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Richland Creek Animal Clinic - 6 Reviews - 707 E Stone Ave, Greenville, SC - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (864) 232-2718

Richland Creek Animal Clinic

707 E Stone Ave
Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 232-2718
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Richland Creek Animal Clinic - Greenville, SC
Richland Creek Animal Clinic - Greenville, SC


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We switched to this vet on the advice of a friend, after she tired of us whining about the prices at our old veterinarians. Personally, I thought all vets charged about the same ...


They don't care at all about animals!!!! I have been going there since 2008 and my dog was hut by a car today. When I called them up and told them, they told me it would be $1...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/7/2012

Respond to Joni K.\r First time client came into RCAC and made a comment on Pet Med Mobile Facebook page on Saturday that she was “gouged” for services that her pet received. After management reviewed her case it was concluded that this client was not “gouged”. Saturday Exam price is $ 45.00 verses Monday through Friday at $ 38.00. A test was performed on the pet so correct medications would be dispensed to the animal to aide in the healing and recovery process. A steroid injection was given to help with the inflammation of the ears and for hips. Saturday exam, test (cytology), ear cleaning, steroid injection, medication, and prescribed ear wash was approved by the owner prior to services rendered. Richland Creek Animal Clinic and Pet Med Mobile do not “gouged” clients. We have clients coming in our office because we are more affordable than other veterinarian offices. We hope this pet is doing better with the treatment that was given because the ears were very inflamed and uncomfortable. We suggest to our Facebook family if they notice that their pets are scratching or shaking their head –please get it checked out and cared for to prevent the problem from intensifying and potentially forming into a hematoma or other costly problems.\r \r Respond to David B.\r David , just wanted to inform you that anesthesia will cause lethargy in some animals longer than others. I am sorry that we were not able to make you happy with our services. Maybe you will find that special vet that will meet your needs. We have had 7,381 new clients that have come to our office this year and have been pleased with our services , so we must be doing something right. Good luck in your search.\r \r Respond to Ginger S.\r I have investigated your complaint. Our receptionist can not give any medical advise over the phone. Our clients need to come in and talk with the doctors so that they can answer all questions that pertain to medical care.\r \r To other complaints about payment. We do apologize that we have to collect for all services that are rendered. The reason why: we have held payments in the past because clients would tell us they would come back with the payment and they never returned. If we as a business would continue this - we would not be in business today to offer care to other animals. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/28/2012

I just returned from Richland Creek and wanted to write a review for those of you that might be looking for a Vet. I have a 9 year old mixed cat that is my best friend. I would pay anything for her health and happiness for all that she brings to my life. With that being said...\r \r First off, I took her to the Cat Clinic for eight years, paying higher prices and for someone who specializes in cats. I thought I was getting what I was paying for, but after several visits with no results, I actually had to diagnose my cat with the same symptoms that I'd take to Cat Clinic for help with. My cat was in pain for over a year due to Stryuvite crystals in her urine that could have been found with a simple urine test that was never suggested. Since leaving I have heard of other stories, including people who have lost their fuzzy friends there, please never go there.\r \r Richland Creek was my choice after much deliberation for Sadie's check up as well as her first dental cleaning. I'd heard they had good prices and were quality people. Upon getting her home, some 12 hours later my cat couldn't stand up. This went on for 24 hours and the next 48 hours had me worried I was going to lose her. All she did was lay around like a rag doll, essentially lifeless.\r \r I took her back to the vet out of worry three days later. I hadn't seen her drink much water, or use the box much. They gave her a shot of steroids and also some IV fluids to help her be more hydrated. I took her home and things improved, except for the little scab where they stuck the IV needle in, on the back of her neck. This scab, opened up several days later and fearing an abscess I took her in. The told me it was a heat spot, and I have to disagree. My cat has never had a heat spot, is indoor and the wound is exactly where they stuck her. They shaved her neck area, and trimmed her claws along with two shots. The total for this was 90.00.. They charged me 15.00 to trim her nails, and 5.00 just to write a prescription for new food. The meds were 50.00 along with the 20.00 visit. \r \r I'm a firefighter by trade, not rich by any means and really felt taken advantage of. I don't think that they money saved is significant and I also have to question the level of care. I just want a Vet that has integrity and who also understands that money doesn't grow on trees. I won't be taking Sadie back to Richland Creek, and once again find myself looking for someone who not only understands their owners, but more importantly is just a solid Vet. \r \r I hope this helps with your decision for your pets. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/10/2012

If you want to get gouged of a lot of money for minimal quality, while waiting about two hours to get seen, take your pet here. I thought I would try them out but am very displeased and not only am I not going back there, I will discourage anyone else who asks me about this vet practice. You would think an ear washing (since the reason for my visit was because my dog's ear was infected) would be included in the $45 exam fee. NO, they want to charge $20 extra for something it takes the little vet tech about 20 seconds to do. They try every way possible to squeeze as much money from you during your visit there. I had barely sat down in the lobby before the receptionist was trying to ladle on more services to bill for. I guess they do not realize that most of us have other bills to pay as well and have to eat and drive to work that week too. Greedy! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/17/2012

I called for general information and Amanda was of no help. She spoke as if I was a bother. Terrible attitude and even worse customer service. If you can't be nice to me on the phone, I will surely never trust you with my pet. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/20/2012

