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Rose's Restaurant & Bakery

838 NW 23rd Ave
Portland, OR 97210
(503) 222-5292
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Me and my family went to Rose's in Sherwood this past weekend, I had the Denver omlette the wife had a eggs florentine, the kids had roses specials. We always go to rose's and enj...


Just got back from the new NE Broadway location, it was PACKED. Granted it was lunch time, but if you have that many seats be prepared to use them. My experience was just okay, ...

Update the directory 7/19/2011

Wanted to take my sister to Rose's deli on 23rd ave for her birthday but it doesn't exist. Maybe you need to update your directory more

Bad service, bad food and bad management 10/10/2010

We went to breakfast in West Linn this morning. My wife ordered belgian waffles and they were out. My daughter wanted a bagel and cream cheese they were out. So my wife decided to order a half order of cinnamon roll french toast. When the food arrived the waitress explained that she didn't tell the cooks about the half order and no more discussion. It was only a dollars difference but what ever. I had eggs with potatoes and toast with sausage. The sausage tasted like hamburger with some spices mixed in. Horrible. I also ordered corned beef hash once before as bfloating mentioned and it was very strange with some sort of tomato sauce on top. Not good. I went to biscuits right up the road a few times and never had a problem and their corned beef hash is great with real stringy corned beef in it. I will never go to rose's ever again. more


I ordered corned beef hash, eggs, seeded rye toast. I got a cup of CUBED mystery meet ( no onions, no hash, just cubed meat that looked remarkably like ham ). My eggs over easy were hard as a rock, and they were out of rye bread ( a bakery out of rye bread ??? ). The waitress came by after a while ( she was on her cell texting someone for 20 mins or so ) and took one look at our faces and said is something wrong ??? I asked her to try the ""corned beef CUBES and she refused and just said the whole meal was FREE without a seconds hesitation. RUSHED over to Stepping Stone Cafe and was delighted with the GREAT breakfast there. They need to fire the cook, bring in a chef, change their menu, and PAY ATTENTION to what they are serving ! more

Love Rose's always a favorite 3/9/2009

Me and my family went to Rose's in Sherwood this past weekend, I had the Denver omlette the wife had a eggs florentine, the kids had roses specials. We always go to rose's and enjoy there breakfast on the weekend, I'm in the restaurant business my self and they always do a great job at the Sherwood location food is hot and timely, so many people are negative on this review site lets have a little more posative to say about a Portland ICON, this is my opinion, take it or leave it............ I will always go to Rose's for a great meal! more

What's all the fuss about? 1/25/2009

I was very dissapointed in the quality of the food. Way too much money for a pastrami sandwich that was edible but not nearly as good as advertised. It was smaller than expected and lacking in flavor. The potato chips were the highlight of the meal. more

What a disappointment! 9/14/2008

The title says it best: what a disappointment we experienced when dining at the new Rose's on NE Broadway. The only reason for the one-star rating is the fine service. The food deserves no stars! What happened to chopped liver being on the menu of a Jewish-style deli? What an amazing omission. The corned beef sandwich was skimpy and fatty, not at all like what is served at the NW Portland location. As far as we are concerned, the meal was a waste of $27. We will not return, nor should others who are being hoodwinked by the use of a once quality name. This Rose's resembled weeds. more

disappointing 8/19/2008

we always eat at the rose's in east vancouver, up till now we never had any major complaints. but we just ate there in the last 2 weeks and not only were the sandwiches smaller but my favorite cake has been reduced to fewer layers. not the decadence it use to be. their desserts are becoming less special. the new version of rose's just doesn't make the grade. you can't beat the original on nw 23rd. the person that referred to the current chain of rose's as cheap copycats was right on. more

New Broadway/Lloyd Centerlocation is 100% terrible, not good at all like the other locations! 8/7/2008

We eat at Rose's restaurants quite frequently and unfortunately discovered that the new Broadway/Lloyd Center location is absolutely terrible. It is not good like the one in East Vancouver (which is great) or the one in Beaverton (which is also great). We ordered at 11:15 am, the traditional Matzo Ball soup and it showed up in a small cup (smaller than the other locations) with a huge Matzo Ball that filled the cup and maybe a 1/8th of a cup of incredibly salty brine, not good chicken broth. We had to ask for hot water to dilute the broth just in order to try and eat it. The coffee was luke warm, (even when we asked for hotter coffee); the diet coke was water with no flavor or fizz. Pros: Location Cons: Awful food more

