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Rees-Jones Robert W Md

1550 S Potomac St Ste 320
Aurora, CO 80012
(303) 369-9445
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Dr. Rees-Jones is a great doctor! I have several issues including hypothyroidism and P.C.O.S. Instead of insisting that the pill was the only thing to help my P.C.O.S., Dr. Rees...


I think Dr. Reese-Jones is great when you get to see him. However, that is very rare. Most of these comments were probably written by people who work for him. I don't kn...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/24/2013

Hmmm..... the person who wrote the review from Laurie S. must have been referring to the wrong Dr. Most people don't ever get to see Dr. Reese-Jones. The two times that I saw him in 14 years, he was actually pretty funny. I have had good experiences and bad experiences at this office, but Tammy was always my favorite and actually listened to me. But I do understand the other complaints, I had very similar experiences before I pushed for a better PA. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/20/2013

Wow...apparently I am the lucky one. I have always seen Dr Rees Jones for every appointment I have ever had in the last 22 years. I just told him that I wouldn't see anyone else. I called him ""The Zen Master"" because he was so calm and relaxed, no matter what the problem was. And he solved those problems with some very cutting edge technology. I am sad he is retiring. No doc will be able to fill his shoes. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/16/2013

Went to office for over 2 years and NEVER saw Dr. Reese-Jones. The office was busy and attention to detail was often overlooked. I was glad to find a more attentive Dr. in Lakewood, CO. Example this Dr. game me her personal cell phone number! My new Dr. also offered new technology to have even tighter control over my diabetes.\r Dr. Reese-Jones office doesn't accept credit or debit cards, quite antiquated in todays society.\r I would NOT recommend this Dr. as a previous poster said I also believe their main goal is money, service is second or third. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/15/2012

This Dr. has helped me immensely, which is the point of a Dr. He has accommodated my schedule and the fact that I live far away. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/18/2012

I think Dr. Reese-Jones is great when you get to see him. However, that is very rare. Most of these comments were probably written by people who work for him. I don't know how a Dr./PA can get a good understanding of an individual's situation by spending only 5 minutes with them. I had a decent experience with one PA only. She actually listened to me about the meds that they had prescribed and the horrible side-effects. The others just passed me off and responded ""that shouldn't happen"". more

Same issue as everyone else. Told 4/2/2012

Same issue as everyone else. Told Rees-Jones was top dog in Thyroid Medicine. Never met the man personally. I was just shuffled around like cattle to the NP's. At first I felt some care from Brian but as time wore on he just became abrupt and hurried. My main beef is the Thyrogen scan and the process. I mistakenly did not get my blood test before my scan. My scan was early in the morning and I had to have blood drawn first so I went next door to the the even ruder blood people and was told I had a half hour wait. Well my scan was in a half an hour so I went next door to tell Mona that my scan was in one half hour and that it would take one half hour for my blood to be drawn. Mona replied and I quote ""oh that's okay, it just says that in the instructions so that you make sure that the blood test gets done."" Mind you this is not a cheap test to take. Well without the blood test and only the scan you only get half the results. Brian called me to let me know the ""good"" news was that the scan showed that I did not have cancer. The ""bad"" news was that without the blood test there is still a 50% chance that I could have cancer but he would not know without the blood test. I explained what went down on scan day and Brian would not listen and only defended. Remember now he started out a caring guy when I first met him. So a word of caution.....Getting checked for cancer is a highly stressful undertaking. When looking for a physician, look for a really caring person as well as a great communicator. The other day I received my bill. (Already paid to hospital a $200 co pay.) The next bill in the mail from the hospital was 509.30! Yeah so a very expensive mistake on my part. Should have got it in writing from Mona that it was okay for me to get blood test later. I will pay it and move on. Can't wait to meet my new endocrinologist. The one that was recommended over Rees-Jones office. more

I had a horrible experience going to 2/7/2012

I had a horrible experience going to Dr. Reese-Jones office. I saw that he was one of the top endocrinologists in Colorado for a time and thought he could help with my Graves disease. First of all he was too busy to see me so they sent me to one of their nurse practitioners. I saw the doctor once in my year that I stayed with his office. He was very rude and even though I brought in peer reviewed journal articles on alternative treatments he would not even look at them and said they were ""lying"" only western medicine works according to him. I felt rushed also. The rest of the time I saw a nurse practitioner who seemed really nice But then when it came time to go off of my meds to see if I would go in remission she just told me to come back whenever if I had symptoms. I did what she said and I felt fine for about 6 months (she never asked me to come in and told me I would be fine unless I had symptoms) off of the meds, until one day I fainted and then could not see straight for a few hours afterwards. I tried to call to get emergency blood work done to get my levels checked but she told me I had to schedule an appointment first. I did that but because I had to schedule an appointment first I had to wait two weeks after letting them know I fainted to have them realize that my levels were dangerously high. I feel that I was in extreme danger after I fainted and it took 2 weeks for them to do something about it after I told them. Then I had to wait another 1-2 weeks because she refused to prescribe me more medication until while I got a thyroid scan. I got the thyroid scan and she still refused and I found out the only reason she had the scan done was to figure out a dosage of RAI that would be needed to permanently destroy my thyroid. She lied to me about why I was getting it done because I refused to have my thyroid destroyed, saying it was to make sure I still had GD and not thyroiditis, I later found out that there is a simple blood test for this. She refused me medication because she wanted me to have my thyroid destroyed. I ended up telling them I would find someone else to treat me. I also have been given misinformation by the nurse practitioners three twice and by the doctor himself that I know about. I even tried telling the doctor about something the nurse practitioner told me he said that the information was wrong but said that the practitioner would not have told me false info. more

