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Rino's Italian Ristorante - 27 Reviews - 2302 Parleys Way, Salt Lake City, UT - Romantic Dining Reviews - Phone (801) 484-0901

Rino's Italian Ristorante

2302 Parleys Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84109
(801) 484-0901
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To me, outdated decor doesn't make or break a restaurant if the food is amazing (like it was last night at Rino's). Really, who cares if the color scheme is off? We started wit...


The food wasnt memorable but what got me was the waiter. There was 2 of us and the bill was $100.00 and the grumpy waiter put a $17.00 tip on the bill! Who tips 17 percent? I wou...

Grumpy waiter! 11/8/2011

The food wasnt memorable but what got me was the waiter. There was 2 of us and the bill was $100.00 and the grumpy waiter put a $17.00 tip on the bill! Who tips 17 percent? I would have left $30.00...LOL! more


DO NOT EAT AT THIS PLACE!!!! This is a place that is content to rest on its laurels; it may have been good 30 years ago, but it's now over-priced, the food is mediocre at best, the service is dreadful, and the atmosphere is dank and old. There is a huge disconnect between the supposed reputation this place has for fine dining versus reality. I get that long-time patrons are willing to look past the flaws of this place and that other reviewers have rated this place higher, but if you are looking for a new place to nosh on Italian fare you are better off eating at Olive Garden which will give better value, better service, and better food. Just from pulling up, this was a terrible experience: the dark parking lot looks like a place where drugs deals go down and does not emit a sense of safety. We were told that the women's restroom was not in service and my fiancee ended up using the stinky men's room; yes the restroom did actually reek. How is this in line with fine dining? What fine dining experience makes both sexes use the same smelly restroom? An out-of-service restroom is unacceptable for a ""fine dining"" restaurant. More proof of how rundown the place is. Note to the owners: you can call a plumber to fix these things, even at night. One of the co-owners took our order, and it was rather surprising how much he lacked personality. He mumbled, he never smiled, he did not make me feel like a welcome guest. He clearly favored regulars and did not even bother to make recommendations or to learn anything about us as he made rounds in between ignoring us. After getting our food he rather rudely asked ""How's the food? Good?"" and hurriedly walked away before I had a chance to comment. I get better service from cashiers at 7-11. Note to the owners: putting on a dress shirt and wearing a bow tie does not make you a professional nor does it spontaneously endear your patrons. Marinara sauce for the veal parmesan tasted like canned sauce and it was so inspid that I had no choice but to drink water with every bite. Note to the owners: that is food that is way too salty for human consumption but is very good for salt licks for wildlife. Steamed vegetables were a mixed bag--the zucchini were bitter, the broccoli was unevenly cooked and some pieces tasted like shrimp. The veal itself was alright if you like eating 4 oz of wafer thin meat for $28.50. Potatoes gratin was good. Based on the entree we did not get dessert. McDonald's across the street looked mighty appetizing after eating this food. 4 This is not a fine dining experience by any stretch, but it is a place that gives the illusion of a fine dining experience and will make you pay as such. The restaurant decor and external appearance is in need of an overhaul. The food is mediocre at best and grossly overpriced. The service is in need of an attitude adjustment--that means you owners! Save your money and boycott this place. The more current reviews that are like-wise negative are spot-on. Stay away from Rino's; eating a frozen meal and shredding a $50 bill is the same experience as dining here. Go to Rino's if you like it when the customer is never right and treated like a burden by the owner, the food is forgettable, and the prices are paying for someone's fourth new car of the year. more

Ignore the bad reviews... and the decor. 9/30/2011

To me, outdated decor doesn't make or break a restaurant if the food is amazing (like it was last night at Rino's). Really, who cares if the color scheme is off? We started with the bruschetta, and although I was a little weary of the raisins, all the flavors mixed together perfectly. Best bruschetta I've ever had! My husband had the shrimp scampi, but started with lentil soup, both of which he said were absolutely delicious. I had a salad with italian dressing, and was kicking myself initially because I forgot to order the dressing on the side. Thankfully, Rino know's not to drench salads in dressing like other Italian restaurants. The dressing was the perfect compliment to the salad - it didn't overpower it. My entree was the butternut squash ravioli, which wasn't on the menu, but happened to be one of the specials. Maybe I'm just a sucker for butternut squash ravioli, but these were the best I've ever had. I will say that the only reason we chose Rino's for dinner was because we had a gift certificate from online. If we hadn't had that, Rino's wouldn't even have been an option. It's definitely not a restaurant for people on a budget. more

