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Rocky Mountain Urgent Care - 57 Reviews - 13650 E Mississippi Ave 100B, Aurora, CO - Surgeon Reviews - Phone (720) 506-4740

Rocky Mountain Urgent Care

13650 E Mississippi Ave 100B (at Aurora, Boulder, Centennial, Commerce City at Reunion, Englewood, Longmont, Westminster, & Lakewood)
Aurora, CO 80012
(720) 506-4740
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Rocky Mountain Urgent Care - Aurora, CO


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Was in & out. Waited about 10 minutes to get in, saw the assistant & Doctor and was out with a scrip. for meds. All took about 45 minutes. Real nice lobby folks.\r Thanks!


HORRIBLE! HORRRIBLE! HORRRIBLE!! I have never been so appalled in my life... When I first checked in both of the two women behind the counter were severely rude (honestly think t...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/24/2014

I went to the Urgent Care on Mississippi and was treated very nicely. The front office staff was very professional and nice. The PA that I saw was very caring and took the time to listen to myself and my husband. I wasn't hurried or rushed by any means. I was one sick puppy, but was given and antibiotic and told to call if any problems or concerns. I wouldn't hesitate to return to the urgent care if the need arises. Very nice people and trust me I know there are some horrible, horrible office staff and medical people out there as I have worked in the medical field myself of over 30 years. I was very impressed. Thanks for the wonderful service and caring, compassionate attitude. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/7/2013

AVOID if you actually need any type of care. I went here 10/6/13 and saw Dr. Kumar. Had 11 days of a stomach bug: nausea/vomiting/diarrhea/uti/stomach pain. Doctor acted majorly inconvenienced by my taking up time in his day for such a minor illness. Sent me home with nothing, told me to drink fluids. Did not start IV. Did not run IV fluids. Did not assess for dehyration. Did not assess for other causes. Reluctantly orderd labs and said they would call in a few days. I won't be going back here. more

My son went to see a male doctor in 10/11/2012

What horrible service. I saw a doctor named Nathan Moore in Centennial and he was very inappropriate. I've never hated a person let alone someone who calls themselves a doctor. If similar things have happened to you, notify the police like I did. more


HORRIBLE! HORRRIBLE! HORRRIBLE!! I have never been so appalled in my life... When I first checked in both of the two women behind the counter were severely rude (honestly think they should be fired!) Once check in I waited 25 minutes before finding out my car had been broken into in the parking lot. Which also I find out later that this happens all the time... about 3 or more times a month!!! So while im terrified that my vehicle has been broken into, I have to continue to wait because my 9 month old daughter was very sick... After 31/2 hours of waiting to get her seen I finally got to go home... They never once helped me try to get out of there because my vehicles window was now wide open for any other thief to dig into.... The doctor and me went rounds because of how rude he was, and even though it shames me to say, I had to go on a cursing rampage to get anyone to even realize what was going on... Daughter is feeling a little better, but im sure she would have felt even better if we would have not had to drive 50 miles in the cold with no window!!! NEVER GO TO ROCKY MOUNTAIN URGENT CARE..... more

Inside View on these clinics. As an 2/9/2012

Inside View on these clinics. As an employee I observe poor treatment by the employer and over worked employees including massive overtime that the employer will not pay. No management support from the corporate level to the clinic level including an HR that refuses to assist employees. This is a corporate facility and employees and patients are treated so. This is a company that has demonstrated no faith in their employees which has resulted in the poor care patients receive. I also observe poor patient follow up and lack of sympathy toward patients. In these clinics you can expect to have long wait times, poor treatment from the front door to the back door and no provider stability. If you are looking for a long term provider, our providers often quit as well as other members of our front and back office team due to poor management and improperly run facilities. If you decide to walk through these doors for treatment you should have very low expectations! more

value? 1/31/2012

If you think being a patient is bad, try working here. What is even funnier is current employees have to write a good review to try to counter act all the negative pretending to be a patient. Now to be fair, I can only speak of Aurora Urgent Care. Don't rely on your co-workers for support and forget about management staff. Bree is worthless as it gets. Now I will say Dr Moore is awesome. It's just a shame employees have no value and money is more important than the patients. After all, no one cares there, so why should I? more

