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Reo's Ribs - 86 Reviews - 6141 SW Macadam Ave, Beaverton, OR - Family Restaurants Reviews - Phone (503) 356-1452

Reo's Ribs

6141 SW Macadam Ave
Beaverton, OR 97006
(503) 356-1452
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the title says it all... the brisket sandwich is a steal (the bread doesnt sandwich the meat so much as serve as a platform for it), and the cornbread is awesome. don't worry yo...


If you can get past the ambience of a garage sale. You have some of the best BBQ in the area. Go for the Take-Out and dont forget the Red Beans and Rice, worth the trip alone.

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/26/2013

I could not caution you more against this place! In fact, the only reason I joined Citysearch is to give this review. This is the absolute WORST BBQ you will ever have. I'm talking HIGHLANDER 2 bad (the theatrical version, not the barely improved ""director's cut""), or Star Wars: The Phantom Menace bad. Or ""your creepy aunt/uncle tries to french kiss you"" bad. Unforgivable bad. Just don't do it. more

Manager or owner is asleep at the 3/27/2012

Manager or owner is asleep at the wheel. Girl that waited on us had little or no knowledge of the product. Cole slaw dressing was like water all at the bottom of bowl.Corn was stone cold and uncooked in the middle. The rib I had was mostly all fat and Grissel. Tables were all dirty. We did not eat much because it was so bad. I asked about the apple pie that was promoted at the website but they had none so my wife chose the cheese cake with berry topping and I chose the pecan pie . The girl said (very bored with all this) we don't have any pecan pie and went to get the cheesecake. came back and said we don't have any cheese cake. I told the girl to tell her manager they are losing money. She said ""OK"" We used the rest room and they were absolutely filthy! and we left. The Groupon got us there and rest assured we'll never be back. I told my wife, you know the website and that place are two totally different places! more

I purchased a Living Social coupon for 2/11/2012

I purchased a Living Social coupon for this place and brought 5 other friends with me. After eating here I had to apologize to them for what I consider the worst ribs I've ever eaten. We had brisket that was bone dry, burned and slathered with poor sauce trying to mask the poor product. We also had ribs that were the same, little meat and what there was here was burned, tough and dry. Our sides dishes were no better. Hush puppies were nearly black and over cooked, beans were cold and tasteless, corn bread dull. I asked for honey and had to share one store bought honey bear with the entire restaurant. Save yourself time and money. The ribs that Safeway prepares cooked at times are much better. I will not be gagging my dinner here again. more

I have NEVER got worst service from any 1/8/2012

I have NEVER got worst service from any other place than I did here. If you hate your job so much find a new one. I bought a groupon for Reo's and went to use it and they have us so much hassle for using it. Kept saying how they are losing so much money becuase of this. Well guess wait dont sign up to do groupon then........NEVER will i or my family go back, more

Actually, this place is pretty good 12/10/2010

Stopped in for lunch and had the medium beef brisket sandwich with a side of beans to go. The sandwich was fantastic. Tender smoked meat, sweet sticky BBQ sauce, I ate every bite and my mouth waters every time I think about it. The beans were good, but I think I should have ordered a veggie side (beef+beans is a little heavy for lunch).\r \r It's too bad they're having problems with their neighbors. When I stopped in they had the smokers going outside but I didn't notice any strong smells or anything. Maybe the issue is fixed. \r \r All I know is that I have been to a number of dive-y BBQ places around the country and this one was among the best. It's the real deal. Yes, it's a dive. Yes, the furniture is hodge-podge. But the staff was friendly and the food was great. No fake smoke flavoring here. Can't wait to try the ribs! more

much more than meets the eye 11/17/2010

What does smoke pumping from Reo's Ribs do to the air quality, the health of the neighbors and the housing prices in the neighborhood? Buy a house in John's Landing and discover for yourself... more

Don't Eat Here! 10/24/2010

...this place is garbage! All the meat on the 5 meat platter was tough and dry. The baked beans were crunchy, the hush puppies were over fried on the outside and raw on the inside. I gave this review one star because the mac and cheese is the only thing they had going for them. The service was the worst ever!! These guys seriously need to lay off the bong hits! Considering the quality of the food, this establishment is way over priced. You can find better bbq in a gas station in the south for a fraction of the cost! more

NASTY! Food and workers 8/28/2010

The food is fatty and full of grissel. Difficult to chew at times. The flavor is Eh! at best. The staff seems to think that you should be lucky they even acknowledge you. We're happy that they left Aloha but not so happy that they left behind about 10 rabbits (in cages no less) and 15+ cats. I thought animal abandonment was illegal. Guess not for Snoop Doggs uncle huh.\r Don't know how they're still in business. Must be a big demand for food that compares to road kill. more

