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111 E 29th St
New York, NY 10016
(212) 685-5585
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Resto - New York, NY
Resto - New York, NY
Resto - New York, NY
Resto - New York, NY
Resto - New York, NY
Resto - New York, NY
Resto - New York, NY
Resto - New York, NY
Resto - New York, NY
Resto - New York, NY
Resto - New York, NY
Resto - New York, NY
Resto - New York, NY
Resto - New York, NY
Resto - New York, NY


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I love Resto! I love it so much that I had my boyfriend's last birthday dinner here. I have been here a number of times and have always had wonderful service and delicious food. T...


We waited for over 30 minutes past our reservation time to be seated for brunch. The food took more than one hour to arrive. When we complained about the wait, the manger dismisse...

Worst service ever!! 2/14/2011

We waited for over 30 minutes past our reservation time to be seated for brunch. The food took more than one hour to arrive. When we complained about the wait, the manger dismissed our concerns. At the end of the meal they automatically charged us 20%, which we thought was undeserved. I would never come back to this place again which is a shame because the food is half way decent. more

Manager Should be FIRED! 2/13/2011

I made brunch reservation for 9 plus three kids. i asked in advance if they had high chairs and they said yes. We arrived on time but weren't seated until almost 30 minutes later. A mother in our group asked to sit before the table was cleaned because her young baby was crying and she was told no. Of course she sat anyway because baby's needs came first. We waited ONE AND A HALF HOURS before all the food was brought to the table. When i asked for pitchers of water for the table they said no. When I asked for bread and butter for the table they brought 4 piece of toast for 12 people. We were all starving. I asked to speak with the manager (named LU ANN sp?) and she proceeded to argue with me instead of make our dining experience pleasant. At the end of the meal I approached Lu Ann and said ""i will certainly pay for all the food but do you think you deserve a 20% gratuity for the service you have rendered us?"" Her was response was to THREATEN TO CALL THE POLICE if we didn't pay gratuity and she stated ""DON""T EVER COME BACK TO HERE AGAIN"" to which I agreed. As I was packing my 9 month old baby to go she approached me and said ""GET OUT"". She was extremely hostile and made me feel sad and angry for the rest of the day. I have never been treated so poorly in a restaurant before and I highly recommended that no one goes to this restaurant until that manager is fired! The waitstaff would have done a better job if they didn't have to work with Lu Ann. more

Great Beer & Burgers 8/29/2009

I love Resto! I love it so much that I had my boyfriend's last birthday dinner here. I have been here a number of times and have always had wonderful service and delicious food. Their beer selection is unmatched in the city. Their burgers are always delicious, as well as their bibb lettuce salad and grilled cheese (if you are lucky enough to go there for lunch). The staff has always been quite knowledgeable and friendly. The manager often stops by the table to check in. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone and have had many successful lunches with clients and crowd-pleasing dinners with friends there. Pros: Beer Selection, Delicious Food Cons: Small Space more

Don't Waste Your Time 6/3/2009

As of right now, Resto is at the top of my ""Worst of 2009"" list. Our waiter was an older gentleman, who was telling people at the next table over that he graduated high school in 1959. You would think that someone of his age has been around the block and would understand the concept of ""service."" Nope. He was rude and made comments about us not being ""beer drinkers"" because I felt like having Leffe Blonde, the Coors/Bud Light of Belgium. Then, after his comment, I ordered a Westmalle Trippel just to show him I knew which monks know how to make a good brew. We were ready to order our food and told him, but he ignored us and decided to take our food order when he felt like it. I ordered the burger. I wish I had seen the reviews here first. It was a pathetic. For the same amount of money I can go to Landmarc in the TIme Warner Center, get a burger that is twice the size, served on a FRESH brioche bun, with mounds of cheese, COOKED TO ORDER, with fries and a side salad. Needless to say, this burger lacked all of the above. The burger was small, overcooked and the bun stale. There was so little gruyere cheese on it that I didn't even know it had cheese on it. Like others have said, McDonald's would be just as good. My dining companion had the moules & frites. This was just ""satisfactory."" Nothing special. After dinner we were left our check. We did not ask for it. We split our check and handed over our two credit cards for payment. Waiter then returns with our receipts and tells me that they made a mistake and did not charge us for some beers (but they nevertheless ran our credit cards). Those beers were not ours and I then had to call our waiter back. I explained the situation and he went to find a manager. What I don't understand is why they ran our cards. They claim to have made a mistake and should have come back and said so, so that I could verify whether those beers were ours, and give authorization to run my card. In the end, the hostess returned our cards with new receipts for our signatures. No apologies whatsoever. To add insult to injury they ""authorized"" my card twice. One authorization for the original erroneous swipe. And another for the corrected swipe. So, now I will not have access to some $70 of my money while I wait for their mistake to drop off my account. Had the waiter or manager returned to sort out whatever mistake they made none of that would have happened. Needless to say, it will take a lot of arm twisting to get me return to this restaurant. Pros: Good Beers Cons: Bad Service, Expensive, Mediocre Food more

