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Roka Alexander S Md

19222 Stonehue Ste 101
San Antonio, TX 78258
(210) 403-3220
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Dr. Roka has a large practice and it's not by accident, he is a great compassionate doctor. His staff, not so much but I have managed with them because I take an active role in m...


I went to Dr. Roka because I was having some health issues that had not resolved in a 5 year period. I would have thought he would have taken the time with a new patient to get a ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/30/2014

I booked my first appointment through ZocDoc (his preferred method for scheduling appointments) and my appointment was cancelled by his staff because someone else called in to make an appointment. WTF?. There is no way that I would go to a doctor who lets his staff treat new patients in that way. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/31/2013

Too many of you are throwing out the baby with the bath water!! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a good doctor?! I've been sick since '98 and have seen way more than my fair share of impersonal, incompetent doctors. Being an RN with 20 years experience I know whether a doctor is good or not. Rather than leave a doctor you love (which are increasingly harder to find) you have to use the power you have to get his staff in acting like staff rather than prison guards. You are not subject to their ""authority"". They are accountable to you. First, write letters to Dr. Roka and as concisely as possible tell him exactly what has happened between you and the staff. ALWAYS NAME NAMES!! AND make sure you cc., a copy of that letter to the office manager. You can also call the Texas Board of Medicine. Some of your complaints, such as staff failure to call in prescriptions could be construed as practicing medicine without a license (A FEDERAL OFFENSE). Failing repeatedly to follow through with each action it takes to get referrals, procedures, etc., scheduled is NEGLIGENCE. These two items should be mentioned in your letter though not used as a threat.Those delays are putting your health at further risk not to mention causing undue stress and worry. But YOU are the one with the options, not the staff. They have a specific job to do for you and the doctor. Their service is to you. If they are failing to perform their jobs don't be afraid to speak up in a mature and intelligent way. Angry letters end up not getting much of a point across except that you're angry and if it has an angry tone the reader will not read the letter or take it seriously. Doctors have office managers who take care of the hiring and firing and general supervision of the staff. It sounds like SHE/HE is the responsible party, not Dr. Roka. I've seen too much of this kind of thing. A good doctor is a busy doctor. He has to be able to rely on his office manager to run that part of the practice so he can do his own job. Think about it - Is it right to give a great doctor career killing ratings because of a lousy staff? No. By all means, no! Those who know him and respect him should be looking out for him by informing him of what is going on. Some of the comments sound like, as much as you like him he's just unfortunate collateral damage and is getting kicked under the bus because of something he may not even be aware of or know how to handle. A lousy staff can ruin a good doctor's practice and the only ones who can intercede for him are his patients. Remember that really good doctors are becoming more and more rare. If you leave him you may NEVER find another competent, compassionate doctor. You'll end up going through what I've been going through for so many years that I just can't do it anymore - going from doctor to doctor to doctor looking for one who has the qualities you all so admire in Dr. Roka. You might add that you will be ""anticipating"" a response to your complaints within a week. Dr. Roka was recommended to me just today by one of his patients. I will be going to see him so I'll see what you all are talking about and I will not hesitate to speak up if I have the same experiences. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/23/2012

DO NOT GO! We love Dr Roka; however, his staff has made our decision to leave his practice after 10+ years an easy one. His nurse failed to schedule a necessary test that resulted in me being in pain for an additional 4 days. Then once the results were in, she took 2 days to call me back to start the referral process for gallbladder surgery. I know this because I called the lab to verify the results were sent and called her twice a day until she finally called me back. Upon arrival at the specialist, I discovered Amanda had not sent over my labs or the correct referral form. THEN when I went to my pre-op appointment with the surgeon, she had not sent in the referral form. When I called the office to get one I was told that Amanda was off and I would need to postpone my surgery for 3 days. After many calls from the surgeons office, my spouse and myself, we were able to get the PA to fill out the simple form and I was able to make my appointment 2 hours later! I will miss Dr Roka yet not his unresponsive, uncaring and unprofessional staff. more

HORRIBLE Customer Service!!!! Pick another MD! 4/19/2012

When I first picked Dr. Roka about a year ago, I was so happy with the office and the doctor, but now the staff are HORRIBLE!! I needed to get my perscription refilled and called the pharmacy as Dr. Roka's office asks you to. The pharmacy attempted several times to get approval but the office never responded....they didn't deny the refill just completely ignored it! I have called the office 6 times in the last 2 months and they keep taking messages, blowing me off and STILL HAVEN'T REFILLED THE PERSCRIPTION 2 MONTHS LATER!! It's a good thing that taking this medication isn't life threatening for me. Stay away! Dr. Roka seem like a great doctor, but his staff is not worth putting up with and eventually they might cost him his license if something bad happens to a patient they ignore. Considering filing a complaint with the Texas Medical Board!!! more