*NEW* NE Broadway Location 7/24/2008

Just got back from the new NE Broadway location, it was PACKED. Granted it was lunch time, but if you have that many seats be prepared to use them. My experience was just okay, as a single I got seated right away, greeted after 5 min then ordered. My food arrived 25 minutes later, a single sandwich, and yes, I timed it. I felt sorry for the table of 2 and 7 that were right next to me. They were apologized to for their Hour Long Wait with no food. They all walked about visually frustrated, presumably because they had to go back to work. Food wise; the Bronx was not what I remembered it, too much sauerkraut, not enough dressing, decent meat but clearly not as much as they used to put on. The potato salad was *yawn* edible. Overall I would rate the new Rose's as a ""I suppose we could go to Rose's."" more

why should I ever go back? 7/22/2008

Why should I go back? let me tell you that the last time I was in roses was the last day they closes the one at 315 nw 23 ave . My mother worked for grandma Rose and all the way to MR. B .I myself work there too . I know that the food will never be the same . I could tell you all kind of stories about the times . I have read all these reviews I see good and bad . i do crave a bowl soup once an while .. tell me this will i get up and walk out or will I be surprised with the food.. I do know that all the deserts were had made evey day . At frist in the resturant then down the street at the bakery were myself I spent the day with Papa making strawberry tarts... so please let me know should I take my family back to our family tradtion of Roses? more

Mama Rose, where are you? 7/17/2008

I went to the original roses during high school in 1960s continuing until original roses 23rd ave closing. The old Roses was known for their desserts, ruebens and many new york style deli offerings such as chopped chicken livers and chicken salad served with bagels. It was delicious. Always went on weekends before concerts etc. Coming from San Francisco I was thrilled to find Roses, back then. more

breakfast 6/15/2008

My girlfriend and I eat breakfast/lunch at Roses on average of 3-4 times per month. Overall, I would have to say that the food is consistently good and service is good as well. One Sunday breakfast outing however was a very bad experience. Having worked as a server/bartender I understand how it can be difficult to give great service when you are ""slammed"". We were seated promptly in the lounge despite the large crowd. On our way to the table we clearly heard the bartender say to the hostess, ""no more!"" This should have been an omen to us. Again, I want to stress that 90% of the time the service is very good. However, when a restaurant is extremely busy and you still receive great service that is most impressive as a consumer. We were seated and waited about 5 minutes before we were greeted. When the server did arrive we placed our drink and breakfast order right away. After waiting over 30 minutes our food finally arrived. The server apologized and indicated that our food had been taken somewhere else. Looking at our plates I realized that both of my girlfriend and I were given wheat toast instead of sourdough. At this point neither of us cared. During the 30 minute waiting period it would have been nice if the server had kept us posted as to what was happening. Instead, we were ignored. Once the food arrived the server only came over to see how our food was when I happened to make eye contact with them. My thought was that our food was taken by another server and then returned. So instead of one table getting bad service there were now 2. This was a very bad experience. I still want to stress that this was a rare example of poor service at an establishment where the service is usually great; in my opinion. more

love all the comments..... 4/19/2008

Very interesting comments as I love reviewing them. I read the one about Beaverton Bakery and being a long time Portlander I had to call and find out what this was all about. First, I have dined at Rose's over the last 20 years and have almost always enjoyed my meal and service (I say almost, cause like any restaurant it is not always perfect) and the desserts have always been special. So, I called the operations manager for the company and asked him about beaverton bakery, Rose's desserts and who makes them! He confirmed that they work with local baker's to make their desserts, all are delivered fresh daily and have been that way for a long time. He said they work closely with the bakers and they bake only to Rose's specifications and Rose's goal is to deliver a variety of fresh, creative and Rose's famous desserts daily. He said the costs were too high to bake everything onsite and that he considers the local bakers an extension of Rose's as they have total control over the quality and design. So I say to the beaverton bakery comment person....who cares who bakes the desserts as long as they are fresh and taste great. I suspect Roses does not use beaverton anymore and that a beaverton bakery person wrote the comment. Let's be real with these comments, I mean really think about it! Do you go to Starbucks or Peetes coffee and complain about the scone or coffee cakes not being made on site? NO!! more

Way to go Rose's..... 4/19/2008

I recently visited Rose's on 23rd and had a great experience all the way around! I had the orginal Ruben and it was tasty and too big to finish and my wife had your taco salad, the salad was perfect. The server (i think her name was erin) was very friendly and happy! In a time where price is always a concern, we were happy to have a great meal at a fair price. Pros: Food, price and the service Cons: parking more

