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Roma Kirshbaum & Schmidt

4600 Hwy 6 N # 101
Houston, TX 77084
(281) 463-1667
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I decided to google my collection agency and I found this site. \r About eight years ago my company took a really huge leap ......leaping in astronomical figures . Business was ...


Some idiot called me twice looking for bad debt. I asked him who he was but could hardly understand what he said , dunno if he said Mike or Chris but sounded like a old drunken fo...

Dum Drunk A Hole 6/14/2011

Some idiot called me twice looking for bad debt. I asked him who he was but could hardly understand what he said , dunno if he said Mike or Chris but sounded like a old drunken fool. Probably drank all morning slipped out of his trailer then decided he needed to go to work. Pissed me off because I could understand a damn word this Hee Haw was saying. I own a rental company but I already use someone but always looking for a good deal , but if this soo called law firm is hiring half wit twits like this guy forget it. Hopefully he'll try again after he sobers up. more

POW Right IN The Kisser 8/26/2009

I am writting this review in hopes that more companies out there will use this Company. In these rough times you need people that you can trust . \r \r I have been in business for 2 years (Not a long time) Manufacturing and supply. I have never been an owner and this is my first ""Run at the Mill"" . Last Year was the toughest time in my life , it was the worst. \r \r I had all sorts of clients that were just falling like flies and could not pay me. I am not a collector nor am I mean natured. A good friend of mine reccommended Rudy at RKS and he fixed all my problems. \r \r I asked that they not beat up on my clients and that was exactly what they did. As a matter of fact instead of losing those customers that were in hardship they worked with them and I got to keep them as customers even after I sent them to collections.\r \r My first Check for remittance Rudy himself delivered the check to me personally . Not a knight in shinning armour but instead a brown man in a shiny Armani suit. \r I nearly cried when he showed up because he congradulated me and showed that there was light at the end of the tunnel. He was very sharp and I have to say a very good looking guy which speaks volumes as representative for RKS.\r \r I want to take this time to thank everyone at Roma Kirshbaum and Schmidt for everything that they have done for me and my family. Pros: Rates are the Best in Town Cons: Not Much more

Batting 500 8/12/2009

I decided to google my collection agency and I found this site. \r About eight years ago my company took a really huge leap ......leaping in astronomical figures . Business was going faster than the speed of light internationally and domestic. We were approving credit to all that were referred by clients. I could not have been happier until about 2 and half years ago my clients were starting to look shaky. As much as I was making , I was losing in the back door. Profit margins were slowly platoing and eventually I was working more on the L's and lost concentration on the P's. \r \r I found myself in trouble with all these people that owed me money. A really good friend of mine recommended Roma Kirshbaum and Schmidt. I dont mean to sound like a infomercial but they really took the time to listen to my problems. My credit consultant cleared his agenda and pretty much gave me his whole day. He was not flattering me at all but he was very blunt, pin pointing all my faults and told me how they were going to help me. \r \r I had over 1.2 million dollars in bad debt and within 120 days this figure was cut into 15 percent of that. I am currently working on this 15 percent with their Legal Dept. This is the only problem I have because the lady in the legal dept. sometimes puts me on hold too long but eventually she does take care of me. (oh yes they are a full service firm, if you have something for litigation they can handle it.) \r \r Thank you RKS for everything that you have done for me.You are the best JR. Pros: The Professionalism of the employees Cons: The Lady in the Legal Department takes too long to call back more

The most effective agency yet 8/5/2009

I dont know what these other people are talking about here but I guess to each his own. I have worked with this company for almost 5 years. I own one of the largest resturaunt supply chains in my town and I have never had a problem with the collection efforts from these guys. I think that these other folks here are people that Roma Kirshbaum and Schmidt has collected from and got their feelings hurt. Maybe if you pay your bill then you will not feel the wrath of RKS. \r \r Let me put it this way I have had many attorneys that I have hired in the past to try to collect on my bad debts , I have spent thousands maybe even millions in retainers only to have no follow ups in my case , always having to call to get information on my cases and when I finally got closure on my case I received this pretty piece of paper that said I won the case ( a Judgment) then I had to hire someone else to execute on this. \r \r Don't get me wrong there are many crappy collection companies out there but this is NOT one of them . You will always get your money when they collect and you will never have to call for any updates. I recommend using my agent at ext. 109 JR but they have other agents there that are just as good. \r \r When I read the reviews on this company I was compelled to defending them because RKS has helped me stay in business through some rough patches and I will not allow anyone to slander their their name. If you were to buy some attack dogs for security then RKS would be the Doberman Pinschers of the industry the rest are muts compared to them. \r \r Pros: Updates, play by play and clients always come first Cons: Almost too much updates more

Very unprofessional 3/20/2009

In my years in business I have dealt with many (unfortunatley) different collection firms on both sides of the spectrum, and this by far is the most unprofessional, lazy, and immature ""company"" I have dealt with. Apparently they feel that personal insults will get them more business. During Christmas I counted 7 calls in a 14 minute period from the same individual, litterally screaming (to the point that the speaker gets feedback) in frustration that in those 12 minutes the person he wanted to speak with was still on vacation with his family for teh holidays. After calmly and kindly explaining the reason he could not get a hold of the person, he started to personally insult and cuss at me! Very impressive! Unfortunatley the company that he represented previously was a respectable company we used. Once the cash flow picked up and we were able to bring our account current, Roma Kershbaum & Schmidt completely soured any future relationship and referrals that might have gone to the company he represented. \r \r If you have outstanding debt owed to you, I strongly urge you to look elsewhere for a respectable and educated company to represent you. This company will taint your respect in the business world, and may ultimatley work against your buseness growth in the future. \r \r There are companies that work in a stern, consistent manner to collect debt and there are those that seem to flail about...this one unfortunatley seems to be the latter. Pros: you don't feel bad hanging up on them Cons: everything else more


A Mike Compton called and was extremely rude, beside the fact that he used quite a bit of profanity (f***ing this, etc). I googled them, spoke to what seemed to be his supervisor who said he would take Mike - the telemarketer - off the phones and speak to him. Probably won't. What kind of telemarketing company does not have proper quality control steps in place, which normally incude ""all calls are taped""?? I asked them to never call us again. What a great way to start my morning!! Oh, and Merry Christmas to you too Mike Compton!!! Pros: Supervisor of abusive telemarketer was pleasant Cons: Telemarketer used profanity and hung up the phone more


These people are total idiots. I work at a retail store, and this dumb failure, Donna Walker, a collector for this firm, keeps trying to get ahold of my boss, and because he is never here, she thinks it is okay to take her frustration out on us employees. She is rude, she hangs up on us and in general is a real stupid Texan, typical of the white trailer trash you hear about on Blue Collar Comedy tour. She needs to check herself and find a job better suited for her talents, like, oh I don't know; a carnie maybe, or a sales rep for kotex or massengill, cuz she is such a douche. She is dumb, simple, and annoying, how did she get this job? If I were her employer, I would fire her right on the spot. Pros: None come to mind Cons: Donna Walker is an epic fail more
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