks were great - hats off to the bartenders. I tried an Amazonas (some berry combo cocktail on the menu) - not overly sweet and very good. My friend had a perfectly made Kettle 1 dirty martini.\r \r Per the waitress' recommendation we tried the Stuffed Peppadews (small peppers stuffed with goat cheese, skewered and grilled) and Fried Artichoke (panko battered artichoke served over hummus and panesco, a roasted red pepper pesto type dip/spread). Peppadews were tiny, bland and not something I would recommend to guests. The artichokes were fine, the bland spreads added nothing to the artichoke - could have provided some naan chips to eat the spreads for $12. We also ordered a trio of Satay - chicken, beef and tofu. The sauces were great and the chicken and tofu were fine, but the beef was overcooked, very chewy/tough and tasteless. They obviously used an extremely cheap cut of beef and didn't cook it properly - ugh.\r \r Starting to think this could be our 1st and only visit to Rumba, we orded 2 more items to give them another shot - the Peppadew/Pepperoni pizza and the Barros Luca (a steak sandwich). The pizza tasted like it was a frozen pizza - horrible processed sauce and dry/bland crust , completely overpowered by the sweetness of the Peppadew. The Barros Luca had the same cheap tough/chewy steak that was used on the satay - inedible. The only highlight of the Barros was the tempura green beans which our waitress said we could substitute for fries - definitely get these! They are lightly seasoned with soy and remind me of tempura vegs from good Japanese restaurants. \r \r Since we were still hungry from not eating most of the food served, we wanted to try the Tres Leche dessert. Luckily, our waitress didn't bother to ask us if we wanted dessert as she set the bill down on the table and walked away. After reading on the website that drinks are ""half-price on Tuesdays"", I was a bit irritated when the bill arrived. Apparently, the half-price drinks are well liquor and domestic beers - would have been nice if our waitress mentioned this. My fault for assuming the advertising was honest.\r \r Won't willingly go back to Rumba, but would have a cocktail there if forced by friends in the future.\r \r more

Incredible food and drinks 8/2/2010

I walked in and it was a very trendy, cool looking place and it just got better and better. Charles, our waiter, gave us incredibly friendly, prompt service, very attentive. We started out with drinks, my friend had a strawberry coconut rum drink and talked about how incredible it was all night. We ordered a couple of really good appetizers, one was a flatbread with tomatoes and mozzarella with a balsamic drizzle and the other was a very unique spicy veggie deal with a hot, sweet and sour dipping sauce. We ordered arugula salads with skewers of portabelos and shrimp. It was wonderful and the dipping sauces were out of this world!!! I will be back!! Great job!!! Pros: Excellent service, food and drinks--homerun!!! Cons: That I was the designated driver more

Great place for drinks... that's about it 5/2/2009

Okay, normally I hate it when people come on here and complain about pricing blah, blah blah. But, I must say that for the quality of the entrees for the price it just didn't quite match up. My entree was over $20 and it was a pork shoulder entree. While pork should be moist this one tasted as if it were last nights leftovers. I should have known. I mean how fast can you braise pork shoulder right? The mojito and our appetizer was excellent. I enjoyed the atmosphere as it was very lively. I would recommend this place for appetizers, cocktails and the atmosphere, not for your meal. Pros: Great drinks, appetizers and atmoshere Cons: Entrees bland and pricey for quality of food more

Plan to waste an afternoon 4/26/2009

Got there around 4pm on a saturday. after waiting 10 minutes to be seated on the porch, i realized their awning should be longer. we were seated directly under the sun. 17 minutes later, our waiter came by for our drink order; 20 min. later, we received them. 35 min later we requested another round, but decided to forgo the food idea since we had plans that evening. 20 min after that i pulled the manager aside and asked about our mojitos. he said he'll go get them right away. I also asked for the check. He returned, telling us our second round was on the house. That seemed appropriate. The bill was $18.40. I gave him $40. He promptly returned with $2. I was a bit peeved. My waiter came by, and i explained the discrepancy with the bill. He said he'd go fix it right away. 20 minutes later, with no response, my date and i got up and walked out. That was a horrible first impression, and we will never return. Pros: great mojitos Cons: lack of service, period. more

