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Reddy, Sreedevi, MD Endocrinology Associates

3522 N 3rd Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85013
(602) 266-8463
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I am currently seeing, Dr. Reddy, My grandmother had her and she said that she was the best she ever had. Now like Dacorn, i had to wait for my appointment. My appointment was at ...


My first visit with Dr. Reddy went fine, friendly RNP and Dr. Reddy seemed friendly enough. My main concern is the wait. My first visit took 2.5 hours. \r \r My second visit (...

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/7/2013

Do not walk - run from this doctor. That is unless you do not mind waiting 2 to 3 hours to be seen by her. I hate this place, this doctor and the entire staff. I will NEVER go back! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/26/2013

Avoid this place if possible! I have been seeing Dr. Reddy since 2005 for thyroid disease. This is how it usually goes:\r Schedule an appointment with Dr. Reddy but find out when you arrive that they actually have you seeing the Physicians Assistant, Marie even though you specifically requested and made an appointment with Dr Reddy and NOT Marie. \r Wait well over an hour in waiting room. Then, have Marie be curt & rude with you while NOT listening to anything you have to share. Then, she will order your meds for Formulary after you told her generic is what you're insurance will cover. Ask Marie a question and get a condescending answer. \r As for the office staff...If you get VERY abnormal lab results, the assistant will leave you a msg to call her back ASAP but then she won't return your call for several days while you wait. \r I have been seeing Dr. Reddy and Marie for over 8 years and nothing ever changes. I want to find a new endo but there are no others that I can find in Chandler. I have seen numerous patients walk out of the office waiting room, swearing never to return after they've gotten completely fed up. I will need to succumb to finding a new doctor and make the drive to Scottsdale or downtown. At least the office wait won't run over 2 hours like it does routinely at Endocrinology Associates. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/21/2012

I have been seeing Dr. Reddy since 2010.\r I suffer from hypothyroidism with levels up and down and all around and have also had a partial thyroidectomy. The staff is always changing and you are lucky to get a nice person. I don’t know how doctor’s do not realize that a caring, helpful office staff is SO important! There have been NUMEROUS occasions that they did not contact my pharmacy to update my prescription and then me trying to get a hold of them was impossible. \r This past year I have especially been having problems with my thyroid levels.\r I like Dr. Reddy—she takes her time with you and she does listen as well as explain. This probably explains why many times you wait an 30 min. to an hour after your scheduled appt. just to get seen.\r Although I do recommend Dr. Reddy, I have to express how I feel about her nurse practitioner. The nurse practitioner, Marie Perkins, comes across (at first) as perky and upbeat. However, she is VERY RUDE. She does NOT sit there to listen—she can’t stop typing on the laptop for 2 seconds to actually pay attention. She is ALWAYS in a hurry. She talks and explains things super-fast. If you explain something to her she will sit there and in a rolling eyes way laugh as if you are asking a stupid question. And then she will treat you like a child when she is explaining something to you. Marie Perkins gets very visibly irritated when you don’t understand something. She has snapped at me 3 times in my past two visits because I either didn’t understand something or I have asked questions. Once I just simply stopped her in the hallway as I was waiting for my ultrasound because I forgot to see if there were any samples of the new prescription she put me on and she rolled her eyes and snipped at me telling me no and just walked away. Again, in a massive hurry. Another thing she does not realize is that her patients can hear her outside of the rooms while we’re waiting for her. She is so rude to the nurses as well. How do you practice medicine and work with patients in that manner??? I simply do not get it. \r I just went in for an appt. today. I had no idea that I was going to have an appt. with Marie Perkins again this summer. Dr. Reddy was out of the country the last time I was there so I understood. When I was set to reschedule today, I let the nurse know that I only want Dr. Reddy. I will no longer see Marie Perkins. You pay your co-pay, take time off of work, you’re trying to improve & understand your health problems along with all of the numbers that are on a piece of paper from your labs, we depend on these doctor’s to help and guide us and damn it be nice about it! I sat in my car and cried after this last visit today. So frustrating. I should NOT feel that way. \r I'll probably give it one more try with going back to seeing Dr. Reddy, but I'm at the point where I'm searching for another office/doctor because of Marie Perkins. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/1/2012

