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Republic Services of Cincinnati - 26 Reviews - 11563 Mosteller Road, Cincinnati, OH - Scrap Metal Processing & Recycling Reviews - Phone (513) 771-4200

Republic Services of Cincinnati

11563 Mosteller Road
Cincinnati, OH 45241
(513) 771-4200
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Republic Services of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, OH


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I have had CSI for 4 months now and have now major issues. I switched from Rumpke. I like that the handles are not greasing and dirty from the garbage truck. With band that wraps ...


The price of my service almost doubled from 2006 once CSI merged recently. The price increases were gradual, given the increase in fuel surcharges especially in 2008. As that ga...


I DO NOT like Republic Services AT ALL. If you ask me they can take their trash service and throw it in the GARBAGE! PUN INTENDED Make sure you read the contract cause when you leave them they will charge you 65 dollars just to pick up their own dumpster! GLAD WE LEFT THEM!!!! more

CSI THE ""WORST"" 12/28/2010

CSI is the worst!!! The cans are so nasty because they are too lazy to use the lifts that are provided and they put the handles into the garbage and you have grease and god knows what all over the handles. I have to use a paper towel every week before I can put my cans way. I have called and called and does ""no"" good. Manager Jim Ingram says he will take care of it. I do think at times he has said something to the guys because then the will do the same thing and look at me while they are doing it. If you say anything they just turn their back to you. They will put my cans in front of the wrong address or even across the street. I have my address on the can and its about 18 inches high so they know they are doing it. wish they would lose their contract with Covington. They are the worst garbage collection I have ever had. THEY SUCK!!!! more

CSI - Erlanger City Council should be ashamed for switching 10/7/2010

Bavarian used to collect trash in Erlanger. They came twice a week and I never had a problem. For no explained reason, Erlanger city council decided to switch to CSI, and it was a HORRIBLE, unjustified decision. CSI makes you purchase one of their giant sized garbage cans that are compatible with their trucks. The garbage cans cost $90, but that's not the problem. The garbage can lids are hinged and swing open, but they do not lock or seal. With my old ""click in place"" and lock cans, I never saw a maggot. Now, since CSI's cans do not seal properly, maggots are a weekly issue and the smell is horrible. I have to scrub my driveway every week to clean off the maggots that come from CSI's garbage cans because I don't want my kids getting in them. I am VERY angry and I am currently working on getting our service switched back to Bavarian through a city petition. more

Good but not great 8/4/2010

CSR's could really use some training. I've been a customer for 7 years without too many issues but my trash was not picked up on time for 4 straight weeks. After talking to a CSR 4 times, I asked for a supervisor, who then told me the date my trash pickup is scheduled had changed 4 weeks ago....not sure if I got something in the mail, but 4 CSR's failed to ask the simple question ""what date are you scheduled for pickup"" then cross reference it with their info. All my frustration was for nothing. more

CSI the chronic stupid idiots in waste 7/13/2010

I've dealt with CSI now for a couple years unfortunantly!!!So anyways so far they have thrown and broken 3 of my personal garbage cans, stole a brand new replacement one that I had bought to replace the broken ones which cost me 35bucks guess chalck that up to an"" OH WELL"" and if that wasnt bad enough I recently moved and had to use CSI company due to the city and it being the only company that does the trash were I now live.. I've moved now called the company to get a garbage can delivered last month to my new address and guess what three weeks later still waiting on them to deliver one. I have talked to about six different ppl in that company that obviously dont know day fom night. Good world could you just imagine if they were in charge of something they have to know how to do we'd all be in a world of trouble!!!!!!!! Pros: named close to csi tv show Cons: everything more

Above average 5/14/2010

I have had CSI for 4 months now and have now major issues. I switched from Rumpke. I like that the handles are not greasing and dirty from the garbage truck. With band that wraps near the bottom of the can to lift keeps the handles clean. Rumpke's lift the cans by the handles and grease and gunk is all over it. Need a towel to bring it back to the garage. Only major issue is they come at 4:00 AM.. But they do not block the street for 5 minutes like Rumpke Pros: Clean garbage cans Cons: early morning pickup more

