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Rigazzi's Restaurant - 59 Reviews - 4945 Daggett Ave, Saint Louis, MO - Italian Restaurants Reviews - Phone (314) 772-4900

Rigazzi's Restaurant

4945 Daggett Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63110
(314) 772-4900
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Rigazzi's Restaurant - Saint Louis, MO
Rigazzi's Restaurant - Saint Louis, MO
Rigazzi's Restaurant - Saint Louis, MO
Rigazzi's Restaurant - Saint Louis, MO
Rigazzi's Restaurant - Saint Louis, MO
Rigazzi's Restaurant - Saint Louis, MO
Rigazzi's Restaurant - Saint Louis, MO
Rigazzi's Restaurant - Saint Louis, MO
Rigazzi's Restaurant - Saint Louis, MO
Rigazzi's Restaurant - Saint Louis, MO
Rigazzi's Restaurant - Saint Louis, MO
Rigazzi's Restaurant - Saint Louis, MO


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Prices seem slightly high but not beyond reach and they never put out coupons, but I find that to be the only downside. Always the same staff and they remember you everytime, it'...


Wow, how this place ever got to number 4 is beyond me. People must be too polluted on the fishbowls to remeber the bland food. I didn't care for the water in the bottom of thw p...

You think this is good Italian Food. Don't call it food. 5/2/2012

If you don't want to read all of this, let's just get to it. You would be better off buying a jar of Ragu and a box of Mostaccioli and you would have a better meal and save a ton of money. I brought my 2 out of town brothers to Rigazzi's for what we thought would be a great ""on the hill"" meal. All three of us were disappointed with the meal and could not finish them. We are all big eaters and never have a problem getting it all down but this crap I wouldn't bring home to the dog. I wouldn't even feed this to my x wife. We brought this to the attention of our waiter and all he could say was the cook has been there for 35 years, he needs to reread his cook book. The waiter said he was sorry and hoped that this experiance would not stop us from coming again, it will. I would not return there even if the price was cut in half. Service was Ok, Price was way out of line and the food just plain terrible. I had a Cheeseburger with bacon and the only thing that had flavor was the bacon. My brother had Veal and the breading tasted like wet cardboard. The sauce tasted flat. I want everyone to know that I have been going to this place for 20 years and everytime I go it just seems to get worst but my last visit was truely my last. We paid every penny of our bill and left the waiter the proper tip for what our bill was but it won't happen again. Our visit was on 5-1-12 more

Not going there again 3/27/2012

If I could give 0 stars, I would. I don't expect much in terms of a service when I go to ""authentic, neighborhood, family place"", I am looking for great food. However, one thing that was OK is service, food was terrible. My friend ordered Sea Food pasta. The only real seafood on her dish was shrimp, and that was over cooked to the point to where she could not even chew it. The other ""seafood"" on her pasta was imitation crab sticks. How they can get away with calling this food is beyond me. Her plate was drowned in white sauce that tasted like it came from the can. She paid $14.95 for that. My dish had a bit more flavor in it, it was something in garlic butter sauce, but by the time I got to it, butter separated how it would when it was re-heated in the microwave. On the bottom of my plate I had a pool of butter. That also was $14.95. Our kids had small cheese pizza. How bad can you mess that up? Well, they didn't eat it. That was $13.95. This lunch costs us over $50 (tax and tip). more

Yummy! 5/9/2011

Prices seem slightly high but not beyond reach and they never put out coupons, but I find that to be the only downside. Always the same staff and they remember you everytime, it's great. The white sauce is cheesy and awesome! Try the potato skins..nice touch with the white cheese sauce and pepperoni, they are great and not your typical plain potato skin you can get anywhere. Love the pizza also the personal size is enough for me to even be able and bring some home. If you want a big menu with lots of great items, classic and unique, to choose from, you should try Rigazzis! more

Chef Boyardee is better 8/6/2010

I've lived in St. louis my whole life, after I went to Rigazzi's I thought about moving. The food is horrible, everything is either overcooked or drenched in oil to cover up for the lack of taste. The service is always bad, every time i've been there we wait half an hour to see our waiter and than we don't see him again until he brings the check. The busser's do more work than the waiters as far as I can see and everyone i've talked to about it in my office agrees. The only time I was even satisfied with the experience was because of a young waiter I had named alan, he took great care of us so if you do go into that hellhole ask for him. Save your time and money though, just buy some chef boyardee and a beer and you have rigazzi's, and edible food. more