While the vet techs were always nice, one of the veterinarians is a liar - though I'm not sure which one because he never had the decency to speak to me directly. Shortly after I had my dog spayed at Richland, she had a suture migrate. It felt hard and pointy, so I asked that it be removed. The vet tech said it would be easy to fix; however, when he took my poor dog out of the exam room to have it removed, he was told to bring her back and tell me it was a 'dissolveable' suture and they ABSOLUTELY DID NOT use metal sutures in their practice. Even the vet tech did not seem convinced, and they had the gall to charge me for the exam visit though I never saw a vet and they didn't remove the suture. I found a new vet immediately. My current vet told me not to worry about it unless my dog noticed it. Now, 5 years later, I SEE the metal suture poking out while grooming her last night - thankfully my dog is still oblivious to it somehow. So I have it removed this morning, for my peace of mind, and was tempted to take it to Richland Creek to ask them why my dog has 3 inches of stainless steel suture in her belly when their practice NEVER USES metal sutures on spays! Don't bring your pet here unless you want them to use cheap materials and then lie to you about it! more

They don't care at all about 6/5/2012

They don't care at all about animals!!!! I have been going there since 2008 and my dog was hut by a car today. When I called them up and told them, they told me it would be $135 for exam and xrays. I asked if I could pay the exam fee today and the remaining balance when I get paid in 2 days. They refused to work with me! When I explained I was a client with them since 2008 they said ""well, you only bring them for vaccinations"" well, yea! They have never needed any emergency care before now!!! I am so mad, I am already looking for a new vet! I do not recommend them at all!! more

More concerned about the $ than the animal 2/8/2012

I took my dog there because he was coughing all night. He was examined and was topld he had a respitory infection. I was given some medicine for my gog, but they made me give it back because I did not have the $ at the time. I did tell them that I would pay on my next payday, but they refused to let me take the medicine home to be able to treat my dog. \r \r Sinse they really did not care about my dog, and if he dies because he did not get the needed medication, I will sue them for malpractice. more

Great value, very nice doctors 2/6/2012

We switched to this vet on the advice of a friend, after she tired of us whining about the prices at our old veterinarians. Personally, I thought all vets charged about the same for similar services, but not Richland Creek. This place will save you almost half over some of the fancier places on some services. In fact, our golden had her teeth cleaned, and the price was less than half of what we had been quoted by our old vet, and that included an unexpected extraction. It's true, the facilities are old and the decor outdated, but it's clean and the staff has clearly been there a long time and are highly competent. Just about the only thing I wouldn't recommend Richland Creek for is a complicated surgery, as they close at 6 and send everyone home: no over night stays. Other than that, the vets are very experienced (the place is busy, so they get a lot of work experience) and friendly, the prices are refreshingly reasonable, and the front desk is efficient. And, my dogs haven't once noticed or complained about the outdated furnishings.... more


We took our Great Dane, Serenity, in to have her tail docked. The first time we asked what the price was going to be they said $140. Then they said it would between $220 and $400 on the next visit. We finally agreed to let them do the surgery because it had to be done and we thought they were a good business. After the surgery was done we took her home. We noticed that the stitches did not look normal with big gaps of skin between the each stitch; but we thought they knew best. A few days later all of her stitches were out and we could see all the way to her tail bone. We went back to the vet and told them what happen. They asked if her ""E Collar"" had been left on. We said we left it off only when she was with us and she could not get to her tail. They told us that it was our fault the stitches came out because the collar was off and she must have pulled the stitches out when we were not looking. I told them they was not the case, but they would not listen. They said we had to pay for the surgery again, another 220 to 400 dollars. We refused and finally they agreed to fix it for $125. They stitched again. We stayed with her and made her wear the ECollar full time so that nothing would happen. My husband also took the day off of work to make sure nothing happened and stayed with her full time. By the end of the day within 24 hours of getting new stitches put in her tail, all the stitches were out again. But we noticed something different then before. There was a second layer of inner stitches, which did not come out. Last time the stitches started to come out you could see all the way into her tail, no second layer of inner stitches. We took her to the emergency vet because the other vets office was closed and her tail was bleeding. They informed me that it did not look like the tail was docked correctly. There is suppose to be at least 1 to 3 inches of skin passed the tail bone so that when stitched it does not cause strain on the stitches. They said this might have been the reason the stitches came out. We also asked about the second layer of inner stitches and they said that should always be there which was not the first time. They said that if everything we were saying was true and the way it looked they would seek compensation because it was not done correctly. So we paid the emergency vet to fix what they messed up and did not have a problem after that. We got a dog babysitter to stay with her full time for 2 weeks just to be on the safe side. We called Richland Creek back told them or problem and they said they would not pay us back that no surgery was guaranteed. I understand that if something unforeseen happens that is not guaranteed, but if they mess up the surgery they should have to pay use back. It is not fair that they are allowed to get away with doing a surgery wrong and then not having to fix the problem. It is not just about the money and they we ended up spending $600 dollars instead of the original $140 they quoted us at, it is principle. They should not be allowed to treat people like this and I will do everything to have the matter resolved. I don't want other people to have to go through what I had to go through. Don't go through the pain both my dog and I had to suffer through more

Great place to take your pet 8/25/2009

Everyone exudes love and compassion for the pets they treat. The Vet techs are amazing, gentle, kind, and informative. I have not used them in an emergency, but have always been happy with the services they provide. I also applaud their lowcost immunization and spay/neuter services. Pros: Caring, compassionate staff ....low prices Cons: n/a more

Excellent Atmosphere 10/24/2006

Richland Creek Animal Clinic is excellent when it comes to their service. They show the most sincerity when your pet's health is declining. When putting animals to sleep, they send cards out to let the owner know how much they care. more
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