Be very prepared for extremely poor customer service. The office staff does not return phone calls in a timely manner. On one occassion I finally went down to the office and rescheduled my appt rather than wait for a call back. Another time, I had actually left 3 messages in one week and finally recived a call back. Wait times in the office are anywhere from 45min-2+ hours. When I was finally able to speak with someone about my concerns, they blamed it on the ""software upgrade"" and the doctor's timing. I have held out long enough and will now be looking for another doctor. If Dr. Reddy ever moves from this practice, I will gladly return to see her. She is very thorough and knowledegable. I just cannot continue to spend an entire day every two months in that office. more

I am currently seeing, Dr. Reddy, My 3/30/2012

I am currently seeing, Dr. Reddy, My grandmother had her and she said that she was the best she ever had. Now like Dacorn, i had to wait for my appointment. My appointment was at 10:20 i had gotten there at 945 and did not see the doctor until 1220. Dr. Reddy was really professional and kind. Other associates at the office told me that she is very thorough with first time patients, basically telling me she cares about her patients. I can't wait to go back. more

I have benn seeing Dr Reddy since 2006 2/5/2012

I have benn seeing Dr Reddy since 2006 and find her to be one of the most thorough doctors I have ever been to. You may have to be there a while but everything is done before you leave and she is great with follow up more

My experience with Dr Reddy 3/9/2011

I saw these reviews & felt obligated to add my story. I have been going to Dr Reddy since June 2009 for weight loss. After trying 3 other doctors & specialists, she found that I was pre-diabetic. My PCP coudn't even do that. Almost 2 years & 80 pounds later, I'll tell you this: yes, the wait can be long sometimes BUT you will not find more caring people than those at Endocrinology Associates. I have never had a bad experience with anybody there. For the first 3 months, I was there every other week for various reasons. I never felt unimportant or rushed by any of the staff. As far as I'm concerned, Dr Reddy & her team (esp Marie Perkins) are aces!!! more

Poor customer service, uncaring office staff 10/1/2010

My first visit with Dr. Reddy went fine, friendly RNP and Dr. Reddy seemed friendly enough. My main concern is the wait. My first visit took 2.5 hours. \r \r My second visit (to follow up on the blood tests from my first visit), didn't take place.\r \r My appointment was for 10:30am and I arrived at 10:25. At 11:35 I asked the receptionist how much longer as I had other things to do. She stated that they were waiting for the ultrasound machine to be done so they could check out my neck. I have no thyroid issues and that was never brought up by Dr. Reddy or the RNP. I explained this and they seemed put off by that. To me I think they just want insurance money and will schedule an unnecessary test.\r \r I have no symptoms of thyroid issues and only have type 1 diabetes. I explained that I was just there for a follow up on the blood tests, and the receptionist offered no apology for the wait. She stated that Dr. Reddy was running a little bit behind. Really? a little bit behind is 65 minutes in this office's mind? \r \r I find it utterly amazing that they see this type of patient care and customer service as acceptable. I am a customer service manager and would be out of a job if I allowed my customers to be treated like this.\r \r I informed the office staff that my and everyone's time is more valuable than sitting for over an hour waiting to see a Dr. for 5 minutes. I offered additional contact info if the Dr. wanted to discuss the experience (though I doubt I will receive a call).\r \r I did not pay my co-pay, so if I get a bill, I will be sending them an invoice for the time they wasted of mine. I feel bad for patients that allow this type of service to go on. \r \r My previous Dr., in another state, had a strict policy of not making the patient (customer) wait longer than 20 minutes. I never had this experience with that Endocrinologist.\r \r Obviously they will not be receiving any more business from this patient. \r \r more

Reviews Come off a bit Harsh 4/14/2010

Be careful with the previous reviews. Dr. Reddy is quite good. I find her care to be just fine but her bedside manner is excellent. She is not a doc that just wants to spend 5 minutes and move to the next patient. I ask alot of questions and she never short changes me or loses her patience. \r \r I think the overall practice struggles from an admin side. Acctg has not been perfect (payment were applied to my most recent invoices, instead of the oldest so I would come in and be told I was delinquent, when I wasn't) and an asst that used to work for Dr. Reddy clearly just didn't give a da_n. But, he is gone now and her new help (Tonya?) is excellent.\r \r Pros: Excellent bedside manner, sincere caregiver Cons: office does not run real smooth more

