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Reynolds Optical Co

800 Sw Alder St (at SW Park and SW Alder St.)
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 223-8813
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I went to 2 other places before finding the perfect frames at Reynolds. Sales folks were helpful as all heck and had me try stuff out of my comfort zone that i really ended up li...


overly pushy sales people would not take ""i'm just looking"" as a clue to leave me alone. felt almost bullied by the aggressiveness. i'll never go back.

most fashionable frames and helpful staff 12/11/2011

I went to 2 other places before finding the perfect frames at Reynolds. Sales folks were helpful as all heck and had me try stuff out of my comfort zone that i really ended up liking. I took advantage of their buy one get one free sale and got 2 pairs of glasses, both of which I love. All compliments aside, I could not have had a better experience. Plus, I must admit having the dreamy doctor staring into my eyes was a big bonus (too bad he's married. . .). more

really awful 7/21/2011

overly pushy sales people would not take ""i'm just looking"" as a clue to leave me alone. felt almost bullied by the aggressiveness. i'll never go back. more

I used to work for Reynold's Optical 6/23/2011

I used to work for Reynold's Optical! Gary (the owner) was one of the worst people I have ever worked for! He was having money trouble and he came to me with (and I quote) ""a really excellent deal"" he wanted me to buy one of his locations (Erstwhile Optical) that has since shut down. Even though there was only a year and a half left on the lease he wanted $40K for this White Elephant! The terms were that he wanted to put a $40K lean on my house. Also he wanted to put a $40K insurance policy on my life, this led me to wonder if he wanted to have me murdered for the insurance money! I asked him; ""what if I don't go for this deal""? ""You will be fired"" was his reply! I was not dumb enough to go for this ""deal""! Sure as heck three days later I got the axe. I'm sure Gary can counter with all kinds of reasons why I was terminated. And for the sake of argument I will concede that they were all valid. I will also concede that the owner was within his leagl rights to offer to sell me the business and fire me as well. \r But, we're talking ethics here. He was trying to force me to buy a business that he knew was a failure and he was trying to steal my home that I worked my whole life to buy. I feel I was a loyal employee and I did my best for him and what did I get in return? A pitiful attempt at stealing my property by a sleazy Con Artist! If you work for him...sooner or later he will turn on you! If you want to buy glasses from him, well all I can say is good luck. He is not an honorable person, he is morally bankrupt, and his ethics are in the toilet! more

Rude 3/20/2011

I had the worst retail experience ever. I recommend avoiding this place and checking out Visage or Golden Optical. I've had great experiences there. I stopped in while doing some shopping Downtown. I found some glasses I liked and asked them to write down the style of the frame. I wanted to read about them on the internet and think about it before I drop $800-$1000 on such a personal item. They informed me that their manager wouldn't allow them to ""write that down for me"" so without thinking much about it I snapped a photo from my phone. The clerk yelled at me and snatched the glasses out of my hands. Shocked, I left the store... When I called to discuss with the owner, he accused me of stealing his intellectual property. For the record, the information I was seeking was just the model of the glasses ""Mykita David"". mykita d0t com I guess they were afraid I would shop them around and choose to shop somewhere else. Their actions have removed all doubt that I will choose another store. Shop somewhere else. more

Great Optometrist 10/11/2010

Ive been having eye exams for many years and ive been to all different types of places i.e. lens crafters, walmart, binyons, private practice and to this date, ive never been treated with such honesty and kindess. \r Dr. Paymon was very thorough and has given me one of the most accurate prescriptions ive had in a very long time. His eye exam was very affordable for a non-insurance patient and only took about 20min. I also never considered trying contact lenses as an eye glass wearer of 18 years but after our exam im happy to say that I am now a contact lenses wearer!!!\r \r Highly Recommended. \r Thank you. more

Fair service. Bespoke eyewear. 6/23/2010

In life you get what you pay for. This is especially true with spectacles, though a little less true at this store\r \r It is true, the staff have a great eye for wending us through the various frame collections. And, over the passage of time their frames and lenses hold up superbly. I also like how my InHouse and Aero frames were designed by their people. \r \r Also true, having shopped at Reynolds for many years I really cannot credit the harsh reviews on this board. I just can’t see all those things happening. The one sense of the negative reviews that I can credit is that the newish assistants can make oversights. \r \r Reynolds has—as would any merchant—more expertise than the consumer. Thus the merchant is rightly censured if one's eyelashes brush the inside of new lenses (as one commentator explained below). Something like that seems quite foreseeable to the optician. Reynolds could raise future confidence by showing us more science with the art, more acknowledgement that we are spending handsome sums (in my prescription, at least), and more obsession with detail when we are in the store. \r \r Apart from that I am satisfied to shop at Reynolds Optical. I’m a picky, thrifty glasses shopper; I open my mind and look all over town each time I’m in the market. Yet I do, and will, return to Reynolds and sample their great looks.\r Pros: Stylish, modern frames. Good selection. Helpful folks. Cons: I want to say needs more OCD, but maybe I need less more

