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Riverside Veterinary - 22 Reviews - 219 W 79TH St, New York, NY - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (212) 787-1993

Riverside Veterinary

219 W 79TH St
New York, NY 10024
(212) 787-1993
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Riverside Veterinary - New York, NY
Riverside Veterinary - New York, NY
Riverside Veterinary - New York, NY
Riverside Veterinary - New York, NY
Riverside Veterinary - New York, NY


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Riverside Animal Hospital is a fine facility, one which I've successfully used and recommended time and again to people I've met at the 72nd St. Riverside Park dog run where I am ...


If I could give them zero stars I would! Don't go here if you need pet prescriptions. I should have realized what a joke this place is when they recommended I fill one of my dog'...

Worst Vet I've Ever Been To 2/10/2012

If I could give them zero stars I would! Don't go here if you need pet prescriptions. I should have realized what a joke this place is when they recommended I fill one of my dog's seizure prescriptions at a up scale pharmacy that charged me $150 rather than going on pet-meds where I got the same thing for $15, after I had to call them repeatedly to approve the order. They've filled out my dog's second prescription (phenobarbital, a common drug) wrong five out of six times, including wrong dosage, no refills, and too much of the drug which is a controlled substance so legally the pharmacy couldn't fill it. Beyond that doctor raclyn is condescending and pushy. The entire staff has tried to get me to do blood work and other test far before their due or procedures/tests that are unnecessary. They even sent me repeated notices for stool parasite checks but not to remind me that two of my dog's vaccines had expire. I switched to Westside Veterinary Center and finally have some competent people taking care of my pets more

The New York Post got it right 7/25/2011

Actually, the New York Post got it right. They may not have identified the correct vet in their article where a horrible incident happened, but the Riverside Group in the W. 70s is just as negligible. I took my cat there after he collapsed a few years ago (my first visit), and was told he couldn't even be seen until I paid nearly $500 up front. While I was in the waiting room coming up with the $500, and my cat was suffering, I was then told the amount needed to even see a vet was raised to $750 and then again to nearly $1000. After tests and exams by an extremely cold vet, the diagnosis was incorrect. I was told there was an infection and gave them more money for medicines and food. A week later, my cat collapsed again and I took him to the Animal Medical Center, who diagnosed him correctly with cancer. They were kind, correct, understanding, and saw me through, communicating with emails for the next 2 1/2 years as I took my cat to a homeopathic vet and he lived happily, against all odds. The fact that Riverside additionally sent emails to its clients asking for reviews in the manner they did shows their desperation and lack of dignity. Their main reason for this, they stated, was so they could get new clients. That shows where their interests lie. Please, if your pet is in trouble, take him or her to the Animal Medical Center, or for regular visits, to reputable vets like the Gramercy Medical Group (Dr. Jay Krulwich) or to a homeopathic vet like Dr. Jill Elliot. more

Simply, the best! 7/24/2011

Riverside Animal Hospital is a fine facility, one which I've successfully used and recommended time and again to people I've met at the 72nd St. Riverside Park dog run where I am part of the management team. Dr. Raclyn leads a terrific, caring medical group which provides top notch medical and alternative care in a sparkling clean, orderly environment. Riverside is simply the best. Marilyn Briskin more

Great Vets! 5/18/2011

I have been taking my dog Mason to Dr Friedman and the team at Riverside Vets since he was a puppy. I have nothing but good things to say about them. The staff are warm, welcoming, and efficient. Appointments are timely (ie we are not kept waiting for ages). My dog drags me up the steps to the office everytime we walk past, so obviously he is also comfortable and happy going there! Most importantly they have kept him in good health - yes they recommend all the shots etc you can imagine, but they also explain why, and in a city where we frequently hear of horrid illnesses making our furry friends sick, or worse, I would rather have the option of preventative medicine than the more costly option of care in the wake of serious illness! more

Rebuttal to Previous Note 4/26/2010

We try not to comment on posts to CitySearch. But this, unfortunately, is was put up right after we sent this client to collection for non payment of the bill. So it's somewhat infuriating. For those who care to know about what the person is speaking about... they presented this cat for a partial urinary obstruction, which we were attempting to manage medically. The alternative is to manage it surgically, which is very invasive (it's basically a sex change operation) and very expensive. We were trying to avoid having to go that route. That surgery is usually the last option. In this case, medical management was unable to prevent the cat from becoming totally blocked, necessitating a visit to the emergency room, where they opted to go the surgical route. This person who posted the ""STAY AWAY"" post did not spend $10,000 with us at all, not even a quarter of that. And they did not pay their bill, to boot. When we sent them to collection, this was their way of getting back at us. Sad... we try to do the right thing by not recommending expensive and invasive surgery when medical management is usually successful. The thanks we get is being stiffed for the fees, and a negative review that you've read below. Hopefully, the public understands. more