Pre Dave Matthews dinner and drinks. 4/26/2009

We arrived at the Restraunt at 4:15 pm, sat down and were immediatly given menus. We sat for 15 min before anyone even came to the table, waitress came to table for drink order, took order, 15 min later I got my water ( designated driver) and everyone got thier drinks. 15 min later she came to get our order ( 45 min until she took our order!) about 30 min later our food came then about 5 min after that our second rounds of drinks came...... waitress was horrible. Manager walked by our table 20 times seeing us sitting there looking dissatisfied.. never inquired anything. I will never go back there Pros: Food tasted good Cons: HORRIBLE service, Just HORRIBLE more

Great Food 2/19/2009

I have to say that I love not only eating, but dining. Nashville has some great restaurants and chefs, which surprises me because I'm from a much larger city. I have eaten at Rumba numerous times and love the food. I always get the Conch Fritters and Tres Leches cake. As for the prices, well what do you expect from a trendy spot on the posh side of town. I don't think it's terribly expensive, but eaten at places like Asia de Cuba in LA, which make Rumba look like a steal. I think Rumba is rightly priced for the location and fare. Comparing it to restaurants like Boscos makes no since. Boscos is a great brewery with average American food. It's like an upscale Fridays with homemade beer. Don't get me wrong, I like Boscos food, but it's not impressionable. Ok, wait, the beer is impressionable the food is good bar food. So if you visit Nashville and want to try something unique visit Rumba and have some Conch Fritters and a Mojito. more

Eat here. 2/2/2009

This restaurant was suggested to me by a friend, and I have to say I had an extremely great evening. The food was fantastic, I had the Duck+Tamale and I have never had better grits. My wife had a couple of the small plates and could not stop smiling. The Moroccan Lamb Chops were cooked perfectly, and the Spanish Shrimp and Grits were awesome. Little chunks of bacon that were mouthwatering. The service was excellent thanks to a very sincere waiter whose knowledge of food and wine was quite impressive. We did not have any problems with valet, so for those of you cheap guys out there, buck up. It is a wonderful night when you can go out to eat and experience food. Hats off to the chef!!! Pros: The food is exceptional. Cons: Why is there no website to this place? more

Not much for your money 10/27/2008

My husband and I love trying new restaurants and sampling the best of what Nashville has to offer. I have to agree with the other postings that Rumba has some excellent drinks and it can be fun later in the evening. However everything is so outrageously priced that I would recommend going somewhere else, anywhere will be just as fun, still with a great patio and drinks that are just as good, if not better.\r \r Our favorite brunch place in Nashville is Margot Cafe, but unfortunately the wait was 45 min when we got there, so we left. Next time we'll remember to make a reservation in order to get the brunch we crave! We had not tried dinner or lunch at Rumba, but most of what we had heard were mentions of small portions. We went to the brunch at Rumba this past Sunday and that was definitely the case. Don't go to brunch here thinking you'll get a hearty, delicious breakfast meal - more than likely it will be much smaller and more expensive than you expect. My latte was almost $5 and was only lukewarm. I ordered the Impena dish (egg whites scrambled, fresh fruit and turkey bacon) and for $10 you only get about a half cup of eggs. Luckily, I was on a diet so I didn't complain. However, my hungry husband was starving - he ordered the Arepas and was bitterly disappointed. It came out cold and was about the size of an appetizer at any other restuarant - and the dish is $12!! He sent it back and decided not to eat anything else. Instead we went to Bosco's where he got as much food as he could ever eat for less than a dish at Rumba would cost!! Pros: trendy night scene, unusual and tasty cocktails Cons: expensive, small portions, bad service from waiters more

Nashville Needs More Places Like THIS! 6/24/2008

LOVE Rumba! Those who cant live with a dress code, are the clientelle that this place doesnt need, so open your mind or bugg off already!\r The food is fantastic, the brunch is a MUST TRY. the best in Nashville BY FAR. We frequent Rumba several times a month and everyone there is nothing but nice to us. Chris, our server last time was fantastic! great attitude, helpful suggestions, and knew practically everything about the wine list.\r I only wish rumba was open later! Pros: great service, great bartenders, great food, drinks, etc. EVERYTHING Cons: not open late night! more

