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Rogue Ales Public House - 23 Reviews - 1339 NW Flanders St, Portland, OR - Burgers Reviews - Phone (503) 222-5910

Rogue Ales Public House

1339 NW Flanders St
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 222-5910
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now i've been to lots of brewpubs, but the rogue offers a great selection of food and brew and even recommend a matching beer to go with it. and where else can you get free tastes...


I heard rave reviews about their burgers, but was sincerely disappointed. It was overcooked to the point of being bone dry. Don't try to schedule a group event here, because it ...

Worst service in Portland 7/27/2011

This place has consistently been terrible. I have given them a chance on several occasions, thinking maybe it was just an off night. But no, they really are that bad. Went there for my birthday a few days ago to get my free birthday beer and tshirt. It was a little busy but not jammed up by any means. It was a monday night! First, the guy had to scan our id's which took 10 minutes then when my friends arrived, scanned theirs. Another 10 minutes. At least 10 minutes between when you order a beer and receive it. There were 6 of us, and 4 of us ordered dinner. I ordered a kobe bacon cheeseburger. After waiting a good half hour everyone's food came out...except mine, the birthday boy. I waited another 10 minutes. Everyone else was almost finished with their meals before I got mine. And it didn't have bacon on it. I didn't even bother trying to get some because I probably would have waited another 20 minutes for it. Then we get the bill and the guy guy charged me 9.50 for my ""free"" birthday beer. What an idiot. I will never go back to this place. Rogue in Newport = awesome. Rogue in Portland = horse crap. more

Dont Bother 3/27/2011

Terrible customer service at this brewery inspired eatery. The wait staff was overworked making them grouchy and put out that we came in as a 20 top table. Menu was diverse, food was pretty good however. They do not have grey goose vodka or cabernet wine, thought that was a little weird. We tried to help the server and place tables together and he was angry about this. I went up to the bar to get a drink because no one had come to our table yet and the bartender said your server has not taken your order yet? We replied no, and he said well why would you think I would be less busy then he is? My friend was served luke warm calamari,...ewwww gross and sooo not right! Will never go back! more

Horrible service! 8-24-10 8/24/2010

Tonite there was no hope for a hint of service in the bar. The bar was way understaffed and it doesnt even serve many drinks. Staff was overworked, stressed out and way to few. Management must really be lacking. Had to beg the server to get them to take an appetizer / beer order. Lots of beers in the menu were not available / or out. The appetizers never showed up! We wanted to eat there but couldn't get anyone to take our food order. We wound up leaving this dump to find another restaurant. I guess this place doesn't need the businees. We are just visiting the area again on business and had been to Rogues a couple of years ago with fond memories but that is apparently all gone. Would not come to this restaurant again on a bet. Absolutely horrible service! minus 1 star. more

Usual great brews, crap service 1/4/2010

This is tough because I love Rogue brews, always had great service in New Port, here, NEVER!!! Crap servers in the bar as usual. Really upsets me!! The table next to me got more service then ours, why? If you want great beer, come here, service? PASS!!! more

Good beer mediocre times and lousy service. 9/27/2009

I can't decide what I like most about this place. Is it the fact that a 'rogue' brewery makes their servers cover up their tattoos? Is it the highly corporate atmosphere while trying to put forth a low brow 'everyman' type front? Is it the fact that a kitchen staff member got fired for drinking on the job while he was 19, and then got hired back because his daddy owns some stock and is friends with the owner? Is it the dumb luck that they happened to hire brewers early on that knew what they were doing, before they turned into a fat bloated behemoth? Other than that, the beer would be good if it weren't 4.50+ a pint at the COMPANY THEY BREW IT AT. They have Dead Guy specials at other, better, bars for 2.50 a pop. Oh and there is a nice blond girl that works there. Only friendly server they still have. I also love that girls aren't cool enough to work the bar. I'd rather have a cute girl serve my pint, than either a short hairy rude drunk, or general manager schmary marmy. Oh, and learn how to cook a 13 dollar burger correctly. If it's 'just about the beer', than stop having overpriced bar fare that your incompetent, indentured, relatived, cooks can't seem to properly make. Pros: A decent beer selection that has alot to do with luck. Cons: EVERYTHING ELSE. more

Terrrible service! good beer but don't waste your time here with all the other great breweries closeby 11/19/2008

This restaurant absolutely has the worst service I have ever experienced. I used to enjoy this place, although the service was quite slow, but I absolutely love their beer. However, the last 2 times that I have been in there not only was the service incredibly slow, but the bartender was completely rude. We sat outside, and after waiting 20+ minutes to get our bill, we went inside to try and pay at the bar. We were met by a bartender who yelled at us for not paying outside and interrupted anytime we tried to explain. A few weeks later, we decided to give it one more chance, this time sitting in the restaurant, and it took 20 minutes after sitting down just for our waitress to come ask for our beverage order- and it wasn't even that busy (She also was quite rude)! Based on our experience with Rogue's terrible service, I will never go to this bar again, although I will miss the tasty beers. But why go here with rude employees and slow service when Portland has SO MANY other great breweries in the area?!! Pros: good beer Cons: terrible service, rude employees, expensive bar food more

