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The first time I went into the Republican, it was a little slow so I thought it wasn't a great bar....we came back a few months later just for kicks and we ended up making great f...


...the first handful of reviews. If you are not a regular here, you really are treated like garbage. And, no, I am not some stupid airhead who belongs at Port O'Call or Green Stre...

My Local : ) 5/29/2011

The first time I went into the Republican, it was a little slow so I thought it wasn't a great bar....we came back a few months later just for kicks and we ended up making great friends with Josh the bartender, staying for pub quiz night, and making it our local. The staff is always kind, they are caring and have incredibly fast service, and they are always helpful and fun to hang out with. More than once, if my friend and I weren't safe to drive, the bartender has offered us cots or water to help us along. Sometimes there are iffy people there who are just looking for hookups but the bartenders look out for you. Smoking cage is great, the in-bar games like shuffleboard are great, they've always got the matches on televisions in there, they've got decent music in there most times and we've recently started going to their music sessions on Mondays. Great bar, great people, decent prices, and great atmosphere. more

Republican is garbage 4/26/2011

When i showed up at the bar at first it was a great time but this was also at 7 when the bar was practically empty.. once the bar started to pick up i could NOT believe the service i got. I can say that i will not freely EVER come back to this garbage wana be pub. The owners of this bar need to do a rehire and get people that actually have manners and also have respect for the people paying there bills. I can say for an irish bar i will go to PIPER DOWN every single time over this bar!! NEVER GO TO THIS GARBAGE PLACE more

Whiners, just stay out. This place rocks. 11/11/2010

I've been to many a drinking hole in my day, and have been frequenting The Republican for about 3 years now. I don't really know any regulars, and I have ALWAYS been treated well and served fast. The Black and Tan's here are some of the finest I've had, and I've tried my share. My guess is if you've written a bad review about this place, you have written several other bad reviews about several other places, so here's my solution: STAY HOME. Your Mom misses you. more

Not Irish. 2/9/2010

The Republican is your run of the mill, ""let's try and look like a seedy Irish bar"" hang out. The place is littered with pro-IRA propaganda. As someone who was born and raised in Ireland it makes me a little upset to see these pseudo-Irish wannabes (the owner is like German or something, his last name isn't Irish and none of the employees are Irish). Don't they realize the war is over? Have any of them even been to Ireland? Anyways, aside from that, it is a quiet place with good beer. Sometimes it's quiet. Other times, the jukebox is turned off so the bartender can blast Sublime or something stupid. The crowd that regulars here are your normal ex-skinhead punks, or fake Irish wannabes (you know, scally caps, chops, they pretend to like soccer and even call it football), or it's a bunch of wannabe greasers. Greasers, in Utah, in the 2010's? Are you serious? The door guy, Damien, is a big prick. Last time I went, though, he was working the bar and was nicer, while the girl was working the door and was actually friendly. Maybe they realized they were losing money and their regulars sucked? The other bartender, this little twat by the name of Josh, is just a snot. He purposely doesn't refill your drink, gets mad if you don't tip right away (ever heard of a credit card you daft twatt?) and talks shit on just about everyone and everything. Oh, and he was adding $1.00 to all of my credit card tips. I didn't notice this for a long time -- SO BEWARE. The other guys who show up just sit around and play World of Warcraft on their laptops. Are you kidding me? Dorks. I go here once in a blue moon now, but it seems to be slowly improving. Now all they need to do is realize they're Americans and there's a huge difference than having a tiny bit of Irish blood in you and actually being from Ireland. Pros: Good beer, nice location, quiet (sometimes) Cons: Rude employees, fake Irish, they add money to CC tips more

Only went twice 12/6/2009

A great little hole in the wall with great staff and cheap drinks. I don't normally find it easy to talk to people when I go out drinking because they just seem like such jackholes. Didn't have that problem here. \r \r I can understand why some people may have had issue with some of the staff. The first night I went there it was a low traffic night. I asked for a chocolate cake shot and was promptly told ""We're a bar not a club sweetheart."" I can totally see why some people may think the guys are a little rough but as long as you're not soft skinned you can handle the teasing the staff can dole out. If you don't like them, simply leave. We're all adults supposedly. Pros: Friendly staff, cheap drinks, low BS and douchebag factor Cons: Little Parking more

