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Riverside Veterinary Clinic - 21 Reviews - 2400 East Oltorf Street Suite 10A, Austin, TX - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (512) 444-3111

Riverside Veterinary Clinic

2400 East Oltorf Street Suite 10A (at East Riverside Drive)
Austin, TX 78741
(512) 444-3111
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Riverside Veterinary Clinic - Austin, TX


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Dr. E. Henry Meyer at Riverside Veterinary Clinic 443-3111 2400 East Oltorf St, Suite 10A Austin, TX 78741 Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri: 7am - 6:30pm Sat: 8:30am - noon Dr. E. Henr...


Don't be duped - these guys charge a little less but you will end up paying more if you come here. I wanted to get my cats ready for a move to Hawaii and dropped them at the vet...

Excellent Pet Care at a Reasonable Cost 3/30/2012

Dr. E. Henry Meyer at Riverside Veterinary Clinic 443-3111 2400 East Oltorf St, Suite 10A Austin, TX 78741 Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri: 7am - 6:30pm Sat: 8:30am - noon Dr. E. Henry Meyer at Riverside Veterinary Clinic is an Austin institution and his clients love him, as you will see from all the pet photos lining the walls of his clinic. Here is why I am recommending him: On the afternoon of 3/7/11, my cat broke a fang tooth at the gum line. I called the animal hospital where I had been taking my cats since 2004. They quoted me between $550 and $618 to remove the root of the tooth. But, they could not do the operation until 4 days later. My cat was in pain. I called Dr. Meyer, who had spayed my cat after I rescued her (she was feral). I was quoted $85. Dr Meyer was going to be out of the office at continuing education the next day, but, he said if I could bring my cat to his office within the hour, he would stay late and do the surgery that night. Which he did. When I collected my cat the next day, she was in an excellent mood, and the total bill was $97 because she needed antibiotics that Dr. Meyer charged $12 for. (I had payed $25 for the same antibiotic at my regular vet on 9/30/10 because the area around her fang tooth was inflamed (the tooth was cracked even then, but her yearly exam at my regular vet ($190.48) did not disclose this fact.) I took my cat back to Dr. Meyer on 3/16/11 to have the stitches removed (no charge.) Although Riverside Clinic is not convenient for me, I now will be taking all 4 of my cats to Dr. Meyer for all their medical needs. He went beyond the call of duty for my cat. Positives: Competent, caring service at a very reasonable cost. Willing to work around his regular schedule to help a cat in pain. Front desk employees have always been exceptionally kind and helpful to me. Negatives: Owners can't go to the exam room with their pets. They take your pet to the back, then return the pet to you in the waiting room. more

Worst Vet EVER! 10/14/2011

Don't be duped - these guys charge a little less but you will end up paying more if you come here. I wanted to get my cats ready for a move to Hawaii and dropped them at the vet with a to do list. THREE DAYS LATER they give me a bill for $200 for arbitrary blood work and urinalysis, which was perfectly normal, and yet they DID NOT DO A SINGLE THING ON THE LIST. I called the third day and demanded to get a phone call from the blood work technician, who was stalling and not returning my calls (meanwhile my cats are sitting in a jail cell waiting for the technician to get off his ass). The receptionist told me that she couldn't guarantee that anyone would call me back - AFTER THREE DAYS. I told her f*ck that I'm coming to get my cats and I did just that. The receptionist tried to telling me ""nobody makes any money here"" which is a bold faced lie. They are NOT a charity organization, and they are NOT a non-profit, don't be fooled! AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE. Their prices ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE to charity prices, not even close, but they want you to believe they are a non-profit so that they can justify providing what I believe is the worst customer service experience in Austin. more

Where is Paco??? Why did you ILLEGALLY give away your patie 8/4/2011

PLEASE READ!! \r \r I volunteer with a local dog rescue and Dr. Meyer put one of his client more

Great Vet Clnic 7/5/2010

I have used RVC for the last 5 years for my 3 kitties. I have experienced some long waits on the phone, but have been given excellent service for routine and emergency issues. The clinic is slammed from the moment they open and I see how hard the employees work to get to calls and office visits. My pets have been given extra care on stay over visits and staff listens to special requests regarding the comfort and safety of my babies. They have been more than reasonable on fees and always attempt to work within my financial limitations to provide the best care possible. Pros: Compassionate care, reasonable prices Cons: Wait more