Beware 7/14/2009

Like everyone else has said the wait is eternal, the lab hours are ridiculous. I was new to PHX and needed an endo. asap and Dr Reddy had the next available appt. Little did I know that I was giving ownership of my care to her. Her english is terrible making it incredibly hard to understand her. I have been under her care for a year now and my condition has gotten worse. My throid has yet to be regulated, I've gained 20 pounds, I've been suicidal, I've miscarried, and I just found out they've been doing my labs wrong. My husband met Dr Duick NP and she had wonderful advice so I called to switch doctors. I was told that Dr Reddy would not release me, that I would have to leave their practice to see someone else. What, excuse me, who pays who here? I'm sorry I thought it was my choice which doctor I choose to see, apparently not here. Pros: I hear Dr Duick really good Cons: I could go on all day more

Be prepared to wait 11/27/2008

this office is never on time. One visit I spent over an hour and a half waiting and spent under 7 minutes with the doctor. I thought it was a bad day for them. My next appointment- I addressed almost all of my Christmas Cards- I guess the nurse told Dr. Mishra what I was doing and she thought it was so funny and such a good use of my time. Too bad she did not see that I was in an examination room long enough to address about 75 cards..... \r Dr. Mishra is nice but the overall experience you feel like cattle. Also- I totally agree with the other comment about the records- they are MY medical records and they will not give you access to them or copies. Horrible customer service.\r \r more

Fine Doctor, internal policy difficult 6/28/2008

At last check, the office insisted any bl*od samples be taken at their office between 7a-9a. This policy does not allow a patient to give samples at any other lab, and if the timeframe is inconvenient the office will not allow patients to make a specific appointmt. If a patient can not meet this short time window, they are told they can ""try"" and stop by later, but there was no guarantee that the lab would be available. A patient may wait 45 min-1+ hour and still not be helped. Also, the doctors/staff were not clear on the policy, and 2 out of 3 times quoted incorrect information about it. However, the doctor was just great and the front office staff capable. more

Outstanding doctor 6/8/2008

I was a little concerned making my initial appoinment after reading a few of the negative comments directed toward Endocrinology Associates. I am glad I made the appointment. Dr Duick is a leader in the field of thyroid issues and I am sure, other Endocrine related areas. I was seen in a relatively timely manner and, at least all of the staff that I dealt with, were very knowledgable and professional. Dr Duick was quick to confirm a previous diagnosis of a single thyroid nodule and proclamed with great certainty it was not malignant. As an option and one which we elected to do, he told us to return later in the day and they would fit us in to see if he could aspirate any fluid from the nodule using Ultrasonic guided FNA. I will not go into details as each persons diagnosis is bound to be different. We did have to wait considerably longer for the return visit but I did not mind as I lived some two hours away. It seems from the petty issues some people have complained about that they should give some thought to understanding how the doctors and staff are trying to accommadate everything from an emergency to someone who lives far away. Lighten up folks, if you want movie star treatment move to Beverly Hills. If you want an excellant doctor and can wait a little, make an appointment with Dr. Duick. In closing, see him immediately after you are diagnosed by your primary care doctor, you will most likely save a lot of unnecessary tests and a lot of money. more


Avoid them at an cost. I am a patient of dr. mishra. I have been diagnosised with hypothyroidism and prediabeties. Dr. Mishra is very nice however her care is lacking and her staff is appalling. I have a thyroid nodule that has to be removed because they can not tell if it is malignant. Getting my records was like asking Moses to part the Red Sea!!! When I finally got them it was only 2 pages of dictation of my last visit. I had to go stomping into the Chandler off because the medical records dept in phoenix had not returned my numerous calls for the records. Apparently you can not call the chandler office directly! The receptionist at the chandler office IMed the receptionist at the phoenix office for 20 minutes over my simple request for MY records! As for Mishra, as I stated I am pre diabetic but she has taken every carb out of my diet. My diet is worse than my father's and husband's who are full blown diabetic! She has not offered a dietition for help on this ridiculous diet. Only fruits she says is an occassional apple and only veggie is green ones. Stay away from this practice!!! Pros: can get a fast appt. Cons: office staff is terrible and incompetent! Medical care is substandard and incomplete!! more