CSI Waste - Is a waste in Erlanger. 4/15/2010

They have missed my house before, which in the many many many years of Bavarian has never happened. Today I went a put a few old storm window glass out to be tossed, and my old shower door glass, before they got here. YES I didn't tape it up, but i had them neatly together, NONE were broken. They just tossed put them in my yard and in the process broke them all but 1 storm window and the shower door glass (5 sheets of broken glass) I called the office here in Cincinnati, and they called the dispatcher and the driver said they were already broken and he didn't want to get cut. W T F. I JUST PUT IT OUT THERE! His dumb arse broke them putting them into my yard, so now I HAVE TO RISK GETTING CUT. Its all in the trash can of theirs now, in thousands of pieces now ready for next week. They said if its in the trash can, its ok. Well good luck arse holes. Plus the trash can they gave me is busted real nice. Bavarian forever, CSI NEVER. They should get no star, but its making me put one in. Pros: They sorta get my garbage Cons: They sorta don't. more

Dispatcher Doesn't Have a Clue 3/2/2010

I moved from Oakley to Mason and didn't have garbage service set up. Since I knew CSI's day was before Rumpke's I called them and signed up. As you can imagine after moving I had a ton of stuff I wanted gone. They never came. I called up the dispatcher and was furious. She said, ""Oh, well your driver was supposed to pick up new signups and he must have forgotten."" I said, ""don't worry about it, cancel my service then."" She was shocked. ""What are you going to do then?"" ""Ummmm. Get Rumpke!"" I didn't say it, but was thinking - ""DUH!"" more

Can't get much lazier than this 11/19/2009

I called early morning before the pick up of two doors to see if there was anything “special” that I needed to do for the trash folks to take them. The rude operator advised me that there was no procedure and they will probably be sending another truck to come by later. I asked if there was a way to verify this. She says that there is not because her dispatcher does not come in until 830. I asked her to take down my address and inform the dispatcher at that time and that I would call back then. I gave her my address, though I got the feeling she wasn’t writing anything down as she said “ah ha” before I even said my street name. Regular trash came and left the doors (understandable). So I go to work and call back at 830. The customer service rep (Sheila) says that the procedure is to cross tape the glass on the doors. Now I’m at work, can’t cross tape them. I asked if I could stop back there at lunch and maybe the truck could come at that time. The customer service rep says that her dispatcher says no and they can pick them up next Friday and if there is another large pick up, they will charge. \r \r This is a group of the laziest people/workers around. I lived in the city of Cincinnati for 23 years and they would take anything. Why? Because you pay for it. What happened to a little hard work? This company should be replaced with a hardworking organization that will earn their money. They break garbage cans, through them in the front of the neighbors’ house, leave have the trash can full, and if they drop something….well don’t expect them to pick it up. Where’s Bavarian? \r Pros: Didn't have to wait too long to get someone on the line. Cons: Everything else more

Pissed in Erlanger 10/24/2009

The customer service is horrible. I called the night before 'trash day' to have a mattress picked up. Trash day comes and my mattress is still laying there. I called 2 more times the same day and the operator (Theresa) said they will send out a truck to pick it up. Now, nothing. Mattress is still sitting there. A represenative from CSI should really read some of the reviews, all negative. As a business owner myself, I would be very concerned at the negative feedback I was getting from my costumers. Unfortunately, I'm sure nothing will come of this. Way to go Erlanger for screwing it's citizens over by switching over our trash collection contract to CSI. Cons: everything more

There is no business reason for this company to survive. 10/18/2009

I am the last one on my street to continue the service with CSI because I don't like monopoly, but I am very disappointed with this company. If there is another choice, I will switch today. The price for CSI is even more expensive than the Rumpke which has slightly better service. That is the first ridiculous thing. Second, the service is not reliable. I had more than twice in the past year that they missed my trash. Third, the customer service line gears only to payment, yeah, what kind of ""I like your money but not doing service"" attitude is this? Fourth, there is no recycling service. I have to take my recycling items to local station. What age does this company live in? No recycling? Anybody knows of another waste service company in greater Cincinnati area, please let me know. Pros: Nothing to recommend. Cons: Everything goes wrong with this company. more

Worst Customer Service 9/23/2009

Possibly the worst customer service experience I have ever had, has been with CSI. Because I live in Covington and CSI contracts with the city, I was basically told I had no right to complain because I got my refuse collection for free – as though I do not pay city Taxes! The handling of the waste cans is unsanitary and they destroy the cans on a regular basis. I have forwarded my complaints to the city of Covington and the Kenton-County-Health-Department. Pros: Nothing Cons: Arrogant more