not so much really 6/8/2008

Oh ... the cap issue. I have to agree this place really wants to be hip but its just ...I dont know.\r I was tipped off that I would be asked to take my baseball cap off by a sympathetic waiter. I was caught off guard but he was nice about it. The I got the official request that I cant wear this hat. Which was just silly because there were others with ""billed caps"" in the place but instead of a ball team on their cap they had rhinestones or factory placed rips, tears, and worn spots. So basically I just wasnt wearing a trendy enough billed cap. Then the waiter was too busy thinking he was a sexaul magnet and gave really careless service. The price does in no way match the quality. Ive been one other time and the place was just ok though the waitress was very knowlegable about the wine and patient and helpful and to be honest I didnt think place measured up to her service, so I gave it another chance and it got worse. The focus is on many things before the customer or what they are eating and I just dont care to spend my time or money for that....thanks anyway. Pros: leaving Cons: arriving more

Everything we ate was delicious 4/26/2008

Three of us went to Rumba for dinner last night and we had an enjoyable time. We sat outside on the patio with Stephen as our waiter. He gave us excellent service, knew the menu inside & out and was able to offer suggestions when asked. Everything we ate was delicious. The combo satay with its 3 dipping sauces were a nice appetizer and the Carribbean Nachos were a good size portion. The very rich chocolate mousse was a great ending to the evening. It was large enough and rich enough to be shared. We also had the chivitos, pinchos and cupcake. They have an extensive drink list and seem to be able to make anything you?d like. I recommend this restaurant and I would go back. Pros: Outside seating, valet parking, attentive service, something different Cons: Slightly expensive more

Just okay 4/19/2008

I went there in February for my girlfriend's birthday, the first issue was they would not let her Husband wear his baseball hat, okay if we were at Ruth Chris I can see that but not at Rumba's! The restaurant was chilly needed some heat... so did the food, the quality could have been better in my personal opinion. \r \r The soup was excellent but the entree's were just okay, the drinks were priced about $1.00 more than you would pay at other restaurants but you have at also add up the fact there is zero parking so you also have to valet your car.\r \r This is a cool place to have Indian / Caribbean food, it was just okay nothing really memorable. Pros: Interesting menu selection (food) Cons: zero parking, no hats allowed, service more

Not ""All That."" 4/16/2008

I liked the food, but was very let down by the ambience and decor. I was told it would be more ethnic with bamboo surroundings, etc. There were some metal stakes sticking up in the middle of the floor which were sharp on the top; maybe they consider that art deco bamboo? \r \r The tables were various colors on the top, but all the seats were wooden, with NO cushions. Very ""not all that."" For the price and the experience, you'd think they would put a little more effort into making their customers comfortable. \r \r The waiter was obviously new. I was told the best seat in the house was the back bar. We were not even told there was a back bar. It's a very small restaurant with no personality. \r \r The only good thing I can say from my experience is that the food was very good. Hot, but good and they do have different cuisines to suit different palates. \r \r So, go, enjoy the food; it's an adventure in itself, but take a cushion and make your own ambience. Pros: Food Cons: scene, ambience, personality, vibe more

Great Service and Great Food! 2/13/2008

I am a regular at Rumba and have discovered that there are certain servers that are above and beyond. Arturo is one of a kind, he will serve up whitty humor along with the best recommendations on the menu. Dave is another one of the best servers you could have at Rumba, he's to the point and can carry on a conversation. \r \r Beside the great service, the food is amazing. I recommend going on a Monday to enjoy their ""Mucho Monday,"" where you can pick from an appitizer, main dish and a dessert for only $22/person. You can get the Spring Roll Quesadilla to start (my favorite), then the Stir Fry and end with their signiture Tres Leches desert (another I highly recommend). Order a bottle of wine and enjoy the evening.\r \r Rumba is a place to go and enjoy the atmosphere and the food leisurely. Pros: Free Valet Parking, Great Food, Great Service more

good food, good service, good atmosphere. 1/18/2008

If you're looking for soul food or steak and potatoes, don't waste your time. I've been to Rumba 4-5 times in the last three years and each time was better than the time before. The waiting staff create the layed back yet detailed service while giving recommendations on food pairings. Just keep in mind that this is not Bricktops. If you want fish and chips, go across the street. And please, take your ballcap off. more
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