This office has gone downhill! STAY AWAY!!! 3/9/2012

I wish I could give this office ZERO stars! I have been seeing Dr. Roka for a few years now. I will never go back! At least one member of his staff has been rude every time I interact with them, and they are incapable of doing anything more than the bare minimum. I went in for a med check a couple months ago for a medication I've been taking for several years with no problem, but now all of a sudden I need a med check? A month later I went to fill another prescription and it had not been approved by the office because I ""need a med check appointment."" I was just in there a month ago! Trying to explain this point fell on deaf ears. All this office wants is to get you in for unnecessary appointments so they can bill your insurance for more money and take up your valuable time. Do yourself a favor and go anywhere else. more

Great Doctor 1/11/2012

Dr. Roka has a large practice and it's not by accident, he is a great compassionate doctor. His staff, not so much but I have managed with them because I take an active role in managing things and sometimes you have to use a little more effort to get things done right. Same with your health, if you are going to leave everything up to any doctor and not help manage your own health by research and questions, you are making a huge mistake IMHO. Doctor Roka has helped me tremendously and is one of the better doctors I have had in my lifetime. more

I would NEVER recommend this office to anyone! 8/25/2011

I have been seeing Dr. Roka for several months. After my first appointment whoever was doing the billing charged me twice. Over a period of several months I called multiple times, left messages (never got a call back), and eventually they were going to send me to a collection agency due to THEIR mistake. I even drove there and tried to talk to someone, but the lady that does the billing wasn't there. When I asked when she'd be back the staff were extremely rude to me. Not only that but, they will not tell you any information over the phone and want you to come in for a follow up (more $$$ for them) for a simple blood test. It took me over 10 minutes on the phone just to find out if they were abnormal or not. The nurse said she cannot read lab results because she is not a Dr. Well, I didn't expect a detailed report from her, but at least a reason for the follow up. I repeatedly told her I did not want to come in for a follow up just to find out everything is normal. All this office is interested in is making money off you and they don't care at all about their patients or providing quality care. The staff is rude and act like actually doing their job is too much of an inconvenience. You will consistently wait an hour for your appointment, and the Dr. only spends 5 minutes with you. Also, don't go to a Dr. he recommends, they are just as bad. Trust me. I could go on, but I'm sure my point has been made. more

incompetent staff 7/30/2011

Dr. Roka is a nice doctor even though he is frequently in a hurry, but whoever he has as his insurance person is totally incompetent at her job. I have been billed for 7 months now for a balance that they have refused to submit to the secondary insurance. I have written, called(which never reached a person) left detailed messages to no avail. They act like they haven't heard from me at all and are now threatening me with a collection agency. His service is not worth the trouble involved in getting claims paid. more

Caring Great Doctor in San Antonio 11/7/2010

I recommend Dr. Roka to all my friends in San Antonio. He is a smart and caring doctor. He takes time to listen to your needs and makes recommendations that are best for your health. His staff is friendly and follows up promptly. more




Dr. Roka seems like a nice man, but you very quickly get the feeling that you are not a patient but a dollar sign. They charge you $75 upfront and then another $75 if the doctor does anything. Come on... be upfront and say that your office visit fee is $150. After waiting for 45 min past your appointment time you get to wait 30 min more in the room for the doctor. Finally the doctor comes in and gives you a whopping 5-10 min of attention. After my exam, I figured that since I was already in the office I asked the doctor if he could burn off a wart that I had. It would have taken him 2 min to do and he could charge me for that procedure. Guess what? He said that I would have to make a separate appointment for that!! That means another office fee and yet another day wasted waiting to see him. The office staff was no pleasure either. I needed them to send a copy of the receipt to my insurance company and send me a letter of restricted job duties for my employer(which they said they would during my appointment). I had been in a car accident. A week went by and I hadn't heard anything from them. I called to see what was happening and they said, ""You would have to come in for that. What time do you want me to set up an appointment?"", IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! Don't waste your time. Pros: I don't have to go there anymore. Cons: Too many to mention. more

Terrible Staff and Doctor is driven by $$$$$ 1/13/2010

Firstly, the staff is really rude. No customer service skills at all. As others have said he is really in a rush and although he seems nice he doesn't seem concerned about his patients health. Both my husband and I have gone there on different days and have come away with the same opinion. I'm glad that as a doctor you can make a lot of money but I think a doctor should care about his patients and be in the profession for more than just money. He should also show some business sense and hire a staff that is caring or at least go send them for customer service training. Pros: He seems nice Cons: He was in too much of a hurry more

