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Reserve At Lake Lynn - 8 Reviews - 650 Lake Front Dr, Raleigh, NC - Rental & Roommate Agencies Reviews - Phone (919) 781-6294

Reserve At Lake Lynn

650 Lake Front Dr
Raleigh, NC 27613
(919) 781-6294
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Reserve At Lake Lynn - Raleigh, NC
Reserve At Lake Lynn - Raleigh, NC
Reserve At Lake Lynn - Raleigh, NC


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Beautiful place to live right on Lake Lynn. Great trail to exercise or walk your dog. Office staff is very friendly and accomodating. The maintenance staff is the same way! P...


I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone...yes, the prices are low but there is DEFINITELY a reason! About a month into my lease, I started seeing cockroaches all over my apartm...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/18/2014

I lived at the Reserve on Lake Lynn from 2005-2007 I would have to say it was the worst 2 years living here. Also I just ran my credit report to buy a house and the only Blemish was from these Folks. They put me in Collections for who knows what. I called the apartments to see what i owed and they couldn't provide me with any info. I said then why I do i owe you this debt? They refused to take it off even though they have no record of me owing them money. Thanks for terrible service Reserve!!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/31/2013

I lived here for 3.5 years. The management is terrible. They treat their residents like garbage and the problem has gotten progressively worse. Some highlights of living here:\r \r 1- Random eviction notices. We got one placed on our door threatening to start the eviction process in 48 hours. Our rent was always paid in full and on time. This notice claimed our renters insurance had lapsed. The notice was hung up on our door a Friday as a snow storm loomed down on Raleigh with a 48 hr deadline. Our insurance policy was up to date – management had just input a date that it expired and not bothered to check. They make you add them as an interested party to your policy for this reason – so that they can check – but they don’t bother to and then threaten to evict you.\r \r 2- Lack of maintenance – if they do decide to fix something the repair can be expected to be shoddy at best. Couple of examples: The outdoor lighting in our building went out in late January. I sent a maintenance request early Feb and was told they were getting quotes to have it repaired. I followed up in March and again in April. The last time I was told the lighting from the parking lot was sufficient and they wouldn’t be fixing the broken outside lamps. Our water heater died. This one they did replace. However, they replaced it with a much smaller water heater. This one is incapable of filling the tub – so no baths if that’s your thing – and you really better hope you don’t need to run back to back showers b/c person number 2 will be shivering.\r \r 3- Dog crap, dog crap, and more dog crap. Most people don’t pick up after their dogs. Some people do, but most of them don’t. And with the lighting issues you really don’t want to walk to or from your car in the dark.\r \r 4- Rent increase. You can expect a minimum rent increase of $50 every year. If you don’t re-sign a year lease your rent increase can be huge – they double it for month to month. This is to trap you into a huge payment if you need to stay just a little longer before you move or if you don’t give them the full 60 days notice. Example, if your normal rent is $800 and your lease ends on the 20th and your new place isn’t ready until the first of the next month and you want to stay until then your rent for that final month will be over $1000 (with ~$500 for the first 20 days and ~$550 for the last 11 days).\r \r Do not be fooled when you see the office – none of the units on this property have had ANY updates done. Everything is old and dated. The kitchens are tiny. The only thing this place has going for it is the location. There are lots of other options on Lake Lynn that are nicer.\r more

Don't live here unless you want bugs for roommates! 5/8/2012

I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone...yes, the prices are low but there is DEFINITELY a reason! About a month into my lease, I started seeing cockroaches all over my apartment and actually found maggots in my coffee pot grounds (the grounds were just 1 day old by the way). When I informed the office, they told me I was welcome to buy my own bug bomb, but they don't really do heavy treatments for bug issues. After talking to several staff members, the regional manager came to my apartment, looked through my cabinets and drawers all WITHOUT notifying me that she would be in my apartment looking through my personal things when I was not there. She said I keep a very clean apartment and was sure that the roaches were just a German roach, which is, according to her, a clean roach (hmm, still a roach). When I finally found the two places in the apartment where the roach nests were I informed the office. Still, absolutely nothing was done. For some reason, they refused to believe that I was being forced to live with cockroaches among other types of critters. Do yourself a favor and DON'T LIVE HERE, unless that is, you want bugs for roommates and a staff that looks through your things without your permission/you being there. more

Great place to live 4/24/2012

Beautiful place to live right on Lake Lynn. Great trail to exercise or walk your dog. Office staff is very friendly and accomodating. The maintenance staff is the same way! Pool is clean and fitness center has treadmills, elipticals, bike, and free weights. more

Office and maint staff are awesome 12/16/2011

I have lived here for six years, so everyone can trust my judgement. The office staff is always friendly and greets every person that walks through the door with respect, if your a resident or someone looking for a apt. Tara, the asst. mgr. is especially great to work with. Whenever I would call, the staff would always take time to answer my questions and they make you feel that they do really care about their residents. The maint. staff is just as good. Work orders are done quickly and the problem is fixed. They are always prompt and professional and friendly. This is a good place to live. I have been very happy here. more

great place to stay 12/14/2011

I have lived here a year and a half. I am very happy with the people here. I love working with Tara. She is very nice and sweet to everyone who comes in. The maintence staff get things done. If I have a problem, they get to it in a day or two. But they always want you to know that they are they for you and send you out emails all the time. They always have something going on here for the people. They just put a new fitness center in and its up to date and clean everytime I walk in. Thanks Lake Lynn. more