Buyer Beware 11/30/2009

I have a fairly high perscription and had a whole bunch of trouble with my glasses from Reynolds. Had to take them back three times and got to be so much trouble I asked for a refund. I had to take the glasses to another Optician and he said there was a problem with prismatic effect. They charged me $40 restocking fee for their low quality product. The young lady who helped me told me they sell ""World Vision brand"" lenses from Korea, I am told by my new optician that these are poor quality lenses. \r I did some home work and it turns out the owner was taken to court for destroying 1050 patient medical charts. Why because he was angry with a doctor. This is public record, he was sued for half a million as a result. Watch out for these people. Buy a frame from them if you must but get lens done elsewhere. Pros: Some pretty good frames Cons: Poor service more

Need Glasses? Go elsewhere! 8/28/2009

I bought two pair of glasses (2 for 1) sale with high index lenses. The total was $900. A tremendous amount of money!\r One pair of glasses turned out fine.\r The other pair is a disaster. At the time I questioned the salesperson about the fit. The frames are cute but I was concerned about an all plastic frame because there's not a lot of room for adjustment. I said my eyelashes tend to touch if they lenses are too close. I said I had a narrow bridge and so on. She assured me they'd fit. Of course, they don't!\r Since I don't live in Portland I went to my local store and tried to get them adjusted. They said there's not a lot they can do. I called Reynolds and they said hold on to them until I'm in Portland next. ARE YOU NUTS? I have no plans to return to Portland and I'm not going to just put brand new glasses away for months.\r They said I could send them back (and pay shipping both ways) and they could adjust them. HOW CAN YOU ADJUST THEM WHEN I'M NOT THERE?\r They said I could have special nose pads drilled and added for $100. EXCUSE ME BUT I JUST SPENT ON THE GLASSES AND LENSES AND YOU SHOULD COVER THE FIT PROBLEMS SINCE I WAS CLEAR IN THE FIRST PLACE.\r I am now going to try to resolve the problem locally. These people provide LOUSY customer service. They do not stand behind their product. Local store managers seem unable to make good on their error. When a customer expresses concerns before buying something and is assured it won't be a problem and it does turn out to be a problem DON'T SAY JUST HANG ON TO THE GLASSES FOR SIX MONTHS AND MAYBE WHEN YOU'RE IN TOWN NEXT YOU CAN DEAL WITH IT!!!\r Run don't walk and go to a more reputable store! Pros: Cute frames Cons: Don't stand behind their product or service more

I think it is important to give credit where credit is due 7/30/2009

I think it is important to give credit where credit is due. For well over 10 years I have been a satisfied Reynolds customer. My fist experience with Reynolds was coming in off the street with my young son who had just broken his glasses while downtown (glasses purchased in Minnesota not at Reynolds). Not only did Reynolds repair them (and order new parts) but they refused to accept payment. I recently needed new Kawasaki lenses. After careful comparative shopping Reynolds saved money (and also helped with insurance filing). About 3 years ago, during my regular eye exam at Reynolds, their optometrist expressed concern about a subtle optical irregularity and asked me to schedule a follow up appointment with an ophthalmologist (just to be safe). Thanks to her the ophthalmologist did discover a more serious problem which is regularly monitored. My most recent experience at Reynolds (and why I chose to write this review) has to do with a non-profit organization (where I am a Trustee). Our charter is to assist low income children to achieve their dream of a college education. Last year, Gary (owner of Reynolds) graciously agreed to support our annual fund raising auction. However, due the current economic downturn I was wondering if Reynolds would be able to participate in this year's auction. When approached Gary didn't hesitate. He felt continued support of causes like our were important. Thanks to community minded companies like Reynolds our organization can continue our efforts to help kids. Pros: Customer Service and competitive pricing more

