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Rosie's Bridal & Formal Inc - 16 Reviews - 18675 E 39th St S Ste F1, Independence, MO - Apparel Reviews - Phone (816) 795-6866

Rosie's Bridal & Formal Inc

18675 E 39th St S Ste F1
Independence, MO 64057
(816) 795-6866
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Rosie's Bridal & Formal Inc - Independence, MO
Rosie's Bridal & Formal Inc - Independence, MO


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I also don't understand these negative reviews! I have been into this store on numerous occassions and have experienced nothing but great service! Everyone has been more than wi...


We bridemaids had the impression that our alterations were included with the dress price...we had a package deal since the bride and bridesmaids all got our dresses there. But it...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/18/2013

Rosie's Bridal is under new ownership as of June 1, 2013. We have beautiful gowns and are happy to help every customer! Please visit us for your Bridal, Prom & other Special Occasion needs!\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/2/2013

The owner of the store is very homophobic, and has a lot of hate in her heart. \r The owner told my friend that she needed to have her husband get down to the store before my friend could try on a dress. I guess she was uncomfortable with the fact that a lesbian was trying on a dress in her store? \r \r Do not shop at Rosie's Bridal, no one, no matter race, sexuality or belief, should have to put up with someone this prejudice. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/21/2012

I got my tuxedoes through Rosie's Bridal for a party of 12, everything turned out great and the quality and selection was fantastic! My wife was a very happy bride more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/21/2012

I purchased my wedding gown, bridesmaids dresses, and also did my tuxedoes at Rosie's Bridal. My gown along with my bridesmaids were all lace which made the alterations more complicated but they all turned out fantastic you couldnt even tell we altered anything! The service was great along with the bridal consultants. I absolutely loved everything and it made my wedding day PERFECTION! I'd recommend Rosie's to any of my friends!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/21/2012

My Aunt went to Rosie's to search for her wedding gown. We were greeted by friendly sales girls and shown incredible customer service. The selection of gowns at Rosie's is excellent in quality and quanitity. They have beautiful designer brand gowns that are reasonibly priced. I would definetly recommend Rosie's to anyone! more

Great Service and Selection! 11/14/2011

I also don't understand these negative reviews! I have been into this store on numerous occassions and have experienced nothing but great service! Everyone has been more than willing to help out. If they were busy while I was in there, I have just waited my turn (same as any other store) and it has been well worth the wait! I have opted to get my gown, my bridesmaids and my tuxes at Rosie's and I would highly recommend them to any bride! more

I don't understand these negative reviews... 10/7/2009

I have read these negative reviews and really don't understand them! I have been here 3 different times and I've been treated wonderfully during all visits. This is a private boutique, it's not mainstream like Davids, or Alfred Angelo. The employees really love their jobs, and were so helpful. Note that i visited 2 times before even buying a dress, and I was treated great. If you go to Rosie's and present yourself as a halfway decent person, you will be treated like a queen! Pros: Great service, helpful, knowledgable, etc Cons: Busy Area more