The BEST Veterinary Clinic in Town 8/8/2009

\r It is my desire to express my gratitude toward people who show respect for me and their patient ""Littleone"".\r Yes, there are negative reviews written and that is okay because I took my chihuahua to this clinic based on the words of a friend. \r \r It seems as though the negative responses have been exaggerated. I know first handed that the staff work to ensure pets are scheduled to fit your schedule when possible. They Do give a courtesy call one day before the appointment.\r Yes, you may have to wait sometime after your arrival, that is understood since it is a buisness with many patients. \r The staff members of Riverside Veterinary Clinic work there because they too want to help you. This I know because of my conversation with them. You too will see it when you take a moment to ask them as I did.\r \r With all of that said, yes anyone can write whatever, however, I write this because I trusted a friend, and have supported this clinic for the past year due to my pets health issues. The price of health care for my pet and the treatment they give me and ""Littleone"" can't be matched. MS Pros: Service, Care, Professional Associates Cons: Parking more

the BEST care for your pet 8/1/2009

We are new (one year) owners of our beloved dog and family member Jimi, and were referred to this clinic by friends with dogs. From day one, we have had nothing but the best and most professional service. And the prices are so much less than any other clinic...we did our research. Our dog was sick and we called to make an appointment and were told that the next available was 5 days out, however, the receptionist said that she would see what she could do. She called back in a couple of hours and fit us in. We showed up and were seen immediately. It is now the next day, and Jimi is back to himself, and all of his symptoms are gone. I read some negative reviews, and don't understand at all. Nothing but the best experiences with the whole staff. Dr. Meyer and staff are the best and we will continue to refer EVERYONE to them. Thank you! Pros: personal service, knows when immediate attention is needed Cons: none, it's no frills, and therefore the price is right! more

Nice Dr. but poorly run office 7/14/2009

The Vet himself was very nice. The staff was professional and never rude to me. But office screwed up one too many times. Cancelling a surgery 20 minutes before it was scheduled and then not being able to reschedule for a month. Not having enough charcoal for a large dog to take when he was poisoned. So busy they have no time to see emergency's. 2-3 week wait to see Vet when dog has an open sore. Pros: Nice Doctor Cons: Poorly run business more

I Don't Get It 6/1/2009

I don't get the extremely negative reviews. Sure,I've had to wait and have been put on hold(for a couple of minutes), same as with my doctor and dentist! But ""unfriendly and incompetent""? I've always had good experiences with Dr. Meyer and the staff, even if they're too busy to hand out hugs and lollipops. I wondered if the address change had caused some problems, but the ""one stars"" go further back than that. Makes me wonder if the competition isn't hiring people to give bad reviews. I have never been to this office when it wasn't somewhere between busy and swamped! The ""regulars"" never seem resentful or impatient, they know they will be taken care of in reasonable time(must be a South Austin thing). It has always been a pleasure to confer with Dr. Meyer about my pet. He NEVER seems rushed or impatient and has a great, unforced ""bedside manner"". This personalized type of service undoubtably contributes to appointments that run over and cause the wait. So be patient already, or go to Westlake Hills and pay a lot more(and probably still wait). The crowded waiting room at this Vet's is evidence of many satisfied(repeat) customers. Bring a good book and eat out on the money you'll be saving. Pros: Personal, affordable service more

Rude, Slow, Incompetent 5/13/2009

This is the worst veterinary clinic I have ever been to. I thought I was being punk'd. I have never in my LIFE been treated so rudely on the phone, hung up on, and chewed out by the desk help. They are lazy, incompetent, the place is crowded and you don't get to see the vet. After being hung up on 3 times, and then rudely ""put in my place"" by a cranky betch at the help desk, I decided to move to the SOUTH LAMAR ANIMAL HOSPITAL, which is beyond friendly, convenient, accessible, clean, and well-managed. I would never trust my beloved pet to these mofos. Cons: everything more

