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Regal Hollywood 27 at 100 Oaks - 22 Reviews - 719 Thompson Ln, Nashville, TN - Movie Theaters Reviews - Phone (800) 326-3264

Regal Hollywood 27 at 100 Oaks

719 Thompson Ln
Nashville, TN 37209
(800) 326-3264
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I love this hotel. The people that worked there wasnt jerks. Also you get those movie floors where ushers dont care to clean up popcorn or stuff off the floor. This theatre was ve...


I have never been to a movie at this location where somebody's cell phone did not go off. I have even been sitting next to people who actually carry on conversations on their pho...

Random purse searches- BY POLICE- for 6/9/2012

Random purse searches- BY POLICE- for anything edible in your purse! DO NOT GO TO THIS MOVIE THEATER! Dirty, Poor Customer Service, Rude Management. The neighborhood isn't the best, but the police / security has chosen to go overboard with harassment ! This is the movie theater, not the airport, Same search applies, for having WATER. I just left yourself the hassle and watch the movie at another theater. more

regal hollywood 27 4/14/2010

I've actually worked at Regal Hollywood 27 for a couple years now. While I have worked there I have noticed all of the bad. The dirty theaters, dirty bathrooms, audio problem, and impatient staff. In reply to the impatient staff I think we deserve a little sympathy. How would you feel on the opening night of a Tyler Perry movie, working 5 to around 2 or 3 in the morning? Then add on the 2000 customers that complain about the price that we have no control over. Then customers who complain about lines and get up to your register and don't even know what they want yet after 20 minutes of time to decide. Then cleaning about 60 theaters in total sweeping up purposely dumped popcorns and gum covering every inch of the bottom of the seat. Then cleaning up the bathrooms where people obviously don't care too much about mess since they can pee and puke all over the toilet. Then go around and restock everything for the next rush. And I could go on for days. When I work, I am very patient. I understand its a lot of money, but if the money is a problem than don't come. Simple solution. For the dirty theaters, usually there are 2 ushers on staff and if its a busy night its hard to make it to every theater. And as for the crying babies, it is the customers responsibility to take care of them, we aren't babysitters. Picture and sound are also not our fault. We play the movies the way we get them. I love working there and if there were major pro blems that no one could handle, I'm sure our business would be way down and our staff would be a lot happier. more

This is in response to dwiderfel's response. 12/24/2008

Please try to be a little more compassionate about the rudeness of the staff at the movie theater. I have been in retail for years, and I know how hard it is to work with a ""skeleton crew."" It gets very stressful and hectic trying to help every customer. Plus we have to work longer hours if someone calls out sick. That really drains mine and other people's energy. Plus with the economy the way that it is, the theater is probably on a hiring freeze due to their budget. Please try to look at it from their perspective and walk a mile in their shoes. more

No longer my first choice for movies, hopefully it will improve. 12/4/2008

I used to love to see movies at the Hollywood 27 (next to 100 Oaks Mall), but management must have changed this year. Over the course of this year, it has gotten so run down you would think they have not cleaning staff. The smaller staff is not a friendly as they used to be and sometimes even openly rude. I know 100 Oaks is undergoing big changes. I can only hope that the theater gets some attention also. It is not longer my first choice for where to see movies. If it improves, I will be back. Pros: great movie seleections Cons: not clean more

It's big...but beware. 5/30/2008

My wife and I have gone to the Hollywood 27 at least one or two times a week for the last couple years. I love the convenience (close to us, anyway), the size of the place, and the wonderful tackiness of the neon facade. You feel like you're really ""going out"" when you line up at the Hollywood. :) Pros: Lots of Parking, Tons of Selection, Exciting Feel Cons: Obnoxious and Distracting Audience, Technical Glitches, Not the Cleanest, $$$$ more