Would NEVER Recommend Rosie's (In Retrospect) 6/24/2009

I contact Rosie's by email to see if they had any of the dresses I was most interested in purchasing for wedding. The email correspondance seemed to be going good. The girl who responded let me know she would start a card for me with the dresses I was interested in to save time when I arrived so I let them know the day and general time I would be arriving in Kansas City (I live over 2 hours away).\r When I got to Rosie's there was no card and the owner told me she had no idea what I was talking about and that there was no email from me and no one responded to me. I pulled out a printed copy of the email correspondance and about 15 minutes later she said she DID find the email correspondance, but had no record of the response from the store which stated they had some of the dresses I was looking for.\r They didn't have the dresses they said they had so they had me describe what I was looking for. \r While they were pulling wedding dresses for me I started looking at the dresses on sale and found my dress. It was the cheapest dress I had found so far and I loved that. They said it was so cheap b/c the dress was discontinued. There were some ""issues"" with the dress that I pointed out (the zipper seam was coming out, etc), to which they replied that it was why the dress was on sale...huh, I had just gotten a different answer not 5 minutes beforehand. The girl who was pulling the dresses for me stated they would fix the issues for free. When I inquired more at the counter to buy the dress the owner ran over and stated that they do not fix issues with sale dresses and it would cost me extra to have them fix it! Now the entire experience was irritating but I pushed that out of my mind and purchased the dress as is.\r \r I just took the dress I bought from Rosie's to one of my local seamtress' and found out that the dress I bought from Rosie's had already been altered! They DID NOT disclose this information to me when I bought the dress! It seems that the dress was on sale b/c it was a USED dress, that would have been great info to have at the time I purchased! Now I'm going to have to pay extra for the alterations b/c it will be more difficult to fix it to fit me the way I'd like.\r \r Personally, I think the owner and/or employees are posting the ""great"" experience they had. Don't let them scam you the way they have to the majority of people!\r Pros: None At All Cons: Deceit, Bad Service more

Rosies is run by liars 5/20/2009

This place stole $400 from me. I ordered my dress because the manager told me that any deposit ($400) would be used as store credit if it didn't work. When it was time for alterations I found out I was pregnant. The manager said that they wouldn't be able to let it out enough and I asked to see other dresses. She went so far as to take me in the back to show me her stock and let me choose. since I was upset about my dress I didn't find anything that day. When I went back the owner was there and I found a dress but now all of a sudden the store credit didn't exist. The manager told four people that we would get store credit and now all of a sudden we misunderstood. My fiance and I asked to speak to the owner who was in the back and she never came out. The only time she could be bothered was one week before our wedding when she got a letter from the B B B. These people are liars and theives. Cons: Service, Policy upholding, Business Practices, Looks dirty more

The most amazing customer service, staff, and experience!!!! 3/19/2009

I have purchased dresses from this store for years. From prom dresses to bridesmaid dresses, and now to my wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and tuxes. This store gives the most excellent service. The service they give you is customized to each person to make sure they look absolutely stunning in their dress or attire. They come into each appointment with such knowledge. The staff makes sure they are reaching every need of their customers. Sometimes it seems they may not get to you right when you walk in, but if you would give them some time to resolve what they are doing first then they will be there to answer any questions and help you find what you are looking for. They have been in business for years and know what they are doing. Brides need to learn to relax and not take everything so personal. I don't understand how customers can be so rude when all these people are trying to do is help you and make your day less stressful. This staff puts 110% into everything they do. One thing customers need to remember is this company is small. With a small company comes a small staff, they are not like these huge places that have 20 employees on the floor and the quality is awful! This place makes sure the quality is perfect! Give this place a chance before you judge on what other people have experienced! You will be surprised! Things do happen and it may not always be their fault. Pros: Everything more

Wonderful Experiance! 2/20/2009

I went to Rosie's Bridal like all brides to find my perfect wedding gown. I had been everywhere looking for a particular Maggie Sottero and no one had it. I went to Rosie's (without an appointment) and was thrilled when they had the gown that I described. The sales woman was so helpful and friendly. I began with the standard slip, but still wanted something more full. She brought out their hoop skirt and that is exactly what it needed to make the dress PERFECT! I had such a wonderful experiece that I purchased all of my girls dresses there as well as my tuxes. The tuxes we picked out went perfectly with my girls gowns and were the best price that I could find in town. Not only were the tuxes such a great price, but the bridesmaid dresses were discounted because of the number of girls I had. It was such a wonderful experiance. I would recemend it to everyone! Pros: Amazing Staff more

