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River Glenn Apartments

2736 Raintree Dr
Fort Collins, CO 80526
(866) 588-8977
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River Glenn Apartments - Fort Collins, CO
River Glenn Apartments - Fort Collins, CO
River Glenn Apartments - Fort Collins, CO


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Came in from California to go to CSU, bus route goes right across the street to CSU. Got i on a good deal last year, and I renewed my lease for the same price. They are nice in th...


I have a somewhat unique perspective as I stayed at River Glenn for far too long (almost 8 years), and probably have more experience with the complex than anyone involved with its...

victim myself of a crooked landlord and the staffs 10/26/2011

Can you afford that' I don't think anybody can over an apartment with no serious damages. These people are evil. Avoid these apartments and you can avoid being cheated and ripped off and cursed out by their unprofessional. I have been a victim myself of a crooked landlord and the staffs are a bunch of no good, lying, electricity thieving, and conniving wicked people. This people are rude don more

Horrible 3/25/2011

- Like many reviews I have seen about this place already, the staff is awful. The new staff anyway. The older staff was much better and at least knew who you were and where you lived without asking. - The rent premiums are FAR overpriced for the quality they seem to pay for. NO utilities are included. NONE! ZERO!!! No internet, cable, or satellite. Your rent pays for 4 walls and a roof (and Ill get to that next!) and I guess you could toss in 'free parking' if you wanted. The free convenient parking is available only if you manage to have a spot before 6-7pm. After that, everyone and their campus friends will have filled the lot near your unit and you will have to park along a curb or on the street. Oh and by the way, hope you don't have a nice car because it is HIGHLY likely it will be broken into or at least vandalized in some way. And for all of this at the end of your term, you can renew for an increase in rent. Yes, an increase. EVERY term it was increased. $20-30 per month for a one yr lease. $40-50 per month if I only signed a 6 month lease. For what?? - The units themselves are dumps. It is very deceptive at first glance. All of the exterior landscape and demo unit photos really do make this pig's ear look like a silk purse. Here's the reality of it: Yes, the landscape is generally well manicured and especially from the street and sidewalk, the buildings look relatively good. Then you get up close and inside. My building had been infested with bees, birds, and squirrels evidenced by the gaping holes on the gable walls, the scratching sounds I could hear at night when I 'tried' to sleep, and the dozens of bees I would find on my living room window sill (oh yea, they did nothing about it when I brought it up to the office). If you look around at the other buildings you can see staircases sinking and shifting. The windows are all aluminum framed and single paned (enjoy high heating bills in the winter with your ELECTRIC baseboard heaters) and at least MY front door jamb was severely misaligned. If you put your head on the floor or wall you could see up to a quarter of an inch gap or greater all around the front door. Again enjoy your high heating bills. The kitchen and entry way linoleum were stained with urine when I moved in. Again they did nothing to clean, fix, or replace it when I asked multiple times. The single unit appliances are half sized and are old. I have no idea if maybe the 2 BR units have better ones. The walls, floors, and ceilings are paper thin and have crap for insulation. Enjoy the relentless noise from neighbors and partying as a result. - When you move out you might as well consider your deposit gone. They even tried to come after me for more because of carpet replacement they said they had to do. Yea right. They replace EVERYONE's carpeting when they move out. I watched it happen the whole time I lived there. Looking back at this horrible experience, the only thing I wish I had done differently was SUE them. Yes sue them!!! There is a great clause in the lease which basically says it is their responsibility to provide for QUIET ENJOYMENT OF THE PREMISES. With all of my complaints, girlfriend and friends for witnesses, and maybe even some friendly neighbors I would have had no problem winning a case like that. I would have followed through with it had I the resources and time to do it. Not because that is the type of person I am. Because people that run business like this should not be able to get away with the manner in which they do it. So, instead I write scathing reviews about this place wherever I can. If I can prevent 1 person from living there because of my truthful and candid reviews then I consider it mission accomplished (btw, that roughly equates to about $8000+ for a 1 yr lease for a 1BR). If money is all they care about then that is how I shall deprive them. more

