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Reynolds Optical Co - 22 Reviews - 524 NW 23RD Ave, Portland, OR - Eyeglasses Reviews - Phone (503) 221-6539

Reynolds Optical Co

524 NW 23RD Ave
Portland, OR 97210
(503) 221-6539
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Reynolds Optical Co - Portland, OR
Reynolds Optical Co - Portland, OR
Reynolds Optical Co - Portland, OR
Reynolds Optical Co - Portland, OR
Reynolds Optical Co - Portland, OR
Reynolds Optical Co - Portland, OR
Reynolds Optical Co - Portland, OR
Reynolds Optical Co - Portland, OR
Reynolds Optical Co - Portland, OR


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Quite Simply the best service, best staff, best frame selection and the best prescription lens fill ever. The quality here is unsurpassed internationally. I just picked up my two ...


They have a lot of glasses, but everything seems a bit tired and lacklustre, not the best selection of glasses for a shop that seems to present itself as a hipper kind of place th...

...still waiting to get my glasses... 9/28/2010

I want to retract my negative review..I did get my glasses in the knick of time before my trip, they fit well and they came in nice cases with cleaning cloths. more

They treat you badly 6/17/2010

I asked for clip ons for my glasses, and they charged me and never delivered them. I waited 2 months, calling every week. Finally I asked for my money back. They wouldn't give it to me. Then they said I would have to give them my glasses for 2 weeks so they could get the clip ons made. I can't see without my glasses so I told them I couldn't do that. After 5 or 6 calls (one from a friend who's a lawyer) they finally said they would get the clip ons made. I finally got them 4 months later. Never going back!!!!! Pros: no pros Cons: they are rude and unhelpful more

Salespeople are like used car salesmen 5/29/2010

Be very careful when you go to Reynold's Optical. Many of their sales people will cling to you like leeches; offering incessant unsolicited opinions and pulling out glasses to have you try on. They seem to believe their customers are idiots - as if they know nothing about design, color, optics, their own facial shape, personality , or even their own preferences, and the sales people WILL NOT take a hint to just leave you in peace to shop for frames. There was one little tattooed man with curly hair who bothered me so much I snuck out of the store when he left the room for a moment threatening to ""be right back."" The next week, I went to one of their other stores and the same guy was there and I tried to be more clear and direct. He started arguing with me and tried to kick me out of the store. He then made a fake call to his manager - fake because he would not let me talk to the manager, nor would he give me the manager's number. I'll refrain from completing the story, but Reynolds lost a sale today.\r \r Not all Reynold's employees are like that and I may go back to deal with (and give commission to) the more mature salespeople. The little tattooed guy has a lot to learn as do the others at Reynold's like him. Oh, and dude - I can find the number for your manager easy enough. It will be back to Burger King for you.\r \r I am going to buy my frames at Visage or The Eye Studio where when I say I'd just like to look at the frames, they say, ""Okay, please let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them for you,"" and then they let me enjoy my shopping experience. Pros: Never ending 2 for 1 Cons: Cheap store disguised as high end more

poor service 4/30/2010

Be aware before you go that they won't let you take a photo of yourself in any of their frames. Apparently they're afraid that you might find the frames somewhere else cheaper. This seemed really strange to me, but the salesgirl assured me this was now standard practice. I then went to four other places in town, who all happily took snapshots of me in different frames so I can compare the pics at home, and e-mail to friends for opinions. I'll be buying from one of those four. more

Never again !!! 8/2/2009

I understand no one is perfect,yet this place failed SO MANY TIMES . I broke my frame, go into store, purchase replacement frame and have lenses installed. Whoooa...Lenses are now cloudy as if smudged by fingers. Employee says he must have over heated lenses while inserting. Business informs me that I need to pay half of replacement cost.....?!?!?! Did your employee not damage my lenses? Your employee readily admitted to overheating the lenses and thereby damaging them. It took me several weeks, lots of heated phone calls, including talking with the owner, and multiple visits to three different locations. Even had one employee knock the glasses off of the table and onto the floor. Their lack of concern was unreal!! I tried to inform them that this is not say a misfitted pair of jeans and or a bad haircut that will grow out.....This Is my VISION !!!!!! MEDICAL !!! CRUCIAL TO GETTING BY !!! I will not go back or recommend Reynolds....And that's too bad because the styles they offer are excellent....... Pros: Stylish eyewear Cons: Everything else more