Reo's a big disappointment 7/24/2010

Decided to drop into Reo's for a quick pulled pork sandwich combo, had to wait 45 minutes. Plain cold hamburger bun with a pile of way over-smoked meat (bitter) with some honey/vinegar sauce drizzled on top. Cole slaw consisted of just shredded cabbage. Corn bread was ok. The guy had two huge smokers really smoking out in the parking lot. I feel sorry for the neighboring merchants, they are literally getting smoked out of their businesses. Pros: Nothing I could find Cons: Long wait, rude service, over-smoked so so meat. more

Bad Bad Bad 7/10/2010

My roomate had the bright idea of trying REO's Ribs.What an experience that was.First we stood in line for fifteen minutes to place our order of very expensive food.Second we waited forty five minutes to get our order.We finally asked one of the rude servers where our food was.Alas it finally came,the three dollar beans were cold,and they might as well cooked an old boot for what they called RIBS.NO meat and tough as nails.I will never revisit this place and DO NOT RECOMMEND REO'S TO ANYONE........................... Cons: poor service, terrible food. more

Nasty, Rude people and Overpriced 7/10/2010

** UPDATE: 8.31.10. Was at Quiznos today and half a dozen people in there were commenting on what a filthy hole REO's RIBS is; worse and worse everyday. REO get a clue - the cars are thinning out. 25% the customers you had just two months ago. Find a hobby and close that place down. *** This place really draws you in with that outdoor barbeque grill, but it all goes down from there. The place is filthy. Congratulations, Mexican restaurant on about the SE 4000 block of Grand Ave, you are now the second dirtiest restaurant! I mean the windows are coated with grease and film and so are the tables. We aren't talking about 24hr grease here, it is like it has never been cleaned since the Mexican restaurant folks left (who actually were 10x better) . I had to battle a dozen flies for my meal. Don't sit next to a window! The people just outside were battling yellowjackets so I guess it could be worst. OK, the service. The line was long, to the door or beyond. The cashier/order taker was absolutely worthless. We handed out menus in line ourselves! This twit was actually chatting away with a coworker while people were waiting in line a half hour. There is no placard/sign with the menu, only 8""x11"" paper menus. They are too inept to hand them down the line so people can pre-decide. To top it off, we finally get to the front, order away, and the airhead implies I was trying to steal the unconcealed cookie in my hand. lol. I nicely said, no, the cookie jar is right here, please charge me for it. Then she added, ""they are not free you know."" A dollar cookie. Yes, I desperately wanted to steal the cookie while tipping $5 in the tip jar before she brought it up. Then she literally tosses the 'number' pedestal table thingy at us and we find a table. Then, the giant brut that cooks the meat comes in and bitches out the people in line for not having the common sense to just go get a table on their own and wait for a waitress! LOL. Pure comedy. OK, the food. We order the $20 samplers and were expecting Fred Flintstone portions. More like a bird portion. Luckily we paid $3 each for a little stub of corn. It was like dried cardboard and THEY DON'T SERVE BEER to wash it down. Water or pop my friends, water or pop. Do yourself a favor and go up one more block, hang a right and go to the Bamboo Grill/Hawaiian place. Food is great, people treat you like they appreciate you. Or Quiznos even! At least those people won't have to worry about being smoked out for much longer, this place couldn't possibly be in business in six months. You will have your sub sandwich ordered, paid for, eating, and digested before you even see your food at RIOs. Pros: The Flies backed off just long enough for me to sit down Cons: Service, food, smell, filthy tables, windows, frowns, flies more

Don't Bother! 7/5/2010

I visited Portland from South Carolina and saw an article in the local paper about REO's. We went to the new location down on the river and I would never return. First things first, they were out of ribs! Are you kidding me? Next, a side was $3. A side, for example, was half an ear of corn. That is absurd. Finally, the waitresses and REo himself are lost. He is totally in over his head. He is incapable of managing a busy restaurant. Seriously, Tony Roma's has better ribs and you won't leave feeling like you were robbed by Snoop Dogg.\r \r Pros: Decent BBQ Cons: Overpriced and In over his head more

expensive and disappointing....twice 6/2/2010

I tried this new location after driving by and smelling the delicious smoke from their bbq smoker. I ordered the beef ribs and paid $20 for about seven ribs. They smelled and looked good but the meat was tough and the edges were leathery to chew. When I placed my order the employees made no effort to be friendly or communicative. They kind of had an attitude like they didn't care and I was wondering if I had annoyed them by simply visiting their restaurant. I thought maybe they were working out the kinks of starting up in a new location and decided to give them a second chance. The second time it seemed a little dirtier on the inside and their customer appreciation skills had sunk to lower levels. Being fair in wanting to try it twice I asked for $10 worth of ribs this time. They said that would be one pound of ribs and my order had just two ribs in the take home box. The quality was the same, they smelled great but they weren’t excellent especially for the price they charged. I don’t plan to return, they fooled me once, then twice. I hope they have success but it won’t be from my future business. Pros: the smoke as you drive by Cons: expensive ribs, could care less attitude more

