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Rittenhouse Veterinary Medical

1618 Pine St
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 732-9909
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I'm shocked by some of the negative reviews below. I've been taking my two cats to Dr. Soli for 7 years now, and he is just wonderful. He makes you feel like he loves your pets ev...


When I adopted a new puppy, I called this vet as they were recommended by a pet-owner at a puppy park.. Unfortunately, I was greeted with the snobby response of ""We are not tak...

simply the best 3/13/2011

I'm shocked by some of the negative reviews below. I've been taking my two cats to Dr. Soli for 7 years now, and he is just wonderful. He makes you feel like he loves your pets even more than you do, if that's possible! I will say that I take my cats there on a yearly (if not more, when they get sick) basis, so getting an appointment has never been an issue, even on Saturdays. And Dr. Soli always personally calls me with any test results following the appointment and explains everything in detail. As for the complaints regarding the receptionist, there is a semi-new girl working the front desk - she's been there for maybe a little over a year or so by now - and she's been really helpful when I call or stop in. So maybe the complaints are regarding the previous receptionist? Either way, I've had an excellent experience with Dr. Soli, and the only way I'll go to a different vet is if I move out of state! more

Loving, caring doctor! 4/6/2010

If you can get past the curt receptionist, your experience with Dr. Soli is wonderful and more then makes up for receptionist's bad behavior. \r \r I've been a longtime client of Dr. Soli. There have been more times than I can count when he has been there for me and my pet family. He has gone above and beyond for us on emergency situations, and called to check on us after the emergency has passed. \r \r His service may be a bit pricey, but you pay for what you get - good, loyal service! In the past, I have visited other vets to save money, and have noticed the turn-over of techs and the coldness you are treated with because no one knows you. At Rittenhouse Veterinary Medical Center it is a private owned practice with one doctor that knows you and treats you as family. \r Pros: The doctor is friendly, loving and listens to your concerns Cons: The recepitionist is a total BITCH! more

Great Vet 2/2/2010

We have two cats that we've taken to Dr. Soli since we got them in 2001. We used to live within walking distance, but even after moving several years ago, we still drive in to Center City for our veterinary care. We have received consistently professional, knowledgeable service from Dr. Soli for annual check-ups and for more urgent care (and great service from the front desk, despite some of the other reviews here). Dr. Soli takes the time to examine our pets thoroughly and chats with us about concerns, treatments, things to watch or not to worry about, etc. Dr. Soli is a sole proprietor, so his schedule does get full, especially on weekends. To get a Saturday appointment for something routine like an annual check-up requires scheduling a month or two in advance. However, for urgent care, if we were flexible, we could get in within a few days. We did need emergency care one time on a Sunday and went to Penn because Rittenhouse Vet was closed. But we were able to schedule a couple of follow-ups with Dr. Soli the first and second week afterward with no problem. Dr. Soli's costs are also a bit high, but we feel we get what we pay for and will continue to bring our cats to Dr. Soli. Pros: Compassionate, caring, knowledgeable Cons: Expensive, call in advance to schedule routine appt. more

If we moved to the suburbs, Dr. Soli would still be our vet 12/29/2009

I found Dr. Soli when I first moved to Philly in 1999. He was recommended by the couple I bought my house from and I have taken my dogs there ever since. He was caring and thoughtful when our first dog died, making recommendations that helped make his last months as comfortable as possible and helping us make difficult decisions. And our puppy is now 3 and if we are within a couple of blocks of the office will drag us to the door! Pros: Gentle, caring, compassionate Cons: In such demand, you need to plan ahead (unless emergency) more

Horrific DR and STAFF...don't ever take your pet there!!! 10/7/2009

Emily, must have left her broom behind at Rittenhouse.Veterinary Medical Center and now Peri is riding on it with Soli around in the office. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT take your cherished pets to these uncaring ,rude, obnoxious people!!!\r FYI: He's totally aware of how RUDE his receptionists are because he promotes it!!! Don't let his kindness fool you.\r more

great place, but where are better prices? 6/19/2009

I love dr. soli and am comfortable with him treating my pet but I am on a budget. Can someone recommend another quality vet that costs less? Pros: quality care Cons: expensive more

Shockingly Poor Treatment from a VET 5/19/2009

After having seen Dr Soli three years ago when my cat was ill, she has been very healthy and I had no need for a vet. This passed week when I needed to have her seen, I called Rittenhouse Veterinary and was rudely told by the receptionist that becuase I have not been there every year, even when there was no reason to spend that money, I had lost my ""spot"" (whatever that means) and now when my cat is sick I must start looking for a new vet. I am shocked and furious at my treatment and would suggest anyone not pursue this practice for their pet. more