Busy place but excellent care 10/31/2008

The reviews that mentioned how busy this place is are correct--yes, very busy, and yes, you will often be put on hold after getting through. \r \r However:\r \r I had been trying to decide awhile back whether or not to switch to a vet that was closer and less busy, when one Saturday morning I woke up to discover my dog (a lab who has a knack for getting into TROUBLE) had gotten very I found out later, he had pushed open my neighbor's (unlocked) door the night before, wandered around, and eaten a plate of ""special"" brownies. (sigh)\r \r I rushed him over to Riverside, explained the situation, and they took him right in, even though Saturday is one of their busiest days. The staff at the desk was very comforting and handed me a tissue while I cried at the counter. \r \r I received a call within an hour giving me an update; the tech was very calm and explained everything I needed to know in easy-to-understand detail. He also spent about 15 minutes on the phone with my neighbors to determine exactly what my dog had ingested, and he monitored him the entire day. \r \r When I came to pick him up, I was greeted with a hug and THEY DIDN'T CHARGE ME A THING. \r \r My dog is going to be having a (unexpected) surgical procedure done in the next couple of weeks, and they have again gone above and beyond in being accommodating and helpful to my situation. I really feel that they know and care about my dog and me. \r \r Perhaps I just lucked out with my experience, but that personal service is what will keep me a loyal customer of Riverside. This place is not about making money hand over fist; its first priority is helping animals and their owners. It is definitely no frills, and you will most likely be put on hold--sometimes for up to 10 minutes. But the care my dog receives there far outweighs those aggravations. more

Good and Affordable 9/26/2008

I went to this vet when I got my puppy my senior year at UT. The staff is friendly and the doctor is helpful. I really like this place because it was good and CHEAP! The only complaint I have is that they are too busy sometimes. Whenever I call they always put me on hold for about 10 minutes. Sometimes it's 3 mins but mostly it's longer. Ive been on hold with them for over 18 minutes. I end up hanging up and calling back, but it's hold again. It's really frustrating. \r \r Other than being placed on hold all the time, I def reccommend this vet. Pros: Affordable and Friendly Cons: Always put on hold on the phone more

Extremely Affordable, Honest Vet that will Take Good Care of Your Pet 4/9/2008

If you love your animals but also live on a budget, then this is the place for you! I stumbled onto this vet by horrible chance: my cat decided it was a good idea to play with a car and very badly hurt his leg. I took him to the closest vet at Riverside and Parker because he had been hiding in shrubbery, bleeding for hours! I walked into the vet in a frenzy, and they swooped in to fix him. My kitty had a lacerated vein and a torn ligament. He even got a little kitty cast, etc., and I was very afraid of the bill. However, it all was very affordable. I remembered this place when my other kitty got an abscess on her shoulder.- again, exceedingly affordable. Both of my kitties healed perfectly, and I am utterly grateful to this vet.\r \r When I started making more money, I decided maybe I should just take my cats somewhere closer. However, recently, this vet quoted $300.00 for a basic teeth cleaning for my cat + additional charges for any teeth that might need to be pulled- they weren't even willing to tell me how much for each tooth. I immediately thought of the Riverside Veterinary called it up to find out their rates. Sure enough, a standard teeth cleaning was only $80! Also, when I took my cat in for the cleaning, they only pulled one tooth when they could have scored a lot more money by pulling several.\r \r Yes, this vet, I guess, is understaffed and doesn't call you about every little thing. You drop your pet off in the morning, tell them what is the problem, and then you basically trust them to do their job. If you want to go in with your pet and make a doctor's visit, then maybe this isn't the place for you, but for me, I utterly trust these people to do their job and will take a lack of customer service for the well-being of my animals. Plus, if it means an animal in a emergency situation gets helped first, then I am totally cool with my cat being at the vet all day before getting his teeth cleaned or other basic services. Pros: Affordable, Excellent Care of Animals, Nice, Friendly, Trustworthy Cons: Not very communicative, slow service but WORTH IT! more

Loving personal attention for your animals 4/8/2008

Dr. Meyer is so warm to my animals, and I have not found a better vet anywhere. The people with the negative reviews, especially the ""devil's rejects"" one, clearly had some unrepresentative experience or have their own problems. Yes, the place seems slightly understaffed (you may be on hold for awhile). But the pros far exceed the cons. Plus, this is one of the most affordable vets I've ever encountered. Dr. Meyer often does not charge for little extras he provides. Pros: personal attention, low cost Cons: slightly understaffed, long wait times when they have an animal emergency more

Best Vet EVER! Over 17 years of Service to ME! 2/8/2008

Dr. Meyer is the BEST! We took all four of our cats there for 17 years, including the one that lived to be 24 years old. He cares so much about the animals. He is so detail-oriented, caring and concerned. Now that we have moved from Texas, and have another vet, I appreciate him so much more.\r I will always be known as Put-tat's Mom. I love that! more

