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Rock Center Cafe - 41 Reviews - Rockefeller Center 20 West 50th St, New York, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 332-7620

Rock Center Cafe

Rockefeller Center 20 West 50th St
New York, NY 10020
(212) 332-7620
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Rock Center Cafe - New York, NY
Rock Center Cafe - New York, NY
Rock Center Cafe - New York, NY
Rock Center Cafe - New York, NY
Rock Center Cafe - New York, NY


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Last year was our first time dining out on Christmas Day. We enjoyed a delicious dinner while watching the skaters on the ice rink outside. The Lobster Bisque was yummy! I asked f...


went there with my family the sunday before christmas eve. We went for a quick bite and drinks. As soon as the waiter realized that we were not having a huge meal, he was brief ...

Poor handling of an incorrect transaction 12/31/2010

The food was ok...very pricey, but you are paying for the location. We couldn't see the skaters from our table, but that was not a big deal to us. The pork sandwiches were good, the burger was fine. The fries were passable, the bread was kind of generic, store-bought fare. Our friend ordered a hot chocolate, it came in basically a shot glass. The real problem has come from their accounting people. The next day...being today...they charged us $290+. We were not even in NY today, so this was not us. They are not helping us...they say that there is nothing they can do until tomorrow. Meanwhile, we are out this money, and they won't do something as simple as sending a fax to our bank. They are blaming the server, saying that the charge was due to a credit card theft. We were literally 2 feet from the register, so the only one that could have stolen it (we still have the actual card) is the server. They are content to tell us that their server stole our credit card number, charged nearly 300 dollars to it, but they won't do anything about it until after the weekend? This has left an incredibly bad taste in our mouth, obviously we won't be going back, but we still have several phone calls to make before being done with them. Perhaps paying in cash will result in a better experience, if you plan on going. more

We only came for quick appetizers and coffee and now this.. 1/4/2010

After my party was seated and we ordered drinks my friends parents mentioned that they were probably going to have appetizers to which the waitress stated that the policy of the restaurant was that if we were going to have appetizers we would have to go to the bar and eat them ridiculous(this policy was not written anywhere nor stated to us before being seated)!! All of the other tables by the window had just appetizers. The woman that was seated next to us stated that she ""ordered only AN appetizer"" and she did not have to eat at the bar. The waitress was very upset with us and continued to be rude the rest of the night. The manager assured us that he was not trying to ""stereotype"" us but they deal with ""aggressive customers"" that seat themselves down (which we did not).....Why are we being told about aggressive customers we were far from I have an older couple, a doctor, a law student and myself, a research scientist. Unfortunately his responce and her behavior have cost them future customers. Pros: the view Cons: rude waitress more

Don't Waste Your Time or Money 11/29/2009

We were there Thanksgiving evening 2009. We had made reservations for 6:00 with a party of five. We had bought in advance Thanksgiving dinner tickets for 59.00 dollars a person. The food was awful, the bread was hard as a rock and when we asked for fresh bread the server was very rude. He came back about 20 mins. later with more hard bread. He had no personality at all. Four of us in the party had cokes and one had water. We each had 1 refill of drink and the cost for our cokes was 36.00 dollars. Three of us had a cup of coffee after dinner and it was 5.00 a cup. So with tax at 32.00 dollars and some change and the tip was 65.00 and some change our bill was 458.00 for our Thanksgiving dinner that was terrible. Our waiter did not deserve a 65.00 tip. I would not recommend this restaurant and for sure we will never go there again. Pros: Location Cons: Overpriced, Rude Server, Very Expensive more