Great for brunch 2/21/2009

I will never understand why people insist on writing such negative reviews as though they were personally offended by a restaurant...I digress. Pros: Ambience, food, low-key more

Just go to MacDonalds w/ a 40 1/20/2009

I concur with Cheff1. This place is useless. Good beers, sure, but the burger was the size of my toe and the waitstaff was a couple fries short of a happy meals. Resto yourself and don't bother going. There's a MacDonalds across the street with better and bigger burgers. more

dissappointin 1/16/2009

I recently went to Resto this past weekend depsite the poor reviews figuring I would give it a chance anyways because the menu offered moules frites which I was in the mood for. My boyfriend ordered the ($15) cheeseburger and I think he would have had a bigger and better burger from McDonalds. They did not ask how it should be cooked and came out well done along with a stale small bun, like the kind you get in an 8 pack at the supermarket. I ordered the moules frites which had an odd fishy odor to them that made me think that they were not fresh. Also the sauce was very watery and bland. I only ate a few as I was nervous I would get sick if they were bad mussels. The fries were pretty good but I wouldn't return just for those. The staff seemed pleasant but were not attentive and we had to wave our waitress down to get her attention. I hope that the owner of Resto reads these reviews and decides to make some changes to improve the quality of the menu. As I noted, the place does have potential and has a very cozy decor, but I doubt it has many repeat customers. Pros: cozy atmosphere, beer selection, begian chocolates Cons: poor food quality, poor ingredients more

Not very Imp-Resto! 1/14/2009

This place is fine if you're going for drinks only as they have an extensive and impressive beer selection list. The problem is, while this gastropub does well on the pub part, the gastro part is a disaster. Went with another couple and all 4 of us felt our dishes lacked flavor/ were too dry. The prices were very steep and what's worse is the portions were so small that we all needed to eat again after our meal. To top it off, service was inattentive and at times rude. All in all, if you go to this place, sit at the bar, but don't go any further, and if they ask you if you'd like to see a menu, take a pass. Pros: Beer selection Cons: Food, service, steep prices, small portions more

Two visits, both bad 8/5/2008

I'm still not sure why this place gets a 4.5 star (and friends still keep recommending it). Both times, we actually sent food back.The steak recipe is ""re-thought"" but not in a good way. The Cod was gamey and undercooked. We also had the mussels but the fries (again, re-thought in a bad way) were thick and undercooked, actually cold in the center. On top of it, the acoustics are terrible so its very loud and the staff is pushy (turn and burn) to get you out the door. Its a limited menu and trying to be original, but it doesn't work. We hear great things about the grilled cheese on the lunch menu, so maybe that's where the 4.5 comes from. Save your $250 and go somewhere great. Pros: Decent wine list Cons: Loud, bad food, pushy staff, bad menu options more

A Busy Friday the 13th 6/13/2008

I have to agree with spagoots on his/her review of Resto. This restaurant is not quite as horrible as some of the other reviewers are suggesting, but it is certainly not excellent either. As many others have said, the Belgian joint is pretty bustling and noisy on a Friday night. There was no question about that. The ambience was great, but unlike what one reviewer said, I would have to say that it did feel a tad bit crowded (but there are other places that are far worse.) As for the service, the hostess was pretty nice to me, but she was visibly annoyed with another late party. Having worked in the restaurant business years ago, I do understand how frustrating rude patrons can be. They sometimes expect you to work your magic wand, as if they're the only people dining on the weekend. So basically, I am not sure what happened there, but as a restaurant employee, I wouldn't visibly show my frustration. My server was very nice, although the specials rolled off her tongue in the way a really bad actor recites memorized lines. My knowledge of Belgian cuisine is not really extensive, but I do know that portion sizes are quite large. I wanted to know if there was a way for me to split the frites, so I can have both the curry and orange zest options. Unfortunately, I couldn't, and after I finished dining, I don't see why. Some suggested that the fries might have been frozen. They were decent, but didn't have special seasoning or anything. They might have been frozen or just your everyday diner fries. The worst part is that I could not taste any garlic or orange zest that was described on the menu. The best menu items were the Belgian beer selections (which is the main reason I placed a reservation) and the mussels. There wasn't anything unique about the mussels, but the serving size was fairly large. Pros: Belgian beer selections, not empty, outdoor seating Cons: no menu variety, tightly-packed space, item flavor more

Nice find 5/1/2008

Food is good and the beer list is great too. I guess overall it's similar to all the other great Belgian places in NY but I actually like this place better because the ambience is so nice. Even when it's busy, you don't feel crowded in like a pack of sardines (like so many other NY restaurants). Pros: Ambience more