Poor communicators and don't take responsibility 4 mistakes 5/7/2009

Promised new glasses in two weeks. I called them after three weeks and they said they'd had a problem but would ""rush"" them, which to them meant two more weeks. After six weeks I hadn't heard from them and sent a fax to cancel the order. They refuse to reverse the credit charge and give my money back and now claim that (as if being over a month late, making no effort to communicate, and taking two months to make glasses (which are generally available in an hour for standard orders or a week for special orders) was acceptable) they never promised them in two weeks anyway. Pros: good selection Cons: Poor communicators and don't take responsibility 4 mistakes more

2 sides to every story 3/31/2009

I used to work there and know how hard it is when helping unreasonable and rude customers. \r Before complaining about a broken frame, ask yourself; did you buy it for $20 off their sale table? (there's a reason it's on sale. you get what you pay for) \r Before bitching about coatings coming off 2 years later ask yourself; would I find it unusual for a pair of jeans I wear several times a week to start to show signs of wear over time?\r Before you purchase something maybe you should find out what you're getting. Questions are encouraged, not prohibited. If you know you have a strong prescription, you should know that there's several options for lenses so ask what your options are. \r As for unexperienced staff, about half probably had previous experience. It's understandable if they don't know EVERYTHING. Don't youremember a job that you had that trained you on the job? How nerve racking it was? I do. I have sympathy for anyone who works in customer service. It's not always pretty.\r I don't doubt that Reynolds has made mistakes. What company hasn't? But big deal. How about putting you on blast everytime you've ever made a mistake?\r Those who live in glass houses.........\r \r Pros: fun frames Cons: longer wait more

Horrible advice and refusing to rectify it 2/16/2009

The workers at this shop talked me into buying frames that were completely inappropriate for my prescription, and now that I've learned this from other sources and am completely unable to wear these glasses they refuse to rectify the situation. I have been too busy to get back there, so now they say it's too late for me to pay the fee to get new lenses. They should rectify the situation for FREE, as it was their unprofessional advice that led me astray in the first place. THEY are the ones who are supposed to be experts in lenses and frames. They are the ones who told me to purchase these frames. I am not a vindictive person, but please STAY AWAY from this business. Go somewhere that knows what they are talking about and has the professionalism and service to fix their mistakes when they make them. I will never go there again, and will tell everyone I know to stay away as well. Pros: Funky frames Cons: Unprofessional, don't know what they are talking about, refuse to rectify their mistakes, poor customer service, expensive and poor value. more

this place is the WORST.....the positive reviews below MUST be fake!!! 6/30/2008

The half-dozen or so reviews below have GOT to be done by the staff and/or friends of the staff or owners of this despicable excuse for a business!!\r \r Hmmm, let's see, these ""reviews"" are:\r \r A) all in a row\r \r B) insanely over-the-top\r \r C) done by ""users"" with seriously questionable screen names\r \r D) definitely BS because my wife and I know what a useless place Reynolds is, and so do the other REAL people who honestly had trouble there and wrote reviews about their experiences.\r \r Nice & classy for them to write up a bunch of fake reviews to counteract the REAL ones calling them on their BS service....I'm not surprised, it goes along with their style & lack of ethics in everything else they do.\r \r Whatever you do, DO NOT use any Reynolds optical location for anything. \r \r Maybe as Portland becomes a larger/more populated city, places like\r Reynolds will not survive as more people demanding REAL service move to the area. How they are still in business I cannot understand. I truly hope they go under, because nobody deserves to deal with these scumbags.\r \r I'm sure they'll write some more nice ""reviews"" about themselves after this.......\r \r Go to hell, Reynolds!!! Cons: horrendous service, poor quality products more

Just a design review.... 6/14/2008

They have a lot of glasses, but everything seems a bit tired and lacklustre, not the best selection of glasses for a shop that seems to present itself as a hipper kind of place than the average. There are so many quality eyeglasses designers out there.....why not carry them? Service is friendly, though a little desperate. \r more

Reynolds Optical is Simply Awesome! (don't forget to get your next eye exam with Dr. Fu @ Reynolds) 5/23/2008