Insider Advice from a former movie theatre employee. 3/16/2008

So I noticed that most of the recent reviews this year were positive. Some former reviews were rather negative. Let me say that Regal Entertainment Group is amazing about ALWAYS having a security gaurd or two - inside the building and at least one patrolling the parking lot. However, these theatres are pretty big and criminals still can get away with vandalizing vehicles if they really want to. I still have never felt very unsafe parking in a regal parking lot. If the city area is unsafe then I think that's the city's fault because there's only so much regal is allowed to work with. And EVERYONE should have insurance on their car. I think that's a valid fact/statement. As far as the staff, well I find that most managers at Regal are very customer-service oriented. The company is very customer service oriented itself. If your movie is disrupted by other people in the theatre then you should immediately inform a manager. Otherwise they can't help you. They do have ushers that check each movie but that's mainly to see that the movie is running ok. The popcorn is fabulous because Regal takes pride in always serving fresh popcorn. My best advice for any movie go-er is this: Go on a weekday if you can. Or a week night even. Weekends are always crazy and that's when it's difficult to control the crowd , as well as keeping the building clean. Customers are very dirty sometimes (unfortunately), and no matter how many ushers are on staff, it seems near impossible to keep the place sparkling on a weekend. Oh and as far as prices go - ALL movie theatres are expensive. You might find one that will sell you a ticket for maybe 50 cents cheaper but honestly it's not the theatres fault. Prices go up everywhere. With dvds coming out so quickly people watch movies less and voila they hike up the prices of food/beverages and tickets. Oh..and DO get a Regal Crown Club card. It's FREE, and you won't be contacted unless you want to be, or if there's a problem. Pros: Great movie selection, awesome popcorn, good customer service Cons: Same prices as most theatres, weekend crowds harder to control more

great 3/1/2008

I love this hotel. The people that worked there wasnt jerks. Also you get those movie floors where ushers dont care to clean up popcorn or stuff off the floor. This theatre was very clean and i liked it. Pros: good theatre for watching movie. Cons: right beside BMW dealer... tempting.... more

My Favorite Theater 2/23/2008

This theater is great! It has great interstate access which makes it much easier to get in and out of than Green Hills. For some reason Regal popcorn at Hollywood 27 & Green Hills 16 is much better than the popcorn at any of the carmike theaters. Also, the show times are dispersed better than Carmike. I sometimes just show up without checking show times because I know I'll probably find something that starts within the next half hour. The customer service is good, the theater is clean, and I regularly get free popcorn and cokes from their free rewards program!!! Pros: Easy Interstate Access, Great Popcorn, Lots of showtimes, Polite Staff, Good selection of Indi flicks Cons: Navigating the parkinglot more

Good customer service and good seating + CLEAN! 3/9/2007

I have read reviews that say all sorts of bad things about this theater. Pros: Good seating, lots of theaters Cons: Sometimes hard to find a parking place but this is the same at all theaters. more

Wouldn't go alone! 2/16/2007

CONS: Very noisy, attracts mostly pre-teens and often people bring their infants/toddlers to really late showings here! Also, my car has been tampered with on several occasions and it feels very unsafe! more

Hollywood 27 1/28/2007

All of the people from the surrounding area that DO NOT want to wait in long lines at the Green Hills Theater--- Pros: fast moving lines, many staffers, clean, easy parking more

At night an expensive and dangerous venue (Felons on site) 1/2/2007

I visited Regal Hollywood 27, watched a movie and came out to find that my vehicle had been broken into. While inside, these individuals smashed my window and completly destroyed the interior and stole everything. When I approached the on duty officer, who was flirting inside with a theater employee, he asked If I had insurance! Not moments later, a girl approached us and said she had been broken into as well. I'll tell everyone that if you want to go to the most criminal, dangerous and unsafe movie theater in Nashville, this is your hot spot! I'm positive that this goes on every night as well as street deals, shootings and aggrevated assaults. As a heads up, do not go to this theater alone. They need police officers, in multiple forms, and metal detectors at every entrance. They need heavy security in every area of the parking lot and possible a Eagle's Nest where an officer can view from above. These suggestions are minimal at best and are much needed for the protection of public invloved with this experience. I truly hope that all who read this review will take heed and avoid this theater at all costs. Parents should never allow or take children to this theater for they will be exposed to some of Nashville's most dangerous venues. Most definetly drive to Green Hills where at least a Doctor will be in the house and not some crazed hood, hip hop, big shot, gold grill, greasy, dirty, sleazy, uneducated, nothing better to do,droupout,criminal theif, dealer, felon is preying on your very life and most definetly and obviously on your vehicles interior. Pros: great movies selections Cons: dangerous after dark, crime more


