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Richards, Liz Blossom Clinic - 45 Reviews - 3531 Ne 15th Ave # A, Portland, OR - Health Care Information & Services Reviews - Phone (503) 287-0886
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Richards, Liz Blossom Clinic

3531 Ne 15th Ave # A
Portland, OR 97212
(503) 287-0886
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Richards, Liz Blossom Clinic - Portland, OR
Richards, Liz Blossom Clinic - Portland, OR
Richards, Liz Blossom Clinic - Portland, OR
Richards, Liz Blossom Clinic - Portland, OR
Richards, Liz Blossom Clinic - Portland, OR
Richards, Liz Blossom Clinic - Portland, OR
Richards, Liz Blossom Clinic - Portland, OR
Richards, Liz Blossom Clinic - Portland, OR
Richards, Liz Blossom Clinic - Portland, OR


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I cannot say enough good things aboutnLiz Richards and Blossom clinic. My husband and I embarked on our first IVF cycle last fall after a failed vasectomy reversal. We had been ...


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Editorial review from Citysearch 9/21/2012

As cliche as it may sound, Dr. Elise and Blossom Clinic have changed my life. I've had a variety of hard to treat health issues and I had long given up hope that I could have vibrant health. PCOS and a constellation of related issues led to fertility problems and general poor health. After a year of treatment with Dr. Elise, I have energy again, my cycle is almost regulated (after two decades of unpredictability!) and I'm 80 pounds lighter. Dr. Elise took the time to really listen and create an individualized treatment plan. It shows that she truly cares about her patients' wellbeing and she has always taken the time to explain the science behind her nutritional guidance and treatments. She knows her stuff when it comes to hormonal and gut issues and I cannot recommend her highly enough! I also saw Liz for acupuncture today for the first time. She has such a welcoming and calming style! The clinic offers a range of nutritional and herbal supplements, but I've never felt pressured to purchase them in-house though I've always been pleased with the quality and price. Really, can't say enough about Blossom! more

So lucky to have found Blossom 1/17/2012

I cannot say enough good things aboutnLiz Richards and Blossom clinic. My husband and I embarked on our first IVF cycle last fall after a failed vasectomy reversal. We had been very frustrated with the lack of care we received through the reversal process and were thrilled when our wonderful fertility clinic recommended Liz. I started seeing her about 2 months before my cycle. Not only is she an exememly talented acupuncturist, she has very helpful and supportive suggestions to help get you through the fertility treatment process and into pregnancy. She came to the clinic for my embryo transfer and was very flexible about changing her schedule to be there. I am proud to say that our cycle was successful, we are now expecting twins at the end of June! I continue to see her on a regular basis as it really helps with all the ""bad"" pregnancy symptoms. I definitely give credit to Liz for having a large part in our successful cycle. I would highly recommend her to any woman/couple with fertiliy issues. more

Wonderfully caring and supportive. Liz 1/16/2012

Wonderfully caring and supportive. Liz has been great in working with both my husband and I as we went through fertility treatment. After 3 unsuccessful IUIs, we started our first IVF cycle, and began seeing Liz, just prior to the IVF. We were able to successfully conceive and are now awaiting the arrival of our twins this summer. Liz has been very helpful and has provided great insight into issues that have come up along the way. We feel very lucky to have come this far and have to give credit to Liz for her services. I continue to see Liz during my pregnancy and look forward to the comfort and knowledge provided at each session. more

Wonderful infertility and pregnancy support in Portland, OR 11/10/2011

I wanted to recommend both Liz and Lori with whom I had weekly appointments for about three months prior to going through my first round of IVF. I had been diagnosed with endometriosis and thus was having difficulty in becoming pregnant. I went through five cycles of IUI of which none took. I began seeing a new fertility specialist who recommended Blossom Clinic's services, specifically acupuncture and massage. Both Liz and Lori came very highly recommended. I found both women to be extremely caring, warm and professional. I successfully conceived and delivered a healthy baby boy as a result of my first IVF cycle and I attribute that success to the talent of my reproductive specialist and the highly qualified staff at Blossom Clinic. I also wanted to add that i am now expecting my second child, whom I was able to conceive naturally. I believe that Liz and Lori have exceptional talents and I truly believe that their treatment helped alleviate my infertility challenges I faced for so many years. Thank you both for your terrific clinic and services. more