So far so good... 5/27/2008

Having issues with my Thyroid. Dr. Mishra seems to be on top of diagnosising this crazy little gland that has turned my life upside at the moment. She seems very knowledgable and straight forward. I like the fact that she wants to do the testing and find out exactly what is going on. The staff seem very helpful. Jeremy in scheduling has been very helpfu!!! So far my experience has been great. more

Very happy with my treatment 5/16/2008

I have been a patient of Dr. Mishra's for about 4 years. I had Graves Disease and was successfully treated for this. I find her to be incredibly intelligent, she has very specific knowledge of my thyroid problems, and was diligent in my testing, treatments, and continued tracking of my progress and thyroid levels. I not only would recommend her, but have recommended her to several people, two of which went to see her and found the same experience level as I did. \r I am however, and probably always be, extremely dissatisfied with their office staff. They are unprofessional, take forever to check you out, take forever to make an appointment, they have lost my lab work orders on more than one occassion, they have been rude and they are like a bunch of children. One actually interuppted me during check out to take a personal call on her cell phone as she held her hand up to me giggling and laughing to her friend on the phone. \r But, I am willing to deal with the bs because I am so pleased with the level of care I receive from Dr. Mishra, and her assistants as well. During my initial testing, I believe her name was Lynn or Ann, but I was very nervous and afraid through all of the x-rays and tests, and found her to be very comforting, explaining each test in detail and not passing anything off onto another worker. \r I have read other comments about Dr. Mishra and her lack of skills in examinations for their diabetes, which is a far more severe health issue than I have. (My sister is insulin dependent.) Always look for the doctor that best suits you. I believe Dr. Mishra specializes in disorders of the thyroid more so than any other issue, so for this I would hands down recommend her! Pros: Dr. Mishra and the technicians Cons: Office staff (really unprofessional.) more

First appointment and off to a great start 9/30/2007

I had an appointment secheduled with this physician and got on line to find directions. Doing so, I stumbled on to the reviews already listed here, and I was somewhat concerned. Because it takes so long to get an appointment with an endocrinologist anywhere, I decided to keep my appointment and evaluate the experience for myself. I was seen on time, and she was personable yet down to business. She presented as very skilled and efficient. She invited questions, and was very responsive to my concerns and requests. I found her speaking clarity and command of English to be very good. So far, so good, and I would recommend her to anyone! Pros: She is efficient, so perhaps that is why it is a bit easier to schedule appointments with her. Cons: The office staff was new and not yet completely trained. Checkout was cumbersome. more

One of the few doctors that listens 8/29/2007

I have a rare condition (dysautonomia; hypopituitary; unopposed insulin) and most doctors won't have anything to do with me. Dr Duick has always listened to me and has always been willing to work with me. He is willing to try different things, but is appropriately cautious. Pros: Listens. Cares. Cons: Office staff (particularly 'scripts) is slow and needs to be nagged more

Great Doctor 8/1/2007

Dr. Duick and his staff's skill with thyroid disorders has changed my life. Every other doctor told me I was fine, but after still having issues, I finally went to Dr. Duick. He wasn't dismissive of my symptoms and thanks to his attention, I've finally been able to have a baby. He treats many of my family members. I recommend him to everyone I know who suspects a thyroid disorder. Pros: Remember me and my history Cons: Far from my home more

Extremely please withe the care I've received 6/6/2007

When I first started seeing Dr. Mishra, my only issue was I had a little difficulty understanding her accent. But after a couple of visits, I had no problems. In fact, when I go in the office now, we always chat for awhile and I feel like she would be someone I could be good friends with.\r She's always been very thorough, takes all the time I need to answer my questions, and explains everything in ways that I can understand the medical problems, causes, and solutions. She lets me know if there are multiple solutions to my problems, lets me know the good and bad of each option and lets me be part of the decision regarding treatment.\r Most doctors that I go to rush through my appointments and seem put out if I have any questions. \r Sorry to hear that these other 2 people had a bad experience.\r Camille S. more
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