I pity anybody that have to deal with the A-Hole - reviewers 5/4/2009

Let's be honest, this place is owned by very nice and outstanding humans that regularly not only give to organizations in need but provide a product and service that is outstanding. The problem is not the shop but the unreasonable expectations by the type of demented A-holes that leave negative responses. Please remember that the people that work here are humans and deserve basic human respect, they are somebody's Mom, sister, wife, brother, dad, husband, son, daughter; these are normal down to earth people that simply make a living by providing a service. Unfortunately they have to deal with the kind of low life A-holes that leave negative responses. The negative reviews here are way over the top and nothing more then SPAM. I am not sure why this system on this website lets them remain. It is proof positive that any low rating here is not legitimate or even note worthy. If you want good and respectable service start by being good and respectable to the people making a living by working here. I for one admire this business that stands strong in the current economic hard times and provides a honest and reasonable living to so many people. To Reynolds Optical and it's employees I salute you in a job well done and I pity the fact that you have to deal with the type of A-holes that degrade and demean the very quality of life that is a basic human foundation. Pros: Best place for glasses in the NW & they are just good people Cons: they have to deal with A-holes that leave negative reviews more

There's 2 sides to every story 3/31/2009

I used to work there and know how hard it is when handling with unreasonable customers. \r Before complaining about a broken frame, ask yourself; did you buy it for $20 off their sale table? (there's a reason it's on sale. you get what you pay for) \r Before bitching about coatings coming off 2 years later ask yourself; would I find it unusual for a pair of jeans I wear several times a week to start to show signs of wear over time?\r Before you purchase something maybe you should find out what you're getting. Questions are encouraged, not prohibited. If you know you have a strong prescription, you should know that there's several options for lenses so ask what your options are. \r As for unexperienced staff, about half probably had previous experience. It's understandable if they don't know EVERYTHING. Don't youremember a job that you had that trained you on the job? How nerve racking it was? I do. I have sympathy for anyone who works in customer service. It's not always pretty.\r I don't doubt that Reynolds has made mistakes. (I made a few when I was there) What company hasn't? But big deal. How about putting you on blast everytime you've ever made a mistake?\r \r Those who live in glass houses.........\r \r \r Pros: Cute unusual frames Cons: not 1 hour service more

slackers slackers slackers 1/2/2009

slackers slackers slackers\r buyer beware! scratched lenses 4 (four) that's FOUR times coming \r ""new"" from the lens cutter person\r horrible slacker service, do these people have pulses?\r broke my frame during an adjustment, no one ever apologized\r not worth it at all\r too bad, we had been customers for years Cons: slackers with badd attitudes more

Service not in line with prices 12/17/2008

I too ordered two pair of glasses on their 2 for 1 sale, and it was, astonishingly, over $600. They called me when only one pair arrived, meaning an extra trip downtown. Then, the sunglasses came in and they looked terrible, which I was informed was because of the choice of frame combined with polarized lenses . . . and so I asked if that wasn't one reason why you buy glasses from a professional, so they can let you know thses kinds of things . . . no real response. They redid them with less expensive lenses, I did not even bother asking for a refund. After about 5 trips downtown (my time is worth something), I left pretty unimpressed. I eventually got a good set of glasses, but it was an arduous process, expensive, and I had to do much of the heavy lifting, left to their own devices they would have done nothing. Pros: Cool frames Cons: Poor service, high prices more

this place is the WORST.....the positive reviews below MUST be fake!!! 6/30/2008

The half-dozen or so reviews below have GOT to be done by the staff and/or friends of the staff or owners of this despicable excuse for a business!!\r \r Hmmm, let's see, these ""reviews"" are:\r \r A) all in a row\r \r B) insanely over-the-top\r \r C) done by ""users"" with seriously questionable screen names\r \r D) definitely BS because my wife and I know what a useless place Reynolds is, and so do the other REAL people who honestly had trouble there and wrote reviews about their experiences.\r \r Nice & classy for them to write up a bunch of fake reviews to counteract the REAL ones calling them on their BS service....I'm not surprised, it goes along with their style & lack of ethics in everything else they do.\r \r Whatever you do, DO NOT use any Reynolds optical location for anything. \r \r Maybe as Portland becomes a larger/more populated city, places like\r Reynolds will not survive as more people demanding REAL service move to the area. How they are still in business I cannot understand. I truly hope they go under, because nobody deserves to deal with these scumbags.\r \r I'm sure they'll write some more nice ""reviews"" about themselves after this.......\r \r Go to hell, Reynolds!!! Cons: horrendous service, poor quality products more