Jennie King is Awesome! 8/1/2011

About a year ago I decided to seek out an acupuncturist for various health reasons. After a bit of internet research I decided to try out Blossom. I had been to acupuncture twice before for a weird neck muscle thing. Both times the treatment was effective but the practitioners were a bit brisk and impersonal. So, I wasn't sure if that was rule of thumb for the profession or not. Then I met Jennie King at Blossom, my acupuncture super hero. Jennie is friendly, caring, attentive, and considers all aspects of her clients well being in a holistic manner, and she has a great sense of humor to boot. Not only have the treatments helped my various physical griefs, they have also provided me with some much needed respite from my day to day grind. Everyone else at the clinic are friendly and professional. I highly recommend Jennie King and have heard great things about Liz as well. more

Unbelievable 7/31/2011

I had been told by my doctor that my WBC was on the low end of the range and it was impacting my ability to juggle home life and long hours at work. Every two-three weeks, I would get sick, which would hamper my ability to handle the demands of my life. After many frustrating appointments with my doctor, I went to Blossom Clinic to see Rylen. In just two appointments, she was able to turn things around. Now, I can work long hours, play with my kids, and be active all without getting sick. And this is without ANY drugs. Unbelievable! Rylen has changed my life! Go see her now. more

I love the Arvigo technique-a healing massage for fertility 7/23/2011

My husband and I have tried to get pregnant for 3 years. After several heart-breaking miscarriages and failed clomid and IUI attempts, I intuitively felt that something was missing from my experience. Along with my western fertility treatments, I started seeing the wonderful women at Blossom Clinic for acupuncture, nutrition, and especially Tiffany for her magical work in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (aka Mayan massage). That's a mouthful, but I sincerely believe that this simple style of massage has helped me stay calm, relaxed and nurtured throughout my IVF treatments. Tiffany is not only an amazing masseuse, but cares about her craft and for the women she sees. Even my husband sees her (especially before our embryo transfer). I am now 7 months pregnant (YES!) and Tiffany has helped me keep my uterus high and centered...and has already developed a relationship with my baby! I firmly believe that my 'hybrid' approach to becoming pregnant has everything to do with the female support I received at Blossom Clinic and the Maya work. Please try's deeply effective. more

Help with fertility 4/24/2011

I had been trying for several months to get pregnant. After just 6 weeks of weekly accupuncture treatments with Liz it happened! During my pregnancy I have been seeing both Liz and Jennie monthly for pregnancy support and I feel great! They are thorough, supportive and professional. As a healthcare professional myself I appreciate their bedside manners and obvious thorough knowledge of women's health and fertility. I would urge any woman who is considering pregnancy to have a consult with one of them. more


I LOVE Blossom Clinic. From the complementary consultation to the easy way in which Liz and Molly interface with their clients- this is the place to be. Liz is crazy talented and over the moon committed, going above and beyond daily. Molly is professional, efficient and friendly. The space is lovely and calming. And most of all, you'll get results. Liz really, really cares about her clients. If you are at all searching for stellar care in women's health, come here. You will not be disappointed. -posted by Liz Richards, owner of Blossom for a client on April 2, 2011 more

Just What we needed!!! 3/23/2011

My wife and I had been trying for some time to get pregnant to no avail . We decided to look into the Acupuncture route for increased fertility, At a friends suggestion (who had enjoyed success using their service ) we went to Blossom. Today we heard our soon to be babies heartbeat for the first time!! Our experience at Blossom was professional , pleasant and informative , and most important of all SUCESSFUL!! Big Thanks to Liz & Jenny & all the staff at Blossom! Chris M more

A great experience 3/11/2011

I was just starting the process of trying to have a baby in June and a friend recommended I try accupuncture. I contacted Liz and after an initial consulation I felt like working with Liz would be a good fit. And my instincts were right - Liz is a great resource, a wonderful sounding board and a great person to have in your corner. Months later, I'm now half way through my pregnancy and I still continue to see Liz for treatments. more

Amazing resource! 12/15/2010

I am so glad Blossom Clinic exists are a resource for women in this community. I started seeing Rylen for amma therapy about 6 - 9 months ago, and she has been tremendously helpful in getting my health back on track. I have seen an assortment of healthcare practitioners over the last three years in an attempt to sort out my hormonal imbalances and persistent amenorrhea. Rylen, through a combination of amma therapy and herbal formuals, is the ONLY one that has succeeded in regulating my menstrual cyces. She is a talented healer, in addition to being refreshingly warm, kind, and supportive. Although I have not received treatments from Liz, the interactions I've had with her have been extremely positive. In addition, Molly at the front desk is super friendly, accommodating, and helpful. I feel so supported in every way when I come in for treatments at Blossom. Highly recommended! more