Dine anywhere but not at Rino's 6/28/2011

The french onion soup tasted like Campbell's canned soup. The salad with dinner was fresh but bland, much like I expect at Sizzler or Olive Garden. I had spaghetti marinara; my partner had ravioli. The sauces and meat were bland and flat. I expected much more after reading positive reviews. I waited to try Rino's on a Groupon. Definitely doesn't live up to any fine dining standards. Dark and dated inside. The main waitperson took our order and made cameos. The bulk of our service came from teens unfamiliar with the dishes and mostly sans discerning palates. Very disappointing. Save your money and special occasion dining for another restaurant. more

Still just as fabulous as I remenber 5/28/2011

My mother and I went here for dinner, after many years of not dining at Rinos. It was just as fabulous as it ever was. The Chicken Piccata had amazing flavor, as did the Shrimp Scampi. The Lentil soup was very good, a hint of cilantro I think. Rino would not tell me. The service was excellent. We plan to back later in summer for patio dining and fresh veggie dishes!! The bad reviews about Rinos are people with NO taste for really good food and a welcoming atmosphere!! more

Best Italian Restaurant in Utah 2/27/2011

I love the atmosphere, the food, the service and theit nightly specials are fabulous! more

Patio Nice, Food Not 5/16/2009

We really liked the patio in the evening. We like that they grow their own herbs. And the service was good. everything was presented and offered at just the right times. We didn't have to wait on the waiter:) The wine list was easy to read but offered little variety; lacking especially in Italian selections. The food was not impressive, The scallops were small and there was no distinct flavor to the dish (it all tasted the same). Food is overpriced with dishes from $20 - $33. We kept our experience positive, but will not be returning to Rino's. Pros: Good Service, Cons: Food Quality more

Best Place in Town 9/16/2008

I love Rino's. From the moment you step inside you are greeted by caring staff and on many occasions Rino himself. Immediately cold water is poured and hot fresh bread is brought out (YUM!!!). then you can follow up with one of five types of salads and three to five types of soups (there are sometimes specials). follow that with a wonderful main course, great wine and dessert and that isn't all. while enjoying your Chocolate Mousse, Tirimissu, Cheesecake, or bread Pudding you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a hot expresso. add the great food, authentic atmosphere, wonderful service, and fresh ingredients and your in for a great night. Bon appitit! Pros: Great Service, Fresh Vegetables, Wonderful Food more

Its Day Has Passed 5/18/2007

Who LOOOOVVVES this place? Older people who don't try anything new and who think Chuckarama is a gourmet restaurant. Skip it. Or microwave some spaghetti-Os and eat them in your grandma's living room. Same effect. Pros: Consistent Cons: Food preparation and originality more

What am I missing? 12/9/2006

From the various reviews on this site and a hankering one night for some really tasty Italiian we ventured out to Rino's. From the moment we walked through the door the signs were ominous. A lot of people say the decor is rustic and homely. Maybe these people are realtors with a particular aptitude for distorting facts. I'd personally call the place ramshackle, kitsch (unintentionally) and in need of renovation. On this particular visit we were crammed into a tiny back room with barely room to swing a small kitten. At the outset I made clear to our server that I didn't like cheese and could she steer me clear of anything I may pick that contained it. She duly noted this and indeed recommend I avoided the first dish I picked. I opted for the spaghetti in simple marinara (how will they handle the basics I thought). When my salad arrived covered in cheese I wasn't overly impressed. I know the salads are made up en masse and hurried out of the kitchen asap, BUT for the prices charged at Rino's you would expect a little more care and attention to detail. My entree featured undercooked spaghetti. My wife suggested it may be al dente, if only so. It was simply undercooked. Maybe the sauce could rescue the dish? I was bowled over by the sheer lack of taste to the sauce. I tried my best to detect anything other than tomatoes. Very one dimensional with little to no trace of herbs. I sincerely hope that the tomatoes were indeed fresh. Much is made of the fact that the owners grow their own vegetables, this is to be lauded. However, based on this dish I would not be surprised if canned tomatoes were used. The sheer levels of salt in the dish alone suggested this may be the case. Pros: Decent free bread Cons: Poor food quality, overpriced more