The Westminster office 12/22/2011

the PA was good but a guy named ""Dino"" was rude, power hungry and inconsiderate. I am looking into who to report him too. i would go elsewhere if you can. he also insinuated i was a liar when i called back to get documentation, the PA apparently did not put the ""Bronchitis"" in my chart that she gave me the script for. ""Dino"" insinuated i may be faking it and would not give me the documentation to stay out of work sick. just the kind of thing you don't want to deal with when you are trying to get well. He said the PA didn't put bronchitis in my chart but i have no way of knowing if he was telling truth. I will be following up with the board and reporting him. they left out the ""care"" part of healthcare when they hired ""Dino"" more


I waited three hours for a physician assistant, since they had no MD working, to tell me they didn't feel comfortable evaluating my ear infection and recommended I go to the emergency department or make an appointment with an ENT. Are you kidding me? And, they wouldn't refund my co-pay after doing nothing. more

NOT A REAL CLINIC 12/16/2011

This is the second time I have gone here. The first time I waited over three hours but I was too sick to leave, in the end my family practice doctor told me a few days later when I saw them that the medications Rocky Mountain had put me on were dangerous and had been pulled off the market. I didn't want to go to an Emergency Room last night and it was late, so I tried them again. I waited for two hours and saw two groups of people leave very upset. Apparently, they didn't have a doctor working yesterday, something my doctor had warned me about as he said many of these urgent cares hire people who have either lost their license or can't get a real job. I finally left. The front office staff was rude and more interested in surfing the internet than asking me what was wrong or giving me any idea how long they were going to take. I won't make this mistake again even if the lobby is completely empty, which wouldn't surprise me given how horrible this scam clinic is. more

No problem at all.. :-) 12/16/2011

Was in & out. Waited about 10 minutes to get in, saw the assistant & Doctor and was out with a scrip. for meds. All took about 45 minutes. Real nice lobby folks.\r Thanks! more

WORST CARE EVER 12/14/2011

I left without being seen. I waited for more than two hours and the staff was VERY VERY RUDE. Finally I found out that they didn't even have a doctor on staff, just nurses. I left and went to Nextcare where I was in and out in a short period of time and saw an MD. DO NOT GO TO THIS HORRIBLE CLINIC more


I took my son to Rocky Mountain for Strep throat. We were never seen, we walked out and went some where else after what I saw there. I came home tonight in shock because of what I saw there, so I did a google search and I saw nothing but horrible reviews. I wish I had taken the time to read these reviews first. With that in mind, let me tell you my story. First, when I arrived the people at the front desk were very rude. They were talking to each other for quite sometime before they even acknowledged that I was sitting there. I wasn't impressed, and after they told me the wait would only be a few minutes and I found myself with my son sitting there almost an hour later, I was about to get up and leave. Then, an old man came in with a very large cut on his forehead. He was bleeding all over the floor. The receptionist finally seemed interested in her work, but over the next few minutes all I heard was arguing among the staff inside the clinic as the doctor, someone named Moore, refused to see the patient until they could ensure this old man was able to pay for the visit. I could hear the argument, so could the other people in the waiting room, all the while this old man is bleeding over the floor, over the chairs. I asked the man if he was ok, and if he wanted me to call him an ambulance, and I got up and left. I couldn't believe what I saw until I got home and read all these horrible reviews. Interesting, this patient 57 who left the only positive review I found has left positive reviews at all their loctations.... obviously this person works there or maybe owns one of these horrible locations. Avoid this place.... tell all your friends to avoid this place. I wish there was only someone I could report them too and have them lose their license because they do not need to be in business. more

They treated us great! 12/14/2011

I don't know what those others are speaking of but I think this office is great. I have been there a few times with my kids and they took great care of us. It's not a hospital but they did a great job and on a Saturday! Nice people and very friendly.\r I think those folks who wrote those big reviews might have some personal issues and just like to complain!\r I would recommend this clinic to my friends and have! more


I've gone to a few of the clinics around Aurora & Centennial and I can tell you that the people are the best! The wait wasn't that long and the people in the lobby are really nice. They explained the billing in a way I could actually understand. The doctor was friendly and really listened to me. Oh, the asistant was also very nice. My daughter and I have both gone to the Aurora and the Smoky Hill office and really think they are the best out there. I highly recommend these guys! more


