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Richmond Sanitary Svc - 10 Reviews - 1 Parr Blvd, Richmond, CA - Waste & Garbage Reviews - Phone (510) 232-5872

Richmond Sanitary Svc

1 Parr Blvd
Richmond, CA 94801
(510) 232-5872
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The rating on this business isn't 3 1/2 stars, but 2 1/2 stars-(total of 12 stars divided by 5 reviews). The guys who do the work do an OK job, but the business itself is trying t...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/1/2014

Call the office, with any problem, question, or request, and this small-town values steeped, mom-and-pop shop will go so many extra miles to help. I'm a renter, not used to paying for sanitary service, and in my 4th yr of eluding deadly domestic violence. Attacks are triggered by mail showing up in my mailbox at home, so I keep a mailing address. Most household service providers could give $0.02 about your safety, and happily sacrifice your very mortality for whatever they get selling data to direct mail marketers. Not Richmond Sanitary: they go so many extra miles to make my weird lifestyle not so arduous. I spent a long stretch in ICU this summer, and my mom took my credit cards and piles of bills and paid them for me - 3 consecutive, accruing Richmond Sanitary bills vs. the $90 due for each. Rity chmond Sanitary called several times, and sent a few letters in the mail, asking what I wanted to do with the overpayments - leave em on account? Refund? I didn't respond, so still have a bunch of credit on file. And a pile of mom's trash that needs general pickup, free twice a year, up to 15 bags at 35gal each, of whatever you can stuff in said bags. Which is nothing, if you're me at the moment. Turns out they also will get someone to drag the bins to the curb for you, if you ask in advance and tell them why you need help. I should do that, sometime. I've struck out with so many requests for help, or simply trying to convey why I couldn't comply with whatever I needed help with, that I never ever considered that service might be available. \r FYI, PG&E and the water district have been very considerate of my circumstance and allow for alternate security identifiers as well as billing addresses in place of service addresses, so if you're in similar straits know there are folks who get it and who will help. CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE and you'll get just that. more

Richmond Sanitary SUCKS! 1/20/2011

Richmond Sanitary SUCKS!!! Monopolies suck! We should have a choice! No wonder they treat their customers like garbage! Their business is just what they do- GARBAGE! They don't care how they treat their customers, they are arrogant... they know they are the only choice so they abuse it! Once again they are in the dinosaur ages-all other businesses give you plenty of fair warning when your auto pay credit card is about to expire. But not Richmond Sanitary! They just stop service! Oh- they still charge you for the week they left your garbage can full though even though you renew your credit card info when you find out the rude way that it has expired. What a bunch of trash. Their motto must be ""GARBAGE IS OUR BUSINESS SO OUR BUSINESS IS GARBAGE!"" They sure live up to it! Well- my motto to you is Richmond Sanitary Sucks! more

Just plain criminal 12/3/2009

I echo all previous review sentiments. The problem is that they have no competition. The local government does not give the residential owner a choice about whether or not they want garbage service. Trash removal service is mandatory, which although objectionable, is understandable for health and sanitary reasons. CC county residents do not have a choice but to pay whatever is charged, and if not paid for directly to the sanitation service the govt contracts with, fees are levied with penalties on your property taxes. Worse, you as the customer do not have the choice of which trash removal service you can use, it is dictated to you. The consequence? The sanitation service (Richmond sanitary services) has a monopoly--they don't need to serve the customer....and they certainly don't--talk about the golden egg. I tried to contact a law firm about violation of anti-trust laws and was told they would not take a case like this--that is too bad. What Richmond Sanitary services is getting away with is criminal. If Contra Costa felt some responsibility toward its citizens, they would review their policy and demand that Richmond Sanitary Service pay more attention to its customers, or they would facilitate some competition, and a system where, although trash service mandatory, citizens could choose the company they contract with--competition creates better service and a fairer marketplace. Its sad that in this country in this day and age, such a monopoly exists. What needs to be done...a petition circulated and submitted to local government. Cons: horrific customer service....but then again, why not? more

Dishonesty is their motto 11/20/2009

I haven't received a bill in several months. \r \r I called them about 3 weeks ago and was told a bill would be mailed. Instead I got a ""Service Interuption"" notice and fined $20 for not paying the two invoices I had not ever received and had to request.\r \r Oh yes, it took 10 years to get the bill transferred into my name. They ignored about 20 requests.\r \r A pathetic bunch with some political connections or maybe its payola. It sure isn't good service. They don't publish a fax number or an email address. They don't want to hear from their customers. Pros: They are the only service in town Cons: Damage property, don't mail bills, charge bogus penalties more

