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Ridgeway Service Ctr - 22 Reviews - 5410 Western Ave, Knoxville, TN - Auto Parts Reviews - Phone (865) 584-4098
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Ridgeway Service Ctr

5410 Western Ave
Knoxville, TN 37921
(865) 584-4098
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Ridgeway Service Ctr - Knoxville, TN
Ridgeway Service Ctr - Knoxville, TN


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Had to have some Honda specfic work done by someone that specalized in that and was referred to these guys. Wow They got the car in, located the parts, and done a major repair in ...


Paid for an alignment and struts on Saturn VUE, then had to take it back because they didn't replace the strut mounts and it was worse. The front tires suddenly became bald so I p...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/10/2012

Good to see the right folks again.I got a flyer in the mail.I had heard the shop had gotten back to it's Good reputation.The previous owner had moved to Florida and was sick and it was mismanaged bad for a year or so.NEW owner seems to be getting them back to what we loved about this shop.Christian values and not all about the money.Glad to have my shop back.good for Ridgeway\r \r Scott Dilaney more

Paid for an alignment and struts on 6/2/2012

Paid for an alignment and struts on Saturn VUE, then had to take it back because they didn't replace the strut mounts and it was worse. The front tires suddenly became bald so I paid for new tires and asked about another alignment and was told they would take care of it. In three months the new tires were completely shot. Took it back and it sat in their lot for three days, (unlocked too!), They never called me, I arrived to discuss it, new manager wasn't even there at 9:00 AM, only two guys in the shop, one working the other just strolling around by the back. Ignored me until I said something then refused to help, ""it's above my pay grade"", he said. I took the keys and asked for a call, never got a call. Took my car to professionals. Apparently many mechanics around town know about this rip off. Ridgeway doesn't even own an alignment machine, and by law they have to ask permission before taking it off premises for repair, which was never done. I've really tried to give these ""christians"" an opportunity to honor their work by making things right, but they won't even answer their phone or return calls. They should read Luke 12:58. Charging me for an alignment and destroying the original and also the new set of tires, combined with their behavior and the way they treated me is a serious reproach on the name of the Lord. I've already got an attorney working on it, all I wanted when I showed up after being ignored was a refund. I don't even want to give them one star, but it won't save the comments unless I do. This place really needs to go out of business. Perhaps they started out good years ago, but now they just rip people off and ignore them. more


First of all James Tuttle is part owner NOT a customer. I say this because he is the one that we originally trusted to fix our car. My husband has known James for years so quite naturally we trusted him to fix our 2007 Infinit G-35. It needed a Camber Kit, radiator housing, grill, a few other small things, then painted. The insurance adjuster quoted 2 weeks time. I, of coarse, assumed that Ridgeway or James would call when the car was done. Mind you, we stresses that we needed it back as soon as possible. After 4 weeks went by I called to see what was taking so long to find out that THEY HAD NOT EVEN STARTED WORKING ON IT!! Greg told me that James had not told him what needed to be done on the car. I said you mean to tell me that you let cars sit on your lot and have NO IDEA what is going on with them. From there, I called EVERYDAY AND WAS GIVEN THE RUN AROUND. Oh, this part was sent to the wrong place, it takes 2 weeks to get a camber kit, etc. BTW, I have ordered a Camber kit myself and it took 2 DAYS TO GET TO MY HOME!! I WAS GIVEN THE RUN AROUND EVERT TIME I ASKED HOW MUCH LONGER IT WAS GOING TO TAKE. NOW, 5 MONTHS LATER, after too many phone calls, IT IS AT THE PAINT SHOP. ONLY TO FIND OUT THAT 90% OF WHAT OUR INSURANCE PAID FOR HAS NOT BEEN FIXED!!!! THE INSURANCE CHECK THAT HAD MY HUSBAND'S NAME ON IT AS WELL AS THE NAME OF THE BUSINESS WAS CASHED AS SOON AS THEY GOT IT, WHICH IS FRAUD!!! NOW, JAMES HAS TO PROVIDE ALL OF THE RECEIPTS TO THE INSURANCE COMPANY BECAUSE THE CAR IS NOT FIXED AND THE MONEY HAS BEEN SPENT!!!! HE WILL HAVE TO PAY BACK THE MONEY TO OUR INSURANCE COMPANY! MY HUSBAND KNEW HIM WELL AND HE DID THIS TO US SO I WOULD HATE TO THINK WHAT THEY WOULD DO TO STRANGERS!!! TO TOP IT OFF, THE CHEAPEST POSSIBLE PARTS THAT COULD BE BOUGHT WERE PUT ON THE CAR!! THIS IS NO GOD FEARING BUSINESS AS THEY CLAIM TO BE. PLEASE, AS I SAID RUN AWAY. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE TO WORK ON YOUR CAR. IT HAS BEEN FIVE MONTHS AND NOW WE HAVE TO HAVE SOMEONE ELSE FIX WHAT JAMES AND RIDGEWAY WERE PAID ALMOST $3,000 TO FIX!!!!! I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT EVERY LIGHT WAS ON IN OUR CAR-NONE OF WHICH WERE ON WHEN IT ARRIVED AND IT HAD BEEN DRIVEN ALMOST 100 MILES ACCORDING TO THE TRIP ODOMETER!!! IN ALL FAIRNESS SOME OF THE STAFF IS GREAT, CHRIS IS VERY HELPFUL AND WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND. more

