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Resort TV Cable - 32 Reviews - 410 Airport Rd Suite H, Hot Springs National Park, AR - Computers Electronic Information Services Reviews - Phone (800) 903-0508

Resort TV Cable

410 Airport Rd Suite H
Hot Springs National Park, AR 71913
(800) 903-0508
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Resort TV Cable - Hot Springs National Park, AR
Resort TV Cable - Hot Springs National Park, AR
Resort TV Cable - Hot Springs National Park, AR


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The repairman came out at 9 pm to patch a temporary line after a storm knocked out our cable, then he returned the next morning to place a regular line. The repairmen have always...



Im really sore from getting raped 2/25/2012

One Star is a stretch...I cannot stand the absolutely horrible awful terribly slow internet service and overpriced bull crap they call Cable. This company should be shut down and run out of town. At least they should have provided a little lube with every bill. I just ran a speed test and am getting ohhhh 1.2 megs dl speed....YAY MEEEE!!!! 10 megs dl is what I pay for. If they werent the only game in town they wouldnt have jobs. BRING ON UVERSE!!!!! more

Stay Away!! 2/14/2012

The worst cable company I have ever dealt with!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The people in the Hot Springs office tell you what you want to hear- knowing they can't do what they say!!! Phil and Elmer have got to be the worst---Used carsalesman all the way!!!! Sad this is the only cable company here. What a Joke this office and company has become! more

Fee for removing HBO channel!! 1/24/2012

GREEDY! Thats what I have to say after being charged a fee to remove my HBO channel. I ask, does removing my HBO channel require a special drive out to my house, NO! It does not require anyone to move, but, Resort new policy is- If you make a change, any change, to your accout, you are charged $2.95. I will move services elsewhere and recommend this to ewveryone!! more

..if you HAVE to... 8/13/2011

I find it ironic that "insider pages" doesn't have Resort Cable listed under cable companies. \r For your 60.00 a month basic cable service here's what you get..\r AETN(2), PowerPoint slideshow with music(3), NBC(4), PowerPoint with music(5), (7, 8, 9, 10, 11 normal) nothing on (12) VTN(13) nothing on (14), PowerPoint with music (15) PowerPoint with music (16), Religious channel (17), Religious channel (18), Shopping network (19), Shopping network (20), PowerPoint with music (21), (22, 23, 24, 25 normal), TV guide(26), Sports(27), ESPN(28, 29, 30) (31, 32, 33, 34, 35 normal) Weather channel (36), (37- 63 normal), Spanish (64), Spanish(65), Spanish(66), (67, 68, 69, 70 normal)\r "Normal" is a loose term here. True, it IS programming, and ALL cable activity turns into 3 a.m info-mercials. But when you break it down from the probable 8 channels an average person watches AND the money spent, it isnt cost effective at all. I've lived here my whole life and watched it go from 10.95 to 60.95. An more

They're Not All Bad! 5/27/2011

I've read previous reviews people have left and, yes, there are some problems. The fact is, though, they're working on them as fast as they can. In every instance where I have encountered a problem, the call center operators, service technicians and customer support personnel have been outstanding. They all seem to have pride in their positions, and were always willing to work with me. Whenever a problem was beyond their scope they got management involved. Resort TV Cable management worked with me on an ongoing problem, and bent over backwards to find a suitable solution. more

Unsatifactory service from Resort! 4/11/2011

I wish we could get a good cable company in Hot Springs, Channel 11 freezes up 3 or 4 times per week, High speed internet goes out often when you call to report it they act like you are troubling them. I am stuck with them because I need the high speed internet, If there were another company that could offer high speed and TV I would change tomorro!!\r \r CUSTOMER SERVICE AND QUALITY SERVICE IS SOMETHING THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!! more


I agree with most of these comments on poor service. And it being a monopoly. For the most part if you call in to have anything accomplished you wont get far since they dont have a clue to what they are doing. The customer service in the local office isnt as bad but very short staffed. And if you want to speak to a manager you are hard pressed finding one that has the time to speak to you or even cares about your problems. The only shining star that I can speak of was my salesman. I would recommend anyone who doesn't want to be ripped off to go see Ray. He saved me the huge installation fee on all my services and answered his phone anytime I called with a problem. I wouldn't have anything nice to say at all if it weren't for him. more


This company is a JOKE! There is nothing good that I can say about them... First of all their customer service methods are ridiculous. If you call their phone number they transfer you to a call center somewhere else in the state that has NO authority to make any decisions. Second, when going into the office...there is never enough customer service clerks. You see plenty of people walking around "behind the scenes" but none of them ever attempt to come up and try to help customers. Third, their billing is COMICAL! They want you to pay a month in advance...that's fine. But, if your bill is 30 days past due (which would be the time that normal companies would send out the bills) they charge you $7.95 to suspend your when you call to pay the bill they charge you another $7.95 to restore it! Fourth, if you decide to write a letter to the editor of any of the newspapers in the will never be addressed because this company is owned by the same company that own more