I went to see a movie Friday night at about 10:00 pm, and I walked out and my truck had been stolen. I was in there for an hour and a half and there is no telling where my truck is now. I don't know if I'll ever get it recovered. The security guard was parked on the other side of the mall parking lot and offered no help to even call the police for me. Only after I made a scene did he start patrolling the lot for crime. more

Loudest movie theater I've been to, very rude crowds and always dirty. 9/22/2006

I've been a few times in the last couple of weeks, every time the same things happen so I've given up. The reel fails or breaks or sound doesn't work (have had to move to a different theater twice because of this) and the patrons are amazingly rude - cell phones, loud conversations and general disrespect for others. Won't go back. They should really consider cleaning the place too. Pros: Lots of screens and times to choose from Cons: Dirty, obnoxious clientelle, projectors break a lot more

Go somewhere else! 1/1/2005

If there is anyway possible, I will not return to this theater. Me and a friend went to a late (12:30am) movie on 12/31, thinking not many people would be there as everyone else was out partying. Even went to see ""National Treasure"" that had be out for a few weeks. There was only 6 of us at this movie. What a mistake! First, something was wrong with the previews, kept freezing up. Then, 10 mins after the movie had started, a BUS LOAD of Church kids came in, cell phones and all! At least 30 of them, which obviously has no respect for people that paid to see the movie. Kicking the seats, talking loudly, cell phones ringing! We left, got our money back, but didn't get to see the movie. What a bummer! Couldn't someone teach teenage kids respect? Won't go back! Pros: location, lots of movies Cons: , high prices, clean it up! more

pretty good 8/27/2004

the only thing i really had to complain about was the fact that a lot of people did have their cell phones going off, but they were quiet and didnt really disrupt or distract from the movie. and if you think about it, it isn't the theaters fault, if that happens and it bothers you, you should tell the staff and have those people removed. i dont blame the workers at the theaters for the people that had their cell phones on. more

Police & Inept, Untrained Staff 6/28/2004

I spent so much money here that I finally joined the Regal Crown Club. Their slogan, ""You had me at free popcorn"" is really that. You've been had. I went to a Tuesday night movie, but I didn't get my Tuesday night free small popcorn. Concessions protested that I was supposed to have the card scanned in out front - nowhere else does that appear! By then it was ""technically after 12pm and management objected. Bozos! After a $3.50 ten cent cola, they would have made money on the deal! It took too long to get my money back. Plus all the police and patrol cars (at least 3 that I saw)and the other movie-goer face-down on the floor in the lobby was no incentive to come back. Pros: Police, Other Theatres, Carmike Cons: , No Customer Service, Patron Arrested more

Great Movie Experience!!!! 3/2/2003

I have been in and around the Motion Picture Theater business for quite some time. Having said that, I believe that the Hollywood 27 would have to rate in the top 5 theaters I have ever set foot in. It is well managed and maintained, with a great selection of films and very clean for a theater of its size. Pros: Clean!!!, Average Price, Great Layout Cons: confusing parking, Maybe, too big more

Go someplace else!!! 2/4/2003

I have never been to a movie at this location where somebody's cell phone did not go off. I have even been sitting next to people who actually carry on conversations on their phones during the movie. I don't know exactly what it is, but the Hollywood 27 has turned into more of a thug hangout than anything. It seems that on Saturday nights I'm the only one there with my pants above my knees. Remember what happened to Fountain Square 14? Hollywood 27 is starting to face that same reality. Parking is a nightmare, lines are miles long, prices are higer there than anywhere in town, and there is always only one concession stand open. Don't waste your time! Pros: Lots of selection, Multiple showtimes Cons: Parking is awful, Costs too much, Thugs everywhere! more

What Needs To Happen 1/4/2003

The prices are to hi. It Needs better food and better people working there. Pros: lower prices, good parking more
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