Great experience! 5/26/2009

I went in as a new patient and was very happy with the service. The staff was nice and Dr. Roka was extremely helpful and spent a lot of time with me. A little bit of a wait but was completely worth it. If you are are looking for a caring Dr. and a great staff? This is your place.. I would recommend more

happy people rarely write reviews 4/16/2009

He is genuinely a good man who obviously got into the medical field because he cares for people. He does his best to help and, if he needs to refer us to a specialist, because of his character, I completely trust his judgment. He has cared for my family of six for about 10 years now. I recommend him to anyone looking for a good primary. Regarding his staff, I have NEVER had a negative issue with any of them. As far as waiting, it is no better or worse than with any other medical or dental visit. Pros: always a good experience more

Helpful 3/5/2009

I was seen today at Dr.Roka's office. I must say Brianna was very kind and helpful. She took the time to explain my insurance and referral to me. Doctor Roka has a good staff.Good customer. more

Very disapointed, will not return 2/2/2009

Long story short...I WILL NOT GO BACK...rude staff...even the office manager, actually especially the office manger. Front desk and nurse weren't friendly either. Very rude, LONG wait Cons: All more

This Office has gone DOWNHILL!! DO NOT RECOMMEND 1/4/2009

After being a patient here for almost 2yrs i will no longer go. The staff is rude and the wait is long. I think its important to keep the same PCP for medical reasons but its not worth it. So now i will request that my medical records be sent to my new PCP and this will take FOREVER!! I needed them to fax paperwork before and they took 3x's as long as they are legally allowed. Im so fed up! As far as the post complaining about Briana, she only works there because her mom is the nurse. She is not qualified to be there and it shows. The entire staff is the same. Trust me, don't go to this office! Pros: nope Cons: Everything more

Most Unprofessional Treatment from Office Staff- Briana 12/29/2008

After reading a few reviews about Dr. Roka a year ago, I was impressed. It mentioned short wait time which we all like, kind staff and excellent doctor. Well, at least the part about the doctor was accurate.\r \r Briana is an office staff worker who displays no kindness whatsoever. You would think that office staff would be trained to listen and empathize with patients, but apparently she missed that day.\r \r I called to inquire about the reason for scheduling patients at the early morning times (8, 8:15, 8:30) when nurses do not show up until 9am causing those early patients to sit and wait for up to an hour or more. (This was experienced by the ones I have referred) I was speaking with one lady and was transferred to Briana. The reply I received was short of stupidity...""first off, we don't need a nurse here to schedule appointments"" and ""sometimes we are running behind"". \r My response was...""anyone can use a computer and make an appointment; I'm referring to the reason for the visit (i.e., lab work, seeing a doctor- which office staff can?t do). Explain to me why no one in the front is telling the patients the reason for the delay??\r To this I heard nothing but my phone signal the call was disconnected.\r Unbelievable! I did not call back. Immaturity tends to run deep and the computer is mightier than the sword.\r \r Dr. Roka did his best to settle the problem and if it weren?t for the poor staff and wait time I would return. It is just embarrassing to refer people to a place and have all that you thought and read be proven wrong.\r \r Advice: Dr. Roka has a wonderful bedside manner. He is kind and likable. \r However, make your appointments when you have plenty of time and beware with Briana on the phone?if she hangs up on the phone, what does she do with upset patients in person????\r \r Disappointed Ex-patient Pros: the doctor Cons: the Office staff and wait time more

Long wait, rude staff 11/23/2008

I went to this office twice now in the past 3 months and each time its the same thing. I come in 15mins early for my visit and end up sitting in the waiting room for nearly an hour. Staff is rude and unprofessional. While i sit and wait i listen to every rude and childish thing they say ( i guess they think you can't hear them through the little glass window....which they slam in your face) oh yes, and listen to the radio station that hardly comes in. The the nurse brings you back....she DOES NOT care why you are there. You can tell she has other things she would rather be doing. Finally, after waiting in the exam room for 20mins the doctor walks in. Seems nice but doesn't really seem to listen. He refers me to another doctor and tells me to WAIT while they try to set up the appt. The young lady doing the referral huffs and puffs and stomps her feet like a teenager, which i think she is and rolls her eyes when i ask her a question. Such rude, rude people. I will never go back. I only went twice because i thought for sure it must have been me, feeling as i did i was probably just easily agitated, but its them. Don't go there trust me. Any doctor who sees that many patients in an hour can not be giving you the medical attention you need. His staff doesn't want to help you either. Pros: Can't say i have one...they took my insurance Cons: Everything else more

Great Physician 11/18/2008

I am a registered nurse and am also a patient of Dr. Rokas. He is an excellent doctor. I have referred all of my family and friends to him and they all think he is great. He is very compassionate and I feel confident with him treating everyone I know. No disrespect to the comment listed below, but sounds like you had a rare and very complicated experience I have never come across.\r Great Doctor! more
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