Great experience! 11/15/2010

I can't say enough good things about Liz. I found her clinic through city search and immediately set up an appointment. The first visit was very detailed and she listened to all my concerns. Since that first visit, I've been seeing her for about four months and her sessions have helped me out tremendously. I saw her pre-pregnancy to help me get pregnant (and I attribute my getting pregnant to acupuncture as well as other medical factors) and I'm now seeing her to help me with nausea during my first trimester. Her sessions ward off nausea for three days, which has been a God send considering I'm throwing up morning and night. In addition to pregnancy related points, Liz has also helped me with digestion. Her office is great, too. Molly sets up appointments easily and is quick to reschedule me when I have a conflict. Perhaps most important is feeling taken care of and being listened to when I go for my appointment. Liz never pushes herbs and if she has recommendations, she suggests Whole Foods products. This is different from the naturopaths I've worked with, who always wanted me to buy products from them. All in all, I'm so happy I found Liz and Blossom clinic. They've been a great source of support and comfort and I honestly think that Liz's sessions have helped me so much physically and emotionally. more

Liz and Rylen are the BEST..Just believe in them 7/11/2010

We found Liz through internet and thank God from the bottom of the heart that we found her..We went to see her with no expectations, no judgement but with an open heart and mind..We have been trying for a baby for a long time and she just listened and was so caring, supportive and empathetic..all you got to do is TRUST and BELIEVE HER..with help of both Rylen and Liz, in just 1 month since we started visiting Blossoms,my wife was pregnant..!!!!She is 17 weeks now..and Blossoms has been with us all the way through and we know we will continue to have their support all through till the end.. For all the couples in the world who are wanting to have a baby and feel lost or tired, just try this wonderful experience into the world of acupuncture and holistic will be amazed and am sure, its a step you will cherish. HIGHLY RECOMMEND LIZ AND RYLEN..You guys rock ..continue the great work of bringing smile and happiness into the lives of people around you. God Bless.. Pros: Excellent support , guidance and care more

baby 6/20/2010

I started seeing Liz last fall after trying to conceive for quite some time. We were referred to her by Dr. Hesla at Oregon Reproductive Medicine. We were just starting IVF and Dr. Hesla felt that Liz could help assist in our success. I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first, being a Nurse I?m all about the medical field and never envisioned wanting to try acupuncture. After my first few treatments I had a different view on Chinese medicine. Liz was just what I needed; she has a warm welcoming personality. The office has a great atmosphere, the staff is friendly, I couldn?t ask for a better combination. She has followed me through our pregnancy from the beginning of IVF to implantation to just recently for labor prep. I have been completely satisfied with her services and would recommend her to any of my close friends. She is excellent. Pros: great success more

Top recommendations for Rylen 6/10/2010

I began seeing Rylen two months ago on a recommendation from a friend who is an acupuncturist in SE Portland. She told me that the Blossom Clinic specialized in womens health and that sounded perfect for my symptoms. For the 6-8 months prior I had been suffering with nightly (I mean EVERY NIGHT) drenching cold sweats (and I'm only 38 y.o.) Literally so bad that I would have to wake up 3+ times a night and change my t-shirt, it was horrific. In addition, I was having awful breast tenderness (hot, swollen, and painful) for 2-3 weeks/month in addition to feeling generally sad and sensitive to emotional outburst. I initially saw my primary care MD who prescribed birth control pills - which I wasn't keen on, but hey, at that point I'd try just about anything! Well, 3 months into that regimen, nothing had changed. This was when I came to see Rylen. Rylen determined that my symptoms were probably NOT hormonal (as my Doc had thought) but related to a low-functioning immune system (!). She began treating me weekly with AMMA therapy (a type of massage that I liken to intense pressure point work) and herbal therapy. At around the 4-week mark, the breast tenderness was gone, and at the 6-week mark, all my sweating went virtually away. This was after MONTHS of no respite. It was incredible. I literally feel like a different person. Rylen also is a nutritional specialist and loves to talk about food and make great recommendations (and no, she doesn't make you stop eating MEAT, either!) I've tried several of her recipes with my family and all have been well received. I can honestly say that I'd still be suffering from all of the above symptoms (plus sleeplessness, irritability, and weepy sadness) had it not been for this treatment. I'm on a every-three-week treatment schedule now for maintenance, and will most likely be ready to stop treatments soon (not that I want to... those AMMA sessions are SUPER AWESOME!). Rylen is truly a gift and I can't thank her enough for her loving care and attention to my health and wellness. Pros: custom-tailored care, warm personality, not new-agey at all Cons: out of office communication is mostly via email more