Expansive pub feel, minimal BS 7/22/2009

The Republican is fairly unique on the downtown SLC bar/pub scene. It has an ambience that's hard to accurately describe but is always enjoyable, yea, even comfortable.\r \r It's not a bar everyone, it definitely has a laid-back feel to it. Monday nights feature an ecclectic, but always enjoyable, Irish music jam. \r \r The smokers can congregate in the back smoking cage and the patrons can enjoy the pleasantly lit converted warehouse interior. \r \r Staff has always been pleasant with me, but I've never been there on a really busy night, so I haven't dealt w/ them under pressure. I tend to think they'd still be agreeable.\r \r Overall, a great neighborhood pub with a unique vibe that's easy to sync up with. more

come as you are, unless your lame. 3/25/2009

This is a nice down to earth pub that you should stay out of if you are looking to make an jack-A out of yourself. For years I have been looking for a place that isn't so dedicated to turning into the biggest hippest bar in town that they basically sell out the people that put it up in the first place. These guys arent looking to generate a base of frat boy or singles hookup junkies. If you can hold your liquor and humble yourself at the door you can walk in sit down and have a pleasant enough time and converse with the patrons. Just remember most these guys have been around a long time and dont give two hoots about what you think their bar should be like. If you like the hype there are countless bars in town that cater to just such a patron. try the other ""irishish"" bar just down the street. more

Old school pub, not for everybody 10/22/2008

I always go there with the regulars ever since day-one, so you can argue that is the reason they always treat me fine. The Republican is definitely a different kind of pub. They seem to be more interested in making it a comfortable hangout for the regulars, than expanding the customer base. And I can see how first timers would judge this place. But it all boils down to this: Whenever I wanna see meat market, I go to the Port'O Call, Piper Down, or any of the thousands of bars in SLC. Whenever I wanna get imports, I go to the Bayou. But whenever I wanna just chill out with my regular hangout crowd without the annoyance of people around trying to pick up girls/guys, I go to the Republican and other old school pubs. Name your own pubs where you don't feel like talking to strangers, and I bet that first timers there would feel the same as these early reviewers feel about the Republican. more

I have to agree with... 8/14/2008

...the first handful of reviews. If you are not a regular here, you really are treated like garbage. And, no, I am not some stupid airhead who belongs at Port O'Call or Green Street. I consider myself very polite and considerate, and would like that in return. I have been to The Republican probably 10 times, and unless I am with some of these ""regulars"", I am completely ignored and am constantly being watched or given unneccessary attitude by the infamous door guy. Dude, I'm a 5'2, 26 year-old-female. I'm not going to trash or create a scene in your bar. It is a shame that the employees are so rude (and their rudeness exceeds ""they're just doing their jobs"") because ambience-wise, it's a really cool place. It would be nice to be able to kick back with a beer and play shuffleboard without being given the evil-eye. Oh well. If anyone is looking for a place to just chill out with a beer, friends, and possibly a game of pool, I recommened X-Wives Place. Staff is always friendly, even if they are busy, and have a ""the more, the merrier"" attitude. Pros: Ambience, pretty good drink selection Cons: middle-school-like cliques, parking, most employees more

some peoples kids 8/9/2008

Ok first off if your crying about the republican you should not have been there in the first place you pansys , how old are you people ten ? Your all just mad cause your up on your high horses thinking your important but your not and the guys at the pub dont owe you anything ! everyone there has always been good and respectful to me , i have been asked to leave and cut off for getting a little out of hand but unlike you A$$ holes i know they are just doing there JOBS !!!!!!!!!! so go cry in a corner get some money from your mommies and daddies and go to port o call or something and leave the pub to us respectful , open minded , black close wearing , tattooed people ha ha ha ha ha ha ha , ok i mean im pretty sure they dont serve drinks with nipples on the glasses for babies like all of you ! if you want good music , a place you can feel safe in , good drinks ,good people and good music the republican is the right choice. \r Pros: great people , drinks ect. Cons: every once and awhile you get really whiney people that come in more