The best people, ever!! 3/15/2010

I can go see the girls at the front desk even if I don't have a pet emergency....for a change.... Just to say hi, or get a hug, have a coffee and eat a cookie. They saved Lucy's life on more then one occasion and I couldn't be more grateful. They love her like we do and email her little messages or call us to check in on her when she is sick. She has become our million dollar dog, but worth every penny! I would recommend Riverside Veterinary Group to everyone!! Pros: Very friendly, great medicine, saved our life! Cons: None at this time....nope. more

Nice people, horrible misdiagnosis 8/25/2009

I took my cat to the Riverside Vet Group and however nice and attentive they were to me and my cat they completely misdiagnosed my cat of very common illesses. I took her in because she was obviously very sick with either kidney disease and/or a hyperthyroid. After spending $400+ on the visit, shots and bloodwork, they said she was fine. I've since taken her to another vet to only find out she has both illnesses, a urinary tract infection and has since lost half her body weight. The cat is now on two medicines and will be receiving extra fluids daily. Considering she could have died without proper diagnosis and care, I would not recommend this vet. Pros: Friendly Cons: Wrong diagnosis and very expensive more

Super Animal Hospital! 2/18/2009

Hi everyone! I gotta tell you, this animal hospital is the best! Silver and i had an emergency and my usual vet (who's name i will omit for the time being) was unable to ""squeeze"" us in (after being left on hold for 5 minutes) before they closed up and went home. We have been going there for a long time and have had our share of problems, but that was the last straw. Nearby was another hospital and we just walked in and were treated like they have known us for years. The doctor (Raclyn) even stayed late to make sure I was comfortable about leaving Silver overnight for fluid therapy (who knew a dog could be that sick from being dehydrated?) The very next morning I received a phone call telling me he looked much better and was just finishing his breakfast. I was able to take him home at the end of the day. They ran a lot of tests that my other vet never did and found out Silver has cushings disease too. I am so happy with how thorough the doctor was and not only did he explain to me what was going on with my dog he sent me emails explaining everything I would need to know. Now that is follow through. I asked Dr. Raclyn if he would consider being my doctor too! I would recommend this place to anyone who loves their pet and wants the very best. Oh, did I mention he does holistic medicine too..yup! Acupuncture and everything! Amazing! The staff is very sweet and the place smells more like a home then a hospital. Go there, you will not regret it! Pros: Loving staff and vet. A place your pet will love his vet Cons: Not cheap, but I don't want cheap for my pet. more

great experience - a caring, common sense approach 1/8/2009

What brought me to Dr. Raclyn and Riverside was my 12 year old pup and some kidney and liver issues that she was having. Specifically I was looking to consult on her condition and the possible alternative approaches in homeopathic and holistic medicine that I could persue for her. After meeting with Dr. Raclyn in our first consultation and having him review her entire history (his approach is fantastic and his depth of knowledge and experience really radiates through) - he thought that she would benefit from not only some suppliments and chinese herbs - but a few rounds of accupuncture as well. After responding with ""yeah - that sounds interesting"" (essentially, almost blowing him off), he returned moments later with a full compliment of needles and I sheepishly agreed to let her have her first treatment. SHE LOVED IT and through the movement of her ""chi"" - I saw results from it almost immediately. The care of my pup knows no limits as I am a very proactive owner. I was never oversold treatments or procedures at Riverside, Dr. Raclyn was thorough, his approach comprehensive - but most of all - the proof is in the health of my pup. Bottom line - meeting him has been a blessing for her health. His down to earth and common sense approach has definitely been a missing link in getting her health not only back - but it honestly has turned her clock back by years! I know that people sometimes post reviews of businesses - where they discuss in immense detail how some receptionist might have kept them waiting too long or someother mundane detail that has little to do with the overall experience of the business or the results that the interaction is to bring to their life. While I found the staff of Riverside to be excellent and really helpful - even if they were horrible (and they were far from that) - I didnt go to Riverside for anything other than the expertise and medical treatment and on that note - they are awesome!. \r \r I am IMMENSELY GRATEFUL!!!\r \r Pros: Fantastic approach and experience radiates through from Dr. Raclyn Cons: None. more