Best car repair in town 11/4/2011

Had to have some Honda specfic work done by someone that specalized in that and was referred to these guys. Wow They got the car in, located the parts, and done a major repair in 36 hours. It was reasonable, fast, and done right. The staff was polite and understanding and overall it was a great experience. They will see me again.\r \r Thanks more

Where is the love? Its at Ridgeway Service Center! 10/8/2011

I had some major repairs needed for my vehicles and only had a certain amount budgeted for repairs. Greg called back about my car and informed me that I needed a new engine. He then asked what he could do for me to help me out and gave me a set amount which was less than the original. My vehicle was repaired way beyond my expectations. I was also given similiar great service on my truck. Wess had called and told me that my ball joints were bad and was honest about it being a priority. Greg took care of another service for me and my bill stayed the same. I want to show my sincere gratitude to Greg, James, Dwight,Wess, Jack, for being honest and treating me right. I highly recommend their high quality service and will continue doing business with them as long as it exists.I am grateful to God that everything is working out. more

Ridgeway Cervice Center in Knoxville 9/12/2011

Great service and friendly people.... very trustworthy and polite. I'd recommend them to anyone! more

Great, honest people!! Fast and friendly service!! 8/29/2011

I am so thankful to have found Ridgeway Service Ctr! I have a little knowledge about cars but admittedly as a woman not near enough. The guys here are very nice and explained the repairs my vehicle needed without being condescending or pushy in any way. I was impressed they didn't try to over sell any ""extras"" and knowing I was on a budget they found ways to keep my cost minimal to get my car up and running. I definitely will return for other needed repairs!! Excellent service and honest repair shops are hard to find. I sincerely recommend Ridgeway Service Center! more

Great Service 8/26/2011

Very cooperative and helpful. Fixed the problem and quick turn around. more

The Ultimate Cynic 8/24/2011

Short and simple.. called and explained my problem and was given several possible scenarios. The best of which to bring my truck in for a free diagnosis. Very fast service. Problem was found quickly and the diagnosis was right on the money. They gave me a ride to work and called me with an estimate that was more than fair. My truck was repaired that day to the penny on the estimate unlike other places I've dealt with. Very happy with Ridgeway's service! more

Great Customer Service 8/19/2011

After much frustration with our vehicle, we have finally found an honest and upfront auto/body repair shop. The customer service has been awesome, and their estimates are on point. I've recommended them to every female I know as they have treated my husband and I with great equal respect. more

Don't come here to waste your time and money 5/31/2011

My car got a problem and I took the car to the shop.\r They charged me nearly 500$ to fix the problem.\r Three days later another problem appeared. But they would not like to be responsible for it and asked me to take it to another shop.\r They are not honest! So don't come her to waste your time and money. more

This shop really sucks 5/31/2011

I chose this shop to repair my car only for its high rating stars. It turned out that I am completely wrong. Don't be too naive to trust the star like me!\r I spent nearly 1500$ to repair the car and they guaranted no same problem within 10,000 miles. \r When I checked the car, I felt it was better but I can still feel the unnormal vibration. But three men were around me and asked me to pay the money and take the car away. Very rude! I am a little girl, it's terrible that three men were around you. So I took the car away and I hope I was wrong and they've completely solved the car's problem.\r Three months passed. The same problem appeared again. The car was vibrating very heavily and I don't dare to keep driving. I took the car to the shop and hope they can take care of it. The waring light on the board disappeared and they charged me 100$.\r The second day, the yellow warning light appeared again and the car vibrated heavily when I driving. I took the car to the shop again. This time, they told me I need to pay 300$, but they will not promise they completely solve the car's problem. I was really outraged.\r The manager always simles and looks very nice, but don't trust his smile, he is really a very very rude guy actually.\r They ask you to spend money again and again and they don't promise you anything. Even if they promise you, the next time they will charge you for another excuse.\r I am a phd and well-educated. But I never met such rude person and ridiculous thing. What I want to say is don't come here to repair the car. It really sucks!!!!!! \r more