VERY SAD DAY 3/25/2008

I am not one to complain openly, but after my recent experience at Rose's Restaurant -in Sherwood - I felt that I had no choice to express my opinion - and that of my group of ladies that used to frequent Rose's at least once or twice a month. First, there was a revised menu with higher prices across the board and then the classic desserts - in particular the 6 or 7 seven layer cakes, are now half the size, but PRICED the same. This is nothing but a Rip Off! Who are they fooling? I read the recent review about people worrying about calories; great, then do what we have always done - order one dessert and split it! Sorry, but none of us will be coming back again to be Ripped Off by greedy new owners! It's a sad day! Pros: Friendly, cordial staff, especially in the lounge! Cons: The food and especially the desserts are no longer a good value. more

Dessert, Just Dessert 3/24/2008

I was really upset when I sent my Mom to Citysearch to check out Rose's for when she came into town, and she told me about this review that said they get all their desserts from another bakery called Beaverton. So I called. I got some Rose's staff person (no manager was available). They said, yes, they outsource their baking, and ALWAYS have since re-opening 7 years ago! They said that they have their baking done not by Beaverton Bakery any longer, but that any recipe ever made for Rose's was a recipe original from Rose who opened the place I guess in the 1950's (I'm to young for that), and that you can't get them anywhere else. They assured me that while they have made some of their slices smaller due to a demand by diet-conscious people (who are these people and why are they ruining my just desserts?), that the cake is the same, always will be. So I for one will not ever boycott, I'll keep coming back for my fix. Thanks for straightening that out, Rose's. I'll be in this week for my Raspberry Poppyseed cake. Boo on you other reviewer. Pros: DESSERT! I don't care WHO bakes this cake! Cons: Parking on 23rd is always a nasty endeavor more


I have been living in Denver the past year, and decided to dine once again at Rose's on our return. What a disappointment! What has happened in a few short months? REALLY higher prices plus an obvious drop off in quality and service. My wife and I ate lunch at the Beaverton/Hillsboro location. My ""world famous"" Reuben was a disaster; the corn beef was very dry and appeared to have been fried to a crisp! There was so much 1000 Island Dressing in the `sandwich, it was impossible to eat. Plus, any self-respecting Deli regular would have been appalled at seeing the ""Kosher Dill"" that accompanied my sandwich. A tiny sliver of a stale, limp pickle. Come on, at least get the pickle right. My wife's Chicken Caesar was actually fairly tasty, but unfortunately, the disappointment over the $!2 Reuben was the focus. We also overheard some complaints from other tables, so I don't think our experience was an exception. At least our server was cordial and prompt. Higher prices and poorer quality are not a formula for success. Sorry, but the ""bloom"" is definitely off Rose's. Pros: Easy Access Cons: I've said it all. more

Some misconceptions 3/18/2008

Well, the specialty says hamburgers; so not correct. The hamburgers are dry and fairly tasteless. The ruebens bring people back daily - or at least weekly and they've got the best fish and chips I've ever tasted! The cakes are through beaverton bakery as aforementioned - but the recipes are special to rose's so you won't find the same cake any where else. The salads are HUGE so bring an appetite. They recently revamped the menu but the favs. are all still there, if you've never been - I reccommend going for breakfast - anything on the menu you'll enjoy. The other items are kind of iffy and there doesn't seem to be a ton of consistency within the prep, but you'll usually get something which is satisfactory for not a whole lot of money. Pros: price, location, great breakfast Cons: consitency more

THEY'VE Sheisted us!!!!!!!!!!! 3/9/2008

Okay. So i cajolled one of the waitstaff to tell me where they got their FABULOUS cakes, because all of portland knows they dont make the cakes in house. She told me that they had BEAVERTON BAKERY making all their delicious goodies, including the cinnamon rolls. I KNOW!, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?????? Pros: Well, It USED to be the Beaverton Bakery cakes..... Cons: They no longer serve Beaverton Bakery Cakes. more

Always awesome! 3/5/2008

I don't know what the negative reviewers are smoking, but I LOVE Rose's! I've been there many many times and love it. I usually get the grilled chicken sandwich and it's always delicious. My fiance regularly gets their Reuben on dark rye and is always amazed at how good it is. We've never had a problem with service, and other than slightly over-priced cheesecake for the size you get, I have no complaints about any of their multiple locations that I've eaten at. So like I said, those who have negative reviews are just haters. Go experience it for yourself! more
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