Very knowledgable staff! 10/15/2008

People get so uptight about weddings, and if people in the bridal service industry don't cater to their every need and whim, they get really upset about it. I think that has a lot to do with the bad reviews for this place.\r \r I had a GREAT experience at Rosie's. I'm having fun with my wedding so I think I'm not as uptight as other women are when it comes to wedding-related things. One thing I wanted for my wedding was a beautiful wedding dress. My future MIL bought her dress here 29 years ago, so recommended I check it out.\r \r I went to Rosie's without an appointment (I think people overlook that most bridal shops prefer you have an appointment, so they feel slighted when they aren't immediately addressed upon entering the store), and the woman in there was so nice to me. I had to wait a few minutes because another family was being helped. I used that time to look around at the dresses on display. Not a big deal. Then she came out and asked me to describe my perfect dress. She asked me if I needed a strapless bra (I did) and brought it to me very quickly. While I was putting it on, she selected numerous dresses for me to try. When she handed me the first one, she said it was the first one she thought of when I gave her my description. She was right! It was absolutely perfect! I tried on the other dresses she had brought in, and ultimately went back to the first. She didn't seem annoyed that I tried on so many dresses. She was very informative and kind while I was there. \r \r As I was leaving, she apologized for my ""long wait,"" but it really could not have been more than 10 minutes. During that time some other people were being extremely rude to her and she was still really nice to me. I liked that she didn't let another family's stress ruin my time.\r \r I have not had my dress altered yet, so I can't guarantee I won't have any complaints in that area. If I do, I will definitely update this review. Check out Rosie's Bridal! Pros: Knowledge about dresses, customer service Cons: It would be nice if there were more wedding dresses up front. more

I would choose a better place 9/17/2008

My husbands son is getting married and my son and husband have to have tuxes. 1st my 18 yr old son goes over there to be fitted before he leaves for school, he can't be back before the wedding because of football. They fit him and charge him and send him on his way the day before the rest of the bridal party goes to be fitted they call my house asking for him but dont leave a message. So most of the male bridal party goes to get fitted and all 14 of them are standing around I went over and told the woman at the desk that I was so & so's Mother and she had called him did she get ahold of him and if not what did she want. well she proceded to tell me that they had given my son the free Tux. But had charged him $40.00 for it. He needed to come up with another 36.00 for the deposit and then $ 75.00 to pick the tux up. Yeah thats right\r they are charging $150.00 a tux for this wedding yeah they are giving the groom the free tux but the bride bought the dress there and the flower girls dress there. she spent thousands there. and there were like 14 tuxes rented at 150.00 a piece. They knew we were coming to be fitted and there were only 2 girls there to do the paper work and fit the guys. I wanted to buy a dress but it wasnt like I could get any help. although. they realy didnt have anything to pick from. what is realy bad I PAID $ 150.00 a piece FOR PLAIN BLACK TUXES. DON""T GOE THERE.\r Pros: close to work Cons: everything more

These ladies are miracle workers! 7/31/2008

They took my dress from a 14 to a 22, I have gained a substantial amount of weight and they made it possible for me to wear my dream dress! I wouldn't go anywhere else! My mom got her dress there 25 years ago, and I got my dress from them. They are very reasonably priced, have a beautiful selection of wedding gowns, bridesmaid gowns, jewelry, prom dresses, tuxes and are wonderful with alterations. I will tell everyone about them! Pros: Great hours, great service, great selection Cons: Parking lot is a little small and a little difficult to get to, but not very bad at all more

NEVER GO HERE. The WORST customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life. 6/17/2008

I went here because I had no choice since I am a bridesmaid. I had already heard many bad things about the store. The first time I went to order my dress, their filing system was so horrible they could not even find the ticket with the dresses the Bride picked out. When I went with another bridesmaid to get our dresses only one of the dresses was ready, even though they were supposed to be ready on the same day. When my mom went to pick up the other dress, because I had to drive really far, the sales person wanted to argue with my mom and threw my mom's cell phone at her. If that wasn't bad enough, I get a phone call from the Bride a few days later telling me that they gave me another Bridesmaid's dress and my dress was still there. I called the owner to complain and found out I have to pay an extra $25 because they screwed up and gave me the wrong dress. The owner also told me that the manager did not actually throw a phone at my mom and that she made that up. I still have to go pick up the correct dress from there and deal with these people on more time\r \r WHATEVER YOU DO DON""T GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cons: Customer Service more