Quite Simply the best service, best staff, best frame selection and the best prescription lens fill ever. The quality here is unsurpassed internationally. I just picked up my two new pair of eyeglasses today that I bought at the Reynolds Optical ""buy one get one free"" Spring Sale...hurry in to Reynolds Optical while their Annual Spring Sale is still on. Also I got an inside scoop!...They have an awesome new Doctor starting at the NW 23rd Reynolds Optical, Dr. Fu (she will even have Saturday and Sunday hours starting Thursday June 5th! Yay!! for Reynolds Optical @ NW 23rd, I plan to bring my whole family to come get their eye exams with Dr. Fu @ Reynolds Optical.\r I sincerely Thank all the outstanding staff at Reynolds for delivery outstanding service to Portland since 1910! Pros: ""buy one get one free spring sale"", Dr. Fu starts to give eye exams next month Cons: I agree with the one previous review about them being next door to MoonStruck Chocolate Cafe! Who needs more chocolate? ;p more

My friend referred me to Reynolds Optical on NW 23rd 4/23/2008

My friend referred me to Reynolds Optical on NW 23rd, and I love her for it. I have never had a more pleasurable experience, the Opticians rock! The frame selection is the best I have ever seen. The lenses were filled exactly as the doctor prescribed, in fact I took the eyeglasses to my doctor for inspection and he gave them two overwhelming thumbs up. Thank you Reynolds Optical Opticians you guys rock! Pros: service, selection, professionalism Cons: next door to Moonstruck Chocolate and Coffee bar, I don't need anymore Chocolate! ;) more

Quite simply the best Optical shop in Portland, Oregon! 4/23/2008

I am very, very hard to please and Reynolds Optical went above and beyond what is normally expected. Before you shop anywhere go to Reynolds Optical @ NW 23rd. They will please you beyond compare. Awesome place, awesome service, awesome Eyeglasses! Pros: great service, great frames, great prescription fill, great lenses Cons: none that I can think of more

Simply the best Optical Shop Internationally! 4/7/2008

My profession requires that I live most of the year in Paris and New York and I travel the world extensively, Reynolds Optical in Portland on NW 23rd is the only place I shop for eyeglasses.\r \r I have been coming here for years and will never stop, there is a reason Reynolds is the oldest and most established Optical Shop in PDX.\r \r Those who are in the know, know that it is worth the wait to get your eyewear at Reynolds in Portland.\r \r Service is outstanding, the prescription lenses always work great and the staff are just good people. \r \r Reynolds Optical is Optical Nirvana. Pros: Great People, Awesome Selection, Prescriptions are always exact with out a doubt. Cons: Yeah! Why the H3LL haven't you opened a Reynolds in New York or Paris! more

Reynolds Optical is Better Then $ex Eyewear!... 4/2/2008

Awesome service!, Awesome Eyewear!, 100% Highly recommend to all!...\r \r I have always lived a humdrum normal life, until I went to Reynolds Optical. The service was like a sweet seduction and absolutely knocked my socks off. You see I am what I consider a homely geeky kind of girl, nothing interesting has ever happened to me ever!...Until I went to Reynolds Optical! Talk about a totally hip and happening staff, these Opticians Rocked my nerd world, not just with their wonderful friendly bedside manner but with their hip and happening outlook on life.\r \r Reynolds Optical, here be kindred spirits!\r \r When I went in, I thought it would be another boring eyeglass purchase like thousands before...but I was inspired to let loose and be a bit uninhibited with my eyewear selection. The wonderful staff inspired me to set myself free and live on the edge. They said it would change my life and it did! The first time I wore my new eyeglasses out, I met this incredibly hot guy! Guess what? He made my toes curl! and we are now engaged to get married!\r \r Reynolds Optical may not actually be better then $ex but it sure has made my toes curl! ;)\r \r Thank You Reynolds Optical, your eyeglasses changed my life more then I could ever imagine! Pros: Class, Style, Hipness, Service, Professionalism, Totally Cool! and Yes! They made my toes curl! ;) Cons: Monogamy, good thing our I would be an eyeglass Wh0re! ;p more

Best Customer Service I have ever experienced! Cool Frames! Cool Staff! I LOVE REYNOLDS OPTICAL!!! 3/20/2008