All around bad... 11/7/2009

My boyfriend and I recently took my parents to The Rock Center Cafe while they were visiting from out of state. As an experienced server, I was anticipating a great experience at this touristy, pseudo-busy restaurant during skating season. We showed up at 5:30 for our reservation and we were seated immediately next to the window, as I had requested. Our server approached us after putting his Blackberry phone away in his apron, and seemed annoyed that we were there. No smile, no welcome. Tried to sell us wine by the glass immediately. His suggestions seemed memorized and lacked character. In fact, it was difficult to understand him because it seemed like he didn't have a grasp of the English language. After we ordered, he left and we didn't see him again until we were having our entrees. At that time, I gave him a coffee mug back because it had a crack in it. He was annoyed to have to take care of this. It was a nice environment to watch the skaters, the food was decent, but the service was terrible. The Organic Chicken with creamed spinach is great. Salmon is o.k. Maybe try the steak. And ask for a server with personality. Pros: Skating Rink Show Cons: Lack of service, no personality, no friendliness more

Don't waste your money 7/22/2009

Ok, I am not one to really complain about dinners but I was here with my younger brother Mid July and we decided on having a nice dinner at a fancy place. Well this dinner cost a ton of money. For 2 Sirlon steaks (14oz only) and 2 ceaser salads and 2 drinks with 1 refill it was about $120 bucks before the tip. The steak had no taste. It was simply grilled (and to chewy to cut) with butter sauce on it. The menu said creamy mashed potatoes. Well mashed potatoes are my favorite dish and these tasted like instant potatoes. A side ceaser salad cost 12 bucks! Maybe i just went on a bad day, but the food tasted better at McDonalds. Pros: Atmospher Cons: Food more

A Bit Pricey but Worth the Show (in Winter) 1/17/2009

Who needs a fancy show when you can watch skaters fly by, tumble and fall (but not get hurt!).\r \r The food and atmosphere here is always good. The prime rib was generous, done to perfection and the twice baked potatoe an unexpected surprise. The food is a bit pricey but, like with all of the Patina restaurants, you get quality for that price. \r \r Request a table near the ice rink (in winter) for a fun filled couple of hours. The restaurant even offers a ""turn to skate"" dinner package that features your meal and a private skate session on the famed ""rock"" rink. Pros: Fun to watch others skate and food is very good Cons: Some may find it too pricey for their budgets more

Good views, pretty good food...but watch your bill! 1/2/2009

New Year's Eve, Rockefeller Center, Huge Tree, Ice Skaters....what could be bad! We chose the Rock Center Cafe for its location and the availability of reservation for early New Year's Eve dinner. Our drinks were lovely - nice Cosmos (no real lime juice, unfortunately) and wine suggested by our friendly waiter. We enjoyed the crab cake appetizer and the caesar salad - didn't like the lamb and hummus - weird spicy taste - and our dinners were equally good - the fafalle shrimp was excellent! Don't order the twice-baked was very obviously unwashed and appeared to have been microwaved from a frozen state that had been sitting in the freezer too long...and it was cold - the waiter did not take it off the bill ($7.00!) but brought mashed potatoes instead.....In general the food was good and the view was's the BIG BUT to watch out for: We were a small group and some of us had cash and one person had a debit card. We paid half of the bill in cash, gave a substantial cash tip, and then charged the remainder to one person's credit/debit card. When she went to the bank today, she found that the restaurant had charged the entire $250 meal to her debit card, and even though we were only a group of 4 they tacked on an additional 20% gratuity over and above the meal! When she called they told her this was ""normal procedure"" and that the correct portion would be credited back to her account within 24 to 72 hours. Now, as many of us know, working from paycheck to paycheck does not leave a lot of maneuvering room in our bank accounts. This charge put the bank card over into the red and my friend was charged a hefty overdraft charge on top of everything else. The restaurant - The Patina Group - has yet to respond to her concern about this action....So, it was a generally nice experience, but the bad taste from the bogus charges lingers for days....... Pros: Views of the Ice Rink, Location, Location, Location Cons: Watch your Bill! more

Delicious Ambiance 12/19/2008

Last year was our first time dining out on Christmas Day. We enjoyed a delicious dinner while watching the skaters on the ice rink outside. The Lobster Bisque was yummy! I asked for an end cut of Prime Rib and I got it, cooked to perfection. Honestly its been a very long time that I''ve had dinner out and every course was delicious. The service impeccable! This was one of the BEST Christmas' I've ever enjoyed. We're going again this year :) more