I do not recommend ROSIE'S BRIDAL!!! 4/10/2008

I am a bride-to-be(August 9,2008) and I chose Rosie's Bridal for my bridesmaids to order their dress and their staff has treated everyone....INCLUDING MYSELF with absolute disrespect. I'm not trying to pull any type of CARD but it's amazing how quickly the guy behind us was assisted by the young lady at the front desk although she called some girls from the back of the store to help us as if she were too busy and we were FIRST in line. You have no idea how upset I am about this. I made 2 trips to Independence from Kansas City,KS today just to make sure my bridesmaids had nothing to worry about and I am just now getting home and the least of my worries should've been how my bridesmaids and myself would be treated once we reached your facility. My bridesmaids' money is no different from anyone elses money that has been paid to you all and I expect no difference in treatment. No one said ""Hi, How are you today?"" either time I went today. After my last bridesmaid paid her money, the lady didn't say thank you or have a nice night or anything. Everything was UH HUH, UH HUH. Don't get me wrong, the girls look awesome but their demeanor is unacceptable. It takes more than fancy clothes to provide great customer service. My visits today and my bridesmaids experiences were a total disgrace to what we stand for and what my wedding represents. \r more

only the hemming is free 3/22/2008

We bridemaids had the impression that our alterations were included with the dress price...we had a package deal since the bride and bridesmaids all got our dresses there. But it turned out that only the hemming (which I didn't need) was free and it cost another $25 to get the sides taken in. When we complained, they gave us each the ""you are under no obligation to get your alterations done here"" line. Customer service is average, but better than it was a couple years ago when I had to get a bridesmaids dress then as well. I had tried to steer my friend (bride) away from Rosie's but she picked her dress there so I have to go along with this once again. more

Great customer service, super nice staff 1/11/2007

I am in the process of preparing for my wedding. I have been in to the shop many times. The staff is always very friendly and willing to spend as much of their time with me as I need. Two of my friends have went through Rosie's Bridal and we have all had nothing but positve interactions. I have changed my mind on so many different thing so many times and they have been very supportive of making sure I get exactly what I want. They don't pressure you at all. This is a great bridal salon and I don't see how anyone could have had a truly bad experience. Highly Recommended. Pros: Great staff, Neat store, they include some of the alterations in the dress price Cons: Need to put more of the gowns in the front so you can see them all. more

great gowns. rude sales people except for one girl named amy 7/18/2006

This was my first time to Rosies bridal. When I first got there, I was ignored for about 15 min. After a while of looking, I asked a girl to help me choose the right dress for me, she looked at me like she was confused, so I simply kept looking. Another girl came up to me about 5 minutes later and asked if there was anything she could help me with. I told her that I did need some help and she catered to my every need the entire time I was there. She was very sweet and helpful. When I was finished shopping I asked the young girl her name because she was so great. If you ever go to Rosies and Amy is there, ask for her. Pros: AMY Cons: Not to many helpful people more

DO NOT GO TO ROSIE's BRIDAL! Horrible attitudes and very unfriendly. 7/6/2006

I would NOT recommend Rosie's Bridal to my worst enemy!! I actually just got off the phone with the manager and she had a HUGE attitude. My mom had to order 3 pairs of shoes for my wedding and when she finally got shoes, they were ones that she didn't even want. They were going to charge her a fee to send them back!! I don't think so. I would recommend that if you are a bride or if you are going to prom, go somewhere else!!!! We found a competiter's store that is willing to fix the mistake that Rosie's made. No one at this store seems to care about their customers. I am actually begging people, DO NOT GO TO THIS STORE!!!!!!!!!! If salespeople don't care about the customers any more than this, there is a problem. As most people know, when you are planning a wedding, you need as little hold ups as possible. The salespeople at Rosie's bridal seem to want to add to your stress instead of make things easier. Pros: There is not a single pro about this store Cons: Salespeople are rude to the customers more
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