Burger was WAY overcooked, unorganized management 8/6/2008

I heard rave reviews about their burgers, but was sincerely disappointed. It was overcooked to the point of being bone dry. Don't try to schedule a group event here, because it will possibly send you over the edge of frustration. Hey, at least the beer is good, if you can afford it. more

Over priced 7/20/2008

The food was pretty average, definitely nothing special. The beer was very good (and they do have an amazing selection) and the hazelnut rum that we sampled was to die for, but it was all extremely over priced. We'll stick to buying their beer at the grocery store and head to Deschutes or Bridgeport for dinner. Pros: Great beer selection Cons: Over priced more

Um, can I get a beer please? 7/1/2008

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. A few coworkers & I decided to give this place a shot one fine sunny Friday afternoon. Even after reading the horror stories of bad service... maybe it was just them. So basically it took over an hour to get 3 beers. The service is friendly, but unreasonably slow. I shouldn't have to walk to the bar 3 times asking for beer and when I finally do get one, it shouldn't be flat.\r \r If it was really busy I'd understand, but they only had 4 people working the entire restaurant, which was at less than half capacity. So we left to Bridgeport for some great beer, food and much better service. I won't be back to the Rogue anytime soon. Pros: The beer, once we got one that wasn't flat was nice. Cons: The service is way too slow. more

Worst experience I've ever had @ a resturant 6/17/2008

I have NEVER felt compelled to write a review for anything good or bad until now. A group of friend and I were there for a birthday party on Saturday. I had started a tab for my girlfriend and I and had ordered beer and food during the course of the evening. At the end of the night I paid the tab. The bartender had forgotten to put our food on the final bill. He started yelling across the bar, in front of all the other customers, that someone needed to pay for the food. When she said that it was ours, he again stated that we needed to pay for it. We were still sitting in the bar area, if we were trying to escape paying the bill it was the slowest get away in history! She then walked up and pulled her card out to pay for the balance and he got a smug look on his face and said, ""that's ok, I'll pay for it out of my own pocket."" I also tried to pay, but again got the same smugness. I know you are probably a great artist waiting to be discovered or you're writing the next great American novel, but if you don't like people and have no skills in serving them in a pleasant manner please consider another line of work. I have had a Rogue Nation card for as long as I can remember and am a huge fan of their beer but that is the last time I will spend a dime in that establishment. Pros: Great Beer Cons: Rude service more

Terrible Service and Warm Beer 6/13/2008

I met up with a friend her tonight for someone's birthday. The sign said seat yourself, and I did, but I must say, in the 3 hours I was there, I think our waitress only stopped by our table maybe twice. The service was HORRIBLE! They served my friend's boyfriend a microbrew in a WARM glass (gross!), screwed up our drink order, and then never came back to serve our requested waters, to take my food order, or to pick up our check. When I asked the waitress what beers where good there, she just handed me the menu... that's not an answer ok. The place really is not that big, and I don't see any excuse for such terrible service. Pros: I can't think of anything good to say. Cons: Horrid Service, Serve beers in warm mugs. more

great food, friendly service,killer brews. 3/30/2008

now i've been to lots of brewpubs, but the rogue offers a great selection of food and brew and even recommend a matching beer to go with it. and where else can you get free tastes to make an educated decision on what you would prefer as a matching beverage. don't follow negative previews, just give it a try and see how well it all flows. kobe beef tartare? where else are you going to get that for less than 4 gallons of gas?i recommend this restaurant to all who want to enjoy a true oregon experience. the service is really great and if you go there more than twice the bartenders know you on a first thirst name basis!! and a bar you can smoke in is rare indeed.i'm not going to dis anyone, but pounder for pounder the rogue is on my top faves. join the nation. chris Pros: it's all good Cons: can't think of one except the washroom confusion that can occur(not so bad though) more

rude service, expensive, gross food 3/26/2008

The title pretty much sums up my experience. Our waitress was rude. A couple examples... she threw our coasters on the table and they landed upside down and out of reach from us. She sees this and pretends nothing happened... just walks away. We ask about our beer order made 20 minutes before. She barks that they're busy back there and NO YOU DIDN'T ORDER 20 MINUTES AGO. My jaw dropped that she was arguing with us. We weren't being nasty to her - this was unprovoked nastyness. Everything is expensive there. Beers are at least $4.50 a pint. You better make sure you know what you're paying because some specialty beers cost a LOT more. You can pay $5 for an 8oz. glass if you're not careful. The food stinks - it's way worse than McMenamens and twice as spendy - greasy fries, cooked to hell burgers, watery soup. There are a lot better places to go in PDX. This place is so bad I'm surprised they're still in business. Cons: bad service, gross food, expensive more