Not GOOD.. 10/16/2008

Had a friend in from out of town and started at the bar which was good service. Continued to our table where it took forever to get our wine.\r the steaks came out undercooked, we sent them back and they were OVERcooked! by the time the waiter came back to take our order for after dinner drinks we were already finished with our dessert. This is supposed to be a great restaurant and we will never go back!\r Pros: lacation Cons: service,food more

Fantastic view + Armando's exceptional service 7/17/2008

My husband and I had brunch on July 6, 2008 as part of his birthday celebration. We were delighted to be seated in front of the bronze fountain (Statue of Prometheus) while enjoying our shrimp frittata, summer fruit plate, poached egg florentine and key lime pie. Armando was very gracious and thoughtful in his service (gave us 2 forks for the key lime pie). We returned today July 17, 2008 for lunch. To my surprise we were seated once again in front of the bronze fountain and Armando was more than happy to serve us (again) our iced tea, virgin strawberry daquiri, crispy calamari, Caesar salad and grilled chicken Cobb wrap. Exceptional location, food and service! Highly recommended! Pros: Best location on 5th Avenue to unwind without missing a beat more

Tourist Trap Personified 6/11/2008

New York working Girl takes husband out for a birthday dinner...Hoping for a little scene, we were seated in the back corner of the restaurant near the bar without a view. The place was empty. Onto drinks, we ordered Kettle one and were told they were out. ""I'll try a new vodka, what's the latest???"" my husband asked...""I don't know, Stoly?"" the waiter replied. My husband of 6'2"" orders the lobster risotto, as the waiter promises it's got a pound and 1/2 of lobster meat in it...The meal arrives as a bowl full of risotto with two tiny pieces of claw meat . ""Where's the rest of the Lobster?""...""It's in there"" says the waiter. This bowl of risotto was sent back, and the waiter promised the crab cakes are their signature dish. $38 for two breaded crabcakes on the plate...sitting in honey mustard. Come on - at least make it look good. Think I'll resign from the Dine Out NY membership. The $50 off still cost us $200. Really poor. more

poor service, snotty waiters 12/27/2007

went there with my family the sunday before christmas eve. We went for a quick bite and drinks. As soon as the waiter realized that we were not having a huge meal, he was brief with us. Our food was good, but he forgot our appetizer. He never checked on us until we asked for the bill, even though he stopped by other tables around us. \r \r Very disappointing. needless to say, his tip reflected his service, which was extremely poor. Pros: lively atmosphere, good location, food is ok Cons: snotty waiters more

Terrible Food for an Outrageous Price 12/16/2007

My boyfriend and I who are lifelong New Yorkers decided to venture here on a Sunday morning after craving brunch the night before. We called and the recording said they opened at 10 am for brunch. We got there at 10 and found out they open at 11 and NO BRUNCH. We were starving and after waiting on the 30 minute line of tourists we decided to just eat. We ordered a 17 dollar crab cake appetizer which was so fishy I couldn't stomach it, the risotto it came with tasted like frozen food, the ham sandwich and turkey sandwich both came on cold rock hard bread for almost 20 bucks a piece. The fries were good but were identical to a fast food chain. The soda was flat. Neither of us ate the crab cake or the ham sandwich, which translates into 90 dollars for a turkey sandwich on hard bread that we didn't want in the first place! I work at a restaurant and never have written a review (let alone a bad one) before, however this place was such a disappointment that I just had to. Don't go here if you want a quality meal. The only thing that was nice was the view of the ice rink, which you could get for free from the street. Pros: View of the rink. Cons: Food! No brunch on a Sunday morning, etc... more