Simply the Best 5/7/2009

My dog is 9 years old and has been a patient of Dr. Soli's since he was two months old. I do not know of a more caring, kind, or compassionate vet. I think my dog actually has a good time when we take him in for an appointment. We lived in the city when we adopted him and now live in Wayne. We will continue to make the 25 mile drive. more

Go directly to Penn or to a much more competent vet. 3/5/2009

We've approached Dr. Soli about treating our dog for moderate anxiety. He gave us instruction to see a behaviorist (actually, his receptionist did, because you cannot actually talk to Dr. Soli) first. We did that, but he changed his mind about his treatment and told us to go to extensive therapy at Penn. This is after I've told them about my aversion to taking the dog to extensive, expensive therapy when I don't think its so bad and it is physicially not easy to get my dog to UPenn. Also, if our dog was so bad, why hasn't Dr. Soli approached us in the previous 6 years about his concerns? \r \r Unless you need annual shots or someone to talk silly talk to your dog, save your money on this expensive drugstore and go directly to UPenn or to a more competent vet. The receptionist, Emily, is obnoxious as well. Don't waste your time or money on these clowns. Pros: location Cons: incompetent - he redirects to Penn after charging you a fortune; rude receptionist more


wow, all I did was call this place and ask if it was possible if I could drop off my resume on saturday since their ad online stated they were open from 8:30 to 12:30. immediately, i was given an attitude, then put on hold, and was basically yelled at for calling because they do not have time to deal with things like this and that if i READ the ad, i would have known to apply only in person monday through friday and that it doesn't say anything about saturday.... EXCEPT IT DOES, I'M REREADING IT NOW. well good luck finding a tech! how is that even professional? i would never work in an environment like that, i fear for their clients and patients. Cons: unprofessional more

Too terrible for words 2/2/2009

It's hard to describe how bad this place is. I took my cats there for two years. Before that we went to Queens Village which was great. We went Rittenhouse becasue we moved to the area. It was very hard to get an appointment. The people on the phone are extrememly rude. It's hard to describe how bad the staff is. The Dr is very nice, but his pleasant manner is overshadowed by the nasty girl at the front desk. We have not been there for 2 years. Now my oldest cat is very sick and they won't give us an appointment. They say that is has been so long since our last visit that they cannot treat us anymore. Can you belive that. I am so angry, I don't know what to do. I only hope this review is taken seriously and people avoid this place at all costs. Pros: The pros eclipsed by the cons Cons: Rude, rude, rude. And then you are told you are no longer a patient. more

Dr. Soli is the best 1/15/2009

It is hard for new clients to get appointments because they don't take more clients than they can handle. This enables the doctor to spend a great deal of time with you and your animal and you never feel rushed. I have a puppy that has had lots of stomach issues and I can always get an appointment the day that I call. Dr. Soli follows up personally a day or two later (even on the weekends) to make sure that she is ok. His staff is also friendly, knowledgable and caring. Please don't be swayed by the people who have judged this vet simply because they were unable to get an appointment. more

A true Professional 11/20/2008

After I had gotten my dog Maggie from Morris Animal rescue, Dr Soli gave her the best care anyone ever could, She was 6 1/2 years old and needed some medical treatment. I will always be indebted to his kindness and extreme care in making sure my girl lived another 4 great years. When it was her time to go, again, I will always be grateful for his kindness and especially for his personal note of condolence. That is the true measure of a good person and especially an excellent vet. more

Uncaring and Rude 11/17/2008

Dr. Soli is OK. But his office staff is extremely rude. Emily is the rudest person I've ever met in at a vet's. They don't care about your pets and good luck if you ever needed to speak to Dr. Soli. They won't let you! If you want to speak to Dr. Soli personally, you'll neet to make an appointment, and by then your dog might as well be dead. Go somewhere else. There are other good vets around, and MUCH MORE affordable places. more

Dr. Soli is the best 11/12/2008

I am completely baffled by the negative reviews of Dr. Soli and his staff on this site. I took my dog, Chloe, to Dr. Soli for 9 years after moving to Philadelphia. He came highly recommended and I was never ever dissatisfied. My dog was a rescue who had been mistreated and had a long history of health problems. My dog and I visited Dr. Soli many times through the years. Each time we visited, Dr. Soli carefully diagnosed the problem and led me through an exacting list of options in order to treat Chloe's issues. Each time, the diagnosis and the treatment led to a positive resolution and led to a long healthy happy life for my dog. \r \r I actually came to this site to verify the correct spelling of Dr. Soli's name so I could write him a Thank You note. My dog was recently put down after 14 wonderful years and I wanted to thank him from the bottom of my heart for his kind treatment of Chloe. He took the time to get to know both myself and my dog personally and always had time to see her, whether it was an annual check-up or an emergency. \r \r I do not think anyone could go wrong choosing him as a vet and when I decide I am ready for another pet, I will definetly be taking them back to Dr. Soli. more