A real pub 6/18/2007

This is great that you don't have to be on the coast to the brewery to experience the freshest Rogue ales and what a selection. Service is very friendly although sometimes lacsadaisical. Food is a good, but more than pub prices, So having an ale here and then going on to a nice Thai restaurant is my idea of a good night out. more

Banned for life! 5/25/2007

I went to Rogue for a friend?s birthday a couple weeks back and will never go back. Completely understaffed, unsure of there own restaurant rules, the bartender informed us that Sunday isn?t considered the weekend (at least at Rogue and their reservation process) and over priced beer. \r \r Save your money and head to one of the many breweries and pubs that have phenomenal beer selection and service in town. With such a dismal experience Rogue is certainly not getting my business again. Cons: Understaffed, Rude and Incompetent Bartender, Over Priced Beer more

Worst customer service in Portland 5/21/2007

A seasoned veteran of the Portland breweries, my husband and I thoroughly enjoy drinking excellent beer at local venues. Unfortunately after last night's experience at the Rogue in NW Portland, we've had to add this establishment to the ""Banned For Life"" list. BTW, this is an extremely short list - the Rogue being the only lifer. The reason? Well first off, the food and beer are ridiculously expensive for mediocre pub fair and local brews. The clincher though was the horrendous service. After being seated, no one asked about food or drinks the first 1/2 hour. We went up to the bar where they informed us we needed to order there. After waiting 30 minutes at the bar w/o further acknowledgement, much less placing an order, we went back to our table to stew over our hunger and plan our getaway. Shortly after, the bartender came back to announce our table was being taken over by another party. When another member of our party asked about reservations earlier that eve, we had been informed no reservations were taken on weekends. We were then informed by said bartender that Sunday is not a weekend. In short, we won't be headed back to the Rogue...ever. With so many other incredible restaurants in Portland with delicious affordable food and excellent customer service, why would we? We headed over to Echo for a superb burger, spicy green curry, cocktails and desert. All for under $50. Thank you Echo for saving our night. Pros: Good Beer Cons: Poor Customer Service, Expensive more

Rogue's Spice Rum is great 2/23/2007

I've only sat at the bar and had a couple drinks, but the Rogue's spice rum was excellent. Bar tenders were very friendly and timely. The bar top has somewhat of an interesting story behind it. Prices are avg and the same goes for the atmosphere, but it's nice for a quick drink. more

VERY expensive, just not worth it 2/13/2007

I have gone there twice, and I will never go back. My first experience was alright, until I saw the price of each beer. $4.50 each. What a RIP OFF. There is NO happy hour on the weekends. I recall the guy sitting next to me saying ""but it is $5 of the best beer and pure happiness!""... dude, you can try to justify their rip off prices any way you want to, but they are EXPENSIVE. My last trip there, I had 2 beers and a small plate of fries. I was expecting steak fries. Nope, they are no better than McMenamins. Greasy and nasty. So for 3 items, I was expecting to get ripped off paying $12. Oh no... $15!! Their beer isn't THAT great. Next to Henry's Tavern, this is the most expensive place I have ever been. Service is alright, nothing special. Takes a while for the bartender to offer drinks while sitting at the bar. My biggest complaint is the price. I think because Rogue has a good reputation in the microbrew world, they feel they can rip off people with their prices. NO BEER, I don't care what, is worth upwards of $5 a glass. After 2 trips and shelling out $15 on 2 beers and fries that totally sucked, I won't ever return, nor recommend this place. The happy hour menu isn't cheap and there are hardly any items on it. I believe happy hour is M-F, 3-5 only. So if you can justify shelling out $5 per beer and you convince yourself Rogue is worth it, this is the perfect place for you. Pros: Good selection of Rogue ales Cons: EXPENSIVE, no weekend happy hour, absolutely NOT recommended more

Love the beer, hate the service. 1/30/2007

I'm a huge fan of Rogue. I love their Newport location, I've had nothing but good experiences there. The Portland on Flanders location on the other hand has given me by far the worst Service and poorly prepared I can ever remember having. On several occasions I have given them the oportunity to redeem themselves.\r FAIL=6 Pros: Beer Cons: Service more

What kobe? 6/24/2006

Why offer a $12 kobe burger when what you're actually serving is 1/4 inch thick grey burger patty? I asked for rare and I got well-done. You're murdering that cow twice! more
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    Casual and kid-friendly, this un-Pearl brewpub snubs its hip surroundings. The bar is cozier and closer to the beer taps, where the action revolves around hops and barley. Good...

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