Highly recommend 12/12/2007

I've been taking my cat to Dr. Meyer at Riverside Vet for 15 years. He is a wonderful veterinarian and he really cares about the animals. He's very good with cats. My cat has always had good treatment there and I have recommended him to friends, who also liked him. Dr. Meyer and his son, who also works there, are both attentive and patient with the animals and their owners. Dr. Meyer is sympathetic to and helps people out who are on a low budget. He does work with feral cats, too. I highly recommend this vet. Pros: great service, attentive, concern for animals more

Horrible 12/11/2007

don't go here!! unprofessional and untrustworthy. Will never call you and won't have any answers. Very bizarre experience and never got the problem solved. kinda like walking into the movie The Devil's Rejects. Pros: zero Cons: service/lack of knowledge/doesn't communicate more

uncommunicative, does not return phone calls, understaffed, and unfriendly 12/8/2007

This is the worst veterinary experience I have ever had. I'd love to meet the 3 other people who gave this place positive reviews and find out how their experiences were so good, as I would not EVER, EVER use this institution again.\r \r I recently moved here, and did not know where to take my cat when she started to have issues with going to the bathroom. I brought my cat in the early afternoon for a simple urine test and was told to call back in 2 hours. I did, and was told the test results were not ready yet and to call back again in an hour and a half. I did, and once more was told the test results were not ready and that I would receive a phone call in the next 45 minutes. An hour later I called the vet office, and was told the results were still not in. Finally, almost 6 hours after dropping my cat off, a tech (not even the vet!!) called to tell me several tests (which I had not authorized) were performed on my cat, and that she would need to stay overnight. I was also informed that she had to be sedated due to a ""stubborn nature"", which I find quite odd considering that in the year and a half during which I have had my cat she has never hissed or been unsocial with anyone (and I've moved 3 times, so she's accustomed to new people and surroundings).\r \r The second day, I was told to call in the morning. I did, and no one had any info for me. I was promised a call back, but by this point was completely through waiting on this incompetent staff to fulfill any promises. I instead went to the office, picked up my scared and sedated cat and went home, only to find her collar and tag missing. \r \r I wouldn't trust this office with any pet, no matter how urgent your need, and would strongly encourage you to go *absolutely anywhere* else. Pros: none. Cons: completely uncommunicative and unprofessional more

Best vet in Austin 10/26/2007

I found Riverside Vet in an emergency situation almost ten years ago and I have been going back ever since. I grew up with cats and dogs and I can confidently say Dr. Meyer provides the best, most competent care of any vet I've ever been to. As long as I'm in Austin, I will continue to take my pets to Riverside Vet. Pros: flexibility with scheduling, easy access location, friendly and helpful staff Cons: NONE! more

Austn's Best Vet 9/17/2007

Dr. Meyer is an excellent Vet. I can't say enough good things about him and his staff. They are always professional, friendly, thorough and caring. He was recommened to me over 13 years ago by a friend and he's been my pet's Vet ever since. \r \r I had an unfortunate incident with my dog that required emergency treatment and Dr. Meyer stayed seveal hours after the office was closed in order to perform emergeny surgery. \r \r Dr. Meyer and his staff LOVE animals and it shows in how they treat them. My pets have experienced long and healthy lives and I credit their longivity to the great care they receive from Dr. Meyer.\r \r \r Pros: Best prices for Vet care... No one guilts you into services you can't afford Cons: Busy, Busy, Busy Sometimes your appointment may get bumped if he has an emergency more
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  • Riverside Veterinary Clinic in Austin is a well-established cat and dog Austin veterinary care facility that provides medical, surgical, and dental care. This Austin vet facility offers a broad spectrum of diagnostics through in-house testing and the use of external laboratories.

    The Austin vets at Riverside Veterinary Clinic work closely with local referral practices with board-certified pet care specialists. This Austin pet care clinic provides spaying, neutering, flea control, vaccines, dental care, nutrition and a chance to adopt pets.

    Riverside Veterinary Clinic includes an in-hospital surgical facility, in-house x-ray capabilities, and a closely supervised pet hospitalization ward. These pet doctors strive to offer sound advice and optimal veterinary care for your special pet. Call today to book your pet's next appointment at Riverside Veterinary Clinic.


  • This clinic provides spaying, neutering, flea control, vaccines, dental care, nutrition and a chance to adopt pets.

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