High-priced Annoyance 7/13/2009

The price of my service almost doubled from 2006 once CSI merged recently. The price increases were gradual, given the increase in fuel surcharges especially in 2008. As that gas is now almost half of what is was, no reprieve of the fuel surcharges were forthcoming. Once CSI merged, bill went up by another twenty dollars...just because they merged. \r \r Pick-up will miss recycling from time-to-time, no notification given if they will be delayed a day in trash pick-up.\r \r When I called to cancel, the representative was courteous, but didn't bother to ask why I was cancelling my service.\r Pros: Cheap can rental Cons: Cost, Missed Pick-up, Workers going through Trash more

Erlanger, Ky 7/8/2009

The city just signed a contract with CSI and the first pickup for my area was Tuesday 7/7/09. My trash was put out the night before as instructed on the card they sent letting me know the day for pickup. I waited all day and all night Tuesday along with everyone else in my neighborhood. Called CSI this morning the woman I spoke with was very polite and said she would get in contact with them. I called at around 7:15am. and by 8:15 am. they were here collecting the trash on my street. I hope this doesn't happen again but, if it does I will call again. I will let you know what I think about their overall service at a later date. more

NO online bill pay 7/7/2009

The only thing that upsets me is that csi doesn't have a online bill pay.. and now they have merged with allied and they have online bill pay so they should allow us to be able to link to the allied and pay our bill online along with the many other customers they have. more

I pity those living in cities with CSI contracts 1/6/2009

Basically have the same complaints as everyone else. TERRIBLE customer service! I've even asked to speak with management only to find that they're just as unconcerned with customer satisfaction as the snotty lady who answers the phone. They only offer recycling pick up every two weeks (for the same cost as weekly Rumpke removal) and 75% of the time they don't show. This means at times I build up a month or more of recycling. God forbid it rains and you come home to find CSI once again hasn't done what you've paid them to do & you have to store a soggy mess of recyclables in your house for another 2 weeks. OH! And the best part is when you call the next day to complain & they act as though it's your fault for not getting home from work before 5pm on recycling day to call them & tell them to come & do their job! And no, they won't come back on a different day. Cons: EVERYTHING more

not happy with csi service 1/2/2009

We just bought a house and everyone told us that csi was the trash company to use i got the number and called. i ordered 2 trash cans and waited 1 month to receive them finally after talking to the same female 5 times in the same month and being charged for them on my bill she finally gave me the supervisors phone number in cincinnati. it took him 3 days to get them out here. today is the day after new years and my trash from christmas has not been picked up yet and that was a week ago. i give this company 0 rating and would never ever ever recommend this company to anyone. Cons: the whole company is no good more

Relatively speaking... 9/22/2008

I'm sure the experience is highly dependent on the specific customer service rep you reach at any company and the specific driver in your area, but I just ""canned"" Rumpke and went back to CSI after a 2 year experiment. The Rumpke drivers continued breaking my purchased can (and I was forced to continue repairing it) until they managed to break it badly enough they wouldn't pick up my garbage. Calling Rumpke resulted in them arguing with me (note - not me arguing with them) that I should either be renting a can from them (far more expensive) or buy another can. Without going into detail - if the can survives the trip from my house to the pickup location and the load is light enough I can pick up the big brown beast with one hand, I really don't understand why I continue to find my can destroyed (wheels broken off, ""grab bar"" cracked, etc...) when I walk back down my hill to retrieve the can. CSI might not be perfect, but their policies are far better than the alternative - the pricing is the same but it includes 2 large cans with free repair/replacement of the cans if they get damaged.\r \r \r \r UPDATE: Retract all those statements.... Just asking where my cans were after 2 weeks of no information. Customer service rep actually hung up on me and refused to give me their name. Amazing that there can be a worse service than Rumpke. I might just start dumping my trash in local business cans to avoid working with either organization.\r \r Rumpke: Destroys your paid for can and won't replace requiring you to buy a new one.\r \r CSI: About as rude as I've ever dealt with. Pros: Company residential policies, includes 2 full size totes that are replaced for free if damaged Cons: $4 more expensive than Rumpke: Far worse customer service than the extremely poor Rumpke organization more

to much negative 8/18/2008

i have been with CSI for a long time. I have found there service to be quit good. I have recently had to change names on my bill. I did not have any hassel . I have found there customer service to be quit helpful. Thank you. We should be glad that there is a service that takes the time to get the information they need to give you the service you are paying for. Thanks CSI for many years of wonderful service. Pros: friendly people Cons: slow at times more

avoid 7/4/2008

their phone people have no people skills and can't follow thru on a simple order to pick up additional items which they get paid more for, very, very unreliable...never use again, I had to dispose of the items myself Pros: thumbs DOWN Cons: no customer service skills more
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