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Royal India Cuisine - 46 Reviews - 3901 Capital Blvd Ste 103, Raleigh, NC - Direct Selling Businesses Reviews - Phone (919) 981-0849

Royal India Cuisine

3901 Capital Blvd Ste 103 (at Buffaloe Road)
Raleigh, NC 27604
(919) 981-0849
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Royal India Cuisine - Raleigh, NC


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This is seriously the best Indian food in Raleigh. The food is great and the service is great. What more could you ask for? The lunch menu is great for sampling different dishes, ...


Royal India has to be the blue print for the worst restaurant EVER. Bad service would be a compliment in that you would have to recieve service to rate it. The plan was to try the...

How is this place still in business? 1/1/2012

Royal India has to be the blue print for the worst restaurant EVER. Bad service would be a compliment in that you would have to recieve service to rate it. The plan was to try the buffet in order to sample multiple dishes. After looking at the empty restaurant and then the beaten buffet which I can only describe as heat lamp food in fancy pots we opted for the menu. We never have a problem with paying a price for good food. Royal India hits on all cylinders with poor food, low quality, small portions, not cooked through meat and all this for a premium price. So we have food, service, restaurant in general ALL sub-par and inedible. more

Terrible 10/20/2011

Happened to drop in with hubby and child for lunch. We were not greeted at the door by anyone at all. The owner was on his phone and appeared to be inconvenienced by our arrival despite having other patrons in restaurant. While on his phone motioned for us to sit at a table. The food on buffet was cold and almost empty. Our 'server' was terrible. Don't ever go here unless you plan on being over charged and treated terribly. I will never go back to this place again. They are completely unfriendly and I would rather give another Indian restaurant in the area my business. more

average food with ridiculous prices 6/2/2011

(the review below is an edited version of the very acerbic one i wrote before - a rereading exposed it to have a lot of information that was not factual) We were a group of 7 (4 indians) and we made the mistake of not reading the reviews carefully before choosing to go to Royal India. The overall ratings for Royal India seems to be high but the restaurant doesn't stand up to it. The interior looked pretty decent but the prices are very high. It cost our group of 7 upwards of $260. We ordered two starters - aloo tikki and some kabab. the portions were tiny. Each starter is good for no more than 2 - but they cost twice as in other places. Main course was ""Royal Feast for two' (~$60), Chicken tikka masala ($16), Chicken korma ($16), another Chicken entree ($16), Baingan barta, Chicken Biryani, Veg Biryani along with 5 rotis ($3 each) and ~3 naans ($6 each). The portions were decent this time but most of the chicken dishes tasted the same. The biryani was below average. However the tandoori chicken was decent. The waiting at the tables makes you uncomfortable. The waiters - one lady in particular - keep visiting your table asking 'are you finished?' wanting to clear the tables. The dessert portions are average. The complimentary tea and gulab jamuns they gave weren't anything to talk about. more

Best Indian Food in Raleigh 4/10/2011

This is seriously the best Indian food in Raleigh. The food is great and the service is great. What more could you ask for? The lunch menu is great for sampling different dishes, but I prefer to go for dinner and get larger portions of my favorites. Love the samosas, naan, and butter chicken! more

Best Indian Food in Raleigh 4/10/2011

I have a million positive experiences here in the MANY years I've been going here. The staff always remembers us and they know what I like even so they (without my asking) bring me the things I like (even if I'm just having the buffet and they don't happen to have them on the buffet at the time). I remember on either my or my friend's birthday we wanted a bottle of champagne and they only had super cheap and super expensive options so the owner sent someone out to the store to get a midrange more

Best Indian in Raleigh 12/30/2010

Been a customer for a few years. The food is what keeps my wife and I coming back. Best in town and we've tried them all. Ram (the owner) has always been great and the serving staff do a wonderful job. The more trendy Indian places in town simply can't compare with this food. You won't be disappointed. more