Best slice of STL on the Hill 6/15/2010

Rigazzi's isnt like most of the restaurants on the hill. Here you wont find the stuffy atmosphere and high prices but instead a fun filled evening with a light atmosphere. The food at Rigazzi's is simply excellent (I recommend the Bakes Pasta Pepperonata or the Chicken Mary) Food always tastes wonderful even more than what i was expecting. The pasta dinners come with salads and under 20 bucks even with a drink (try that at giovanni's) lol My uncle has been going to Rigazzi's since the 70's and eating the fried chicken... I have personally never tried it but he swears to it. Good service food and prices....5 Stars! Pros: Good Italian Cons: can get crowded on saturday w/o a reservation more

Great Time 6/10/2010

Beer was cold apps were great friendly service and dinners were very good size!\r \r We will be coming back thanks! more

Huge Menu 6/10/2010

I love this place they have alot of food the peperonata pasta pisella , sicilliano are all very tasty they even have some of the best fried chicken in town. Pros: Strong Drinks Cons: Bow Ties blue shirts look silly more

My fav 6/9/2010

I enjoy going there! It's not one of those places where they try to make a silk purse out of sows ear. We go there before games.. the beer is cheaper & colder than the stadium in those big fishbowls. Pros: It's the real thing, not a franchise Cons: There isn't one in Fenton more

Rigazzi's Restaurant is pizza like it should be 11/17/2009

Some people go for the fish bowl beers. We go for the pizzas! Best pizza this side of Naples, Italy! Believe me as I have tasted both! One of our favorite memories is going there for dates with my boyfriend who is now my husband of 33 yrs. more

Worst Experience 11/6/2009

My family and I decided to eat there today since we were on the Hill shopping. We entered and were never greeted by anyone, then the bartender noded at us to take a seat. After sitting down we were approached by a server, took drink order and brought them. We all decided to eat there lunch ""special"", that they advertise on their website, 12 different selections for 7.99. After we ordered my dad saw the man behind the serving line eating some food out of the steam table pan.Then the man disapeared for like 15 mins or so, then we saw the same man sitting down at a table talking to some people and touching his hair and head, he then got up went back to the serving line,never washed his hands, and proceded to eat some more food with his bare hands. Then my father saw him cut up some meat, throw some back in the steam table with his bare hands, and then take some for himself, dip it in the au jou sauce and eat it, and then continue to serve food. This was the end for us, we stopped a server and told her about it, she watched him do it too and then she said how gross it was and that she only had 2 more months to work there. She then approaced the man and told him we had been watching him eat out of the pans. Our server came back over and we told him we were leaving and he didnt even say he was sorry. I think he took the man in the kitchen to talk to him but it didnt seem he was too surprised at what we had told him. We then asked to speak to the manager, and our server informed us he was the manager. This is the worst experice I have ever had! I am myself a waitress and I would never dare to the things they did there! Pass them up and go somewhere else, unless you want to get sick the next time you eat out! Cons: Slow service, uncleanly employees more

Worst pizza ever! 9/26/2009

We went to Rigazzi's on a friend's recommendation, but we also checked out some reviews before hand. The reviews weren't great, but seeing that our friend said it was ""ok"" we figured it couldn't be that bad. It was. The cheese looked like plastic, the crust was hard, and the sauce had absolutely no redeeming qualities. Would not recommend, will never go back. Also, the pizza is served cut in squares, not triangles. But that is neither here nor there. Cons: Terrible pizza more

Rigazzi's Restaurant is solidly good. 8/23/2009

Rigazzi's is solidly good. Their cracker-thin pizza crust is very flavorful. My aboslute favorite on their menu is the toasted ravioli appetizer. I've even ordered it as my main course. more

Rigazzi's is Terrible 6/28/2009

We had previously lived in St. Louis, 14 years removed, spent the weekend with my 3 kids talking up The Hill. This was one of the worst dinning experiences in my life at Rigazzi's last night. Had a 7:00 p.m. reservation, seated at 7:40, waiter came by for drink orders 35 MINUTES after we were seated, took another 20 minutes to deliver drinks to the table & gave a alcohol daiquiri to 17 year old child that was with us and had ordered a virgin daiquiri. After sitting for another 45 minutes, salads were not delivered, no food, no appetizers & left the restaurant without paying. If you are doing the math, we left after arriving for our 7:00 reservation at 8:50 p.m. with nothing in our stomachs. Ordered a pizza that was delivered to our hotel in 20 minutes. I will NEVER go back and strongly suggest anyone that wants to go to the hill to try another dining experience on the Hill. more

Consistently the best 2/3/2009

I've been going to Rigazzi's for many years, and after moving from St. Louis, I always make a point to eat there when I'm visiting. I just ate there when in town for the New Year and it did not disappoint! Rigazzi?s is by far my favorite place on ""The Hill"". I highly recommend any pizza, the toasted ravs, and mostaccioli --always delicious! more