Legendary Customer Service!\r First the staff really know the technical aspects of eyewear(Frames & lenses), the most knowledgeable staff I have found. Even better, they have a sense of fashion and flare with some of the coolest frames outside of New York and LA.\r I highly suspect that any negative remarks were either placed by people with unreasonable expectations or perhaps placed by rival optical companies.\r I purchased two pairs, and they are fabulous! Never have I received such great fashion advice, all my friends love my new look and I have heard more then once how Se xy my new eyeglasses make me look.\r I plan to go back and look for a few more pairs. \r \r Let me tell you about the details of my awesome experience:\r \r 1. The guy there acknowledged me and helped me right away.\r 2. He was fun; a joy to know, right away I felt like we were two friends and not just a customer and salesperson.\r 3. The advice given was right on! He honestly told me if something looked bad an I appreciate this more then I can say.\r 4. I felt comfortable and trusted this Optician 100% and this trust paid off, the prescription and the lenses are of the best optical quality I have ever experienced. The technical aspects of my RX were never in Question, I simply followed the advice given.\r 5. Price was not important to me, I prefer quality over discounts. Here is where Reynolds' excels!\r 6. My eyeglasses where ready before I expected them and I was overjoyed.\r 7. The adjustments made upon picking up the eyeglasses were the best and most professional ever.\r \r Recommend Highly! \r \r Be sure and look at their InHouse frames that are designed by the owner, where else can you buy frames designed in Portland, Oregon?\r They also have a great selection of Boutique Eyewear.\r If you are a reasonable and intelligent individual that cares how you look and perfect vision is important to you, then this is the only place to shop in PDX. Pros: Legendary Customer Service!, Great Product!, Honest Fashion Forward Hip Staff! Cons: Very, Very Obvious Negative SPAM reviews placed on this website, an insult to my intelligence! more

Friendly, compassionate staff 3/14/2008

About a week ago i broke my favorite pair of glasses... I had them for 6 years! So I went into Reynolds because i had originally purchased my glasses from them. Sadly they didn't have that style any longer. But we did find a solution, they had a different color of the frame that i was in search of and even gave me a price break because of my misfortunate breakage. Also they called the designer to see if the frame i wanted was still even available, it wasn't, but they did find me two other colors and special ordered them for me (store policy is no special orders). The staff was very helpful and went above and beyond my expectations and reminded me as to why Reynolds was my first and only stop. Pros: staff, frame selection Cons: parking more

worst business I've ever dealt with 1/12/2008

On May 5th, 2007, I ordered two pairs of glasses from this place, costing me about $800 total (this was a ""sale"", where one pair was ""free""). One pair was defective, so I asked them to redo them (I returned them within two days). They never called to offer me any options or info about what they were doing (I had asked about various lens choices to hopefully correct the original problem), and they ended up doing absolutely nothing for about three weeks. Sarah (a manager) was our contact person for the whole ordeal. Tons of calls made by me, NO proactive service on their part the whole time. Finally, they redid the glasses with lenses that were $100 cheaper than the ones originally ordered, and when I asked for the difference to be refunded I was refused, and told they had ""bent over backwards"" for us. Hmmm, yeah I guess three to four weeks of NO communication and no sunglasses to wear is bend-over-backwards service?!?! Thanks Reynolds!!! After several more phone calls to the manager, she finally agreed to issue me a refund of $50, which met me halfway for the $100 I had asked for (keep in mind the glasses were being redone with lenses that COST $100 LESS THAN WHAT I HAD ALREADY PAID......I was just trying to get that price difference refunded and was not even asking for anything to make up all the time I wasted and frustration I experienced while they sat on their asses doing nothing). So SEVERAL MORE weeks go by, and I finally get a check...for $25!! Unbelievable. So I call, and after at least a week of discussion/hounding them/not hearing back Sarah agrees to issue another check for $75. It took several more calls and at least two more weeks to get the rest. Unreal. Reynolds are the most incompetent, irresponsible, rude, arrogant, useless business I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Cons: horrendous service, poor quality products more

good glasses/bad service 11/4/2007

The store carries great glasses but the service is horrible. I ordered glasses that were supposed to be ready in 2 weeks. After 6 months I still did not have my glasses and no one in the store ever called me to inform me about any delays. I called the store about once a month to get info on them. I finally asked for my money back since I still had not gotten my glasses. They refused and I had to go to small claims court in order to finally get back my money. Pros: selection Cons: horrible service more

Lame Service 7/25/2007

I had a new prescription put into a pair of my glasses. When I got the glasses back, the frames were too large for my head (they slid off) so I asked the salesperson to tighten the frames. When I got them back, there was a fine fracture through part of the plastic frame. When I asked about the damage, the salesgirl assured me that since the fracture was so slight and not on a point of stress, I should not worry and that the frames would not break. When the frame DID break, I brought the glasses in and asked what they could do. I was told that the girl who had helped me before no longer worked there and there was nothing that they could do. I was stuck with a pair of $400 broken glasses. Lame. I would never recommend Reynold to anyone. more
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