worst business I've ever dealt with 6/30/2008

On May 5th, 2007, I ordered two pairs of glasses from this place, costing me about $800 total (this was a ""sale"", where one pair was ""free""). One pair was defective, so I asked them to redo them (I returned them within two days).\r They never called to offer me any options or info about what they were doing (I had asked about various lens choices to hopefully correct the original problem), and they ended up doing absolutely nothing for about three weeks. Sarah (a manager) was our contact person for the whole ordeal. Tons of calls made by me, NO proactive service on their part the whole time. Finally, they redid the glasses with lenses that were $100 cheaper than the ones originally ordered, and when I asked for the difference to be refunded I was refused, and told they had ""bent over backwards"" for us. Hmmm, yeah I guess three to four weeks of NO communication and no sunglasses to wear is bend-over-backwards service?!?! Thanks Reynolds!!!\r After several more phone calls to the manager, she finally agreed to issue me a refund of $50, which met me halfway for the $100 I had asked for (keep in mind the glasses were being redone with lenses that COST $100 LESS THAN WHAT I HAD ALREADY PAID......I was just trying to get that price difference refunded and was not even asking for anything to make up all the time I wasted and frustration I experienced while they sat on their asses doing nothing).\r So SEVERAL MORE weeks go by, and I finally get a check...for $25!! Unbelievable. So I call, and after at least a week of discussion/hounding them/not hearing back Sarah agrees to issue another check for $75. Well, this was almost a month ago, and today is July 18th, 2007...and I still don't have the check that Sarah claims was mailed out a week ago from Portland to Portland!\r I doubt I'll get my money at this point, but even if I do, I can easily say that Reynolds are the most incompetent, irresponsible, rude, arrogant, useless business I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Cons: horrendous service, poor quality products more

Great service, awesome selection! 3/15/2008

I have to disagree with the negative review posted. I have had several pairs of glasses made at Reynolds over the years and I continue to get compliments on the frames I have gotten from them. Any issues I have had with the lenses were dealt with as soon as I brought them to the attention of the staff. When I had a problem adjusting to a new sunglass Rx, they worked with me over and over again until I could wear them without any issues. That included adjusting the frames to properly fit my face and re-doing the lenses at no cost to me. They continue to have a great selection of frames that you don't see everywhere else and excellent quality in lenses. They definitely know great customer service and are skilled at telling you what does and does not look good on you. This is extremely helpful if you are popping in to look for frames by yourself and can't bring a friend with you. They won't let you walk out with a frame that looks bad on your face! Like anything else, make sure you know what you are buying before you buy it, and when or if you have an issue, represent yourself honestly and clearly for the best result. Pros: unique frames, great customer service more

Awesome service! 3/14/2008

I came to Reynolds in search of a cute new set of eyeglasses to put my new prescription in and left with an AWESOME set of frames! They had the neatest frames to pick from; bright colors, unique shapes, well made brands. I found several that I wanted. I left the store with a quote of 2 weeks til they were ready. 2 days later my current pair broke! I had no spares! I called them right away to see if there was any way it could be rushed and they called me back to say that they were going to try a different lab but there were no guarantees. The next day I got a call to say they were ready! I was thrilled. They totally saved me by getting them so quickly, and I didn't even have to pay extra! I would definately recommend Reynolds to my friends-I already have! Pros: quick to help Cons: I didn't have any more

Buyer Beware!!! 1/9/2008

I have been wearin glasses for a long time. I have never had such a bad experience. They may have nice frames, but that's where it ends. They are clueles about optical lenses; they tell you they only sell the best & then fill your Rx with cheap lenses. When called on it, they will ""upgrade"" for an additional fee after an argument. Customer service is not a phrase they comprehend. Buy the frames if you must, but go elsewhere for the lenses. Personally, I wouldn't even step fot in their stores again. They stink!!! (Read the reviews under all the other stores if you're not yet convinced.) \r \r Pros: Not worth it Cons: Poor customer service more

Caveat emptor! 10/31/2007

\r Be careful when doing business with Reynolds Optical. I had a most unpleasant experience with the company, the salespeople, and owner himself. I paid $625 in full (my mistake) to get a pair of glasses and found out the next day that the lenses I was getting would not be the thinnest lenses, as I was promised. It began with a play on words about what ""thinnest"" lenses meant (they claim it was the thinnest lens for the sale price promised). Then they offered a thinner lenses for an extra $160. I called numerous times to try to resolve my dilemma, my calls were ignored. At that point, I wanted a full refund since the frames had not even left the store to be worked on. I sent a formal letter to the owner asking for help. I found out later, that he had been apprised of the situation from day 1!! I filed a formal complaint. I had to finally agree to a restocking fee of 20% before they refunded me any money. The time consuming efforts and distress I went through to finally come to a settlement was totally not worth it! Be careful. There are better places to shop for a pair of glasses. I would not recommend this business to a friend.\r Pros: Fashionable frames Cons: Poor customer service after the sale more
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