Whatever you do, DO NOT visit this clinic! If I could give negative stars I would! My husband and I were both seen at this walk in clinic last October. It was actually on Halloween. The Physician's Asst. was so interested in a child they had brought in that required a wheelchair she bascially left us sitting around for long periods of time. Which could have been understandable but when she did see us she seemed distracted. She gave me a cough medicine prescription. Two days later, after laying in bed and feeling like I was dying we went to see another doctor. A nose swab was done to determine that we both had H1N1. It took all of one minute to determine what we really had. By this time I had coughed so much that they thought I had broken a rib. So I was sent for x-rays, etc and racked up another $1600 in doctor bills. When we received their bills I was in shock. As if the regular fees weren't enough they added an extra $50 to each of our bills. It said holiday fee. I asked what this was for and said I didn't realize Halloween would be considered a national holiday and that we would be required to pay more this. They said we agreed to it with the forms we signed. I asked to have it faxed to me, and guess what they lied. It did not say this anywhere. just think it is very sneaky and they were trying to get people's hard earned money and hoping nobody would realize they were overcharging them. After writing to this company stating that I did not feel we were responsible for the bills since we were not diagnosed properly, their President, Nathaniel Moore, responded. Bascially he agreed to waive the two $50 fees but could care less about the rest. He said we were treated fairly and were responsible for the remainder. I made payments on my husband's account. They never removed the $50 like he said they would. I never received another bill for my service. So I thought well maybe they just waived mine. They had our addresses and our cell phone numbers in the file. Well fast forward several months, and at 4 am I start getting calls from a collection agency demanding payment for something that I wasn't even aware that I owed. They were very rude and I informed them of the time zone I was in and stated that it was against the law for them to contact me at that time. The lady said she didn't care what time it was or where I was that I needed to pay my bill! I asked for copies of the statements to be mailed to me. I asked her to take my phone number out of their automated system so it would not continue calling me at 4 am. She refused and stated it would be removed when I paid my bill. So I contacted the billing office at Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and explained to them the situation. They assured me that they called the collection agency and that they would not call me again. Well you can probably guess that they did for several days. Until I finally left a voicemail stating that I was hiring an attorney and that the minimum fine for breaking this law was $1000. Then the calls stopped. To me it is very sad, that we as patients have nowhere to turn for situations like this. They just say we owe it and we are forced to pay it or else it goes on our credit report. So I have paid the balance. But I would like to warn everyone who is reading about this place DO NOT go there! You will not be treated properly and you will get no help with billing issues after the fact. more

Needs better staff - front desk and triage 10/11/2011

From the manager Pearl at the front desk who is ridiculously unprofessional to the twenty-something triage nurse (female) who called me ""Sweetie"" (I am almost 60) - it was enough to make me go home if I wasn't needing to REALLY see a dr. The dr was fine and gave me a script for the meds I need, but the front desk manager needs to be changed. The only reason I know she was manager as I would have never guessed it as I asked another gal at the front desk when Pearl walked away and was told she was the mgr....laughable. more

Aurora Urgent Care 4/1/2011

I visited the Rocky Mountain Urgent Care off of Mississippi and I225 in March 2011. I would strongly recommend patients avoid this clinic. I have been an RN in the Emergency Department for 11 years and have never seen bad care and carelessness like I saw during my visit. I went in with Abdominal Pain. I checked in, was called back to be triaged by who I thought was a nurse but turned out to be an MA. I was then asked to take a seat in the waiting room where I stayed for a little over 2 hours. I was finally called back to be seen by the doctor and nurses. I remained in the room for about another hour before a nurse attempted to place another patient in my room. She said oops didn't know anyone was in here. I was finally seen by the doctor and he requested to give me and IV and IV fluid. I was happy to hear that. The nurse that came to do my IV was either not trained appropriately or had no idea how to start an IV. She attempted to start my IV with out cleaning the sight. After 1 liter of fluid was in the doctor ordered a second which is normal except he the ordered morphine to help with my pain. Wow morphine right off the bat for pain management. Also I told the triage nurse that I am allergic to morphine it puts me into cardiac arrest. I reminded the Dr. of that he then re-read my chart and said oh yes there is is. About 15 min. later the nurse came back in to give me 2mg of morphine. I sat up in bed and said get away from me I have told you people 3 times now I am allergic I want to leave. I was able to leave about 30 min. later. I spent nearly 4 hours there and could have died do to there carelessness. Also the bill I have received is crazy $457. I could have gone to the ER for cheaper. Also there so called nurses are not nurses they are MA's and EMT's. Those are medical personnel but they don't get training and the state doesn't license them to give medication. Last I heard that was going outside your medical scope of practice. BE CAREFUL STAY AWAY! more