Horrible food and service 5/10/2010

Horrible food. Server cleared a whole table of uneaten food and asked if everything was ok. Everyone in our group politely complained about the food quality, and the server couldn't have cared less. No manager or owner came over to find out where they went wrong. Wouldn't go back. Cons: 2 day-old ribs, dry brisket, cold macaroni and cheese more

Over cooked and Over Priced 5/2/2010

Where do I start? The whole dining experience was horrible. I will never frequent this establishment again. The glass I was given had dried bbq sauce on it, they couldnt provide me a copy of my credit card reciept,the order was wrong, the portions were small and the beef ribs were practically jerky. I' ve had good and great bbq and this establishment serves neither.\r Pros: not getting food poisoning Cons: Expensive,small portions and dirty glassware. more

WORST RESTAURANT EVER!!!!!!!! 4/24/2010

My boyfriend and I went to the NEW store in Portland, OR on SW Macadam (right next to Quizno's). We were told that all the tables are full and we can sit outside in the cold. As we were placing our order, the waitress would be interrupted by coworkers asking her questions because no one there knew what they were doing. We were told it would be a 45 minute wait on the food, it was okay because it was packed. We drove the 3 minutes back to our house and waited. We came back 45 minutes later, asked if our food was done, and they didn't even know. They were all scrambling around to figure out if they had our order, of course they didn't. They didn't even start cooking our meal until after we arrived back at the restaurant after waiting 45 minutes.. At this point, there were about 15 people in the restaurant. They sat us down with waters and said it would be 5 minutes. As we sat down, one of the employees started locking the doors as everyone is still eating. We watched as some one trying to leave walked straight into the door because it was locked (MAJOR FIRE HAZARD). The waitress that was working the table next to us was extremely dumb. She kept coming back and forth asking what food they were waiting on instead of knowing what food it was. So by this time it has been 1 hour and 45 minues and our food was STILL NOT READY!!!! We constantly asked if our food was ready and they kept saying ""almost, almost"" instead of just saying ""Hey, its taking longer than expected, could we offer you a complimentary drink or appetizer?"" but no, they don't do anything. I had to ask for a free drink, and they girl behind the counter was being rude and disrespectful as she was providing me with my ""free"" drink. Finally, 2 HRS LATER, they brought our food out and didn't compensate us for anything. So, what did we learn from this? NEVER GO TO REO'S RIBS EVER!!! NEVER!!!!! Pros: Nothing Cons: Customer service, EXTREMELY unorganized staff, EVERYTHING!!! more

1:15 Min Wait, WTF 8/14/2009

I stopped in for lunch and there was one person in the place. I ordered beef brisket and a pork shoulder, a hour and fifteen minutes later the food came out. The food was good, but not worth the wait. I could have driven home, made a home made bbq sauce, slaughtered the cow and cooked it faster than Reo's Ribs. All I wanted was some BBQ for lunch and I could have went to a stand on the side of the road and received like kind quality food and saved an hour of wait time. They really need to get their s#!t together, who makes their customers wait an hour and fifteen minutes for BBQ? I wouldn't go back for a free meal, it wouldn't be worth my time. Pros: Good food Cons: way to long of a wait for food I can get anywhere more

Great food, great experience 7/14/2009

We had baby backs, beef ribs, spicy chicken wings, brisket and sides of green beans, greens, hush puppies, cornbread and fried okra. We had wanted some fried catfish too, but found out (later) that they were out. When the food came, everything was great! They did mix up and brought us potato salad instead of fried okra, but that was corrected and we had fried okra before we were done with the other items. Definitely not a 'fancy night out'. This is true to classic Southern soul food. I am a native of Arkansas and Missouri, and have many kin in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. No, it wasn't the 'best BBQ I have ever eaten', but it was reasonably priced, good food and we finished everything. Pros: Food was all great Cons: Little mix up on order more

This is not BBQ---Expensive Charcoal Charcoal Charcoal! 6/8/2009

at dinner time, no customer a small girl was at counter. i orderd beef spareribs- no meat just a burnt leather ! i couldn't even half. i felt like lost big money. i never ever go. Cons: everything more

Hyped 1/6/2009

Average BBQ, nothing too special, i got the super meat plate, with ribs, brisket, and sausage. My two sides were coleslaw and potato salad. I think the attraction is that it is Snoop Dogg's uncle. I guess it is kinda cool when you walk in to see pictures of someone famous all over the place, but they need to work on cleanliness, BIG TIME. I understand it isn't gourmet, but the fundamentals of all good food comes with a clean kitchen, and proper sanitation. Like I said, fairly average BBQ, coming from Texas, I feel i know a little bit about BBQ. Something to keep in mind though, they only scored 70 on their inspection, pretty much a fail in my book. Pros: If you REALLY want BBQ it is ok Cons: very very dirty more
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    This mobile-home-look-alike sports bare bones furniture and a linoleum floor. Still, it's a popular barbecue joint. The weekend crowd gravitates to the parking lot seating area...

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