Horrible 12/12/2008

0 stars these days. Been meaning to post this for a while. My trusted vet is no longer there. I've been going to this place for a few years. I loved the previous vet (Dr. Green), she was great & the place was clean. Then for a while it seemed as though my pets were getting mediocre care, until another vet joined the practice (Dr. Gambino) & she was phenomenal! I found out in September that she was also leaving. What's with this place & their inability to keep a good vet?! I can't believe that on the day I finally decide to post a review, there is another review attesting to how poor the care has become at this place. Here's are a few reasons I'm fed up: The new vets don't call you back about lab results on time/EVER; The vet that did call me back was disinterested & difficult to understand; the bill is never less than 500 dollars for a skin infection or a simple case of d-rhea; there is some kind of ringworms infecting the place that has affected many animals which is why they weren't boarding for a while (a staff person was talking about it one day in the reception area in front of me!); I've been there twice & seen others voice similar complaints/melt down in the waiting room; your kept waiting an hour or more past your scheduled appointment time; Waiting area is unkept; Staff is nice, but they are unprofessional & talk about how they can't wait to get home (me either when I'm kept waiting so long); I found out that there is no over night person looking after pets, after it had been implied otherwise; I took my pet in for an appointment & the head vet barely looked at my pet whereas my usual vet would check my pet out as if she were FBI; The place just can't keep it's act together. It was on the right track for a while, but after having had great care, I don't feel like being taken care of by those who think mediocrity is ok when it comes to my pets. I'm taking my pets & business elsewhere. It's not always true that you get what you pay for! Pros: Used to be a good place, used to have good vets, cute place Cons: not well taken care of these days, lots of mistakes will bill, don't seem to care, expensive but not good value (though I'd pay the moon and the stars!) more

Doesn't even warrant a star!! 11/12/2008

This place is aweful! My dog went in for a basic check up, and never came out...\r He was going for basic work under the care of Dr Freedman. The Dr. was busy and passed my dog over to the neglegent, yet friendly, staff. As they were trying to give him a bloodtest, they wrapped gauze around his mouth to prevent him from biting them. He was suffocated. I trusted them with my child.. please dont make the same mistake with yours! more

Human medicine should be so good..... 9/11/2007

You can tell this isn't like all the other vet clinics when you walk in the door. It's CALM... the people are nice, they don't hurry you, they came out and say hi to my dog even before they said hi to me. I don't know to explain it, but they made me feel like they knew me and Sunshine for years, even though this was our first visit. It was was just the best visit we ever had, and we hadn't even gotten to see the doctor yet. \r \r The visit with the doc was easy also. The assistant was really into Sunshine (you could tell he loved all dogs though), and Dr Gambino was ..... well... I just couldn't expect anything more even from my own doctor. She was friendly, kind, clear, concise and made sure she covered all the bases. It might sound stupid, but I remember that old commercial for Allstate Insurance, where they say ""You're in good hands..."" and that's how I felt. And to me... that s all there is.\r Pros: friendly, great looking place, everyone was very through, I'm covered Cons: not cheap, but not expensive either more

Every member of your family deserves the best care possible 6/30/2007

The vet staff at Riverside Veterinary care for your pet like they are their own!! My wife and I have brought all our cat's to see Dr. Raclyn and Dr. Greene and we love the care they receive at each and every visit! Some of the staff has changed over the years (you should see the employee turn over where I work!!) but they all have one thing in common, love and compassion for what they do and who they care for. My wife had knee surgery a few months back but Pixie needed her teeth cleaned. I dropped off our little kitty on my way to work in the morning but was running too late to pick her up that night. The staff there knows how much we wanted her home with us that night so one of the technicians, Maurice, brought her home for us. The next day Sirena, one of the lovely ladies at the front desk, calls us to check on Pixie and to see how her night was. They really care!! We wouldn't go anywhere else!!! Pros: Excellent care Cons: nope more

Best Docs in NYC 6/24/2007

I have had to change vets on several occasions and have by far never had as good an experience as Bernie and I had at Riverside Veterinary Group this week. I had to leave Bernie at their hospital for a few hours for a few tests and x-rays. I was very nervous leaving him because he doesn't like going to the doctors, he is always nervous and shaking and past veterinary offices have told me how difficult he was to handle and one even wanted me to knock him out so they could take handle him. I warned the doctor about this and she said she promised to call me if they had any problems. She gave Bernie a kiss on the head and one of the technicians took him away. Two hours later I received a phone call from that same technician telling me Bernie was resting in his arms and he did very well. No sedation and no problems. I was back in their office 15 minutes later and there was Bernie wagging his tail. I may not understand everything they do at an animal hospital, but they took excellent care of my best friend and yesterday as we were going for our walk he pulled me in their door!!!!! The Doc says he is in great health (needs to get his canines cleaned) but we will be back, again and again and again. Thanks Riverside! Love Chuck and Bernie Pros: Love your pet, warm and compassionate Cons: I didn't go there sooner more