Best Bar in this State!!!!!! 8/6/2008

This bar is the best bar I have been to in this state. However, all opinions should be considered by their source (including those negative reviews below). My story is I hate clubs, I hate trendy, snooty places, and I hate places full of rude and obnoxious people. Which is exactly why I love this bar. They really do a pretty good job of keeping those types out. Sure their door guys are tough, but by no means are they rude. But what would you do if you owned a bar? Put a teddy bear at the door? I just started going there within the last year, and when I very first started going there the bar staff made me feel very comfortable right when I walked in. Sure, the door guys didn't give me a warm, fuzzy, christmasy feeling, but by no means were the rude! For me, that means they were doing their jobs, they didn't know me (yet) and they were making sure I wasn't going to be rude, obnoxious, or trouble myself. I never have been watched like a hawk there, I think those peole who have written that previously may need to realize that the world does not revolve around them. If you put a chair right in the path of a walkway (such as near the stage) then of course they will ask you to move! That's fire safety! If they didn't they would be violating fire code! The bar staff has welcomed me with open arms since day one. I'm not a heavy drinker, an average bar tab for me is no more than 20-30 bucks and that is if I am buying other people drinks too! Yet they still love me. When my entire family decided to go there after a funeral for a bit of a send off, the owner, bar staff, and everyone there welcomed us and even moved around furniture to allow us to have more room. We didn't schedule that in advance, it just sort of happened, and they love us for it. If you want a bar with great people, smart people, and people without attitude come to this bar. Oh and by the way, I never wear black and I never have a problem. more

What do they know?! 7/28/2008

I was prompted to write this review when a friend of mine told me that she read the reviews of my favorite bar and that all of them were BAD! I am shocked really, I have been a ""regular"" of the Republican for just over a year now (my friends and fiance significantly longer) and I am happy to say that I have never once had any issues, been treated poorly or experienced any one of the horrible things that have been said about this wonderful little ""hole in the wall"".\r \r As a matter of fact, my fiance and I hosted our engagement celebration there in April 2008 with about 40-50 guests (90% of them are not regulars) and we didn't have one issue, complaint or problem. All we had to do was talk to Jason and give them about 4 weeks notice, they took care of everything else. Jason (the owner) didn't even require that my guests meet a certain dollar amount for a bar tab, like some other bars do. We came in, drank had a good time and that was it. Our engagement party guests had such a good time that my fiance and I will be hosting our wedding ""after party"" there too!\r \r The door guys, Damien and Mikey are a little rough around the edges, but it's because they are there to keep the obnoxious people out. That is what they are PAID to do... and there have only been a few occasions where I have seen them deny people entry or ask someone to leave... and every time it was because the people hammered and being obnoxious. David, Josh and the other bartenders are quick, professional, friendly and good at what they do. I love that Jason is a ""regular"" in his own bar too. \r \r My suggestion to anyone looking for a relaxed laid-back atmosphere and you don't want to spend 7.00 for a drink give them a shot! Pros: inexpensive, good atmosphere, fun, great service Cons: parking more

Great place to chill out and have a pint! 7/27/2008

I've been going to the Republican for about 2 years now and I've never had a bad experience. I know all the staff by name and they all know me and I'm always greeted with a friendly handshake by the staff. Rarely has anyone in my party had to wait for a drink longer than expected. If your sitting at the bar Cameron, Josh, or David will likely get to you before your drink is a 1/4 gone. The staff is extremely weary of ""trouble"" and if you come in late after drinking at another bar Mikey or Damien at the door will probably send you packing. These boys have homes too, this is not Piper Down or The X Wives Club.where they spend the night cleaning everyone's mess. Come here to sit and watch a match, talk with your friends, have some beers, or shoot some pool. Sundays they have a live band which is well...interesting, but definitely entertaining. Jason (the owner) is a character, he usually can be found at the end of the bar talking to a close knit group of friends. Dont be fooled though, he's a good guy and if you take a second to introduce yourself to him and the rest of the staff they'll remember your face forever. If you fancy a chat about football there is no one better than Jason. The rest of the bar staff is extremely knowledgeable about their booze! I recommend taking the ""stout challenge"" to compare the 3 tasty stouts they have available. Or if liquor suites you best, they have quite the assortment of not just top-shelf specialties but some other less known brands that are extremely tasty. Parking can be tricky, but usually i find easy parking in the Autozone parking lot nex tdoor or across the street. This is not a bar to pick fight or show off to the ladies. If you have an ounce of 'machoism' in you stay away. If you want a bar where you can get a well made drink, don't have to put up with drama, and can meet friendly strangers who carry on good conversations then the Republican is the place for you!!!! Pros: PIckled Eggs! Great Beer, Great Ambience, Great Service, friendly staff. Cons: Can get noisy, parking a bit tricky more

you're being watched.... 6/5/2008

My question is, why does the owner of this lovely little bar let such an awful person work the door? I love this place - the big wooden bar, the shuffle board and pool tables....It's a great dive. But the entire time my friends and I were there, Mikey at the door was glaring at us. I think it was because we weren't wearing black, which apparently is a requirement to be treated decently at this bar. You can't move a bar stool two feet out of line without this Mikey guy being all over you. It is so ridiculous. I would love to be a regular there, but I'd rather not be under the microscope while I'm hanging out....especially by such a tool. Besides, according to Mikey, they have all the regulars they need...and they are all dressed in black. more