Rude is Service 1/18/2009

If you go there expecting to have waiters that care if you get what you ordered then you will be disappointed. We order a pizza with hardly any cheese and got a Provolone Party, and we didn't get the right wine either. But our waiter was OK with what we got. We weren't so we won't be back. Pros: Strong vodka tonic Cons: Needed the strong vodka tonic more

Horrible 1/5/2009

I dined here for my birthday this weekend, and the food was horrible. The waiter was very rude and unfriendly. There was imitation crab meat in my pasta and the sauce was watery. The salad seemed to have been dumped into a bowl out of a bag of lettuce. I would not suggest this place to anyone. There were three of us eating and everyone's food was horrible. My dish claimed to be linguine loaded with seafood. What I got was overcooked fettuccine with imitation crab meat and 3 shrimp chopped into small pieces. I've eaten Budget Gourmet meals that tasted beter Cons: everything about this place more

My bad experience 1/4/2009

I visited Ragazzi's on the hill last night. First of all it was so noisy in there. The waiter came to our table and was very unfriendly. He never introduced himself. He was a bit impatient when I took a couple of minutes to decide on what I wanted to drink. They put these cold chunks of bread on the table for you to eat before dinner. My fork was dirty so I requested a new one. The waiter brought me one that looked like it had been through the garbage disposal. The grumpy waiter finally came back to our table to take our orders and I ordered Tuto Mare, a grilled chicken pasta and pasta with shrimp, snow peas and butter sauce. The description of the Tuto Mare on the menu led me to believe that it would be loaded with seafood. This was not the case. There were big pieces of imitation crab meat, and shrimp chopped so small that I could hardly see them. I had never eaten at any restaraunts on the hill before. I had heard such good things about them. This was not what I expect more

Cotten 12/8/2008

On Friday December 5th 2008 we met friends at Ragazzi's on The hill for dinner. When we entered it was not really crowded except for some guys hanging out at the bar. After about 10 minutes we were finally seated. Where do I begin. After waiting for several more minutes our server finally stumbled over. Never once did she crack a smile or for that matter no personality. We ordered our drinks. She brought back everyone's but mine. waited several more minutes before it arrived. We finally ordered our food. My husband ordered a 12 inch meat lovers pizza, I chicken Marsala and our friends ordered baked Mostacoli and baked ravioli. We finally got our salads and by this time we were more than hungry and a bit perturbed. After several more minutes after we finished our salads we had to ask where our food was. We had to be somewhere by 8:00. Our server said she would check. After a few more minutes she came back and said it would be a few more minutes. (Getting really annoyed) Food comes out. more

Disappointing and Disgusting 7/23/2008

What a disappointment! The food at Rigazzi's was over-priced, foul, and not worth the drive. Upon arriving, we ordered an antipasta salad and toasted ravioli appetizers. The antipasta was nothing but a few coldcuts and processed cheese slapped on a plate with whole olives, carrot & celery sticks, and a bowl of anchioves. They shouldn't have bothered. It would have been better if they put a can of Cheez Whiz and an open package of bologna on the table. Boring, no presentation, and no taste. I mean, really, who puts Velveeta on an antipasta salad? Toasted ravioli tasted as if it had been re-heated, and re-heated, and re-heated again. The ravioli was tough and hard to chew and the marinara sauce for dipping was watery..basically some tomato puree' swimming in a bowl of water. Pros: no wait to eat Cons: food more

Disappointed Beyond Belief Part II 7/17/2008

Our pizzas were delivered covered in a processed cheese product that St. Louisans foundly call Provel. This sliced product remotely resembles cheese in appearance, yet its taste and consistency is closer to melted plastic wrap. The pizzas' traditional oven-baked crust was burned and the thin spread of sauce might have come from a Chef Boyardee home kit. Unable to finish a single slice, we called for the check and a couple of take-out boxes. The $65 tab was incredibly steep for such a miserable dining experience. Back at home, we tested the pizza on our indescriminating teens, who quickly tossed the pizza in the trash after a single taste. As our stomachs rumbled, we checked the Internet for some insight into the mystery of Provel and possible side-effects for injesting such an unnatural product. We were shocked to find that many restaurants on The Hill incorporate this mutation into their pasta dishes as well. Further research revealed, much to our relief, that Provel is rarely found outside St. Louis. In a way, this abomination has been quarantined to the city limits. I have resolved myself to help keep it that way. If the word of such a product being used in Italian cusine spread across the Atlantic, the international outcry would be deafening. more
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