I took my son for a very high fever. He was not acting well and my doctor did not have an appointment available. I took him to Rocky Mountain and after waiting for more than an hour, the doctor came in and told me his strep and flu test were negative. Before he even said hello, he came in and told me the results of two tests that the nurse had performed. He did no exam, told me to give the child motrin, and then sent me home. I paid over 150 dollars for that. Later that night my son's fever continued to increase and he started to throw up. I took him to the emergency room a few hours after leaving Rocky Mountain, and the emergency room doctor immediately diagnosed him with appendicitis. My son could have died. All Rocky Mountain had to do was perform an exam, but they seemed more interested in just billing people. Avoid this clinic. This is not a real medical practice. This must be a medicare scam. I wonder if the man I saw calling himself a doctor was really a doctor. How much does a white coat cost? AVOID THIS PLACE. more

Great place to get training! 2/16/2011

I've been a nurse (RN) for a long time and have heard ""I don't like doctors"" from a million patients. Now I am getting my Family Nurse Practitioner's degree and work side by side with the Doctors and PAs at RMUC in Westminster. I haven't met a patient yet who DIDN'T like Dr Kent Black. He listens to the patients and with his vast knowledge and expertise, he truly aims to make everyone feel better. I feel so confident about all that I have learned from him and hope to have the kind of rapport with my patients that he has. I have loved my experience here and Praise the Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and Family Practice for their excellent patient care. more

Shingles hurts!! 2/15/2011

Aurora, CO. Not the place you want to be at 9 pm on a Saturday night. But this urgent care was the only one I could find that was open at that time. Had to get seen for shingles. Not fun. I won't tell you where. But this place had great lighting, easy access, security guard there. I felt totally safe. Yeah, busy on a Saturday night and had to wait 30 minutes, but overall a GREAT experience. Got something for pain and something for the shingles too. Doctor Kliner was awesome! Thank god for urgent care. more
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Rocky Mountain Urgent Care Is Open Days, Evenings and Weekends No Appointment Necessary. All Patients Are Seen On A Walk-In Basis.

Owner Message

  • At Rocky Mountain Urgent Care, we specialize in the treatment of minor illnesses and injuries for patients of all ages. Patients are seen by our experienced medical staff on a walk-in basis, and are often in and out the door within an hour!

    Our urgent care clinics throughout the Denver/Boulder area are open every day of the year. Our Aurora location is open until 10:00 pm every night. We staff our clinics with board-certified family physicians and pediatricians as well as family nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Rocky Mountain Urgent Care is a great alternative for people of all ages who do not have a life-threatening condition and cannot get a same-day appointment with their doctor, do not have a primary care doctor or are visiting from out of town.

    You never need an appointment to be seen at Rocky Mountain Urgent Care and we accept most insurance plans.

    We have multiple locations around the Denver Metro area. Our goal is to provide affordable and convenient health care when you need it by Board Certified Doctors. We offer urgent care on a walk in basis and primary care by appointment. Many times, we can schedule a same day appointment for our patients through family medicine.
    Visit our Website for location information. * Illness and injury care
    * Automobile Accidents
    * Lab/EKG
    * Workers' compensation
    * Minor trauma and wound care
    * IV hydration and medication
    * Travel Consultations
    * Travel Vaccines
    * Anti-Malaria Prescriptions
    * International Certificate of vaccination
    * Flu shots
    * X-Rays
    * Sports physicals
    * DOT Physicals
    * TB tests
    * On-campus student health services
    * Sports Physicals
    * Breaks,Sprains,Strains
    * Coughs,Cold,Flu
    * Earach,Upper Respiratory Infection
    * Fever
    * Nausea,Vomiting,Diarrhea
    * GERD (Reflux Disease)
    * Skin Rashes,Bites
    * Women Health Issues
    * Sexual Diseases and Urinary Problems
    * Back Pain
    * Work-Related injuries
    * Headaches
    * Dehydration with IV Fluids
    * Joint Pain,Arthritis
    * In-Grown Toenails
    * Gout
    * Hypertension
    * Allergies Reactions
    * TB Testing


  • Out-patient family medical facility serving Denver area treats minor illnesses and injuries and peforms sports physicals; no appointment necessary.

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    Open 7 Days ; Open Holidays
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    American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa
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    Utah Park