Not recommended 6/5/2007

This place was awful. Here's why:\r *After the initial estimate, which I agreed to, there was another charge which they had ""forgotten.""\r *Then they gave me the cat's medicines--""here's her heart medication."" But the problem was her thyrold, not her heart.\r *Next I was charged for something they neglected to give me.\r *The staff was consistently rude and unhelpful, which is really upsetting when you're worried about your sick animal.\r *They told me a lab procedure would be done quickly, but then told me I'd have to wait 4 hours once I got there.\r *They took urine, but spilled it, necessitating another visit.\r *When I went to another place for more labs but had to go back there to get a specific medication, the doctor called and told me they ""wouldn't act as a pharmacy"" if I weren't coming there.\r *Yes, Dr. Laurie Green was wonderful, which is the reason I continued to go there, but she's no longer there. Pros: Orignal vet was wonderful, though she is no longer there. Cons: Rude staff, mistakes in charges, medication, and lab test more

I would keep looking 1/23/2007

We were double charged for tests/shots more than once. We had to point out the mistakes and then haggle. Their computer system is flawed in that tests that were already done, would continue to show up as ""needed"" for the next visit. Since we switched vets, our new vet has called of the tests/shots performed at Riverside unnecessary and potentially dangerous. When it came to spay our cat, they were remodeling, they did not refer us to another vet, we had to figure it out on our own. Our cat was about to go into heat, it was extremely difficult and unfortunate that they couldn't help us. The main vet Dr. Green is nice, and I am sure she is well qualified, and it is a lovely office with a large staff . However due to billing mistakes we lost trust and at times we felt like everything was an up-sell. They are also expensive and seem to charge extra for everything. We are much happier with our current vet. Pros: Clean pretty office with large staff, that love animals Cons: Expensive, disorganized, pushy, long waits, fuzzy billing more

I'll be going elsewhere... 1/23/2007

I won't go back to the 108th st. locationt for a few reasons. First, I feel their prices are pretty steep. Second, the vet that I saw recommended a bunch of expensive tests that were not warranted. Thirdly, there was very disorganized follow up when I called or needed test results. I suppose the vet care was fine, and a number of people at the clinic were nice and helpful, but I just couldn't escape the feeling that my money was more important than my pet. In one instance, on a second visit, the vet recommended a test that had already been performed! When I mentioned that, instead of asking about the cat or talking about the test, she hurried to make sure that I had paid for the test! For me that spoke volumes. Pros: convenient location Cons: expensive more

Compassion, professionalism, realism 4/25/2006

The best way to describe my feelimgs is as follows- my diabetic dog was in their hospital and Dr. Greene promised to call me after midnight to give me a report. The night was cold and pouring rain, At 2:45 AM- she knew I work @ night- I got a call saying that the dog had just been walked and was eating and getting to look alert and that the worst of this episode appeared over. She went to the hospital to take care of my dog and therefore, ME. Over the years, the doctors from Dr. Raclyn to Dr, Greene, the front help, from Maryanne to Kaitlin and the tech staff have treated my pets as if they were theirs with-COMPASSION, PROFESSIONISM, and REALISM. Their use of natural and holistic treatments as well as all the new technology is another plus more

Evidently, they don't need the business 4/20/2006

An attempt to make an appointment for my animal was met with an unpleasantly combative attitude--smug and snarky, to put it bluntly. I was especially surprised that a hospital that bills itself as ""holistic"" aggressively pushes so many expensive vaccines and tests of debatable necessity. I guess ""expensive"" is the key factor. Perhaps the doctors are less condescending and more helpful than the staff who answer the phone. Let's hope so, for the pets and owers concerned. more

THIS IS A GREAT VET!!!!!! 4/10/2006

It sounds like the review below is some sort of personal vendeta.... I have been coming to this practice for many many years and NEVER, EVER had a problem with their care. They love my kids and care for them better then anyone I know (except me of course). If you are looking for a great place to bring your pet, this is it.!! Pros: Friendly, Supportive, Warm more
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