Absolutely disgusted!!!! 11/9/2011

They will definitely fool you!! Ever since they changed ownership the office has been the worse. The new manager Tara is the worst as well as the office staff. They talk a good talk but they are rude and unbearable and everytime you go in the office they don't greet you they treat you like trash. I am sure I make more than they make but you wouldn't think you did by the way they act. I believe Tara is racist and she talks down to people in a condescending tone and she acts like you are beneath her. I have lived there for a while but I tell you this once my lease is over with I am out!! I only stayed due to the schools but it isn't worth it anymore. They take forever to call you back and the maintnence is the worst!!! I mean it is like 7 workers in maintenence but it takes about a week to fix things. They so focused on the outside appearance well what about the inside. The plumbing is horrible and the floors are falling and caving in!!! I used to respect living there because they treated you like someone but now they just about making money and forget about the rest. I have seen so many people moving it is ridiculous, because once they get you in they want to charge rent that is for brand new apartments. I would recommend Camden Crest right down the street you may pay a little bit more but the apartment matches the price. Don't be fooled don't let the outside makeover fool you. What looks good on the outside isn't always good on the inside!!!!!! more

DISGUSTED 8/15/2011

They sure fooled me!! Signed a 12 month lease because I was desperate for an apt when I first moved here and they had an available move-in the next day. (Tara was really nice and I like working with her.) The maintenance staff is absolutely, positively, HORRIBLE, RUDE, STUPID and LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! We still have different colored/sized/styled knobs on our stove, a giant hole in the shower wall, a foyer light that flickers on/off every 5 mins, windows that won't open, a leaky bath tub and a kitchen that is falling apart!! I cannot wait till March 2012 when we will be out of this hell hole. I am disgusted with this property and would NEVER, EVER, EVER recommend it to anybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

well that seems a bit harsh 1/3/2011

so i moved here because i was working at the school just down leesville rd in the last semester of college, and i say all the time that i really don't think i'll be moving any time soon. the location is really convenient for the cost-- and even though my rent went up recenty, (it's only because i went from a 15-month lease to a 12 when i re-signed-- and only because they don't have 15-month leases anymore), i still can't find any place that's better for the money. i live in a one bedroom where the floors aren't unlevel, there's no drop off at the kitchen like it's been through some sort of natural disaster, and yes, the dogs bark and there is a parking lot, and sometimes people talk in them at elevated and non-elevated levels, because dogs bark when they are outside and people do too. People also play music sometimes, even in an apartment building. Sure--apparently I have elephants living above me--but i reallize that I live in an apartment building where all walls and ceilings are shared.\r \r so in review:\r yah, it's sometimes noisy, it's sometimes hard to get someone on the line at the office, and the laminate flooring and ""euro-style cabinets"" isn't ideal, but you can not, in fact, find another place THIS close to downtown, IN Northwest Raleigh (very desireable, and not cheap for homeowners) and with this little traffic anywhere that's not in an ACTUALLY scary place to live, and for THIS price. It's all a very small price to pay for the price you pay, and the apartments are what you make of them. all my friends love to come to my place. It's only about 690 sq. feet-ish, but we make it work. \r \r If you are wanting a bigger one bedroom, that's newer and quieter, and you don't have to put up with rental office personnel that DON'T, in fact, LOVE to listen to a complaining tenant--AND affordable-- i would suggest Durham or Knightdale... or southeast Raleigh. You decide ;) more

Apartment Nightmare 4/15/2010

This truly is cheap living. If all you care about is living cheaply, then this is the place, but beware with cheap comes all different kinds of tenants. I have lived there for about a year and I can tell you there were nights where we could not fall asleep, because our neighbors played their music too loud. You can call someone, but when you do nothing happens. Also we heard arguments in the parking lot and dogs barking non-stop. The place was a nightmare. We moved in and the floors were uneven. Now they are carpet floors and it seems as if someone tried to level them at one time. by placing a board underneath them. By doing this there is a drop off right were the kitchen table is supposed to be. There is no way for it be fixed without moving out while they fix it. The service is terrible. They are real nice to you until you are renting from them. Once you rent from them, they stop caring completely. I hope you never get a package in the mail, because if you do you might be waiting a while to get it. They seem annoyed when you come in there to disturb THEM. I thought businesses were there to please the customers. Unfortunately because of the service their turnover rate is astronomical. We must have had 3 different neighbors in the past year. It seems no one ever signs more than a 1 year lease. Not only that you have to give them a 60 day move out notice. If you do not they will charge you on a month to month basis. This would not be so bad, but they increase it approximately 145%. To give you an idea of how much that is, if you payed around $660 in rent you would go to about $960 a month. Oh and they do not give you any leeway no matter how responsible of a tenant you have been. I'll be honest with you the kitchens are dated, the plumbing is awful, the neighbors are noisy, but it is cheap. Honestly I think in this price range you can find nicer apartments. I would never rent here again and I would never recommend this place. Save yourself the hassle, the time and your sanity by renting somewhere else. Pros: Cheap Cons: Loud, poor quality, terrible service, dated more
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Peaceful lakeside living at affordable prices. Renovated kitchens/bathrooms. Fitness center and two

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  • NEWLY RENOVATED HOMES, Lake Front Living w/ 60 Acre Lake, Over 2 Miles of Paved Walking or Biking Trails, 2 Swimming Pools w/ FREE Wi-Fi, 241 Hours Fitness Center, Playground & Picnic Areas w/ Grills, Fireplaces & Vaulted Ceilings Available, Washer/Dryer Connections, Leash Free Pet Park, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball AND Kids Court, Pet Friendly, Rentable Clubhouse!

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