meh... 3/25/2011

I have a somewhat unique perspective as I stayed at River Glenn for far too long (almost 8 years), and probably have more experience with the complex than anyone involved with its management at the time of this review (I've seen 4 different owners). I will say that these apartments are probably fine for a typical undergraduate college student who only intends to stay for no more than 2 or 3 years; however if you wish to live in a place for any duration longer, for any reason, you should probably go elsewhere. I will not say that this place is significantly worse than any similarly priced place in town, but the bar is set pretty low in Fort Collins. Admittedly, most of my issues stemmed from other residents, but I am less than impressed with the most recent owners. Here's what to expect: - Facilities adequate not great; looks decent but covering aging construction, thin walls, no ventilation (bathroom fan is just in a box so expect mold if you use hot water), windows weather seals failing (on really cold days the interior of the windows ice over). - Bad neighbors; I've seen a half-dozen cars wrecked while parked (my car hit twice for minor damage, vomited on once), grounds littered with pet waste, shouting at all hours of the night and consistent after-hour usage of pool area (do not rent near pool). - Staff professional but not exceptional; the most recent owners fired all the old staff who had excellent rapport with the residents and were the one saving grace of the complex. I've had no major issue with the new staff (mostly college students), but don't expect them to go out of their way for you. Under previous management my rent decreased upon lease renewal, new management has brought rent increases with renewal. When I had problems, they were generally addressed promptly and throughly by staff with the exception of pre-move out help. When I asked for some detail about cleaning I was referred to a document which instructed me to go to the leasing office for a cleaning list. I didn't bother going back and lost a bit of my deposit (an acceptable amount given my effort of cleaning but not explicitly itemized which is a pet-peeve of mine). In addition old management had a program to connect with new residents who might want to buy resident owned washer/dryer units (not standard in apartments), new management told me to get rid of it or they'll take money from my deposit to remove it. I was considering going to a month-to-month for a while after my last lease was up to finish my degree, however the new management requires a 60 day notification to vacate which is completely unreasonable and seems to be a clear attempt to trick people into a needless fee. Since this also defeats the purpose of month-to-month (which by the way is $100 more expensive and I only considered out of convenience to my situation) I crashed with friends instead. Also, the local doughnut shop is open more hours during the week than the leasing office. Considering the facilities and staff (without the original staff), I'm basically neutral to slightly negative, on the complex. The residents however are a pretty big negative, and unfortunately new management seems to want to appeal exclusively to college students fresh from the dorm. Any families, mild mannered students, people who like to be able to walk on grass not poo, or people who like nice quiet place to live should look further from campus. If you party a little to hearty, are incapable of parking between lines, or are cruel enough to keep multiple large dogs in a small apartment, then you'll fit right in. more

I want my money back. 11/19/2010

I leased at River Glen from July of '09 to July of '10. When I first moved in, the staff was friendly and helpful and the management was great. I never had any trouble getting help when I needed it, and would sometimes swing by the office just to chat with the ladies that ran the place. Unfortunately, about 9 months into my lease the complex changed hands. They fired all the office staff that had been there for several years and brought in a fresh team of college-age kids. Ordinarily this wouldn't be an issue... except that the new management is terrible. Several times they tried to charge me for issues that weren't my fault - things like trying to charge me pro-rated rent on a move-out date that was pushed back because they failed to get me the correct paperwork on time (I had to call them three times to get it), or threatening to charge me late fees on a rent check I had already turned in (they hadn't checked their night-drop box), Each time, I was blamed for the problem and given the run-around before they finally fixed it. The staff is unfriendly and short-tempered, and they have an appalling tendency to ignore you when you walk into the office - that is, of course, until they're done typing on the computer or chatting with their co-worker. They often lose paperwork or simply forget to call you back on important issues. The final straw? It's now November, and I still haven't seen the deposit refund they promised me - in writing! - two months ago. This is after several phone calls and an email follow-up. Their customer service is all-around awful. The apartments are okay for the price, and the grounds are nice, as is the location - but if you plan on giving them any of your money, better count every cent. And don't plan on getting any back. more

close to CSU 12/4/2009

Came in from California to go to CSU, bus route goes right across the street to CSU. Got i on a good deal last year, and I renewed my lease for the same price. They are nice in the office and they fix maintanence quick. i like it here! Pros: not far from CSU, nice, affordable, Cons: No workout room more
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  • River Glenn is conveniently located in the heart of Fort Collins. Just minutes away from all major shopping areas, recreation sites and Colorado State University. Surrounded by the city's finest bike trail and Transport bus system. Enjoy the open space of city parks, Rocky Mountain National Park or the Arapahoe Roosevelt National Forest which encompasses more than 2 million acres. Fort Collins and River Glenn... you will be happy to call this home.