IF YOU READ THIS FOLLOWING STORY AND ANYTHING LIKE THIS HAS HAPPENED TO YOU, PLEASE CONTACT ME AT BLACKBERRYTEAS@HOTMAIL.COM! WE CAN STOP THEM, GET OUR MONEY BACK AND REPAIR OUR CREDIT!\r \r The first week of August, I went to Resort TV Cable's Albert Pike office to return my cable box and completely settle my bill because I was moving and cancelling my account. While there I was told that I had to paid in cash somewhere between $120 - $150 because of the past month, the week or so of that month and a disconnect fee. Even though this sounded suspicious and outrageous to me, I paid it and returned my equipment. I then asked the woman I was working with if there would be ANY other charges because I wanted to settle it right then. She said absolutely not. I had paid everything, and that was it. She then gave me a receipt for the return of my cable box saying that I should keep it for a week or two in case they called me saying they'd lost it because occasionally that happened.\r \r Yesterday more

home owner 9/20/2010

What is wrong with channel 11? It seems it is froze up at least once a week. I pray it is on to night when all the good shows having premier night. more

Real Cable Company NEEDED! 9/10/2010

Please somebody get a real cable company to come into Hot Springs. I can't freak'in fathome that this is the only game in town.\r \r These people are crooks and there non-HD channels are 1980's HORRIBLE and there HD is limited.\r \r A COMPLETE JOKE! more

Crooks 5/7/2010

I've been charged for an equipment rental free for over a year. They insist that the modem I'm using is theirs, when I've had this old modem since before I moved to Hot Springs. They refuse to take off the equipment rental charge or refund me for the year I've been paying. I'm off contract, so I say if I can't get this taken care of I'll go elsewhere, and they just say "fine". \r \r Unfortunately, we have no alternative in Hot Springs, and they know that. more

Run from this company to DISH!!!! 3/25/2010

I am currently assisting a friend in checking on prices for her new home. She had just called telling me the high prices she was quioted for cable and internet. I told her I would call Resort. The Service lady was friendly enough but proceeded to give me an entirely different quote although it was a little lower than the previous amount told to my friend.\r In the past I had resort and it was a constant cat and mouse game of what my bill was to be each month. My biggest complaint was after cancelling my service since I was moving out and my roomate putting the cable in his name, I continued to recieve a final bill 3 times. after paying the first 2 I stated I would not be paying anymore. Of course they hounded me constantly for the said 42 dollars and eventually it went on my credit report! I am still fighting the matter over 3 years later! Also, I agree with others that the staff are incompetent, lazy and lack the skills needed by those wooking in the customer service field but after al more

Resort SUCKS! 1/20/2010

COUNT ME IN TOO! The worst company ever to deal with. I swear who ever does the billing cant add or subtract. The folks who answer phones have no clue as to whats going on in billing & have your bill up on computer while your talking to them about your bill. This happened 3 days ago when I called about a bill for $146.00 when I had paid my bill middle of December 2009 & that bill was for $56.00. Plus fact they charge for an upgrade when there has been no upgrades... The guy told me he didnt understand it either & would have someone call me....\r NO all from them. SCAMMERS! Plain & simple. I guess if we want something done call the hot springs sentinel? more

Resort TV Cable SUCKS 10/23/2009

I was working for a company in Hot Springs and they originally put the bill in the companys name. After several months I decided to upgrade my service so I changed the name on the account and put it in my name. I was reassured several times before I did this that I would not be charged an early termination fee since I wasn't terminating service, just switching the name on the account. What did my company get in the mail a few weeks later? A $500 bill for early termination fees... $250 for the cable and $250 for the internet. They did finally credit the account and not make them pay but only after we received several more bills and I had to call them 3-4 times for them to finally do it. Then, I cancelled my service on July 31st because I was moving. The last bill I paid went through August 11th. So they owed me some money. Here we are 3 months later and I STILL have not gotten my credit. I've called them probably 6 times at this point and have been given the run around about w more

Resort Tv Cable is horrible 10/10/2009

terrible service, overpriced, rude, inconsiderate, needs competition to either shape them up or take away business. as soon as i can, i'm switching to dsl and satellite tv. more

Resort Tv Cable is NOT a resort! 10/9/2009

I agree with you guys! A computer and mongoose bicycle were stolen from our home and when I contacted the company they said, "No way, our people are bonded", so they wouldn't even give me the time of day! and recently my cable is freezing up, sound going off, the premium internet service I pay a premium price for is running SLOW! NO STARS!!! (well just found out I had to give one) What can we do??? more

Resort Tv Cable are theives!!! 10/9/2009

I guess having a monopoly means you can do whatever you want. Not having DSL available in our area we are stuck with this terrible company. Their billing is the worst I have had them shut off my service 3 days early as a "friendly" reminder to pay our bill on time. When calling to complain about something they say well if you don't like it cancel it. The technician that came to originally connect our server also stole computer equipment off my desk as I wasn't home at the time and my girlfriend wasn't able to stay with him the entire time and of course those complaints went deaf ears as well. If at all possible avoid this company like the plague. more

Resort Tv Cable BLOWS- and should be run out of town 9/16/2009

This company is the worst cable company I have EVER dealt with. I have a second home in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I called to cancel the service and they will not let me because I have a wireless router that must first return to them. I live 450 miles away. So now I have to drive an entire day to cancel my cable more

Resort Tv Cable needs to be put out of business!!!! 8/28/2009

This company doesn't deserve any stars!! Just a big fat zero. My girlfriend recently had them come and hook up her cable only to have them jack up the price significantly over what they originally quoted her!!!!! Yes the classic bait and switch technique except they baited her with the low price and then told her once they had her hooked up that she didn't qualify for the lower price. When she called and complained they told her that if she could remember who she talked to that maybe they could do something about it. So remember IF you have to use them for tv service MAKE SURE YOU GET THE SALESPERSON'S NAME SO THEY WILL HONOR THEIR SIDE OF THE CONTRACT when the dispute arises, OTHERWISE DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!! more
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