Horrible first experience 11/2/2008

I was excited to take my pets to Rittenhouse Veterinary Medical as I've lived on the same block as them for years . . . I am an attorney and have two new kittens. I got them from a shelter and during the first weekend one of them developed a respiratory infection, for which I had to take her to Penn ER on a Saturday night (they were fanTAStic, by the way). When I called Rittenhouse to schedule the kittens for an initial visit, the person I spoke with was clearly less than thrilled to take a kitten who had already been sick. I assured her she was on antibiotics and was getting better, and my purpose for the call was just to get them established with the vet for future visits. She then proceeded to say that the charge for an initial visit would be $300-$400 and the only available time was a weekday at 10:00am. As my finance and I both work, I asked if there was an earlier or later time, or a Saturday. Saturdays were not for new patients, and no they could not do any other time, and perhaps, she said, I should find some other vet as it did not seem, after all, that they had any open space. Her manner was brusque and RUDE. I was horribly disappointed. I then called Queen Village Animal Hospital and had a COMPLETELY different experience, and have loved going to them ever since (even though it is a bit more of a hike). Customer service is huge in any industry (even the legal field). It's amazing how often people forget that. I would NOT recommend going to Rittenhouse if you want to be treated with any kind of decency. Pros: location Cons: employees, customer service, hours, rudeness more

Caring, knowledgable, and kind. 9/23/2008

I have no idea what all the negative reviews are about as I've never received any of the kind of treatment described. I can honestly say that Dr. Soli and his staff has been nothing but super kind and helpful. He saved my dog's life by making a diagnosis of a rare condition, and I couldn't be more grateful. He continues to be helpful in ALL regards with my animal needs and I wouldn't hesitate recommending this practice. It would seem that most people who wrote negative adds were just preoccupied with the fact that he isn't taking new patients now. Would these naysayers prefer that he takes tons of patients with the effect of limited availability to preexisting patients? I would say it's actually a good thing he knows his limits and it shows me he's unwilling to sacrifice quality care just to make more money by accepting new clients. Pros: Knowlegable and experienced staff more

It's nice to see a vet and staff that care! 6/7/2008

Reading these reviews from other people is hysterical! I don't see how anyone could give a negative rating to Dr. Soly. The hours of the office are sparse, but when you get-in they are timely, clean, helpful, and sweet to my dogs! The reason you can't get an appointment there is because he is so great! I have never had a problem getting an appointment when my dogs are sick, getting the right medication, or feeling like all my questions weren't answered! I I have no idea what any of these dissatisfied people are talking about! Although the staff seems very serious, they are quick, kind to my dogs and very ""on top of it"". They always help me in any way they can! It took me years to get-in and it was well worth it!\r Pros: Clean, Smart vet, animal loving staff Cons: Parking, banker's hours. more

Never Again!!! 9/20/2007

I find it interesting that after so many negative reviews of this place that there seems to be an outpour of positive ones that seemed to have flogged in...wonder if that is because this place needs people they know to give them 5 starts in order help their reputation before they go out of business.\r \r From personal experience, I can say that this place is a poor and pathetic excuse to posture themselves as a place fit for kind service to animals when they cannot even find it in them to be courteous to the owner.\r \r Shortly after moving to Philly I asked around for a nearby vet and Rittenhouse was recommended. I called to make an appointment which happened to be two months from the day of the call (which was fine, this was no emergency), but the woman over the phone was nothing short of a snobby, bitter old woman. How rude! She simply provided me with one word and very curt answers to all of my questions...I had a few considering I was new to the area. I hung up bothered but figured she had a bad day.\r \r Two months later I come face to face with the woman whom I presumed took my appointment not two months earlier. It was clear that my puppy and I had bothered her by having an appointment that day. Not only did she look at me with disgust, but threw some paperwork on a clip board at me and told me to sit down and fill it out and oh, by the way...""you are early, so you will have to wait"". I sat quietly and waited to be seated.\r \r Need I say more??? I walked out right then and there and was able to get into society hill that same week.\r \r How rude! Shame on your customer service or lack thereof! Pros: zip zero zilch Cons: where do i start? more

How can you rate something you have never been to? 9/13/2007

I am amazed at the people here who haven't even had an appointment and write a negative review. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Pros: GLBT Friendly/knowledgeble/Clean Cons: Lack of parking more
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