GET A LIFE 3/16/2008

I agree with the last 2 reviews. HORRIBLE. I went for a friends birthday. Door guy so rude - holding the door -tells you to wait to enter, ugh WHERE exactlly are you supposed to wait and why? Dont forget your black hoodie or you will NOT fit in! The place was maybe 1/2 of capacity and the 4 bartenders working could not even serve drinks! Im in the industry and I will never step foot in that dive again. The bar was not even 2/3 people deep and you had to wait at least 15 minutes for a beer! Then at 1:35AM, my beer was taken from my table and thrown away. HINT .. you can legally stay in a SLC bar till 2AM ..WTH? And another HINT to the owner ... your butt is not stapled to the barstool at the end of the bar! Get off it and help the servers, barback, bartender and GET A NEW DOORGUY without an attitude! Pros: Dive bar atmosphere Cons: Too smoky, rude doorguy, slow bar service more


Never have I been so outraged. I tried to go to The Republican a few weeks ago with some friends, and it was a terrible experience! It was 12:15 on a Friday night/Saturday morning, and the RUDE, pathetic, doorguy who sits around and plays World of Warcraft while on the clock refused to let us in. He said they were 'done for the night.' Please, closing at 12:15 on a Friday night?!?Maybe if it was dead, but it was busy AND the hours sign on the door says 4-2am. I guess I was cutting it pretty close at TWELVE-FIFTEEN!!!! To make it even worse, our friends (two attractive girls with big cans) were let in 10 minutes before us! AND they were at the bar ordering OUR drinks so we could have something to drink when we got there. We tried to explain to the door dillweed that we were meeting our friends, we had drinks waiting for us, and he asked my boyfriend if he was retarded or deaf that he didn't understand that they were done! THEN, in the midst of trying to flag down our friends to tell them we were not allowed in, two guys with arm-sleeve tattoos, black jackets, and black hats came in behind us. They did the awesome fist-to-fist thing with the door guy and were let in- free of charge. We never once got snappy or raised our voice to the door guy- we kept our cool, simply trying to understand why we were not allowed in, and he gave us nothing but attitude. Eventually our friends came over, found out we could not join them, and left without paying for their drinks. \r I have never been so angry in my life. I had heard bad things about this bar, and I should have taken the advice NOT TO GO THERE. Unless you are a regular or some white trash wannabe Irish, sitting around listening to Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphy's, talking up the city of Boston even though you have never seen the other side of Bangerter highway, you will be treated HORRIBLY. DO NOT GO HERE. And if you do, I look forward to reading your awful review which you will inevitably post. Pros: absolutely nothing Cons: rude service- and if there is better service inside you would never know because the door guy is such a tool bag and you will not get past him. more

Worst time EVER. Horribly rude employees. 1/3/2008

I recently went to this HOLE for my best friend of 15 years' 26th birthday. Only a couple of friends, no drunken lush idiots with us. I have been to my share of clubs in the Salt Lake City as well as elsewhere and know a good time and good hosts. But when upon walking in the front door you are are met by completely rude sours the mood from the get go. The doorman taking the IDs and $ was very short with us, as if we were just not wanted there. A girl with us insisted the bar tenders were very nice as she had been here before and knew them. Ha! (Ok, the one with the Modest Mou$e T-Shirt on that helped me was very nice.) However this short stocky balding A$S was very rude. He didn't even look at us when he came to take our empty glasses a plenty...I mean 4 of us dropped over $200 there in the hour we could stand staying. There was a lack of seating, so we took our spot on the floor of the stage. I didn't want to sit on the floor since there were several leaks in the ceiling and the floor of the stage was wet so I took an empty chair from the neighboring table. Not 2 seconds later I was told by the same rude doorman that I had to put the chair back, it couldn't be there. No explanation...nothing. So I apologized and put it back. I put my drink down on the side of a table near the wall and was told immediately that I could not put it there...again, by the rude door guy. It was like he was watching us like a hawk because we were not regulars. This is a dive cement floor neighborhood type bar...not the damn martini bar. We were spending money and not being obnoxious, we should have been treated decent. When midnight rolled around my friend tapped on the bass drum of the kit that was set up on the stage and said Happy Birthday Katie!! Not ""abusing"" the drums or even continuing to touch them after that. The short stocky fat dude immediately yelled at us and told us to leave. Don't go here unless you are a regular. They are totally ridiculous. Pros: I'm at a loss... Cons: THE NAME says it all. more
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