... 1/12/2011

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Great Honest Fast 1/6/2011


EASY AUTO also sends 2/18/2010

I am a customer from Eassy auto they send all there customers now for Ridgeway to service cars after purchase WE WERE so amazed at the attitude and they took us to a shoping center while they fixed our car A +++++ more

TOP notch customer service 2/18/2010

We also were sent by Johnathan from easy auto they couldn't fix my car untill saturday but were upfront and honest and what a Great little shop they are Slammed with buisness and we now see why GO HERE if you want Honesty more

Good Fast honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Easy Auto recomends 2/17/2010

Easy auto also sent us here after we bought a tundra I only live 2 miles away and was surprised when Easy Auto had me bring it here. Easy is in West knox but said this was there choice for all their service because of the honest practice of these guys! god bless Pap Stiles Pros: christian music in shop Cons: none yet more

Great shop! Advance auto parts sends our customers there 1/29/2010

WE are aware of what happened this is a mad lady that wouldnt listen to what happened the mileage was typed in wrong as Bryan will admit they have video cams the car was there every day HE TYPED IN THE PREVIOUS MILEAGE WHEN IT WAS THERE WEEKS BEFORE. HE HAS A RECORD PRINT DATE JAN 4TH WITH SAME MILEAGE ON NEW TICKET in late Jan!! after the customer had it weeks he typed in previous milage not actuall I tried to find her a part and Advance auto parts in all my locations couldnt get it so we called Land rover her intake had a broken grommet and had to be replaced we priced it at 1400.00 from dealer Ridgeway said No way they would look hard for her and get a reman unit they found one for 600 somethig PAID HER SHIPING and put on the new intake the rattle was gone but the car needed coils and plugs the lady refused because she wanted to sell it she wanted it gone! they fixed what she paid for but it needs more attention WE send all our customers to Ridgeway They are honest and Christian at the core. WE HAVE ALL positive response We even service our part trucks there as well as several car lots like Easy auto I understand she is frustrated but i got to stand up for my boys at Ridge way as for the window being down her window was being held up by cardboard Ron said and it did embarrass them that they didnt notice it had been down a little they offered to detail whole car o well dont fear this shop they are Awesome call us 524 2180 for a recommendation Matt Pros: HONEST Cons: need more RIDGEWAYS lol more


I am a 57 year old woman with a Landrover Freelander. Took my car to Ridgeway based upon reviews. First visit trans fluid change-fine. Returned due to a vibration over a certain mph. Car was there l2 days. Was told what needed to fix it, said they did it, said car was ready, went to pick up. Car was parked in the lot with the back window down in the rain (soaked back seat and floor), kids toys in my car, empty drink bottles, mud everywhere. Prepaid $1166.00. Asked how it was driving -they don't know, shop vac'd the water, took toys/ junk out, I left. Car was shaking tremendously on the way home, checked the odometer reading and compared to receipt there was over 1,700 miles driven on my car. Back next day to question this, am told I am ignorant, my car is a piece of crap, they can't explain mileage(story kept changing), how many people drove it, etc. (picked up kid from school, went to get a coke, drove 80 miles 3 x, 1x 20 mi-they will check the tape, listened to them pray and yell into my face. Rec'd a call, ""What could they do to make things right?"" My car drives 10 x worse than it did. What sane person would allow these people to come near their car again?!! This review will most likely be filtered out but I am more than willing to repeat it. BEWARE Pros: THERE ARE NONE - MINUS 5 Cons: DECEPTION, ABUSE & MISUSE OF PROPERTY more


So glad to write a review for this business! They have been such a blessing to me, my family, and friends! I recommend them to anyone I know that's had any kind of car trouble at all. Great Owners and kind mechanics! Found out that owners also homeschool, as do we! Yay homeschool! :) Pros: Fast, Efficient, Friendly! more
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