Amma-Rama! 5/12/2010

Okay, I would like to start out by saying that I go to a lot of clinics in Portland for massage, acupuncture, and various other 'fix me up and make me feel good' activities. I am impressed with the friendly scheduling, good location, and welcoming space that Blossom has created. This is a thriving practice that has mastered the balance between space and even better treatments. I go to Rylen for Amma, my sister goes to Rylen for Amma, my friends go to Rylen for Amma. Why? Because I tell them to. Then they keep on going because it works and Rylen solves problems. She treats you using Traditional Chinese Medicine, but instead of needling, she massages the energy channels and then expertly applies pressure to various points to work with your specific condition. She gives herbs and nutrition advice that work. Her balanced perspective actually makes you want to work towards change rather than run the other way (which is what I often do when I am told to work on this or that). I'm not perfect, but I'm feeling a lot better and it is great to have found such a comprehensive resource in one woman. So no excuses, this treatment is worth every penny and not to be missed. Pros: Great space, great location more

A Wonderful Place to Heal 4/26/2010

I have loved every appointment I have been to at Blossom Clinic. I am especially thankful to have discovered Rylen and her special talents as a nutritionist and Amma practitioner. I have struggled with tremendous digestive problems for years and within a month am on the road to recovery. I can't remember a time my stomach wasn't bloated and painful, but these days it feels flat and pain-free. I am also struggling to getting pregnant and although I've yet to conceive, I am learning a lot about how my body functions and what I can do to help it. Rylen gives solid and realistic advice. She provides me with recipes, websites, and easy to follow plans for my healing. She is warm and kind, and has been an amazing cheerleader. Rylen also provides a Chinese method of massage, a cross between massage and acupressure. It is both relaxing and energizing. And I have learned so much about my body through this practice. I highly recommend this clinic if you are struggling to conceive, need nutritional counseling or are just looking for a soothing, calm place to get a massage, acupuncture and advice. Pros: Rylen Feeney is a Talented and Special Women Cons: Not covered by my insurance more

A different kind of healing-see Rylen 4/13/2010

Rylan practices a different kind of that actually works and doesn't just covers up the symptoms! I have to admit I was a skeptic, but that doesn't matter my body responded. I have been sick with digestive issues for about 10 years and after about 6 weeks with Rylan things started to improve. After a just a few months I have more energy, more color in my face, I'm eating things I haven't been able to eat in years. I feel healthy again. Oh and let me tell you it's pretty freaking great to be able to eat bread again! Thank you Rylen! Pros: Whole body treatment Cons: Not covered by my insurance more

Great Fertility Health Support and Care 3/27/2010

I?ve been seeing Liz Richards at Blossom Clinic since spring 2009. After a having some pregnancy losses at 37 years of age, I really wanted the assistance of Chinese Medicine to enhance my chances of a healthy, viable pregnancy. I tried a few other practitioners but they did not specialize in women?s health and fertility. Luckily I found Blossom Clinic. Within a few months of starting care with Liz I was pregnant and made it through the first trimester without any difficulty. My second trimester was easy and I needed only the support of a great massage by Lori Reising, LMT at Blossom Clinic. With the onset of the discomforts of the third trimester I came back to Liz and have been seeing her since. We are now past our due date and working on enticing our baby out with the help of Liz and Lori. I?m sure with their expertise we will end our fertility story with the beautiful, healthy homebirth that we desire. more
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  • Blossom Clinic has come to be known as a peaceful place filled with practitioners who are truly invested in patient care. We are committed to creating treatment plans that are effective, relaxing and holistic. We offer acupuncture, Asian bodywork, herbal medicine, massage, nutrition consults, naturopathic care, and pregnancy massage. We offer complementary consults over the phone or in-house- just call and schedule one at your convenience. Liz Richards, the owner of Blossom Clinic and acupuncturist, specializes in fertility and pregnancy. She has a reputation in Portland as an excellent practitioner for infertility concerns. Please visit our website to read more about our practitioners and read our amazing reviews. We see infants, children, teens, and adults.

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