Awful food and disgusting seating 11/21/2010

This place used to have good food back in the 90's and has definitely lost its charm over the years. The food, prices, atmosphere and service have all gone in the wrong direction. My brother and I just ate there yesterday after several years (we never went back after our previous bad experience until now) and we were truly disappointed with the food and atmosphere. The chairs/benches were stained with food and drink spills from many years of service. The food was horrible (the naan was average) and tasted like it had been cooked a few days ago and reheated. The owner is kind of like a bully when he comes around your table to ask how the food is and decides to speak to us in Hindi since we are Indian; little does he know, we don't speak Hindi at all. The previous time we visited this place he overcharged us for our meal by a few dollars for something the server never brought out to the table; even after the server admit it that we never received the item, he STILL charged us for it since we ""ordered"" it - yes truly doesn't make any sense. I definitely would not recommend this place to anyone looking for Indian food; sorry but I don't have a recommendation of any other at this point but I am very confident there are better options than this place. more

Never go to this hotel.? 8/17/2010

Been here today for lunch buffet. Nothing is good about it except water. It would be waste of money.I am just wondering that how could this hotel got more than one * rating. more

DISGUSTING! 6/15/2010

Yes - there really were flies buzzing around! The food was cold, the rice pudding (Wait, is it pudding if it's watery and sour?) was disgusting! The service - if you can call it service - consisted of having to ask for a drink, (besides the warm water that was served at the time we were seated) and having it refilled with ice so that the first soda was slowly watered down. Come on, for the $2.50 they charge for that soda, you would think the least they could do would be to bring a new glass of new soda, not ice cubes from a pitcher that was sitting on a shelf. Oh, and speaking of the ice and soda! Read the sanitation reviews on the Wake County site - (I wish I had BEFORE I went!!) - they had MOLD, yes MOLD on the drink dispenser! Hmm, I thought it tasted funny! Luckily, I only took one sip - couldn't get the waiter, or whatever he was, to bring me another. I didn't - couldn't - eat much of the cold food. It was disgusting. Needless to say, I won't be going back - I only went because my friend wanted to go and try the indian food. Ah, now we know - and hopefully you - the person reading this does too! This place really, truly needs to close down, clean, remodel and, almost forgot, get new owners and did I mention CLEAN!! Oh, and be careful where you sit, some of the chairs are kind of rickety and stained. It's really a filthy place. Too bad I can't give a NEGATIVE rating - one star really is too high for this gross place. Oh, and IF you decide to go - check out the restaurant's website! It's funny really! You'll be wondering, like me, if all of the celebrities pictured really have eaten what you just ate, sat where you just sat and still shook hands with the owner? Ha! I think not! Pros: none - absolutely NONE! Cons: Oh, where do I start? Flies, cold food, bad service ... more

Nothing royal about it 4/29/2010

If the portraits of royalty on the wall could speak, then they would probably say, ?Why so many stains on the dining furniture? And can I please have another knife, this one is dirty!? What a wreck! This place needs a makeover bad. The slime?I mean cuisine served here is just micro waved American takeout trash, instead of the palette pleasing meals commonly associated with Indian restaurants. The butter chicken was very soupy, greasy, poorly cooked, and lacking in flavor which is very strange for Indian food. Indian cuisine is most known for mild and hot spices, and distinct flavors from various regions. I played it safe for lunch, and stuck with vegetarian dishes, like salad and chickpeas. Mango chutney was a pleasant sight to see, but also un-appetizing and ill-prepared. My final bill plus drink equaled around $12.50. My suggestion is for that cost, please ignore Royal India, and please visit the Subway situated next door. I really cannot say much for the service either. The two gentlemen, and one lady seated me promptly, kept my sweet tea full, but I sensed they were burnt out, and watered down just like the food. Pros: Lucky I didn't get sick Cons: Dirty, greasy, this place needs a makover more

Good but Tiny 3/27/2010

left hungry Pros: good flavors Cons: tiny portions more

Never Going Back... 12/24/2009

My family has been eating at Royal India for at least 10 years. In the past two years or so, we have noticed an alarming change in the quality of both the food and the atmosphere, but we were always willing to give them another chance. Today was the final straw and we will never return to Royal India. Pros: Wait staff are nice Cons: Food quality has become terrible more

Oh my.. 3/15/2009

Decided that we would try the pricier Royal India in hopes getting something that was out of sight. That was not the case. I ordered a Lamb Madras and the wife had the Lamb Curry. The difference between the dishes here and Taj Mahal is day and night. Different look, taste and consistency than anything I've had before. Not even close to what we were used to and to be honest it's almost inedible. I would much rather have had a homemade Patak's curry... really. Pros: Example: best croissants in town Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