Bad Food & not bother 10/25/2007

Food was disgusting.\r Pasta was mush. Salmon tasted fishy.\r Service was beyond bad. Overpriced. Filthy bathrooms.\r went there for dinner and there was no one there! \r Waiter could barely speak English and had an attitude. \r How are the food & service bad when they don't have any customers! \r Typical corparatey gross restuarant....really cheesey. Don't waste your money. Pros: There is no one there Cons: There is no one there more

Cozy spot with solid food 8/14/2007

I know, all my reviews lately are ""3 star"" but I love this place. It's nothing ""amazing"" but at the same time, in a city as potentially off-putting as New York, it is. The bread is good (nice bread sticks, a few different types of bread in the basket - good rolls), the crab cakes are phenomenal (and I am a tough judge of crab cakes. These are the best or close to it that I have ever had. Good enough to go for alone? Heck yes!). While the fish part of the 'seared daily fish' in the coconut ginger broth is as precarious as it sounds (I mean really, not every fish belongs in that), the sweet snap peas in the same sauce are delightful! Also, the first time I went my mother had the BBQ dinner plate and everything on it was amazing and uniquely different. The chicken was sweet with a hint of spice - well flavored certainly, the ribs were succulent, and the shrimp were delightful and exotic. - all a win. The second time I went I had the 'crispy seared organic chicken' and while it was what you would expect - crispy fried (not breaded) chicken, it was only 'decent' - like 'home cookin' which certainly pleased me. I was however disappointed in what seemed like a not-at-all thought out ""roasted corn and smoked bacon hash"" which was not at all hash-like, and had not even a faint hint of bacon to it, and which did not make sense at all with the watermelon 'vinaigrette' - chunks of watermelon and potato do not co-exist. Even still, I enjoyed my meal very much. Maybe I was home sick and the comfort food was what I needed? \r \r I also don't understand why people seem to dislike the decor here. I love it! Maybe you wouldn't enjoy it for a romantic evening out (though I certainly think you could) but I think the orange/red hues, dim lighting, cozy booths, and view of the outside bar (or even better - rink in winter) are terrific. I love that I work above this place and plan to make it a frequent dining/lunch spot.\r Pros: Excellent decor, comforting food (for the most part), just a cozy spot Cons: The fish of the day! ;P And the cleave of the hostess! more

Best place for Sunday brunch! 10/16/2006

This is my favorite place to go on Sundays for brunch. I love to watch the skaters on the ice rink while I'm eating. I haven't found a more cozy place in the city! Even better during the holidays! Pros: Great View! more

Best Brunch 10/15/2006

Went here 2 weeks ago for brunch. It was really nice, had a good sized booth. Our waiter was attentive. Food was really really really good. We got to sit and watch the ice skating outside, it was simply a beautiful sunday day in the city. Pros: view of Rock Center !!! Cons: noisy more

Not Just For Tourists! 10/5/2006

i have a feeling that these is the kind of place that New Yorkers steer clear of because theyre under the notion that it's a tourist only spot. those are people that miss out! the food is WONDERFUL and you cant go wrong with a view like that-- this past we week, we were able to look on as the ice rink was undergoing its transformation. definitely a two thumbs! (and you fellow New Yorkers should definitely get out to this place!) Pros: great locations, amazing scenery more

Great Brunch 10/1/2006

I went here with my family (party of 5) for breakfast on a Sunday morning. The menu is definitly split between breakfast food (french toast, pancakes, frittata) and heavier meals (steak, chicken) so if you are just in the mood for breakfast, this probably isn't the place. However, we really enjoyed it. They had the most amazing bread basket that we got refilled 4 times. Our waiter was also incredibly friendly and helpful. THe food was really good and if it hadn't been pouring rain, the location in Rockefeller center would have been great. more

A Great Surprise 12/31/2005

We went here to watch the skaters. We simply went for the atmosphere and view and really did not expect the food to be much. What a surprise. It was our best meal in NYC. The prime rib and chicken scalloppine were delicious and the service was quite good. Although it took about a half hour to get a table with a view of the skaters, those who were not as particular were being seated fairly quickly. Next time we are in New York we definitely will go back for a fine meal. more
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