Recycle pick-up 8/10/2009

Why was our recycling NOT picked up on Friday, Aug, 7, 2009? How can we recycle if nobody collects the items in the containers?\r Cons: Unreliable service more

Slimey business practices.... 1/22/2009

The rating on this business isn't 3 1/2 stars, but 2 1/2 stars-(total of 12 stars divided by 5 reviews). The guys who do the work do an OK job, but the business itself is trying to manipulate it's protected legal status, as a quasi-public utility, by scamming customers with $20 fines for supposedly placing non-qualified material in their green and blue recycling cans, Just got a postcard in the mail notifying me of a second $20 fine,(the first was forgiven), after I sent the company a letter telling them that, in the future, should they find anything that shouldn't be there, to just leave the can, because I'm not paying such a B.S. fee. I know exactly what went into the can I'm being fined for, it was all correct, so the only thing that could have happened is some passerby threw something into it while it was left curbside. This company doesn't want a website. They want to remain back in the 19th. century so they can manipulate their situation to maximize their profitability. The corporate type creeps, along with their lawyer, are trying to leverage their connection to city services in order to make their pockets even fuller. Some of their customers should get organized, and file a class action in order to put more public control on their functionality. Richmond should mandate that they put up a website, so that records of communications will be archived for future reference. The way things are set up now, one can't validate or confirm anything having to do with past communications. This is exactly the way they want it. Be careful communicating with the business end of this con game, and be sure to tell them-if you're a customer, to just leave any recycle can that contains non-qualified objects. Otherwise, they'll charge you with their little $20 scam fraud-(they don't even tell you what the supposedly incorrect objects were, just use their bureaucratic power to increase the amount of cash in their pockets). Pros: OK pickup service Cons: Phoney fines, 19th century business organization, no website more

bill pay 12/26/2008

i'm not sure what you have been doing wrong, but i have been paying my bill online since i moved into my house in oct., 2006. pay through your bank if you have to, but there is no reason to write checks.\r hope this helps\r Pros: meh, it's garbage pick up. more

Paying on ine 9/21/2008

Why isn't there the possibility of paying your bill on line at the Richmond Sanitary Service site? It would be a great service to provide. more

Dirty job. Bad service. Sombody's got to do it. 8/31/2008

Richmond Sanitary Service is actually provided by Republic Services company. (web site can't be listed here) So I think they contract with Republic. This empowers the city to put a lien on your property if you do not pay for the city mandated pick up. Some people just don't want to pay.\r \r I pay my bill electronically to Richmond Sanitary through my bank with bill pay. All you need is your account number address and phone number. Most banks have this service and you can pay almost anyone, that has a mailbox. I have even paid my lawyer and the Lord (church) with bill pay. Bill pay sends Richmond Sanitary a check to the address they list. If I have complaints I contact the city of Richmond and also call the company. Sometimes the pick up day changes when there is a holiday. You can also schedule extra pick up service when you clean out your garage, but give them extra notice. Trash is expensive. So I recycle as much as I can.\r \r Republic Services, Inc. is a leading provider of services in the domestic, non-hazardous solid waste industry. They provide non-hazardous solid waste collection services for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential customers through 136 collection companies in 21 states. They also own or operate 94 transfer stations, 58 solid waste landfills and 33 recycling facilities. Republic serves millions of residential customers under terms of contracts with more than 1,200 municipalities for waste collection and residential services. We also serve some commercial customers throughout our expansive service area. The total number of residential and commercial customers that Republic has is approximately 5.5 million. Pros: They pick up trash. Cons: Days change when there is a holiday. more

Stuck in the 1980's 8/9/2008

Average trash pickup service. No particular complaints, but nothing special. \r \r The only way to contact the company is by phone during business hours (just try to find an email address). No website. And, worst of all, they have absolutely no way to set up automatic payments. They are the only service company I do business with that requires payment by written check, mailed in.\r \r I wish they would join the rest of the world and start doing business electronically!\r \r If I had a choice, I would not do business with them - but there are no other options for trash pickup. (Come to think of it, rating the company here won't really matter much, since they are the only trash game in town.) Pros: Average trash pickup service Cons: Has not entered the modern world. Electronic communication, payments non-existent. more

Pay by check? That's soooo 20th century ... 5/7/2008

Unlike EBMUD, PG&E, AT&T and every other utility or service I subscribe to, Richmond Sanitary Service does not allow its customers to pay their bills automatically (electronically). Pros: offers recycling Cons: doesn't offer automatic payment more
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