Very Impressed 9/28/2006

My friend frequents this restaurant and guaranteed us that we would like it. He was wrong we LOVED it. The service was great, we were promptly seated and our waitress was very accommodating and very patient with us. The escargot was wonderful!!! We all sampled each other's meals and we were ooooohhhhiiinggg and aaaaaahhhhing. Dessert was superb!! The owner came over and spoke to us to make sure we were enjoying our meal because he could hear us critique everything - but all in a very good way. My gnocchi dish was full of color and flavor - beautiful! I will definitely be a repeat diner. more

Overrated 9/22/2006

I was not particularly impressed. I'd expected Rino's to be expensive, but at $180 for 4 people, I'd at least expect the place to have a wine list! The ambience also leaves much to be desired. Instead of finding it cozy, I found it to be dingy and depressing. Although the food was good, I wouldn't say it $30/plate good. The service, on the otherhand, was exemplary. However, I don't think I'll be returning anytime soon. I can't recommend this restaurant. Pros: Service, good food. Cons: Expensive, poor ambience, and no wine list more

Fabulous escargot, fresh home-grown vegetables, and cozy atmosphere. 8/24/2006

Everything is good at Rino's! From the moment you're seated and served warm bread with creamery butter the world just seems a little nicer. Excellent service is always found at Rino's, and Rino will check with every diner to make sure the experience is wonderful. Pros: Fresh home-made food, friendly atmosphere. Cons: Small parking lot, uncomfortable seating in back room. more

Dark, cramped, but such good food 6/18/2006

This is about the food, not the setting. Go in the late spring and on into early fall. Rino's is best when he's got access to the garden for zuchinni blossoms, fresh tomatoes, herbs and the other fresh local produce. Look at the specials as they'll highlight the fresh foods of the day. Pros: seasonal produce Cons: dark, cramped, out of the way a bit in location more

Not so great 3/8/2006

I went with high expectations. The moment we walked in the door, we were assailed by a sickening smell of Old-Folks-Home mixed with Mothballs and some kind of sausage. The effect was nauseating. The food was okay, not great, and the tables were cramped and uncomfortable. Mozzarella antipasti was the highlight, with great tomatoes. Customer service was very good. Pros: Mozzarella Cons: Old Smelly House, Cramped Tables, Ugly building more

Bon Appetit! 1/3/2006

This is hands down the best Italian restuarant! I love to cozy romantic atmosphere, the food is amazing, and the owners/staff are warm and welcoming. We recommend this restaurant to everyone we know and eat there ourselves as often as possible. Don't miss out on the caprese appetizer and the incredible bread pudding (although all of the food is wonderful). Pros: ambiance, food, service more

An Old Standby 8/15/2005

Rino's is the type of place that is often overlooked with all the new and glitzy restaurants popping up, in particular Italian. Don't neglect this place just because the papers don't review the older established restaurants. Longevity means that they must know something about doing things right. Rino has great waiter and waitresses and is always around to great and chat with his ""guests"". A very reliable and gracious place. It is likely that press is not necessary, the place still fills up. Pros: Good Solid Food, Nice and homey, Great service more

Watch your date! 6/3/2005

Rino's is a decent little haunt on the east bench but for me, has been hit or miss. Some plates are quite memorable--like the ravioli and gnocchi specials--but other main entrees (lasagne, pasta dishes) are somewhat bland and uneventful. Nothing really shouts out to be eaten with vigor. Which is in total contrast to Rino, the owner, who is quite the ladies man with his robust Italian flair. Dudes best keep an eye on their ladies when Rino comes in the room because if they aren't nailed down to their seat he is libel to flirt through dinner. Wine list is sparse (unless they've overhauled in the last 6 months) and the desserts so so. PROS: prices are reasonable, parking easy CONS: much of the menu items lack flair more

Italian Ambiance 3/31/2005

I would say that thou this place is small you are promptly served and much attention is given to the look of the food and your comfort. Pros: good food, good service, prompt seating Cons: hard to find, poor parking, slightly forgetful more

Our favorite place to celebrate 7/13/2004

Without question, Rino's is our favorite Italian restaurant. Just don't fear the exterior (it looks very dated). The interior is charming and the patio is covered with beautiful grape vines on a trellis. When it comes to impressing friends from out of town who think that Utah-food universally tastes like and has the presentation of ""food"" found at Chuck-A-Whatever, this is a great place to show them what Utah can offer. Pros: Food, Patio, Rino's garden more
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