An enjoyable dining experience 3/18/2008

Went a mth ago on a Sunday as I was in the area. We made a reservation an hr before dinner. I was worried that if a restaurant still takes reservation an hour before the seating, it may not be that good (meaning it doesnt have business). It turned out it was 80% full when we arrived at 6. The atmosphere was perfect. Loved the decor. We had fries, mussels, beef cheeks, devil eggs, and other appertizers. Most are deep fried or very greasy. But well, braised beef cheek is supposed to be greasy. Luckily my dishes weren't dripping oil. Overall I'd say it was an amazing dining experience. Server is friendly and recommended a beer we enjoyed. Price is reasonable. We had a great night. Definitely recommended. Pros: ambience, food, overall: above average more

ok food, terrible service 3/15/2008

We were seated right away for our reservation but it took no less than 10 mins for the server to come over and finally take our drink order. We soon found they had run out of chicken (one of 4 lunch items on the brunch menu) so we ordered their ""famous"" burgers. 45 mins later, the burgers finally arrived. In the meantime, we were parched because no one came by to ask if we wanted anything else to drink. Food was just OK, service was TERRIBLE. Pros: ambience, good drink menu Cons: terrible service more

Almost perfect except for the service 1/12/2008

I have been to Resto twice. The first time with my girlfriend and the second time with a group of friends. They have a nice selection of beer (Leffe, Chimay, etc.), good food (mussels, frites, burgers, sausages, etc.), and a simple and cool setting. My only grudge was the service. During my second time there the hostess lost it when one of our party left early. After comping us frites and mussels (nice touch) she grabbed the fifth chair from our table and said ""I guess you're not going to be five tonight!"". I took off one star for that :-). Get a grip! Pros: Food & beer selection Cons: Hostess! more

Average experience 1/12/2008

Went to Resto on a Friday night. Had to wait 30+ minutes for a table, which was OK b/c the beer and wine selection is good. Be forewarned that you won't get a Miller Lite here and the size of the beers are about 10 oz. Our waitress insisted we order apps and dinner at the same time. It was obvious she was trying to rush us out of the restaurant... We had the lamb ribs and white sausage for appetizers. Ribs were so unbelievably salty that we could barely stomach them. This was obviously (hopefully) just a one-time kitchen mistake. The sausage and acompanying mustard were tasty. I had beef cheek - it was rich, stewy and very well cooked. The mussels were good (had the beer sauce), but you really can't go wrong with mussels. Best part of the dinner was the french fries. Bottom line - Resto is average. If you like different beer and beef cheek or you're craving mussels and fries, go for it. But know that the service isn't great and the food is not exceptional. It's also extremely loud (or was at least on a Friday night). Pros: French fries, beer selection Cons: Service, noise more


I am ashame that a restaurant like that represent my country. Cons: They represent Belgium!!!!!! more

Good biers 12/20/2007

If you like Belgian ales and beers this is the place. We sat at the beer and had Josh Pros: Excellent beer selection Cons: Need a bigger choice of entrees more

Not living up to the hype 10/31/2007

Horrible!! The french fries weren't properly cooked plus they were each about 1 inch long. The bun on the burger tasted like a store brand dinner roll. It was loud. The service was awful. We told the buser about 10 times that we weren't done. I don't have any idea why this place is getting so much positive press. more

Terrible 10/19/2007

I went to Resto with my boyfriend some time in August after being told that it was ""the best new burger in town"" and ""great Belgian cuisine."" Halfway through the appetizers, we decided that our friend who recommended it might have the worst taste in cuisine, hates us, or was talking about an entirely different restaurant. For our main course, I received a batch of overcooked and half-rotten mussels - probably the worst I've had in my life. One was literally green and had a hole in it like it had been eaten by an insect. My boyfriend ordered a burger - usually pretty hard to screw that up yet the waiter failed to ask how he wanted it cooked and let me tell you, what he got gives new meaning to the term ""well done"" - more like so shriveled up and dry you had to drink half of a beer to get each bite down. It was also served on one of those orange buns you buy from a discount supermarket. Not quite what he was expecting for $14. The waiter was rude and had a major chip on his shoulder. I've been to roughly 30 restaurants in Manhattan in the past 4 months and rank this one dead last. The food is inedible and not to mention way overpriced, the service is horrendous, and I would only recommend it to people I strongly dislike. Cons: terrible food, overpriced, rude service more

A bit disappointing... 9/13/2007

NY Mag listed this as one of the best burgers of 2007 - it's fair at best. Not impressed. The bun is exactly as one at McDonalds, server said they only serve the burgers 'medium', which is great, however, they arrived just about well done. The beers and mussles were great and overall I liked the place, but if you go for the 'best burger' you will be quite dissapointed. more
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