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Royal Ford Motors Inc - 19 Reviews - 3964 Waverly Rd, Owego, NY - Lincoln Mercury Dealers Reviews - Phone (607) 687-0424

Royal Ford Motors Inc

3964 Waverly Rd
Owego, NY 13827
(607) 687-0424
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Kevin's Royal Automotive 3964 Waverly Road Owego, NY, 13827 607-687-0424 Car Dealer, Used Car Dealer, Mechanic Family owned since 1968, we ...


I just swung by the dealership, and several cars were in poor condition. Rude salespeople, and poor cars- how do these people stay in business?

No clue who gives them five stars 7/17/2016

I just swung by the dealership, and several cars were in poor condition. Rude salespeople, and poor cars- how do these people stay in business? more

Read the real reviews, people 7/17/2016

I was just trying to write about my bad experience looking at cars at Kevin's, but I've been shocked reading the reviews. Kevin's constantly reviews themselves, and a lot of real reviews get hidden. They yell at people on Facebook, and a lot of reviews get blocked from reviewing on unless they're five stars - not really sure whats going on with that. I can't believe how many people have had bad experiences at Kevin's shop. The cars were garbage. more

Awful dealership, don't go here 7/17/2016

I decided to check out Kevin's the other day on my way home from work. They advertise nonstop, so I thought I might as well give it a try. Well, the salespeople were incredibly pushy. I said I was just checking out cars, but they kept trying to push me into expensive models which I said I did not want. After looking at the cars a bit more, many had imperfections on the outside and I wonder what they're like on the inside. While looking at review sites, I've been shocked to see how many reviews Kevin has responded to in a rude way. Even if someone gives you a bad review, buddy, you don't need to call the person names. Stay professional. more

Faulty parts 7/15/2016

My car overheated about a year after I bought my car from Kevin's. It stranded me in Pennsylvania, yet I still paid to get it serviced. I wish that was my only repair, yet the car has cost me thousands, fixing lots of parts that SHOULDN'T have been a problem with a car with relatively few miles. It has broken down and caused problems, as my mother is disabled and has been stranded on the side of the road and unable to walk to get help. This is not a decent dealership. more

Rude in person, and online 6/28/2016

This was one of the worst business transactions I have ever made. I went to Kevin's two years ago to buy a car. I was by myself, didn't know a lot about cars...they seemed nice enough, had giveaways, etc, I thought they could be trusted. So I trusted them. I bought my car outright- over 7 grand for a car that seemed to be in good condition. I could even drive it off the lot! So smooth....too smooth. Less than a month later, it started having problems. Kevin's denied any problems, but this car was so new! They were real tools when I was just trying to get repairs that were still under warranties. They were rude to me, talked down to me, made me feel bad. And they continue to do so, on these Review websites that they have access to comment on. They insult me, and anyone else who gives them a bad review. I've gotten to the point where I've had to get rid of my car. I don't have the money for a new one, as it was NOT in my budget to get another car so soon! Now I don't have a car because I couldn't afford repairs for radiators overheating constantly, problems with tires, problem with the serpentine belt, the list goes on! Kevin's staff talked me into this decision; this black hole for repairs. Shame on Kevin's, and his horrible team, for taking advantage of people. I will continue to share my story and shame Kevin's for their shady business practices. Everytime I see their ad on television it is like they are yelling at me in person again. It is just salt in the wound. These people are not here to give you a good car. They are not here to help. They are not looking out for you. They want your money, and will swindle you out of thousands. Be careful; better yet, don't come to Kevin's. more

They are the only one that will give themselves 5 stars 6/27/2016

There's a reason that most Kevin's reviews give them 1 or 2 stars- the company is garbage!!! (Also, if you look- they don't have a lot of negative reviews on Facebook, because they can delete those, block people, and just otherwise silence them. The real reviews are on Google, Yellow Pages, etc., and here, because Kevin's can't delete them.) I have personally been insulted by the staff at Kevin's, even after I gave them thousands for a poorly functioning lemon of a car. They were not open to hearing the problems once I had the car, didn't honor the warranty, and were rude to me. I have heard similar stories from friends who also had poor experiences at Kevin's (including a colleague who has some disabilities and was taken advantage of by the smooth-talking swindlers at Kevin's). I know car dealerships are in it to make money, but still- arguing with your customers and calling them names, harassing them on social media, making them feel betrayed and taken advantage of, making them feel unsafe, etc, is NOT OKAY. It would not cost a lot for the employees and Kevin to be polite and try to work with the customer. Yeah, sometimes there's issues with policies. That's okay, everyone knows this. However, berating the customer repeatedly, cheating them out of money, pushing them to cars/plans that they know are ineffective.......that's just lacking all morals and ethics. It's not okay. I would not recommend Kevin's, even to people I hate. I had to buy a new car at a different dealership, since I need a car for work, and it is putting me in an awful place financially. I thought once I bought my car at Kevin's I'd be set for a few years...I wasn't budgeting on ANOTHER new car. I didn't feel like I got a choice. They showed me a flashy, shiny car, and everything sounded great. I mean- their promotions sound so great, the people sound great, etc- but it's all smoke and mirrors. Once the money was in their hand I saw their true colors. They are not great people, and you will not get a great car here. more

They are the only ones who would give them 5 stars 9/3/2014

I was amazed to see that Royal Automotive reviewed themselves. I'm sure they were firm but fair and gave themselves 5 stars. WOW, only the worst businesses would do something so brazen and stupid. As a customer I can tell you that one purchase was enough to convince me never to return. They advertise like crazy, and I suppose they need to as I doubt they get many returning customers. They create a carnival like atmosphere and treat you well right up until the deal is complete, then they show you the door and hope you never return. If you do, don't look for even the slightest hint of customer service, you will be disappointed. more

Kevin's Royal Automotive 7/4/2013

Kevin's Royal Automotive 3964 Waverly Road Owego, NY, 13827 607-687-0424 Car Dealer, Used Car Dealer, Mechanic Family owned since 1968, we are your Ford dealer and Uhaul provider! For the budget minded, we also have used cars of all makes including Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram. Stop by today! Mon - Th: 8am - 8pm Fri: 8am - 6pm Sat: 8am - 5pm Sun: Closed more
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