I don't understand why this place gets such good reviews 11/5/2008

We didn't eat in the restaurant, so I don't know about the ambiance. But we got take out--three entrees, two orders of samosas, and two orders of bread--and it cost $70!! That would have been fine if the food were exceptional. It's really difficult to get great Indian in Raleigh, so we had our hopes up. I got palak paneer, and when I opened the container, there was a skin formed on top of it, and the cheese was green from being in the spinach for so long, so I can only imagine that they served me leftovers from perhaps two days previous. Furthermore, I got sick that night, and the Indian food was the only culprit. Another person in our group got curry chicken, which is usually made with white meat, but this had dark meat with gristle on it. My husband got aloo gobi masala, and that too was not fresh, and he also got sick. I've eaten at a lot of Indian restaurants in my time, and I've never had an experience this bad. I can't believe they have the nerve to charge about a third more than every other Indian place in the area and then serve their customers leftovers. We will NOT be giving this place another chance. Cons: Food not fresh, prices too high more

Great food and atmosphere! 8/6/2008

We ate at Royal India last night to help me recover from my disappointing experience at another local Indian restaurant last weekend (see my other reviews). The service was prompt, the food tasted good, and the portions were decently-sized. We had a mixed appetizer platter, which came out promptly. I think we got about 13 or 14 pieces, including tikkas, samosas, and pakoras. The were hot and delicious. I would have liked more spice(flavor, not just heat) in my Chicken Curry, but it was still enjoyable. My husband enjoyed his Chicken Tikka Masala. We didn't experience the service issues that others did. All the food came out quickly, and our waters stayed filled. We didn't experience any excess chatting from the servers, but we don't prefer that anyway. We will definitely be back! Pros: good food, quick service Cons: none noted more

Owner was rude 6/15/2008

My wife, 2 kids and I went here for Father's Day 2008. We've only been here a couple times in the past. I looked them up online to see what time they opened on Sunday and if they had a buffet on Sundays. The website listed the buffet at $8.95. Turns out they have a new site which doesn't list as high in search engines as the old site. Of course the buffet is actually $14. This is not the problem. The problem is that when my wife tried to help the owner out by telling him they have a site online that lists incorrect information, he proceeded to openly argue with her. He practically called her a liar in front of me and our kids and other customers waiting to pay behind us. We had no intentions of getting a reduced price. We were just letting him know. Instead of saying he'd look into it or something like that, he became rude and confrontational. more

great food, great service, wonderfull resteraunt. 5/28/2008

i've been eating here scince i was little, and i must say that the food here is superb. the best indian resteraunt in raleigh by far. i aspesially recoment the chicken korma kashmiri. all of my family and friends love the great food and wonderfull atmosphere at royal india, and the staff are some of the nicest people i've ever met. i can promise to anyone that they will absoulutely love this one of a kind resteraunt. more

Good Dinner 4/2/2008

The dinner is good. The bad thing about the restaurant is that the lunch is leftover food from the night before. They have scary pictures on the wall. Pros: Good Dinner Cons: Bad Lunch more

Amazing Indian Food 2/17/2008

I went yesterday with a dear friend who is from Maharastra in India. She is a phenomenal cook, so I assumed that if she would eat there, then it must be great! Sure enough, the food was amazing. I've been to a few other Indian restaurants in the area and this one is the best. They look like a hole in the wall from the outside, but inside is very nice. The staff were unbelievably kind - they brought my son freshly cooked naan right out of the oven and torn into small pieces! How thoughtful they were! The service was excellent and the food was amazing. I ate a little bit of everything, but the vegetarian hot and sour soup and curried goat were by far my favorite. I can't say enough good things about this place and I will certainly go back! Pros: The food and the service Cons: It looks like a hole in the wall from the outside - but it is isn't! more

Dinner at Royal India - Amazing 12/30/2007

Visited Royal India last night for dinner. It was wonderful. We have been several times since my son became a vegetarian. Everything we have tried was delicious. I usually have the Butter Chicken, I tried a different chicken dish and loved it. My son had Palak Paneer (spelling) - he always has that spinach dish. Pros: Great food - all fresh and hot Cons: Service last night was OK - it has been better. more
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    Inspired by the royal palaces of India, Royal India is perhaps one of the most elegant restaurants of its genre. Portraits of kings and queens decorate the walls, while ornate...

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