Only interest in money 11/10/2011

My husband started seeing him years ago when he was quite ill. He did help a lot back then. Over the years he has become more interested in making money than patient care. Most patients don't get to see him. They pay specialist prices to see a NP. The office staff is cold and uncaring. They always have been. After years of being his patient, he seemed to be getting a bit off. He tried to recommend my husband with CFS and other problems to go on speed to help his metabolism. Anybody with any sense knows that in the long run it will make things worse. While I was debating about find a new doctor, we got a letter saying anyone with medicare is now to go away. We don't make enough money to see you for 5 minutes. I found these reviews and also found he is no longer listed with the ""good doctor"" rating. I signed up for this sight just to write this review. He cares more about money than if you live or die it seems. more

Don't go 9/20/2011

I will never go back. I saw one of the P.A.'s who could not write me my prescription and would not give me my lab results unless I made another appointment. I've never had to make a second appt. to get lab results. Waste of time. Do NOT recommend this practice. more

Good Office and Treatment 6/11/2011

I've never seen the elusive Dr.Rees-Jones,either...he's a bit of a Snuffleupagus character but I have seen one of the PAs for a couple of different endocrine issues and she spent plenty of time explaining conditions and test results and addressing my questions and concerns. more

Unprofessional and lacking in customer service 5/25/2011

Bad experience and will never go back. I scheduled appt. with Dr. Jones but when I arrived I met with his PA. I asked to see the Doctor and was told he wouldn't see me until I'd worked with PA for a few months. PA prescribed a more

Does He Even Exist? 12/22/2010

I have been going to this office as a referral from my Doctor. I have Type II diabetes, and went here in belief he would have some ninja skills to help me. I have yet to meet the man in 6 years, and I have had my last appt today. I will not be going back. I am not paying for a PA, or whatever they are to ask me if I am still taking my meds...every 4 months. My feet were never EVER checked, and that is one of the basic testing an ""expert"" should be doing. I would not call this office having an ""expertise"" in diabetes. Not to mention you feel like herded cattle. I think my logest appt was 6 minutes of actual face time with the PA. The only reason I kept going, is I was led to believe he was the best in town. I laugh at how foolish I have been, and ask myself how many years have been taken off my life for going here? more

the worst office I ever been at 4/8/2010

He's no longer listed in thyroid.about top doctors of COlorado. Now ask yourself, may be those 1 star reviews are true!? more

Good Experiance 4/7/2010

I am a type 1 diabetic (on an insulin pump) and also have thyroid issues. I have seen a large amount of endocrinologists over the last 17 years, and was impressed with this office. I saw one of the physician assistants who was great. It seems as though some people are skeptical about seeing anyone but Dr. Rees-Jones, but I believe the PAs and NPs (physician ass/nurse practicioners) are very knowledgable and qualifiied. I was given ample time to discuss any issues I was concerned with, and was given help on problems I was having. He was very friendly and open, which is something i've had a hard time finding. The only con I can think of is that the office is so busy... but in fairness it's probably because they come so highly recommended and in demand. To see Dr. Rees-Jones himself may be quite a wait, but I got in very quickly with a PA who was very helpful. Pros: professional, informed and helpful- very friendly Cons: busy office more

Very satisfied 3/2/2010

I've been going to this office for about 7 years. I feel like they care about me. They don't push drugs on me, they listen to my complaints, they look at all aspects of what is going on with me, sometimes several times just to make me happy and are always looking for solutions to help me with my chronic conditions. I have never had trouble with the staff and always feel like I am going to get my needs met. I'm a person, not a number. more

Nightmare 2/5/2010

They treat you good on your first appointment, But after that you re a second class citizen! Are you kidding me???? I went there based on these reviews and thought I might take my mam there too, she's menopausal. But after they treat me like s.... I'm not going back and I will make sure I'll tell all my friends to avoid them! Cons: all of them more

Wonderful! 10/23/2008

Dr. Rees-Jones is a great doctor! I have several issues including hypothyroidism and P.C.O.S. Instead of insisting that the pill was the only thing to help my P.C.O.S., Dr. Rees-Jones found a solution for me that really works (without hormones!). I feel so much better now after seeing him the last year and a half. He makes sure that all of my thyroid levels are right where they are supposed to be, even though I have Hashimoto's. Now that all my levels are correct, I am finally losing weight and having more energy! I highly recommend Dr. Rees-Jones! Do be aware though that he does not accept credit cards, so you have to remember to bring cash or check. That's the only down side. Everything else is superb! Pros: Attentive to your needs, very thorough, friendly and knowledgeable Cons: Will not accept credit cards more

A life saver 12/13/2007

Not only is Dr. Rees-Jones a fantastic doc, all of his staff are awesome as well. I have never had to wait more than 5-10 minutes to see him and he always takes his time with me. He calls me personally to see how I am getting along and has promised me that he will make me better. I am having a second surgery in January due to Cushing's. I look forward to recovery and to have him in my arena cheering me on. Thanks to Dr. Rees-Jones and staff. I love you all!!!1 Pros: Staff always returns my calls and calms me down when necessary by assuring me they are there to help. Cons: I cannot think of one. more

Worst office ever, good doctor if you can get to see him 11/9/2007

My experience is like many others at this office. Dr. Rees Jones is great, his PAs and staff are unprofessional, rude, the worst. Pros: The doctor Cons: Everything else more

No Time for Patients 10/15/2007

He was able to diagnose my problem (which means he is competent) and is personable. His office responds to messages in a timely fashion. But they would not call in for a mail-order medication. And you could have to wait for hours even if you had an appointment and end up meeting his nurse instead of him. more
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